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Dear Evan Hansen: August 1st

The Theater: -My seats were amazing. Third row. I was about a yard away from the base of the stage it was amazing -the theater was so small and intimate. i thought it would be much bigger, but it really made it feel like a personal experience -the actors went all the way downstage a lot and i SWEAR ben could’ve spit on me thats how close he was -Being up close was so amazing because you could see every single detail. I saw his shoes, his pill box, i saw certain facial expressions that i feel like were subtle and you wouldn’t be able to see them from far back About the show: -evan playing with things- his tie, the bed, his shoe lace, pulling at his shirt -he. actually. fuckinf cries. like. you could see tears streaming down his face its not fake. -will is SO FUCKING GOOD -olivia is amazing. shes not as desperate as kristolyn, but she definitely shows more sadness and emotion -garret is WOW. she doesnt act quite as sad as jennifer, but her voice is amazing. she is incredibly talented and so sweet. -mlb is great. i love mike faist so im very biased, but i thought that michael was really good. he wasn’t as good at playing mean as mike is, though. he played more emo and sad as opposed to mike, who is aggressive and shows much more depth. but he is such an amazing singer im shook -laura is possibly the most beautiful person to ever exist. seeing her close-up was amazing and you could really see all the emotion she puts into that role. she was simply amazing. Her voice is incredibly and wOW HER BELTING WOWWOWOOWOW -she def cried during requiem -evan & zoes kiss after YWBF was so cute because they were all messy and eager bc neither of them knew what to do -jARED SAID KINKY -Will is so fucking handsome wow i love that man. his voice is so fucking amazing. he is a bit loud, i wish they turned his mic down a little during certain songs (disappear & sincerely me) so that you could hear the other parts more, but he is so incredibly talented wow -ok so we all know that larry cries during YWBF, but he legit had a full breakdown it was amazing to see first-hand -Ben. Shakes. like wow. i shake when im anxious (aka 24/7) and it was completely realistic and honestly the way he depicts mental illness is so accurate and truly art -larry is still an ass but when act two comes he is SUCH A LOVEABLE ASS. he is a much better character live because you see how much emotion he actually has -zoes hair during act one is so cute. it looks a bit like pig tails even tho it isnt, but its adorable -I. cannot. stress. this. enough. Ben Platt deserves everything. he has my ENTIRE heart. he is so talented in everything he does. He cries almost the whole show and i mean CRIES. real tears. real emotion. He is incredible. Like. i dont have words for how amazing he was. His voice was perfect throughout which IDK HOW IS POSSIBLE BC I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME SING WHILE CRYING SOOO. he is such a good actor and his fast talks were SO CUTE WOW -rachael was. fuck. wow. I’ve always had a bit of trouble understanding her acting choices during act one, but they worked well live. and once act two came around, she was outstanding. After So Big/ So Small, the entire audience. the. entire. audience. was crying. seriously there was not a dry eye in the house The Set/Choreography: -the forest set is so amazingly beautiful like. wow. -seeing the band up above is sO COOL WOW -Everything about it was absolutely beautiful. -i read something about this the other day and i couldnt stop thinking about it. During Waving Through A Window, everyone is turned away from Evan, they don’t see him. But during You Will Be Found, they are all with him. He is one with them. He is finally seen. It was so cool to see that contrast live. -the environment was so well done. you would think that since the background is either screens or just blackness, it would feel a bit empty and cold. but the set pieces (evans bed, connors bed, the couch, the dinner table, etc) were so well done and it really pulled things together. -Michaels knee movements aren’t as good as Mikes 🙊 Stagedoor: -People who came out: Michael (Park), Olivia, Garrett, Laura, Michael (lb) -Colton came out first but he left right away bc he wasn’t in the performance rip i lov him -first Michael Park came out and I told him I loved him and he was like “wow don’t you want to get to know me first?” and he signed my book and we joked a lil and he is such a nice guy -then Olivia came out and she signed and I told her how fucking amazing she was and she was so happy and blushy it was adorable. -Garrett came outside and she was so sweet. She looks so cute with her glasses and her hair up wow i love her. I told her that she is an amazing singer and she thanked me and wow what a gal -mlb came out and he was so sweet. I told him that he did so well and that i’m really happy for him for playing all the roles. I told him how great his singing is and he was so sweet to everyone we had a lil convo -last. but. DEFINITELY NOT FUCKING LEAST. Laura. Fucking. Dreyfuss. The living breathing human angel. She got over to me and I handed her the letters that I wanted to give to the cast (everyone was giving them to her bc she is a trustworthy gal). she got a lot of gifts (including more trix) bc she is so loved wow. OK OK BUT. I thanked her for speaking up for the trans community the other day and she was so happy and smiley and she rlly cared abt what i had to say AND SHE HUGGED ME. LIKE SHE WASNT HUGGING ANYONE ELSE. AND I DIDNT ASK HER TO HUG ME. SHE JUST DID AND WOW IT WAS. FUCK. WOW. All in all, that was definitely the best thing i have ever witnessed and i cried a fuck ton and it changed my life.

I feel like there’s going to be a scene in a novel or even in one of the films where Armitage Hux realizes that he’s the only one in the triumvirate truly loyal to the First Order.

I’ve got a two liter of Coke in the shop fridge and I’m playing a game of every time I feel stressed I take a swig. I’ve already finished half the bottle

Crew member about 2 hours into the first day of tech

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Listen, this may be a complete reach, but I feel like their respective placements tell say a little something about them. You have Michael in a bedroom, which makes sense to me bc I see him as a homebody. You have Ashton who we all know loves the outdoors and exploring, and just generally being free. We have Luke in a studio (rehearsal room?) bc that’s where he thrives in expressing himself. Calum is very similar to Luke in that he’s best at expressing himself through music, but I think it’s cool that he’s in a theater bc he’s a writer (not exclusively a songwriter from what I’ve gathered) and he has to take on the different characters he writes about (hence the theater bc he is an actor himself in a way.) You have them each in a place where they feel the most comfortable, but even in their “safe space” they appear to be struggling with their demons. It’s okay to not be okay, and I think this portrays that very well. Anyway I needed to get this off my chest and I need more people to talk to me about this video.

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So I'm just now, as a senior in college, getting back into the theater scene after years of kind of avoiding it. When I was younger, I was much more involved and interested but after having a teacher who unfortunately made me feel untalented and unworthy, I just stopped auditioning because I didn't want to feel that kind of humiliation and rejection again. Now, I'm excited to get back to it but I'm also really nervous. Do you have any advice?

YES! Welcome back to the theatre community!!! It makes me so happy to know you want to get back into it! 

First of all, just in case you haven’t heard this (or need to hear it again), I want to make it perfectly, completely clear that the teacher who made you feel untalented is a fucking dick, and his opinion is literally worthless. Theatre is subjective, and people are always capable of growing and changing and improving. If he were a good teacher, he would have been helping you strengthen yourself, not making you feel worse. I know it might be difficult for you to get his words out of your head, but please always try to remember that his opinion isn’t ‘right’ or ‘true’. That’s not how art works.

Now, for auditions! They’re terrifying! Seriously, I’ve literally been acting for twenty years now and I still get nervous before every single audition, even if it’s for a director who’s known me for decades. That’s just the nature of auditions. If you get caught up in nerves, just know that you’re not alone. People feel like that. It’s normal. The goal isn’t to not feel nervous at all, but to accept that you’re going to feel anxious, and to do your best despite that. 

The important thing going into an audition is to be totally comfortable with how prepared you are. Obviously the key is to spend as much time as possible preparing yourself, and to know the material and what you’re going to do with it. But once you walk into the audition room, you are where you are. There’s no point in thinking ‘oh I wish I came up with a funnier bit for this part of the monologue’ or ‘it would be so much better if I could belt that high note’. That type of thinking is useless. When you audition, you have what you have, and that’s the best you’ve got. You need to be proud of where you are, and what you’re capable of at the time. Do absolutely everything you can to prepare yourself, but once you’re there, you have to love what you’ve got. Be proud of what you can do, and excited to show it to someone else.

And always remember that the people you’re auditioning for are on your side. They want you to be fucking amazing! They’re not going into it hoping that you do a bad job. They’re not looking for flaws, they’re looking for what’s good! Because if you’re fucking amazing, that’s fucking amazing for them! They probably have some sort of ideal in their head of what they want the person to be like for each role, but the good thing is that they want you to fit that ideal. They are totally on your side. They want you to be good, because that makes their job easier. Even if they’re quiet, glaring, judgy-looking people, they still want you to be good. Try not to judge their receptiveness, just because not every director is good about making their positivity visible. 

I know it sucks to deal with rejection, but also, please remember that it’s inevitable. Every single actor faces rejection. It happens. The important thing is to remember that not getting a role doesn’t mean you’re not talented. It doesn’t even mean that you’re not right for the role. There are a million things that go into why a certain director picks a certain person for a certain part. I know it sucks. I know exactly how hard it is to not get cast in something you were so excited for, and something where you feel like your audition was amazing. But please remember that it is not a reflection of how talented you are. Please always keep trying, even when it gets hard.

And for my really basic, really general audition tips (that you very well might remember, but just in case):

  • If you’re in an audition room, look above the director’s head. Don’t look directly at them. If it’s in a theatre, I usually like looking just above the last row of seats, regardless of where the director is sitting.
  • Rehearse introducing yourself and your pieces! There’s nothing worse than having your whole audition down perfectly and then tripping over the title of the song or the author of the monologue!
  • Dress nice, but make sure it’s also comfortable. Even if I want to wear cute heels to an audition, I always bring a pair of dance shoes too, just in case. Better to be safe than sorry! I’ve seen people have to do dance calls in tight dresses and stilettos because they didn’t think they’d be asked to dance.
  • If it’s a singing audition, mark the music where you’re going to start and finish VERY clearly! I recommend getting post-it notes that have arrows on them, so you can move them wherever you need. And also, the piece of advice I still manage to forget at every singing audition ever: Remember to take your music back on the way out!!!

Theatre is probably the most important thing in my life, and it has been literally for as long as I can remember. It’s so wonderful to hear that you want to get back into it, and that you’re excited about it! I hope it goes really well for you, and that you love it even more than you did before. Please remember that the point is for you to enjoy it. Don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t go the way you want it to, and always keep trying! 💜✨💜

An Exchange Likely to Occur If I Ever Have Kids
  • Kid: *listening to Hamilton with their friend as quietly as they can across the house*
  • Me: *hears it anyways and runs to them* HAMILTONNNNNNNN.
  • Kid: No, Mom please go away. I was just trying to introduce my friend to this musical.
  • Me: They shouldn't be your friend if they don't know what Hamilton is.
  • Kid: MOM.
  • Me: Have I ever told you about how I saw the original cast of Hamilton on Broadway?
  • Me: I met Lin and Leslie at the stage door.
  • Me: *starts rapping along with whatever song is playing*
  • Kid: I'm just going to walk myself out this second story window now.

The most magical thing about doing theatre is not the connection between the audience and actors, its not how the show some how comes together after weeks of stressing, its not the gratifying feeling while listening to the roar of the crowd- the most magical thing about the theatre IS THAT NO MATTER HOW MUCH U PEE RIGHT BEFORE U GO ON U WILL HAVE TO PISS LIKE A RACE HORSE AND I JUST THINK THATS SOME WIZARDS MAGIC SHIT

about those lion king comparisons to t’chaka&t’challa

like listen, i get it. in fact i feel it. deeply. i had the same expression in the theater as i do when i’m on my couch doing a lion king rewatch.

but i don’t trust this fandom with black characters one gotdamn second because we can’t have nice things.

it really rubs me the wrong way when that comparison to animals (even the purest cartoon ones) is made about two black men showing deep emotion.

i’m sensitive because you made me that way, mcu fandom.

my mom playing Pokemon Go
  • Mom: This is some really intense music.
  • Me: Well, yeah, you're about to go on an epic adventure.
  • Mom: I feel like I'm about to go to dinner theater or something.
  • Mom: This is so exciting, whoever picked out this music.
  • Mom: How do I open it? I am getting anxious!
  • Me: Don't be anxious, mom.
  • Mom: They sound like they need me!
  • Me: Okay. There they are, you gotta pick one of the starters.
  • Mom: I want this little bald guy.
  • Mom: When do I get to pick a team?
  • Me: You gotta be level five.
  • Mom: I want to be on the smart one.
  • Me: That's the blue one, mom.
  • Mom: It's where I belong.
Movie Date
  • : So how did it go?
  • : It was okay, we watched a movie.
  • : That's it? What about after?
  • : Like I said, it was okay. We had lunch afterwards and parted ways. It was weird, though. When we were at the theater and the credits started rolling in, I knew I had to get out of there. I wanted to say goodbye right after it finished, but he looked so full of hope, so happy. I couldn't just leave like that. So we walked around for a little bit. Do you know what it feels like to have someone hold your hand in the middle of a dark room full of lovers, yet all you can think about is someone else's name?

addignisherlock  asked:

hey quick questions regarding Hamlet. I've never been to a play before so I apologize beforehand if my questions sound dumb. Do you know how much roughly the tickets cost? And do you mind explaining to me some basic theater etiquette? (and if you can please include even things that seem like "common sense" because I'm rather slow and so I may not be aware of even the common sense ones.) Thank you lots :)

Tickets will probably be between £10 and £70 although until they produce prices thats a stab in the dark. When I saw Cate Blanchett there my stalls ticket was £65. 

As for theatre etiquette it’s just common sense really. Don’t worry about dress code - wear whatever you feel comfy in  - you don’t need to dress up.  Don’t take photos (oh god please don’t take photos -at Blithe Spirit last night some twat was taking flash photos - it kept lighting the stage up like a beacon, its hugely distracting and just plain disrespectful), don’t talk during the show, turn your mobile phone to silent or preferably off and make sure you triple check that as you REALLY don’t want to be the person whose phone goes off (I was at Seawall and some poor girl’s phone went off during the final monologue right at the most affecting moment. Andrew didn’t bat an eyelid just waited and then continued but it did kill the moment & she was seriously distressed after so just double check), don’t text , don’t eat smelly food and don’t bring in noisy food. No rustly crisp bags or annoying sweet wrappers. And just enjoy!