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I agree with you on your post about Barnes not being a villain... but the writers did an awful job. That scene in Siberia w/ Steve and Tony... they could've make him act like he's OBVIOUSLY feeling bad and guilty. I know it would've been OOC to make him apologize and all because he's lost and doesn't know how to react, but damn. It felt like he wasn't there and empty, whch is in his character, but I don't know. He was passive and that's probably what made Tony even more angry. 1/2

And I say this above the fact I completely understand Tony’s reaction - if I have the guy who actually KILLED MY PARENTS in front of me, I’d do anything to have revenge. Like everything. I’d be blinded by that feeling. It’s very understandable because it’s a human feeling. This is how at least 90% of the planet would’ve reacted. Barnes knows this and I find completely stupid Steve’s reaction in this scene rather than his best friend’s. Opinions are mine. Hope you can understand. 2/2

Wow, this got lost in my messages!

I see where you’re coming from, but I disagree with you about Bucky’s reaction. 

Bucky cried. He was definitely there and he felt horrible, in his own way. You can see it clear on his face. He does feel guilty about every person he’s ever killed, including Howard and Maria Stark. He just fully witnessed himself murdering two people. 

Yes, it’s a human feeling to react the way Tony reacted to seeing his parents getting killed, but it’s a Bucky feeling to react the way he reacted to seeing him killing Tony’s parents. He remembers, he knows. It might be out of character to apologize, but his eyes tell everything. 

(refer to this post to understand what we’re talking about)

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That's such brilliant staging though. Having a specific scene the audience can use as reference subconsciously. It adds this whole other factor to it. When I first heard those lines about laying in bed, that's what got me to full out bawl while watching the musical and I didnt even realize it was because we already saw that. We saw them being happy and sound in their bed. It was so domestic and /normal/ and the audience, like Marvin, felt that ripped away with a single line. It's so amazing.

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The latest chapter was such a good and long one, but... I felt really sad about what happened between Ciel and Agni... but I think Ciel said those hurtful things just in hope to get them go away and so be out of any danger and bad situation... or at least that's what I like to think. What's your opinion on that? Do you think they will solve this?

Since all these messages are going in the same direction I’ll answer them together like this. ^^

Ciel really said some bad things in that scene. :/ I felt sad, as well. I really like Soma and how he does so much for Ciel and stays being his friend despite Ciel always trying to keep him at a distance. I had hoped for Ciel to acknowledge that at least a bit and maybe grow to appreciate people like Soma instead of always seeing others only as pawns. So I’m a bit disappointed that Ciel, yet again, says something like that:

It feels like every time I think he might get some character development and start to change Ciel is back to how he was from the start.

And as much as I would like that, I don’t think Ciel is just saying that in order to protect them. He acts like that each time he fears someone might get too close. And he might be lying to himself but before something like a friendship can develop he rather cuts ties with someone. The only people Ciel surrounds himself with are family members (like the Midfords since that’s expected of him) or people he considers useful. It kinda feels like he’s using that as an excuse in order not to be alone but at the same time whenever a relationship is getting too deep and could become a friendship Ciel rather ends it.

After what happened to him at the age of ten Ciel is having trust issues, I’m sure. He only seems to be relying on himself or on things like the contract with Sebastian because there are clear rules to their relationship. He only feels safe if he can control a situation. But feelings of love and friendship are things he can’t control. And that probably scares him. So he rather lives without that but keeps hurting others like that… :/

And I believe this plays a role in that particular scene with Agni. In addition, Ciel is quite stressed already because his plan of getting Lizzy back didn’t exactly work that well. And he’s on the verge of leaving when Agni holds him back. So Agni didn’t quite catch him in a good mood.

However, despite Ciel’s harsh words I don’t think Agni and Soma will leave just like that. Agni probably won’t tell Soma what Ciel said since he doesn’t want to hurt Soma. And I hope that someday Ciel will start letting other people in his life and accept and return their friendship. It would be good not only for people like Lizzy or Soma but also for Ciel himself. 

Honestly it makes me feel better about all this post-4x02 drama that Bob and Lindsey had the same argument on set that everyone’s having now. Remember at dragon con when Lindsey said they had an argument on set about where Raven and Bellamy were coming from in a certain scene and had to hug it out? Yeah I think we know what that was about now. I love how much they love and understand their characters.

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You know if you think about it this will be the first sex scene we've really seen Jon/Kit in. Not disregarding the Ygritte one but that went kind of quick and I think Kit had a double because that's when he broke his foot. I was just thinking how sweet and tender this scene will probably because that how the love is between Jon x Dany. Oh my emotions.

Yes to say that I’m excited is an understatement lmao. I have been thinking about this nonstop for almost a year. The leaks came out like the day after my birthday last year and so to see that they were going to have sex felt like a personal present from the gods hahah. I just … IT’S HERE.

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So I'm gonna confess that there's something bothering me about Tony in Homecoming and I think I know why. This is the first time we see Tony without any inside perspective at ALL (not counting the ending). And this Tony, who only starts to open himself seems really distant and uncaring. I know that's not the case, he really cares behind the scene, but if that's how Peter sees him initially (if you cared you'll be here) I can see how others that barely know him (Toomes, May) can dislike him

BRUH i kno exactly what u mean that’s how i felt too but i figured it out. (buckle up kiddos this is gonna take a while)

SO, after shamelessly watching this glorious movie Three (3) times, i think that the way tony was portrayed was very important and intentional bc this was PETERS story. and in peters eyes, tony is like this distant mentor/father-ish figure. and so it seems like tony is rlly more interested in spiderman than he is in peter. so i think that’s why the scene after the ferry is SO IMPORTANT bc it shows that he’s actually worried abt the kid that’s under the mask. like there’s so many lil hints that show that tony cares SO MUCH more than he lets on but he’s just Trying To Play It Cool. and it’s probably bc he’s absolutely TERRIFIED of being this kids hero bc he doesn’t even see himself as a hero.

and as far as may and toomes hating him, i find that was also rlly intentional on the writers/directors part. like, of fucking COURSE they hate him. he comes off as arrogant and he’s ridiculously rich and sometimes his company steps on ppl. imo, tho that’s the best thing abt MCU villains; they aren’t just hell-bent on causing destruction. their motivations actually!!!! make!!!!! sense!!!!!!! and honestly? god bless

in conclusion; as someone who Would Die For Tony Stark, i understand and FEEL ur frustration, but i think that it’s important that we see how his personality comes off from an outsider’s perspective. bc in the end, the ppl inside the MCU don’t see him struggle and so to them it’s not happening, and that’s rlly important when looking at the characters inside the MCU as a whole

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I'm a huge fan of top yuri so I'm very excited to see that in the fic. I actually really understood why you wrote it as Viktor on top. Yuri always felt that Viktor could have anybody and that he was "giving" to Yuri, but Yuri never felt like he was giving Viktor anything he couldn't get from someone else. He never asks for anything because he's insecure about Viktor leaving. Atleast thats how interpret it

One of the things I really regret about umfb&mha (and be extension obs&bh) is that for plot reasons we never got to see bottom!Viktor which I why I am so excited to finally write it in the extra scenes fic after obs&bh is done!

The Dark Affices: Lord of Shadows Analysis

(Unpopular opinions sorry+mostly criticism but the book is good, its just Imm irked by these points GAH )
I loved this book while reading it, the plot flowed well, the characters were quite lovable, but once I finished it- it felt like I had read nothing at all. The only feelings I had came from the whole situation with Kieran and Mark and Cristina, and that was just because I’m a total sucker for sad romances where one loves the other way more than they are loved back but ANYWAYS.


Unseelie King
Isn’t even half as threatening or formidable of an archenemy as Sebastian Morgenstern, and that makes the whole story quite weak already

Seelie Queen
She’s going to do something that will bite the shadowhunters in their arse the moment Julian gives him the Black Book. Predictable. She could’ve done way more manipulation on the others as well.

Zara and the Cohort
Everyone who fought in the way againt the Circle/Valentine is still alive. There is no way that within 10 years people who go back to wanting to brand downworlders and such. They remember the last time someone wanted to do that a massive war broke out and their relatives died. Also Zara is a two-dimensional character: her goal is weak, and she doesn’t seem to have any human/likeable qualities. So she’s a Regina-George-type character, made to be hated, but the Unseelie King has already taken that role. Repeat: Sebastian Morgenstern was a way better villian, since he had a single human quality: he wanted to be with his family, his sister and his brother. This brings us onto my next point

Both the villians and the heros both had very single-trait, non in-depth personalities, probably due to the amount of characters and arcs.

Emma: too unflawed. Her emotions are quite simple throughout the book (there could’ve been great inner turmoil about whether she could give up being shadowhunter to love/protect Julian). She killed a rider too easily- making her seem to powerful.

Julian: He was a pretty horrible person in this bk but in terms of character depth he’s not too bad. He loves his family and would do anything for them and it’s shown in a variety of ways. I’ve been comparing him to Cersei, since he’s on the whole “family is most important” and “manipulation” thing. However, considering that he’s practically been running the family, he should definitely sound less whiny and more mature.

Cristina: I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even remember what you did apart from sing lullabies and be attached to Mark. Her lack of more personality sucks because Kieran keeps saying she’s really nice and kind and stuff, but it’s not that supported really. She could’ve contributed way more to the fantastic love triangle, by trying to actively push Mark away because she’s seen how much Kieran loves him. Her selfishness here doesn’t lone up with her wanting to end the Cold Peace for both faeries and shadowhunter’s gain.

Mark: I hate him and love him. Cassie made a good decision in making him quite the douchebag, not quite loving Kieran as much as he loves him and not caring enough about Kieran’s feelings. But that makes him the most realistic of all characters: he feels regret since he’s practically ditched Kieran the minute he didnt need him (I mean there’s the whole “you made my brother and sister get tortured but you saved my other brother” thing which should’ve been Mark’s excuse to himself about why he’s not choosing Kieran, but he’s doesn’t and runs around with Cristina anyways. Interesting.

Kieran: I love him to much to make any judgement. Also he’s a faerie- they aren’t exactly “humans” and their emotions are more 2D so…

Ty: Better character compared to some others, and we now understand mildly how the twins and Kit work together as a team (since Kit needs to become one of the only people that understand Ty due to Liv’s death) . Also his loyalty to family as seen by the letter to Annabel. Cassie has laid great groundwork for him. Can’t wait for him to be a main character.

Kit: He and Ty need potential to evolve in the next series so I’m giving them some slack. I’ll do more analysis on their relationship later.

Liv: She loves her brother and is curious about Kit and she’s a generally more “realistic” character. Really thats it. I wish I felt tears for her death. I dont. Cassie could’ve developed her even more as a character, but then that would make her death more painful so. But her importance to Ty and the rest of the family is written enough that it would justify the changes that will happen due to her death.

Dru: TBH Cassie could’ve not spread the characters out so much that we’re kinda at a lost. Time spent writing about Dru could’ve been used on main-er characters, but Jaime needed an introduction. So did she. Looking forward to reading more about her in TWP.

Diego: A character with multiple loyalties! Yay!

Diana: It would’ve been way more influential if she had been forced by Julian to explain why she couldn’t apply for the institute instead of dropping it like a “bonus” story which makes her seem like then token LGBT character. It’s a great plot twist that couldn’t have seemed even more forced. It’s kinda sad that a brilliant character reveal was ruined

Gywp: He’s leader of the Wild Hunt and I know he’s in love with Diana but he’s not Magnus, who’s always had nothing better to do than help hot shadowhunters. (Jkjk)

Magnus/Alec/Jace/Clary: domestically cute and cameos that contribute to the main arcs.

Now, onto the more controversial topics:
Julian/Emma: This entire book is supposed to be about them balancing dealing for their love of each other with saving the world. It’s written in a whiny way and not nearly enough character (If you’ve read the Throne of Glass series, then you’ll understand- they needed the long-ass training scene between Aelin and Rowan). We never read about how they fall in love and that makes the emotions quite plastic…? It would’ve been fantastic to read more about how they fell in love instead of how they are insanely tortured now. It doesn’t emotionally appeal to me at all.

Cristina/Mark/Kieran: Words cannot express how much I fucking love this romance arc. It gives me so many feels, and half of them make me cry. I’ll analyse Kierark first. When it first debuted it felt like the “token hot gay ship thats thrown in for the fangirls to get off to”, but then as time passes we slowly learn how toxic this relationship really is. Kieran doesn’t love anything else in this world apart from Mark, having no family, no friends to love him. Whereas with Mark, he’s always been surrounded with love, with his half-brothers and sisters, Emma, Helen… etc. He doesn’t understand how much he means to Kieran, and Kieran definitely loves Mark more. In the Wild Hunt, it’s shown just how much Mark depended on Kieran to stay sane, which suggests, as Cristina says, that Mark owes a debt to Kieran. But it is not nearly that simple. Kieran’s love for Mark is what kept him sane, and love is unconditional in most cases, including this. It is undeniable that Mark, despite him having the possibility of not being in love with Kieran when they first become lovers, due to it merely being what he needed, it is certain that Mark does feel for Kieran. Even when Kieran betrays Mark, Kieran believes it to only bring Mark back to him. I see someone so broken that they’d do anything to have their lover back, not a selfish bastard who doesn’t cate about Mark at all. Kieran doesn’t understand “Family”, and in his defence the Blackthorns are a large enough family to survive without Mark. I’m not saying Kieran is entirely blameless, but its a totally understandable thing to want things to go back to how they used to be, and that is extremely human and (“I betcha you would have done the same”). Their love is insanely primitive and raw, and it is more of a “need” to both of them. Kieran needs someone to give him love, Mark needed someone to keep him sane.
Then we move onto Mark. For some reason, the faerie-blooded characters seem to act the most human in this series. Mark is a bloody douche for stringing Kieran on, while pursuing Cristina, but then that’s exactly what he craves. He needs someone to love him, in a simple way. He craves normality, and that comes in the form of Cristina, whom he finds himself attracted to, originally physical (he says he wants Cristina and that Kieran wouldn’t mind: he was not emotionally attracted to Cristina. But now that he’s spent time and realised how easy she is to love, he loves her). Kieran and Mark’s relationship is not just sexual, or romantic, or friendship, or brotherhood- it’s insanely complex and dependent and its toxic but they will never be able to remove the bond between them. They’ve experienced life and death together. But Mark doesn’t want to be burdened by such a heavy emotional relationship anymore, and that’s understandable, so he turns to Cristina. Kieran cannot bring himself to hate Cristina, since she wants the Cold Peace to end and that shows how much she cares for everyone and how she uncharacteristically wants to protect faerie rights despite being a shadowhunter. Cristina also oddly finds their relationship arousing instead of being jealous of Kieran, which leads to some of the fandom wishing for a polyamorous relationship. (Including me to an extent). On one hand Cristina could neutralise the toxicity of Kierark and also slowly teach Kieran to love other people, which would result in him not requiring the entirety of Mark’s love. (Cuz currently, Kieran love mark with 100% of his heart and wants Mark to do the same. If Kieran loved other people it would be less toxic, since Mark does HAVE to share his love with his family even if Cristina is out of the picture ) On the other hand, it would be great for Kieran to find someone who will love him as much or even more than he loves them. The smol deserves more love in his life, don’t you think? Also, I forgot to mention that Kieran does need to go back to the Wild Hunt, or he might become Unseelie King, and then Kierkark could actually be impossible, but I firmly believe they’ll always love each other, maybe not as much as before, but they’ve left quite the imprint on each other’s lives
(The stars will go out before I forget you, Mark Blackthorn)

Ty/Kit: LIKE THEY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER SO WELL TY DOESN’T OPEN UP EASILY WHEREAS KIT DOES (he’s already attached to the Blackthorns) And Kit is so much more outgoing and cool and GAH its a great ship looking SO forward to TWP. (Srsly I have so much hopes for TWP cuz in my opinion TDA is a bit of a weak arc and the only redeeming characters seem to be Mark’s drama (I don’t think we’re going to see this in TWP I’m sad)

Gwyp/Diana: super cute and deserves more love

In conclusion:
I love Cassandra Clare’s style and how she can make character relationships insanely lovable. The fact that she always protects the characters all of us love from dying is great too. But @cassandraclare if you see this, please do consider these points made by a fangirl who is nitpicking a bit (I hope this series ends up as good as TID) for the greater good😂 (Also Diego/Kieran ain’t too bad of a ship either😏😂)

If you disagree with any of these, I am open to dicussions:) Just please don’t blindly hate on this: all of us are entitled to opinions, you have yours and I have mine. Let’s respect each other, okay?

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me @ you for Acornhall: *Palpatine voice* do it

you know i can’t resist the dark side lol. its just that theres so much happening in this chapter. i love everything about it. the acorn symbolism! they represent potential and strength and loyalty and arya/gendry. they’re just this little seed now but they’re gonna grow into a tree that could withstand any storm. i love how gendry calls arya by her name. i love how they talk all casual and familiar because it shows how close they’ve become. i love how they tease each other. i love how its nighttime and their first date is literally in a candlelit forge. i love A NICE OAK TREE thats literally the cutest thing ive ever read in my entire life. i love the song. i love how arya takes the blame. i love how she was “”much the same at winterfell”” with gendry she can just be that little girl again. i love it alllllllllllll. 

i mean not even including the arya/gendry moments theres a clear romance theme to it on the whole. its all about love songs and sex and marriage. so their scene just goes with the flow. ive always felt that this scene was proof they would be reunited (and very likely endgame) because why would it otherwise exist??? esp now that grrm basically confirmed the subtext was intentional. its just that acorn hall is clearly only the beginning. they’re just kids and its cute and innocent but it’ll be more. i won’t even hold back tonight, truth is that little wrestling match is written with so much sexual ~subtext~ they’re literally rolling around in the dirt tearing each others clothes. i know grrm and i know whats he’s about lmao. some day…they’ll be together. 

When Damian woke up, the bunker was dark. Grayson wasn’t standing at his computer anymore— the screen was black, and everything was quiet. Damian slid off the medic bed he’d been using for his nap and took a few steps towards the door, immediately crashing into the first aid cart. A tray full of metal instruments clattered to the floor.
“Damn,” he muttered, bending down to pick them up. He could barely see anything— Damian fished in his pocket for his phone and flicked on the flashlight, running the narrow beam across the concrete. He set his handful of scalpels back on their tray, straightened up, and froze.
There was a human skeleton lying on the table.
Oh god. What was that doing there? Damian stumbled back, gasping a little. He was finding it hard to breathe. Oh god.
Calm down, he told himself. It was evidence. Nothing else. It couldn’t hurt him— heaven knew he’d seen his share of bodies. This was normal. Everything was fine.
But somehow, the bones were different. He couldn’t explain it— he didn’t know why the skull of a dead man made his hands shake, but he knew with every too-quick beat of his heart that he was afraid. He could feel the fear running down his spine, spreading from his trembling hands to the soles of his bare feet. It was everywhere.
And he was ashamed. No. He was Damian, the son Batman himself, heir to the al Ghul dynasty. He was Robin, and he would not be afraid. He was stronger than that. He wouldn’t fear the dead or the dark—neither of them could touch him. Damian let out a shuddering breath he hadn’t known he was holding. It was just a body. Just a body. Only bones.
Damian looked down at his own shaking fingers— those were bones too. He was suddenly aware of himself: muscle and blood and stuttering lungs. He could feel his pulse beating against his collarbone. There was sweat dripping down his back. He was alive, breathing. But inside, only bones.
He wondered whose bones those were, lying on his table. Damian slid his light along the pile, pausing at the jumbled mess of ribs.
He didn’t want to look at it anymore.
Damian stumbled back. He needed the lights. Where were the lights? He spun his phone across the room, searching, until the beam settled on Grayson’s cowl, thrown over the top of his chair. Damian froze again, staring at it. An image sprung into his head of the same cowl wrapped around burnt bones, and suddenly he was convinced that he knew the skeleton on the table. Those were his father’s bones, Batman’s body. Who else could it be? Oh god, oh god. The fear was back. He was shaking again. His chest hurt. He couldn’t breathe.
“Al Ghuls don’t die. Al Ghuls don’t die,” he whispered to himself as he backed towards the door. “You’re fine. They don’t die. You’re fine.”
But he was a Wayne now, and it seemed that Waynes died often. No, don’t think. He could make it to the door. It was just behind him.
“Grayson?” he called. His voice echoed off the concrete walls. “Grayson!”
In the darkness, he could picture his grandfather climbing from the pit, dripping green behind him. No. That wasn’t what he wanted either. He didn’t want to die. He didn’t want to rise. He just wanted to keep living, keep his bones locked inside him. Keep them off the table.
“Grayson!” Damian turned and sprinted for the door, wrenching it open and spilling into the sunlight. He slumped back against it, pulling air into his hungry lungs. He made it. No more skeletons.
Damian could hear footsteps coming down the hall. In the second before they rounded the corner, he made a decision— when Grayson appeared, he launched himself at his waist, tackling him to the floor.
It wasn’t a hug. Nobody could call that a hug, but it was close. Damian lay on top of his brother for a few seconds, hoping Grayson couldn’t feel his heart pounding. Then he rolled off.
“Sorry. Instinct. I didn’t hear you coming in.”
“What the hell?” Dick complained, pushing himself into a sitting position. “I thought we were working on that assassin thing.”
“Yeah,” Damian muttered. “Working on it.” His heart was slowing down now. It was easier to breathe. He pulled his knees up to his chest and asked his question.
“Whose bones?”
“Oh.” Grayson sighed. “I don’t actually know. They found them by the bridge a few hours ago— I was waiting for the test results to come in.”
There. Not his father’s body. Damian took a deep breath. When he looked up, Grayson was regarding him guilty.
“I probably shouldn’t have left you in there by yourself.”
“I wasn’t scared.”
“I believe you.” Grayson straightened up and offered him a hand. “But even if you were… you know that’s fine, right?”
“I’m not afraid of anything.”
“Okay.” Dick pulled him to his feet and gestured to bunker door. “I’m gonna go take care of that. Can you talk to the police? I didn’t get the chance.”
“Yes.” Damian started down the hallway.
“And after you do that, go to bed, okay? You don’t have to come back in.”

For anon, who requested panicky Damian + Dick

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u kno what i love/hate the most about the scene w/ john n merle on the beach? when griffin says "and then the final sliver of sunlight is gone, and so is john" bcuz, to me at least, it sounded like he was implying that john himself was the final sliver of light disappearing with the hunger and honestly??? i crave death

nope thats how i felt as well im honestly just very upset in general and ive been crying for a very long time trying to deal with it

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Sometimes I think I should just stay off tumblr after an episode cause it has a nasty habit of making me feel bad about an episode I liked, like tonight's. There were definitely some things I'd change, like unnecessary Elizabeth angst, but it is a tv show that needs ratings so I understand why, somewhat. Would have liked a little more romelza but hopefully that's coming. But overall I thought it was fabulous, reminded me of series 1 in some ways & I really appreciate your perspective!

They may also have been trying to ramp up tension towards the churchyard scene?  I forget how that plays out in the books but maybe… a lot of the angst though felt more like angst over the mess he’s made of things rather than over Elizabeth herself, do you think?  I am a little afraid though that they will try to make the Hugh thing be out of spite for Ross’ lingering feelings for Elizabeth, rather than being the mostly unrelated affair that it was in the books. 

Hi anon. I have to admit to agreeing with you, at least over 3.01 - I almost felt as if I was watching a different show to some people!

Like you, there were definitely things I would have changed in the episode. I’m not an Elizabeth fan, so I could have done without some of the lingering shots of her looking angsty and pouting, but on the other hand I did like the building conflict between her and George over Geoffrey Charles, which is there in the novel, though rarely expressed as an actual scene (more glossed over in narration). On a similar basis, I liked the change with Geoffrey Charles, with him seeking out Ross and not accepting George’s edict that he should have nothing to do with the Nampara Poldarks. It’s not in the book, but I think it works quite well, especially in the contact of show!Ross not having firmly closed the book on the part of his life connected to Trenwith.

On that note, I know a lot of people are unhappy with Ross’s behaviour and his treatment of Demelza. So am I! In The Black Moon, he has definitely learned his lesson, pays her so much more attention, and they’re close and affectionate and flirtatious. However, bear in mind the changes in series two. Firstly, Demelza was much more vocally angry with Ross, and secondly, the reconciliation was much shorter than in the novel. It happened as a crisis point, rather than the slower growing back together of the book (and yes, there was a crunch point in the book too, but it happened slightly differently). And there was a lot missed out, in 2.10. Ross’s bargain with George, for one, and also an emotional note of coming to terms with that all being done with, of being too old and too prosperous to bother keeping up an active feud. That was important, because it has a bearing on the situation with Drake and Morwenna. That still needed to happen. So that was carried across into 3.01. And because that was carried across, so too was some of Ross’s emotional conflict and confusion over Elizabeth and the situation at Trenwith. Not because he still loves her, but because there is, and always will be, a tie to her as mother of Geoffrey Charles, as Francis’s wife, as his former love. So yes, his angst seemed much more over the whole sorry mess than about Elizabeth herself.

Do I wish he and Demelza had already reconciled properly, that the delightful conversation about Demelza’s pregnancy had still happened? Of course. However, bearing in mind what I’ve said above, I wasn’t entirely surprised that they weren’t back in happy, contented conjugal bliss. They aren’t quite there yet. What I’m hoping is that Demelza’s pregnancy, and the birth of Clowance, and Ross’s firm decision to steer clear of George and anything to do with George, will let them begin a new chapter together - happier, more settled. Demelza more confident that he really has chosen her, and that he doesn’t regret his choice. The angst over Valentine not forgotten, but shelved away by Ross’s clear determination to treat him as George’s son, and to ignore the possibility that Valentine is his own. That’s what I’m hoping. Because otherwise, as you say, Demelza’s affair with Hugh becomes more about revenge and spite, and by her own admission (in the book), that doesn’t play any part in it.

In terms of the churchyard scene: I have thought for a long time that people put far, far too much emphasis on it. There is nothing in that scene that’s a betrayal, on Ross’s part, excepting only his failure to tell Demelza about it. It’s again a kind of closure - for both Ross and Elizabeth - and an acknowledgement of the unknown paternity of Valentine. I’m sure they’ll keep it in s3, in some form, but I think we as fans and readers need to de-emphasise it. It’s less important than other things that happen. Ross’s relationship with Elizabeth is, and becomes, far far less important than his relationship with George. So yes, maybe they’re building tension towards that, but I hope not. I hope it’s far more about Hugh Armitage. Because Ross has now declaimed all responsibility for Elizabeth, has given up all right to be concerned for her. He has said quite plainly to George - and I believe him - that his concern is, and will remain, focused on Agatha and Geoffrey Charles.

Anyway. I agree with you about the episode feeling, in some ways, like series one. Particularly in terms of Demelza: her joy for Caroline and Dwight is so genuine, so heartfelt, and I loved the closeness already evident between her and Drake. I know we all wish she and Ross had been that happy, but how could anyone be disappointed with her having such happiness, whatever the cause? Just adorable.

I may be proved wrong with all of this. I’m prepared to be proved wrong. I know I’m very much ‘glass half full’ about tv shows and things. I found so much to love that I can overlook (at least for now) the things that jarred or that I have reservations about. In a week or two, I may come back to this post and rage and growl over the problems the episode set up and the lack of resolution. But at the moment, I’m still prepared to trust the show, and wait and see where it’s going.

every single pynch moment in trc part 4: the raven king

alternatively titled: its about damn time and also: this is gonna be the longest fucking post in history

part 1 / part 2 / part 3

im not gonna do too much analyzing this time around because you guys….. its all there,,, no subtext to be had,, BUT if any of u guys are confused or want me to elaborate on certain lines or scenes you can just ask and ill try my best!!!


[Ronan] caught Adam’s eye. When Adam’s mouth quirked, Ronan’s expression stilled for a moment before turning into the loose smile he ordinarily reserved for Matthew’s silliness. Adam felt a surge of accomplishment and nerves. He skated an edge here. Making Ronan Lynch smile felt as charged as making a bargain with Cabeswater. These weren’t forces to play with. (pg. 63)

this book doesn’t play around!!!! adam knows exactly what he’s doing and exactly what he’s getting himself into and he keeps reminding himself that this isn’t just some little fling like!!! its ronan!!! but he still does it!! I’m so alive!!

Ronan’s voice was different when he spoke to either his mother or Matthew. It was Ronan, unperformed.

No. Ronan, unprotected.

This tone reminded Adam of that unshielded smile from before. Don’t play, he told himself. This is not a game. 

But it didn’t feel like a game, if he was being honest. Adrenaline whispered in his heart. (pg. 64)

its absolutely amazing that just listening to ronan’s voice has this effect on adam… like he is so gone

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So I have noticed that you are very pro-revival. I'm having a hard time getting to that happiness about the revival. I was wondering if you could walk me through a couple things. First and for most, the ending. You keep saying that there was closure... I don't see closure I just see unanswered questions. Second, I really didn't understand emily's change in character. She did a total 180 and I feel like she was kind of cruel to Lorelei. Help?

I think the first thing to understand is; the word closure needs to be taken pretty openly.

I did get a lot of closure. For me there are three people you look to for this; Lorelai, Rory and Emily. There who we all want it in. So one at a time. 

I think, most obviously, we got it for Lorelai. From the very beginning of the series we see Lorelai as this woman who, despite keeping up this veneer of a happy-go-lucky wonder woman, is extremely vulnerable, insecure and flawed. One of her biggest insecurities being the idea of finding the “whole package”. I mean, how many times did we here Emily and Richard complain that she wasn’t married, or the town remark on how she was single. For me the end of the revival did two things; we finally see Lorelai work on embracing these flaws and let down her shield a little bit. I think this can be seen in her allowing Rory to go ahead with the book, opening up to Emily about the day in the mall with Richard and finally confronting Luke about getting married. Seeing Luke and Lorelai finally get married gave me such incredible closure on their arc. I think the scene in the kitchen when Luke lays out how he feels and how he will never ever leave her really gave me a sense of “everything will be okay for them”. They’ll always have issues with communication and they’ll always bitter; but they’ll be okay and they’re happy and thats what counts.

With Emily, again I felt a great sense of closure. I think for Emily its hard to describe. We see her in the beginning floundering to understand how to live her life without Richard. She’s alone in this massive house, her days are empty and nothing brings her joy because she is broken without him. I think what gave me closure in the end for her was this 180. We see her go from such uncertainty, to finally living a life she feels happy and comfortable in. her entire life had been dedicated to being Richard’s wife, without his this crucial part of her identity was removed. She found new focus with her job, she moved out to a smaller space where she wasn’t so alone and she found a little family who, in many ways, took her in as opposed to the other way around. I love that Rose Abdoo played Berta, because it brings that essence of Stars Hollow into Emily’s life. I think her final scene with Lorelai, about the loan, is also very telling. We all know it repeats the dialogue from the pilot. However, it’s Emily speaking and not Richard. This shows us how independent she now is and how she has learned in the past year to take over that role. She isn’t defined by being his wife and has learned to be independent. She’s not putting him behind her by any means, but she’s learning to survive without him. In the end, we see her finally get what she wants with that small portrait of Richard and, most importantly we see her on a journey to being okay, and finally happy. She has a support system and I know that she’ll be okay. Knowing this, gave me closure.

Rory is more tricky. For me, the growth Rory takes in the revival is what gave me closer. She is able to put leaning on Logan as an emotional crutch behind her. She realises she can do it alone. That she doesn’t need his house to write in, or to run to him when things get hard; that she’s stronger than that. This was a journey for her certainly, but I found it so satisfying seeing her come out of that. I also think the direction her career takes gave me a sense of closure. The revival showed a Rory lost and confused with no direction. We see her finally get a sense if where she’s going and once again finds something that she is passionate about; which we don’t see in the revival until this point. Crazy as it sounds, the pregnancy also was okay and not a crazy cliffhanger for me. I am okay leaving Rory with this because; I know she will be okay. I know that baby will be so loved and taken care of by not just her, but Lorelai, Luke, Emily and the entire town. It’s not Lorelai getting pregnant and having to run way at 16. It’s not this tragic thing that all end her life and destroy her potential. It’s the opposite, and I know she’s strong enough to do this, and I think she does too after her discussion with Christopher.  I know she didn’t pick a guy, but she’s 32. She has so much time to find love!! With Rory what I think is key to remember is her age. At 32, will your life be fully resolved and happy ever after? No. Was Lorelai married at, or even near settled in the Pilot at 32? Hello no! Rory still has most of her life ahead of her and I think it would be crazy to see her totally settled. 

At the end of the day this is a show grounded in reality. It’s a show about real people. And, in the real world, sadly we don’t get clear closure. Lorelai says it herself about her dads passing; there was no storybook moment. Life just happens; you can’t plan for it and it never will ever be resolved.

I think it would be bad writing for a show like this to offer a full happy ever after’s worth of closure. But, for me, here is why I think they gave us just enough; because each of them went on a healing journey and in the end we see them all okay. What’s more, we see them all happy, or on the road to happiness. That is what I derive my closure from, because life will never resolve itself and all I could ever hope for them is that they’re happy.

Bubblegum apparition in Breezy was really interesting.

I am still not sure of the significance it has, but there is something it confirms. How deep the connection between Bubblegum and Finn is.

In my opinion PB and Finn´s relationship is the fuck up of the show that has been resolved in a best way. After Too Old their interactions started to be more awkward and troublesome. With a highpoint in season 4, when they even got into confrontation moments in Burning Low and The Lich.

But season 5.2, and specifically starting in The Vault with Finn giving her back her amulet and settling the debt his past live left unsolved, their relationship started to improve again. In a both unexpected and great mode.

They have a special relationship, different to romantical, platonic or even a motherly one like I´ve seen some people think. It’s just different and wonderful in it’s own way. They are soul connected somehow.

That´s the reason I love their dynamic, which I consider the best one of the show.

its really interesting to me when the demon inside of izzy says “always the favorite child” to alec. generally from what we saw before of the possession demon, it pulls out your darkest and meanest thoughts about a person (like what raj said to lydia) so we can generally accept that this is something izzy has thought before. which makes it doubly interesting, given that every lightwood family interaction we’ve seen so far has clearly prioritized jace and max over alec and izzy. as well as the fact that izzy knows for a fact that alec would never be the favorite child in her parents eyes after he came out. we saw izzy talk about her mother repeatedly and how she is scorned by her, and this scene also felt, to me, as a way for izzy to lash out and say, “i dont have to do the emotional labor for everyone else. i can be angry and furious.” which i really loved. its really cool to see the envy within that dynamic when we’ve always seen them as one of the most loving and stable sibling relationships. 

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(1) Its fine if you dont want to answer to this but... I dont get why people are freaking out for AliMor being canon. Didnt we had enough sweet scenes in which Morgiana gets really flustered about Alibaba? Specially during the Sindria arc. Yeah they have been separated for three years, I would be fine if she decided to move on but she kept with her feelings and I think thats just as good. My only complain is how Alibaba treated her sometimes, be this a fact of Alibaba being a fucking idiot

(2) or because is a matter of how the situation in Japan is regarding women rights, the truth is that I’ve felt really frustrated with these two for a long time. Also, people saying that Alibaba is 100 yo not as a joke anymore? Guys, please…

I can’t speak on the behalf of all the people that disliked this development (which surprisingly are not only Alikou/Hakumor fans, but also non shippers and even some Alimor fans). So, I’ll limit my reply to my personal opinion

I’ve accepted the possibility of Alimor becoming canon a long time ago. As I’ve said a couple of times for me it’s always story > characters > pairings so even if my fav. pairings won’t happen isn’t the end of the world. That’s why my problem isn’t that Alimor happening but the way it happened.

Yes, Alibaba and Morgiana shared some cute moments up until their first separation but what about what happened next? Alibaba confessed to Morgiana not because he liked her but because he was jealous that he didn’t have a girlfriend and she was cool enough to fill his criteria. What about him announcing in front of everyone in the summit that he’s siding with Kouen, without telling Morgiana beforehand that he would be engaged to another woman? I guess it was “convenient” to kill him a few chapters later so this drama would never get addressed.

Then post the second time skip, we see Alibaba literally thinking about everyone else except from Morgiana. The only time he thought about her she was grouped with his other friends, while he thought of Aladdin and Hakuryuu on separate occasions and more than one time. Heck, even their reunion got sandwiched between the other two more significant reunions (just look at how few panels the mangaka gave them compared to the other two). And don’t get me started on the fact that when Toto said that Morgiana and Hakuryuu were a thing, Alibaba didn’t have a strong reaction.

And now they are finally reunited, instead of giving them more panel time and let them explore their bond with their new found maturity before making them canon, the mangaka just went for the “let’s get married” route. 

It’s not that Alimor being the end pairing came out of nowhere. If not anything else, Ohtaka seemed fond of this pairing from the beginning. But the way she developed it (or to say better the lack of their development) leaves a lot to be desired.