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Hiya! Can I request RFA/Saeran+MC going grocery shopping together? Could you also include which aisle they would spend the longest time in? I hope that's not too much >.< Have a lovely day~

Here ya go! Grocery shopping is nice because there’s a lot of food and I’m quite fond of that stuff.



  • Ok but this boy knows what’s up
  • He’s been to the grocery store so many times, he can probably finish all his shopping with his eyes closed (or at least one of them closed if you know what I mean hahahhaha sorry)
  • He’s like those moms who are into super couponing probably because his own mom was too
  • He has a whole binder full of coupons waiting to be used, and he’s categorized them all according to types and %off.
  • Even if you’ve been grocery shopping before, going with Yoosung is a whole other deal
  • Jeez is it intense
  • Though who knew browsing the vegetable aisle with this boy by your side would prove to be such an enlightening experience?
  • Unless you tell him you already know most of the stuff he’s saying, Yoosung will not hesitate to stop in front of every single thing and tell you about its various uses in cooking, or just life in general
  • And by every single thing I mean every single damn thing, even if it’s considered elementary knowledge
  • “This is a banana—“
  • “I know Yoosung,I know.”
  • He’ll also teach you really simple recipes while you load up your cart with food
  • “If you have trouble sleeping, heat up some milk and sprinkle some powdered nutmeg into it!” actually very comforting imo
  • “For really brown bananas, if you don’t want to eat them or can’t use them at the moment, put them in the freezer and you can make yummy banana bread with them later!”
  • “If you ever slice apples and want to prevent them from turning brown, just dip them in a bit of lemon juice!”
  • Thank you Yoosung Sensei
  • Every time you go grocery shopping together, you know you’ll return home feeling like you just took an intensive nutrition class

Spends longest time in:

Literally everywhere????

The only aisle he doesn’t really visit is the liquor aisle, but other than that he’ll spend the same amount of time in each place. Occasionally he will steer clear of the milk section after remembering some, ah, unpleasant memories


  • Okay so he’s not quite a dolt when it comes to grocery shopping that’s for sure, like he knows about the basics, and of course he’s a beer expert
  • Though he is nowhere close to being on Yoosung’s Godly Grocery level
  • and Zen will never admit that he doesn’t know jack shit about what he buys most of the time
  • He’ll try to seem knowledgeable just for you, and he does want you to eat healthy (”Fruits and vegetable ares good for the skin! Though my skin is already amazing enough.” thank you zen that makes me feel so much better about myself)
  • But he’s not sure what to do with 90% of the stuff he puts in your cart
  • When you guys go home, he’ll sneak a phone call to Yoosung, list all the items that he bought, and Yoosung in turn will teach him a few possible recipes
  • Tbh usually such a phone call would sound like some shady drug dealing cuz it starts all like:
  • “Hey, Yoosung,” Zen casts a wary eye around before whispering, “I’ve got new goods.  Can you hook me up with some plans?”
  • But it’s okay, you’ll relax once you hear them talking about the properties of lettuce
  • “Zen, let me get this straight. You bought a whole octopus…without actually knowing how to cook it?!”
  • “Uh, yeah.”
  • “WHY?!”
  • “Well, I can’t be her knight in shining armor if I don’t know how to deal with a mere octopus!”
  • When Seven hears about this, he’s all like “move aside fabled evil dragon, the princess in the tower is now guarded by a wriggling, squishy octopus. How will Zen slay the mighty beast?”

Spends longest time in:

Cosmetics aisle! And I mean spends a loooooooooooooOOOng time. He wants you to try stuff on. Then he wants you to give him a makeover. Then he wants to take pictures. Then he finds new products to try. The infernal cycle begins again. 


  • She never really had any  time to go grocery shopping before, and so she would just buy her meals from the convenience store
  • So the first time you went shopping together, oh boy was this girl lost
  • Although she knows all the fruits and vegetables and different types of meat, so the basics,  she just doesn’t know what to buy because there are so many choices??
  • She just wants to buy everything and try it all 
  • And so she does
  • You’re zooming around all the aisles, and soon each of you have your own cart chock full of food
  • In the end, two end up buying too much and invite Yoosung over to help y’all cook 
  • “Okay, I get that you wanted to buy a lot to get variety, but that does not explain why you had to buy 10 packs of meat and a total of 5 types of squash,” says Yoosung, mildly exasperated. 

Spends the longest time in:

The bakery section! She likes to look at their desserts to get inspiration, and will sometimes by those that catch her fancy. Although she also does spend a lot of time in the coffee section, however, there usually isn’t a lot of variety so she tends to be a bit disappointed. 


  • h a H
  • Jumin Han grocery shopping?
  • “Why go to the grocery store when the grocery store could come to you?”
  • babe PLS
  • “If you really want to make food yourself, why don’t you just order the ingredients online?”
  • Because grocery shopping is fun? sometimes
  • If you’re so insistent about going to the store, he’s 100% down to open one someplace in the building just for you.
  • Once you turn down all his extravagant ideas and manage to drag his fine ass to the store, Jumin is frowning.
  • Just like Yoosung, he’ll stop in front of every product there is. But this time, he’ll talk about them from a business perspective.
  • “If a watermelon costs this much for one pound, then for it to be of a profitable price, the amount of edible watermelon must be equal to—”
  • “Jumin we’ve been standing here for ten minutes.”
  • He’ll still occasionally stop to calculate the price per consumable unit though
  • Mutters to himself the whole time
  • But he proves to be immensely useful 
  • You’re comparing two types of dumplings, different companies, slightly different prices
  • “Jumin, which one comes out to be the best buy?”
  • Hoooooooh he’ll go all out 
  • He compares approximate size of dumplings, nutritional values, price per unit, reputability of manufacturer, you name it
  • So when you go grocery shopping, always bring yourself a Jumin Han to buy the best products in the store
  • Also because this rich boy is really cute when he wanders around, a little crease between his eyebrows, whispering equations to himself under his breath as he trails behind you like a little kid

Spends longest time in:

Pet food aisle, duhh. Would never dare feed Elly ‘commoner cat food’, though he’ll consider it if you make some brand suggestions. On a side note I feel like Jumin has tried Elly’s food before, especially if it’s something she seems to really like. “Maybe I can replicate this taste but make it something safe for humans to eat?”


  • asifdj;aslkdfjaslk;gja;lkdgj
  • First of all, you guys are never both walking.  Either you’re in the cart and he pushes, or the other way around.
  • Here’s the thing though, he’s not so much in the cart as under it
  • I saw a picture of this but I can’t find it… you know how there’s usually a rack beneath the cart? Yeah, he just lies down on that.
  • If you leave him under the cart and wander too far away, he will yell “MArcO!” until you answer “polo” in an equally loud manner
  • This has gotten you kicked out more than a couple of times
  • “What do you mean soda and chips aren’t enough to sustain the human body?”
  • “What’s a vegetable?”
  • It’s like, he knows of the stuff, but he’s never seen any in person
  • “Wow…that’s…is that really an orange? In flesh????”
  • “This is edible?” he says, holding a pack of shrimp in his hands
  • While in the frozen food section: “I wonder what would happen if we blended a pizza, and then used that pizza to make pizza sauce for another pizza? Like…pizzaception.
  • you guys actually tried doing that but regretted it because that shit was disgusting
  • Food puns
  • He will try to be more serious if you tell him, but why would you? 
  • Saeyoung makes grocery shopping seem like an adventure

Spends longest time in:

I mean when he’s under the cart he doesn’t really have a choice so he’ll chill there and contemplate whether or not he should lick the floor while you get the food.  However, if he’s the one pushing you, you bet he’ll head straight to the snack section. That’s his turf. Will glower at those who dare approach his precious chips. “So um Saeyoung are we just gonna wait around here and chase people away all day or…?” 


  • He’s the type of kid that has absolutely no idea about anything
  • He’ll point at a cabbage and call it a cucumber
  • He says carrots grow on trees
  • You get a lot of stares because he calls everything by the wrong name with so much confidence
  • The baby is super proud of himself and you don’t have the heart to tell him he’s wrong
  • That changes when Yoosung goes shopping with him once though.  Yoosung almost cried when Saeran asked him what this weird, round white thing was called (answer: an oinion. HAH SAERAN IS LIKE AN ONION, HE HAS LAYERS HAHAHAHAHHA I’M SO FUNNY)
  • Yoosung lowkey kidnaps Saeran and they have a study session together where Saeran learns about the marvelous world of fresh produce
  • But once you go back to the store together after he studied hard, it’s so precious
  • Saeran correctly identifies most of the stuff, but after every time he names something, he’ll glance at you, as if waiting for your approval
  • once you give him a tiny nod, a smile playing around your lips, his eyes will just light the fuck up and ;sdfja;lskdfjaslkdfja the baby bean is gonna blush a lil’ because w oW he did it???
  • Saeran reverts back to a toddler when y’all go to the store, you better hold his hand or he’ll wander off and get lost in another dimension

Spends longest time in:

ya, the ice cream section. you can get ice cream on a stick?? w h at???? a pre made ice cream cone???? w HA t??? I CAN BUY TWO LITERS BUCKETS OF ICE CREAM??? W  H AT?!??!??!?! It’s a Saeran heaven and half the bill goes to his own, full cart of ice cream. 

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Your family AU is so lovely, and your art is so beautiful.. Do you have headcanons (or is it a canon? Lol) about their backstories, like Shiro & Keith's families, their first meeting, how they proposed to each other, how the kids ended up in orphanage, etc? (Sorry that's a lot!)

Oh my goodness THANK YOU! I’m glad you found The Voltron Family AU lovely ;A; I wanna draw more for this AU so probably soon!! :D Alright I got chu. Since you wanted more of this, I’m going to deliver.

Shiro and Keith’s Families

  • Both of their families are in Japan.
  • The Shiroganes are from Kyoto, while the Koganes are from Tokyo (yes, Keith isn’t actually an orphan here). Keith is a city boy while Shiro is a country bumpkin lmao
  • So they didn’t have any problems where to stay when they visited Japan with their kids WHOM THEIR FAMILIES ADORE. 
  • They didn’t care if they were not blood-related because they could see how much Shiro and Keith adored their children and that was enough.

Shiro and Keith’s First Meeting

  • Shiro and Keith were one of those who were in the exchange program in college for their final year. Shiro for pre-med, and Keith for Lit. 
  • They met at the library as cheesy as that sounds. It was during finals and Shiro was cramming his papers and Keith as well.
  • There was only ONE WORKING PRINTER on the 3rd floor because it was already late and they were the only ones left. It was 11:30PM.
  • Shiro was in the printing room first and but the printer stopped working 
  • Keith went inside to print his and he sees Shiro panicking
  • Keith: Hey, dude, you okay?
    Shiro: It stopped printing and my papers are due at midnight!
    Keith: Oh, shit. Really? Mine, too. And I have to get these done and have it mailed to my prof because I am not going to flunk this subject. WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE PRINTER?
    Shiro: What?! You think I did this?! *gestures to the printer*
    Keith: *looks around and pointedly at Shiro* You’re the only one here.
    Shiro: UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    Keith: *smiles* I’m Keith Kogane.
    Shiro: Takashi Shirogane, but most people call me Shiro.
    Keith: My printer works at my dorm. If you still want to print? It’s just a two minute walk from here.
    Shiro: Bless you! I could just kiss you right now!! \o/
    Keith: *laughs* Buy me the 3rd book of Harry Potter first and we’ll see. 

Shiro and Keith Proposal

  • They’ve been dating for eight years because they’re cute like that.
  • It happens when Shiro visits Keith’s apartment. He knows his boyfriend is such a bibliophile so he tries to maneuver the place because books, papers, manuscripts are scattered everywhere. Keith’s already an editor and Shiro’s already a doctor.
  • Keith’s still in bed and he’s surrounded by so many papers he was trying to proofread the night before. 
  • Shiro gently wakes him up by showering him kisses all over the face
  • Shiro: Baby, wake up wake up wake up!
    Keith: GO AWAY SHIRO IT’S A WEEKEND *grumbles*
    Shiro: But it’s the day Deathly Hallows go on sale!!
    Keith: *opens eyes immediately* Holy shit. I need to get to the st–
    Shiro: *stops him* No need. Because I am such a great boyfriend I got you the book already and it arrived last night! *gives Keith the gift*
    Keith: *holds the wrapped gift* Baby… you’re… *looks at Shiro* You’re the best have I already mentioned that?
    Shiro: *beams* Well, I’ve been told by some. Some. One. 
    Keith: *gives him a peck* I can’t believe this. *opens the gift and sees the book* I feel like I might cry. 
    Shiro: Go on. Open it! Feel it~
    Keith: I’ll try not to read because I dont want to spoil myself. *opens the book and sees it’s been cut inside to hold a small black box* Shiro… *still staring at the black box inside the book* *takes out the box and opens it to reveal a silver ring*
    Shiro: Keith, I just want you to know that, well, I’m not pressuring you or anything but I felt like, you know… We’ve been together for such a long time now and honestly…
    Keith: Shut up, Shiro.
    Shiro: *blinks* W-what? 
    Keith: I love you so much, of course I’d say yes.
    Shiro: Oh my god. *laughs nervously* I had a speech prepared and all
    Keith: *laughs and then hugs Shiro* You idiot. No speech needed. I can’t believe you beat me to it. *sobs* Fucking hell. You idiot. You even destroyed a book for your proposal. A Harry Potter one at that. This is expensive! What the hell *hugs him tightly* You idiot. You idiot. And I love you so so much. This is so ridiculous my snot is all over your shirt but I don’t care right now. *laughs* You’re going to marry someone who’s going to shower you with snot and you can’t back away now.
    Shiro: *laughs while stroking Keith’s hair* I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stop crying, Keith. I’m sorry for destroying the book. I got you another one because I doubt you’ll be able to read the one I used. Do you want to see the not-destroyed-brand-new Deathly Hallows now?
    Keith: *shakes his head* Let’s stay this way. The book can wait. 

How the kids ended up in the orphanage

  • Lance was a survivor when there was a fire in their building. His mom and dad died along with his siblings. 
  • Hunk is Lance’s friend in that same building. Him and Lance were the only survivor because they were playing at the building’s lobby so they were able to get out quickly. Hunk lost his family, too.
  • Pidge’s parents were already dead and her brother Matt took care of her, until he died in a car accident. Shiro knew Matt so when he found out that Pidge was at the orphanage, he decided to adopt her and Keith agreed. Then they saw Hunk and Keith was so taken but Lance and Hunk were a package so they adopted both. :D Lance was admiration-at-first-sight when he saw Shiro walk through those entrance doors of the orphanage. ;)

I spent too much time on the proposal HAHAHHAHA But there you have it!