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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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The signs as characters & beasts from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Aries: The Niffler

A small, independent, and defiant creature that has an obsession with anything shiny. Absolute scene-stealer, everyone wants one but not everyone can handle one.

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Taurus: Swooping Evil

A large creature, much like a butterfly, emerges from cocoon and kicks major ass. 

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Gemini: Jacob Kowalski

A really lovely human. Friendly, social, and incredibly adaptive. Also, he makes some damn good pastries.

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Cancer: Pickett, the Bowtruckle

The Most Adorable™. Has slight attachment issues, but covers it up with sass. Is willing to fight for loved ones. The creature version of (ง •̀_•́)ง

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Leo: The Occamy

The prettiest of all. Fiercely protective, can change size depending on the situation.

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Virgo: Porpentina Goldstein

Boss bitch. Will always fight for what’s right. Sometimes acts like they know what to do, but they don’t. Clever and determined as hell.

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Libra: The Thunderbird

Can sense danger. Always ready to get shit done. Just wants to go home most of the time. So statuesque and pretty. Reliable as hell. 

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Scorpio: The Demiguise

Mysterious as hell, always knows what everyones thinking. Can literally turn invisible when stressed. Super cool grandpa.

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Sagittarius: Queenie Goldstein

Living ray of sunshine. Seems like she may be stuck up but as soon as she speaks is an absolute delight. Smart, clever, and adventurous. 

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Capricorn: Percival Graves

Can’t quite tell his motives until the end. Dedicated, will stop at absolutely nothing. Calculating and powerful.

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Aquarius: Newt Scamander

People that first meet him think he’s quite odd, but he’s the most kind-hearted person on this planet. Cares deeply for loved ones, curious, truthful. Quite the rambler, but who cares he’s adorable.

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Pisces: Credence Barebone

Please, just someone give him a hug and fix the injustice done to him. He is a sensitive boy and deserves the care. Long story short, if pushed to the edge he will SNAP.

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Imagine a sterek Merlin AU where Stiles is a young warlock with incredible magic powers that he must keep secret from the world. Seeking guidance from the court physician, Deaton - a druid who keeps his magic a secret - Stiles moves out of his small home town in the country and into the glorious town that surrounds the castle: Beacon Hills.

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When he gets there, he gets in trouble with a young abrasive man who turns out to be the crowned prince, Derek Hale.

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Later that evening, Deaton has to attend a court dinner and Stiles has to join him becasue Deaton refuses to let him out of his sight or else he’ll get into trouble. While at the castle, Stiles uncovers the plot of a witch who is going to make an attempt on Derek’s life. Stiles stops her but has offended the court with accusations of an attempt to poison the crowned prince. Peter, the king, orders him to drink from the chalice; if he is so sure it is poisoned then he will save Derek’s life, if it is not then he he shall live to apologise.
Derek stands up for Stiles, saying it’s absurd and tells Stiles he doesn’t have to; he can just apologise. But Stiles is certain. He drinks from the chalice and collapses; poisoned and now dying.
Deaton rushes to Stiles’ side, but there isn’t anything he can do.

Derek, out of gratitude, seeks to find the one thing that could save Stiles’ life: a little yellow flower that only grows in one place and blooms for only one night a year. But little does he know that the witch who poisoned the chalice has followed him and intends to kill him and leave Stiles to die.
But Derek is not alone either; all the time, Stiles is unknowingly casting magic from his deathbed.

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Derek completes the quest and saves Stiles’ life and, when he recovers, Stiles is taken in as Derek’s personal servant. 

Stiles half expects Derek to make his life miserable and he refuses to be treated like a servant, but he soon finds that, behind closed doors and away from prying eyes, Derek is someone completely different: he’s an orphaned child who was taken in by his uncle and who grieves the death of his parents and his sisters. Stiles finds himself looking at a reflection of himself when he lost his mother.

Derek is secretive at first but he eventually opens up to Stiles and the two become close friends. Stiles now has to keep his powers secret, which is becoming increasingly difficult with the number of magic-based attacks that fall upon the city and the many attempts made against Prince Derek’s life and Derek’s attempts at being heroic by saving Stiles from those who try to kill him.

Slowly, the two grow closer until they’re more than friends.

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Stiles slowly grows into a confident, powerful warlock, helping Derek rise to the throne and rule the kingdom; building a legend.

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may I interest you in neko-mami (ama-nyan?) and megane!amami


i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]

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Whats your opinion on the headcanon that bakugou is hard of hearing because of how loud his explosions are? If you dont mind my asking

I think I answered this q on this blog already? Maybe? But anyway, I don’t exactly mind it, but I can’t say I share the headcanon myself - for one, because I’m of the opinion that their bodies are built to withstand a safe use of their quirks (a bit like you can’t break a leg by simply walking, you know), so in general I’m not a fan of headcanons that include damages caused by simply doing what their bodies were born to do? 

But also because generally, even under the assumption that his body isn’t made to hold up with his explosions, isn’t it awfully convenient how only his ears take damage in these scenarios? What about his eyes? How come he can still see with no problems even with the continuous exposure to the explosions’ light? How about his hair? How come he can stand so close to fire without it ever being damaged by it? His palms have thicker skin and we know that thanks to his UA file, but what about the rest of his body? How come he can stand smack in the middle of an Howitzer Impact without getting even slightly burnt? When you say “only his ears aren’t made to withstand his explosions” what you’re telling me is that his whole body is tailord to deal with his quirk but his ears, and that just feels unrealistic to me - by which I mean, when this is the scenario we’re talking about, you can’t give the fault of the damage to Bakugou’s quirk. It’s a problem his body has, not a natural consequence of having that sort of quirk. And imho with those premises you sort of end up with a different kind of story, you’re supposed to write it differently - that’s what I think, at least

Anon said: Maybe the reason Baku raises his voice so often is because he can’t hear very well, which isn’t due to his explosions, rather, he was born with bad hearing to protect him from taking damage by them.. and then his other senses are sharper to even it out, and his body can even subconsciously notice air vibrations, resulting in really fast reflexes.

Ah, this is also another reason why I’m not a huge fan of the headcanon - don’t get me wrong! If you like it then go on, I’m not trying to stop anyone from enjoying ideas and possibilities!! But personally I like Bakugou not having any reason to be loud-mouthed and rude, that’s just his personality and how the environment he grew up in made him, and lately I’ve seen the hc used to justify his behaviour more than I like? Bakugou being an asshole is just who he is, and I love it! I love that his life made him like that and I love that he’s working hard to fix that flaw, giving him an external reason, something he has no control over, to justify his personality changes the core of his character too much, and that’s not something I’d ever want to do tbh

And it’s also cool to think that he was somewhat genetically engineered to be better in a fight to compensate for a lack of earing (though again, why only his ears and not his eyes or his sense of tact too), but that goes to cut on all the hard work he put in becoming as good as he is, right? If that’s what you like than who am I to stop you! But Bakugou’s hardworking nature is one of the things I love about him, I don’t really feel like taking away from him all the effort and work he put through the years in becoming as good as he is now

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More Silmarillion and lotr sketches :)

Young Galadriel, young Celeborn, and a little Celebrían.

Also Beren and Lúthien. 

As I’m reading the book I’m sketching out the characters as they appear in my mind. I’m having lots of fun sketching out how I imagine the characters… but I’m falling behind :’O

Thingol and Melian


a series of unlikely crossovers

gosh diddly darn I love that shirt that phil wore in the youtuber’s react vid today, but it just reminds me of this guy who works at a coffee shop I go to bc he has that shirt and he wears it a lot, and every time he wears it, i want to ask him if he knows who phil lester is but I just get too nervous lol 

Imagine Woozi laughing at the other members’s hilarious antics when they show how happy they are after he treats them to a meal.

Grenn x Pyp +2

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YOU'RE ART IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!<3 ok this isn't art related, but what do you think of ezra miller as baz and troye sivan as simon? Personally, that's how I imagine them.

Hello dear, first of all thank you SO SO MUCH!!! this really means the world to me <3 Also: YES PLEASE EZRA MILLER AS BAZ. Altho he doesn´t fit the image of Baz in my head 100% he´s probably the closest it´ll ever get and I actually used him as a reference for my very very old Snowbaz art! I also really like Troya Sivan as Simon, altho the Simon in my imagination is a little broader and angular, if that makes ANY sense :D A friend of mine actually sent me this pic a couple of weeks ago and to this day I am trying to find out who this guy is because THAT´S MY BOY. He looks freakishly close to how I imagine him!

Anyway, thank you so much for writing me, I love messages like this! Lots of love to you dear! <3

dem tomato faces :U

so… since i am the unofficial official Tomato Biologist™ i thought i’d make a quick post about them tomato-faces.

with all their tomato glory *-*

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*sigh* let’s just get this done.

The facial features found on Sith Purebloods can be categorized into one of three* things:

  • Ridges
  • Spurs
  • Tendrils

*Brow-Stalks are also a thing, but those are technically a subcategory of Spurs.

In the past, the ridges and spurs would have been bony and their shape could be seen in the individual’s skull. However, after hybridization, there is no true “bony facial structure” left. Instead, the Sith have excess cartilage that define and shape their facial features, which won’t be seen on their skulls.

Ridges: Indents, grooves, lines, or whatever you wanna call them. Common in males and females, can be on brows, cheeks, chins, necks, foreheads, nose, etc. Ridges can either use a cartilage base under the skin, or simply be a result of the epidermis hardening and folding onto itself on top of the dermis. 

Spurs: Hardened, pointed edges that protrude out of a Sith’s face. Usually common on the chin, cheeks of males, or on brows in the form of stalks. Spurs always use cartilage as the base for its structure and support, and can be pressed and bent in the limited ways human ears and noses do.

Note how the spur turns into a ridge as it goes up, along the side of the face.

Tendrils: Found almost exclusively on male purebloods. They’re fleshy, they dangle, and are very sensitive to touch when compared to spurs and ridges. Because tendrils are fleshy and soft, they are filled with blood vessels and nerve endings. This means that you can either cause a great deal of pain or pleasure to the individual with tendrils… depending on what you do… obviously.

The tendrils are distinct from the spurs since the spurs are hard and immobile while tendril can be voluntarily moved by the individual.

Brow-Stalks: The brow stalks are technically another form of spurs. However, they are different in that the Sith can voluntarily move them. The movement of these brow stalks function much in the same way humans use their eyebrows: to aid in spoken and unspoken communication via facial expressions. This means that the cartilage in the brow stalks are much softer and more flexible than the ones found in other spurs.

The “spurs” on the brows can and will be moved at the individual’s whim, the spurs on the chin cannot.

It should be noted that brow ridges are just another form of ridge and do not fall under the brow stalk category. And although the brow ridges can also be moved to signal facial expressions, the ridges are formed just the same as every other ridge and does not protrude out of the face in a pointed manner.

Quick! Quiz Time!

Name the Facial Features on the Sith!

If you answered:
Ridges and spurs
Ridges, spurs, and tendrils
Ridges and spurs

Then congrats! You are now a tomato face expert! :3

So I don’t know if any of my followers read The Captive Prince, but I’m obsessed! I’m not completely finished. I reached chapter 20 of The Prince’s Gambit and then stopped. I want to prolong reaching the end as long as I can ;A; but I just needed to sketch out my vision for Laurent and Damen.

God I can’t wait till book 3….