that's how fit they are together

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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I had an interview today and I totally rocked this question:
  • Interviewer: How would you explain DNA to an 8 year old?
  • Me: I would tell them that DNA is like Legos. Like four different colored legos. Individually, they can't do much, but when you build them in a certain order, you can make different things, like a house or a tree or little lego people. It's the same in your body. Four different DNA molecules fit together to create the unique you.
  • Interviewer: *brief pause* That's a really good answer.
  • Me: Thank you. I like Legos and science.

because of this amazing post by my fave @foxes-evermore  i am now a strong supporter of the dynamic backliner duo that is Matt and Nicky 

  • look ok theyre both rays of sunshine i know but this is gonna be sad for like two seconds because, well, its the foxes. 
    • matt’s father literally got him hooked on drugs rather than be a parent, and he still manages to be on good terms with him matt is literally such a loving and forgiving person who is a gift to this world like honestly he adopts neil .2 seconds after meeting him he is such a good friend and person??? he loves dan so much he loves all the girls so much ok he just??? loves everyone?? he has such a big beautiful heart
    • nicky’s past is so overlooked and like….i dont understand why because honestly he went through a goddamn pray the gay away camp and is now in college, he’s got a boyfriend he loves and he takes care of his cousins. like. what a gift. he worked to take care of them until they graduated despite the issues he has with them constantly he believes in them and their family ima stop before i cry wow ok cool
    • so basically they both have really hard pasts but they came out of it??? so strong???? and bright???? and beautiful and caring?????
  • nicky loves video games and after the team comes together no one can convince me otherwise that nicky doesn’t use matt’s huge tv to have hardcore mario kart tournaments
  • matt is actually a really big film buff and totally has a huge collection of all kinds of movies including a great collection of lgbt+ movies and nicky thinks its really cool to have that representation
  • so matt and nicky totally have like a weekly chill session
  • trust me you need these in college
  • they do those $2 face masks and watch movies and play video games all day its really cute
  • because um?? theyre the emotional rocks of the team ok they are the endless supporters and the bright spots among all the darkness that surrounds these kids lives so sometimes they need a break ok
  • and who best to do that with than someone who understands that being positive all the time can get exhausting 
  • also guess what matt’s bi sorry i dont make the rules whoops
  • they bond over how cute theyre tiny fave neil is
  • matt will totally talk about guys with dan but sometimes its more fun with nicky because nicky’s a gay man so its theyre more on the same page with liking guys
  • shopping trips!!!! we know nicky thinks matt is attractive ok you know he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress that ass up in some very form fitting pants
    • additionally, they compliment each other with ridiculous flourish
    • “matt, i think you just made me gayer” 
    • “i don’t think that’s possible”
    • “ok true, but still, thats a LOOK”
  • they totally dance together at the club when matt starts to stick with the monsters more after the girls graduate
  • nicky introduces matt to the magic that is eyeliner
    • dan is so thankful for this honestly bless nicky 
  • midnight grocery trips!!!
    • nicky stands on the bar on the back of the cart and matt pushes. they sing that song from the titanic really loud at like 1am in the produce section because?? who’s gonna stop them??? no one
  • defenders have to be pretty strong and are typically stockier in all sports, so these boys are totally weight room buddies. they can squat like nobody’s business
  • they get pedicures bc lemme tell you getting your feet all rubbed up and treated nice and buffed and shined after getting them all beat up during the season is so nice ok 
  • they totally have a secret handshake
  • stupid gym selfies istg theyre such dorks 
  • matt totally ugly snorts when nicky makes puns, they are the meme team of the foxes ok you best believe that group chat is lit because of these two

in conclusion please consider these boys made of sunshine being besties and hanging out together its 10/10 guaranteed to warm your heart

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i made myself sad bc i rmbr that bang pd or some other bh employee said the members were chosen not only for talent but also for their personalities. n just kkjfh bc jimin was with bh for only 1 yr (? i think but i know it was a short time) but it was enough for bang pd to see how truly beautiful he is inside. n the other members had spent so much time together before but jimin had wedged himself in that already-established closeness n had made all of them be enamored with him :-(((

thats beautiful. he just…… fit like a glove….. they probably didnt know they were waiting for him until he showed up. bts r all soulmates 

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I get the impression that Hunk's amazing engineering abilities are really overlooked in fanon. Like, I know it seems like he's doing really off the wall things like scrubbing through cuffs. But, that's a legit thing engineers are taught: try the weird stuff too. He knows when to touch something and when to take a minute to ask for clarification. He can analyze a situation and immediately figure out if he has the know-how or needs to get more info. I just love how Hunk is a typical engineer.

YES! I know that Pidge is a tech genius, but Hunk has that ability to look at something and figure out how it works. He can take it apart and pull it into pieces so he can fit it all back together again even better. He knew about how to track down the lions, he knew how to fix Rolo’s ship even though he’s just a young man from space who’s never seen anything like these ships. AND he can engineer more than just machines! He’s looked at things like Altean food goo or Galran mall food and not only reverse engineered them, but figured out how to make it better. 

Hunk is something special!

if this isn't love, then what is?
  • stefan salvatore:
  • she's the love of my life, i'd go back to her in a heart beat.
  • if it were my choice, i'd want to be with you forever
  • if it meant i got to be with her, have children, grow old with her.. if it meant we'd die together, be buried together then yes. i would take the cure
  • i would never hurt you, you're safe with me
  • when you and i were together every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. that we were the perfect fit.
  • actually i don't pretend to be anything when i'm with her. that's the whole point. i just get to be myself.
  • but you know, the life that we had, it was amazing too. and it wasn't a spell or a prophecy, it was real. we fell in love on our own.
  • you know, this is a future memory. it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. i love you.
  • how do i not remember you? i mean you're smart, you're pretty, you're funny. obviously you're the strongest woman in the world.
  • every time that i tell myself that i'm moving on, there's this part of me that just can't seem to shake her.
  • i was a better person when i was with her. i didn't think i'd ever feel that way again. until elena.
  • i love you. i will always love you.
  • i love you so much.
  • i'm simply not able to resist her.
  • elena is warm and she's kind and she's selfless and it's real. when i'm around her i completely forget what i am.
  • elena gilbert:
  • i love him damon. no matter what i feel for you i never unfell for him.
  • no! you don't get to make that decision for me. if you walk away, it's for you because i know what i want. stefan i love you.
  • for once i don't regret the day before it begins. because i know i'll see him again.
  • but i love stefan, it's always going to be stefan.
  • it's you and me stefan, always.
  • i thought i couldn't be with you stefan but i can. you don't have to push me away. i can do this.
  • but i love you stefan. I love you stefan, you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i dont want us to be apart anymore, ever.
  • stefan, my wrist. here. take my wrist. you need more blood. i trust you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i love him damon. he came into my life when i needed someone and i fell for him instantly.
  • i kind off felt like i didn't know how to live anymore but then being with stefan... somehow i figured it out
  • i love you so much
  • i picked you because i love you. and no matter what happens that's the best choice i ever made.
  • look, he would never give up on me so i'm not gonna give up on him.
  • i love you stefan. hold on to that. never let that go.
  • other tvd characters:
  • katherine: you'd never look at me the way you look at elena, would you?
  • klaus: now this is fascinating i've never seen this before. the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.
  • klaus: and that's why you're her better option. i personally think she's wasting her time with damon.
  • rebekah: i envy that. you and elena. i envy the love you have.
  • klaus: well crazy or not that kind of love never dies.
  • caroline: i'm sorry but stefan is your epic love. and i'm not going down without a fight.
  • rose: stefan is different. his love is pure, he'll always be good for him.
  • klaus: personally i don't see a fairytale ending for you. all i see is stefan and elena.
  • klaus: must be hard trying to live up to stefan. he stopped himself when i compelled him to feed on elena. that's love.
  • lexi: when it's real you cant walk away.
  • caroline: you and her - epic. her and damon? ew
  • gloria: there's this girl with a necklace. you love her. you'd do anything for her.
  • damon: you're still wearing this necklace. isn't that a reminder of your unbreakable bond with stefan?

I just noticed that tracer stores her guns in her arm protector thingies when she doesnt need them and it has officially fucked me up™

like?? how?

I just watched the cinematic trailer again for reference and fun (you know the one where they fight in the museum) and when reaper uses his ult, I noticed that tracer seemed to drop her guns. but then, when she was seeking cover behind that box, she suddenly pulled her guns out again and I was like, jeez, youre not reaper are you?

so I wanted to confirm that she actually dropped the guns and they just seemed to magically shrink? and upon watching it a third time, I noticed that the guns actually twirl around and get pulled into the arm things. they even did an animation for the arm plates opening and closing. its all very quick and with a lot of motion blur but I love the attention to detail they are doing there.

I checked if I could see that in any ingame animation but so far I only noticed the guns being put away in the fingergun emote, all the other emotes are too quick.

and I stared at the shape of the guns and at the shape of the arm thingies a long time and how they open and close and how the guns twirl around and it?? just doesnt make sense??? they shouldnt fit in there?

and thats the observations I made at 3am


ive seen some people compare touken from tokyo ghoul to jashi so i felt like comparing narusaku to them see how they mirrior? its just to bad sakura ended up with a man who tried killing her then again ashi tried killing jack however the difference is sasuke did all he did for his own selfish goals while ashi was branwashed abused and neglected ashi is a tsundere done right genndy knows how to write females heck he was an artist for powerpuff girls for yrs jashi is a beautiful relationship two opposites with tragic backstories destined to meet and i believe will go home together i just wish masahi wrote sakura better he had 15 yrs and blew it anyway naruto and sakura have hard stories to thats why they would fit i hope genndy doesn’t kill ashi she’s awesome i even told tara she’s my favorite of her voices and the amazing thing is guys we only get to know this character for 10 eps and fans love her they ship jashi they want both characters to be happy please genndy give them a happy ending enjoy the pics narusaku and jashi friends

I need a Danny Phantom AU tbh.

Like Keith is Danny, and Shiro is his protective older brother. Keith lives with Shiro and Shiro’s girlfriend, Allura, who (along with Coran) are super into the supernatural and ghosts (particularly hunting them).

Keith’s friends are Pidge and Hunk. They were there when Keith had his accident, and they both help him out whenever ghosts (who come through a wormhole Allura accidentally created when Keith caused the accident and call themselves Galra) attack the school.

And like, the best part? Keith has an incredibly huge crush on Lance, who also happens to secretly be a super skilled Ghost hunter hellbent on capturing Keith and sending him back to the Ghost zone. They’re like sickly in love, but have no idea that they’re secretly arch-rivals who fight every week. ((They do that baby project together, and thats actually how they start dating despite getting a D on the project)).

Lance has no idea that Sendak (Vlad) is also a ghost, and let’s just say when he finds out, he is hella pissed at Sendak, and eventually joins Keith in helping to fight the Galra.

My progression of listening to Fleet Foxes new album Crack-Up

Current album rankings:
Fleet Foxes EP: [8/10]
Helplessness Blues: [9.8/10]
Two released Crack-Up songs: [7.5/10]

1st listen: ……………ok. really, that’s it huh? ok then. [6/10]
2nd listen: there definitely were a few good things in there but… i mean it totally is them and their sound but… different in a new way and its just… ok? i guess.
3rd listen: …alright this isn’t as good as their first two albums and im a bit disappointed at the structure of the whole product compared to them? maybe if i listen more…

10th listen: ok ok ok. hold up. hold the fucking phone. i understand that new sound more… that was really interesting. thats… that’s something. and its good. [7/10]

20th listen: …there’s… there’s something hidden in the mix here… its really good. theres layers of great stuff here, new stuff i hear with each listen. the melodies make sense in the context of the whole album, the flow is very much there and i am aware of how tasty it is. i was blind but now i see. this album is delicious. [8/10]

30th listen: oh my god. the structure was always there, every song fits in its own neat place and has its own brilliant hook that strings the whole album together, the melodies of each song have little nuances of genius that linger in your subconscious, seasons your thoughts, accents your surroundings as you go about your day. holy shit…. this is very good material. [8.5/10]

40th listen: i get it all now fuck fuck fuck [9/10]

I don’t know how to fucking explain what happened with us. The best way I can put it is “he was here one day, and then gone the next.” Everyone keeps asking me what happened, how can two people that fit together so well, no longer even look at each other? but How the fuck am I supposed to explain something I dont understand myself? and thats what everyone doesn’t get. Everyone wants to know what happened, but the truth is I’m still trying to make sense of it, I’m still trying to piece together the pieces because  you were here, everything was okay and you were here and then you just weren’t. everything fell apart all at the same time and I didn’t see it coming, there were no signs. you were here and then you weren’t and I just don’t why. I don’t know how someone can wake up one day and decide they don’t love you anymore. 
We were everything and then we were nothing, and as much as I’d love to talk about it, I can’t because I don’t fucking understand any of it. and I think I’ll always be stuck wondering what the fuck happened, because sometimes you don’t get a reason, you just get ignored calls and empty bedsides.
—  “Why’d you break up?” 

(I’m the one on the left but if you want to compliment my friend too you totally can) Can I just say that I totally adore this idea and think you’re so sweet for doing it. 

I think you both are absolutley adorable and gorgeous!! I can see how close and cute your friendship is just from this picture, its such a real picture rather than a posed up picture. For you, I love your features! I love how they perfectly fit together and im so jealous of your nose (if thats not weird). Your friend is so adorable and her smile is worth a million!!! I hope you both keep smiling and keep growing with each other!


Hamilton Muffins!!!

I might have gone a little bit overboard, but how can’t you when you get an awesome request like this? I started over analyzing which muffin would fit each Hamilton character and what colors go together and got a little carried away. But keep the requests coming guys, I love them, the Hamilton fandom is so amazing!!

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So you like Harrymort prompts, eh? Here's a line that's been playing pinball in my brain: "It's like there's a hole in your soul where I fit."

“It’s like there’s a hole in your soul where i fit,” Voldemort told him softly. His head was tilted to the side in a curious manner. “You cannot move on, while I still remain here. Even after all of this time, we are still connected together. Tell me, Harry, how was the rest of your life without me? Did you miss me?”

Harry stood in front of Voldemort a thirty year old man. A cutting curse to the chest during a battle against dark wizards who still supported the dead Dark Lord was all it took for him to return to the whiteness of Kings Cross. All that was left for him to do is board a train so he could cross into the afterlife. 

But nothing was coming. It was just him, and the Dark Lord.

“Fuck you,” Harry spat. He wanted to say that it was perfect and wonderful and everything he could have ever dreamed of…but he couldn’t. It was broken and incomplete. He never felt satisfied with any choice he made, and was always left with this hollow feeling in his chest like he had just forgotten something important. 

No, not forgotten. Abandoned. 

“How sad. Did you miss me that much,” Voldemort hissed. Harry felt his breath hitch at the words that he could no longer understand. “What a shame. What did your dear Ginny think?”

Harry glared, but inside his heart beat faster. He didn’t want to give in into whatever taunt the man was throwing his way, but there was something about the snake language that was making him feel something unexpected. 

Harry can you not understand me anymore? How sad. Should I give you a lesson then?” Voldemort stepped closer so that he was towering above him. “Snakes don’t speak fast you know. They don’t want to frighten their prey away after all.”

Harry looked up at Voldemort with wide eyes. His intimidating figure made him want to shrink away, as did his words but for entirely different reasons. However, his stubbornness rooted him to the spot. 

“They have to speak slow so they can creep in closer. Their words can sometimes hypnotize their prey… but I think you know that don’t you,” Voldemort smirked once he noticed the flush on Harry’s cheeks. “Do you like the way I sound, Harry?”

Harry swallowed, unable to look away from Voldemort’s gaze. “You know I can’t understand you anymore right? Is this how you want to spend the rest of eternity? Having one sided conversations?”

“From the look of it, I don’t think you’d mind. Besides, at least i’ll have you with me this time. And I would love to spend the rest of eternity making you look like this. If just my words have this effect, What could I do with a little effort?” Voldemort drew even closer to him so that Harry had to pull his head back to see him. 

“Please stop.” Harry took a step back trying to break whatever spell Voldemort seemed to have over him. 

“Why? What else are we going to do for the rest of our existence,” Voldemort laughed. 

“Avoid each other like the plague,” Harry replied flatly. “I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve an afterlife with you.”

But Harry, Isn’t this exactly what you would have wanted? Your life felt incomplete without me. Broken even. Why should you suffer an afterlife of the same. Now, I am always here. You’ll never have to suffer my absence again.” Voldemort seemed to find the entire situation humorous. 

“How the hell could you know that,” Harry spat. “You don’t even know me.”

“Don’t I? I’ve been here a long time with nothing but myself for company. I’ve had a lot of time to… regret,” Voldemort looked towards a bench and Harry remembered the small and frail piece of soul that used to be inside him. He couldn’t see it anywhere. “A piece of my soul has been inside you… who could know you better but me?”

“That was years ago. I’ve changed,” Harry replied with certainty. 

“And yet there is no train for you. Why wouldn’t there be? What else could be holding you back unless you don’t want to leave me? Do you want to leave me Harry? Do you want to leave me here again? All alone?” Voldemort returned to towering above Harry. They were so close that Harry could feel Voldemort’s body heat.

Voldemort smirked once he saw Harry’s face become flushed. “I’ll ask you again, Harry. Did you miss me?” The last words were hissed and Harry felt his knees become weak. “Do you want to stay here with me? I’m sure that we could find some other purgatory other than this place.”

Harry closed his eyes. Voldemort leaned in so that his lips were right against his ear. “Perhaps something with a bed? I really don’t mind? What do you say, Harry?”

I think my favorite thing about the oa is the friendship between 5 very different people. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones where they were all eating lunch together, bba hanging around doing her lunch monitor duty. I love how their group are the only people that call her OA (and the therapist but thats for a different reason) i just love seeing the development of these characters, helping eachother out, hanging out. I just love seeing an example like this of how circumstance can bring the most unlikely people together. How families can be made from pieces that shouldn’t seem like they fit together, but they do. I like seeing how the friendship affects the individuals. Idk I’m rambling but i just really love this show

How concise Latin is! The language, like Roman architecture, is sturdy, carefully fitted together, built to withstand the incursions of time. Roman edifices and bridges have weathered millennia, one heavy stone placed next to or atop another, their mortar the architectural equivalent of declensions and conjunctions. Everything fits snugly, compactly. Thats what gives the language its ponderous feel and its grandeur.
… Language, like architecture, is an ever-evolving structure that we create and re-create throughout our lives. The new always incorporates what came before. No attempts at a made-up “universal” language have ever taken hold. Nor has classical proportion been replaced by “modern proportion.”
—  Ann Patty, Living With a Dead Language

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Have you ever thought about Fakes origin where Geoff kinda was the little brother of the roosters and hey let him do his thing and by the time they thought to look he was already setting up his court in Los SAntos, and by the time they thought to worry he was alreadt setting his sights on something bigger.

What if Gavin was already the golden boy in los santos before Geoff even got there?

When the Roosters branched out everyone was moving with purpose; they were so successful at such a young age that no one even considered getting out of the game, were just expanding to focus on their own specialities, to grow and improve without murdering each other in the process. Gus set up a terrifying web of covert intelligence and stolen secrets, Joel transitioned full time into the absurdly lucrative domain of white collar crime, Matt spent his days schmoozing impossibly high level contacts, Griffon took her roving gang of assassins on the move and Burnie still orchestrates the whole thing from back in Liberty City. Geoff was the odd one out, really, sort of adrift in the world, still playing, getting by on his wealth and reputation, simply chasing entertainment across the country with no real direction or responsibilities.

So when Geoff first started making noise about getting his own crew together, a proper full time affair, the other Rooster’s thought he was kidding. It’s not that they’d thought he couldn’t, exactly, it’s just that he’d never really had that drive. Never really exhibited any lust for control, for personal power over his own domain. For Geoff, who liked to drink and coast and party, who’d always suggested the most outlandish laughable ideas, who’d always shrugged and gone along with whatever everyone else decided like the little brother happy just to be involved, to run his own crew all alone seemed ridiculous. They weren’t laughing at him, really, not for the most part anyway, it’s just that they never really considered Geoff to be a leader.

Geoff, of course, goes off in a huff, utterly offended, but that’s not terribly alarming. They’ve all been in each other’s pockets for so long they are more than used to weathering the storm of tempers, have all had their share of petty tantrums, and everyone comes back eventually. Worst comes to worst Geoff will play with his idea long enough to tire of it, possibly call for some help if it all goes to shit, then everything will be back to normal. In the meantime everyone’s got too much on their own plates to bother chasing him down.

Burnie keeps track of him, of course, keeps an ear out for any rumours of a Rooster getting into trouble, keeps in contact even if the updates aren’t as regular as they could be. It’s how he knows where Geoff is, finally stationary in the strangest of places, knows something’s caught his eye even if the contrary bastard isn’t ready to share exactly what it is yet. Burnie knows Geoff’s holed himself up in Los Santos, and isn’t that so typically him, finding some kind of hidden treasure in the worst city in the country.

Curiosity gets the best of Burnie and, when a month or two pass and Geoff still hasn’t moved on, he can’t help himself from trying to dig a little, calling on various contacts to send their feelers out and work out what could have possibly captured Geoff’s interest so thoroughly. The results are somewhat unexpected.

There’s a kid, they say, some cocky foreign creature that has Geoff fascinated, captivated, the strangest of anchors tethering him to the city. There is no shortage of rumours about the stranger, he’s apparently a particularly talented fixer, though his age comes through in arrogant bravado, in outrageous displays of wealth and a blatant inability to look before he leaps. He’s the kind of character everyone in Los Santos seems to be aware of, everyone seems willing to bend over backwards to know, and it appears Geoff is no exception.

Which is, honestly, the strangest part of the whole deal; Geoff has loyalty in spades for those who matter, but he’s not the most open of people, is no one’s fool, he’s lived through far too much with the Roosters to be taken in by some pretty face with a sob story. There must be something else going on. Geoff might have made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want anyone else butting in on his business, that he’s sorting out his plans all on his own thanks very much, but surely this warrants some kind of concern. Burnie settles on sending Jack down to scope it out; she was passing through anyway and Geoff might be keeping his cards close to his chest but he’s always liked Jack, it seemed like a good call at the time.

Jack doesn’t come back. Sends Burnie word that all is well, that he doesn’t need to worry, that she plans to stay and help Geoff out with whatever it is he’s working on, but she won’t say what exactly that is. In other words she piques Burnie’s interest even more then laughs in his face and keeps her mouth shut, which honestly, what was Burnie expecting? Jack’s always been loyal to a fault, but not to him. Jack and Geoff have always had each other’s backs and when you break it down her alliance with the Roosters has always come from that friendship; it stands reason that if Geoff is still cranky about their lack of faith Jack will be no more forgiving.

As far as Jack’s concerned she’s been waiting an age for Geoff to sort himself out, and if finally getting there means flipping Burns the bird and cosigning herself to some ludicrous plot in the depths of hell then so be it. When Geoff asks for her help, eyes lit up with the wild determination she remembers from their mischief back in the day she’s hardly going to say no. Perhaps Los Santos isn’t exactly the ideal location, isn’t where she necessarily wanted to end up let alone start in, but given the chance to explain himself Geoff’s ridiculousness is, as usual, based on pretty sound reasoning.

Because Geoff was, once, just passing through Los Santos, an entertaining pit stop on his journey to scout out a worthy crew, but then he found Gavin. Heard the rumours well before he actually met the kid; the Golden Boy of Los Santos, a shiny novelty amongst the grime of the city. The stories were interesting, entertaining, enough that Geoff decided to stick around for a while, enough that Geoff was perhaps drifting into the territory of a stalker, but oh boy did his curiosity pay off.

When Geoff found Gavin he saw far more than he knew he was meant to, far more than he would have if he wasn’t looking, because the kid was good. Was all flash and sparkle,  cheeky jokes and bright laughter, an endearing softness covering the sharpness of his teeth, the blood dripping from his fingers. When Geoff found Gavin he saw everything they could do, everything they could be, saw the broad strokes of the future he’d been toying with falling into place all at once.

Gavin was an interesting conundrum, the criminals of the city completely unsure as to whether or not they like him, whether or not he’s useful, whether or not the kid is a joke or a genius. They say Free is easy, full of all kinds of valuable information and simple enough to buy; offer him some pretty trinket, something pricey or showy or rare and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand. And yet they’re all still clamouring to talk to him, still tripping over themselves to work with him, still offering absurd bounties just to catch his fleeting interests. They say he’s controllable, vulnerably alone and far too trusting. Geoff is not convinced.

Because all the information Gavin hoards comes from somewhere, and no one else seems capable of extracting it. Because everyone’s so convinced they’ve got him worked out that they open their doors and let him bypass the usual weapon checks and security protocols. Because Gavin’s reputation of weak-stomached and harmless, useless in a fight, doesn’t add up to the practised way he twirls switchblades between his fingers, deftly flicking them up his sleeves and out of sight. Because for all that the persona of the Golden Boy has captured the city’s unwavering attention no one seems to realise how neatly they’ve been blinded by it.

If you cared to compare the crime scene in America to the one in England you’d realise the game there is played with entirely different rules. Gavin didn’t come into Los Santos swinging, probably wouldn’t have made it two days if he had, but he’s been busy chasing power all the same. Gavin knows every crew of note in Los Santos, knows names and hierarchies, knows base locations and key distribution points. Gavin has integrated himself so neatly, so desirably, that he can get an audience with just about whoever he wants to, can meander across territory lines and police tape with the same unerring charm. Geoff’s seen him play up his age in one meeting, wide eyed and painfully naïve, only to catch him mere hours later leaning into confidence, brisk and clever and entirely untouchable. He’s witnessed Gavin seemingly fall for obvious ruses only to walk out with exactly what he was after, seen him talk his way into deals and out of handcuffs, seen a thousand different ticks and quirks and personalities that shouldn’t all fit comfortably within the same person.

Geoff’s seen more than enough to recognise that familiar air of hungry ruthlessness, of vicious self interest and callous amusement. Maybe Geoff hasn’t got the past experience of being a leader but he’s always known how to help himself by using other people, how to make the most of their particular talents, fit them all together to make a bigger picture. Growing a crew from scratch is harder than it seems, growing one thats loyal from the start, strong enough to stick together and win the uphill battle of taking the most untamable city in the land seems near impossible.

Unless, of course, someone had done all that groundwork already. Unless someone had already wormed into the ecosystem, plotted all the intricacies of power, all the feuds and pressure points, the hidden weapons and unprotected weak spots. Unless someone had already made all the necessary contacts and connections, curried favour with all the best dealers, buttered up the crooked cops, identified all the individuals who might be seduced away from their current gigs into something better, something greater, the ones worth trusting, the ones who would come out on top.

Geoff is no stranger to charm himself, to subtle manipulation, and maybe you can’t kid a kidder but you can certainly enchant a kid, can sell safety in numbers, talk up comfort and protection and organised direction. Geoff might want to outgrow the ever present shadow of the Roosters but a history of royalty is a weighty bargaining chip when your adversary covets nothing more than the appearance of wealth, of power. It’s still not easy by any means, Gavin is cautious, quick witted and wily, running his own game through every conversation, but eventually they come to an understanding. Then Jack turns up and all of a sudden things are in motion, the plan is unfolding, and nothing is going to keep Geoff from forging his own crown.

By the time Geoff thinks about giving Burnie an update his inbox has been flooded by dozens of warnings about the mystery crew taking Los Santos by storm. Increasingly concerned messages telling Geoff it was time to move on, that it wasn’t worth trying mess with such a dangerously effective group all on his own, that he should reach out if he was in trouble. By the time Geoff gets around to giving Burnie a call the old rules of Los Santos have already fallen, the city is running scared and those surrounding it are following suit. Even as the phone rings Geoff knows Gavin’s combining the termination of a problem with teasing the Vagabond away from his current employers, knows Jones and Dooley are having a crashing good time clearing the last of the warehouses down near the docks, knows Tuggey’s pulling some new blood into the support crew and Jack’s off to see a man about a sniper.

By the time Burnie finally hears back from Geoff the writing is well and truly on the wall, the days of being underestimated and overlooked are over, and not even all the grudging apologies in the world will save the Roosters from a lifetime of Geoff’s smug vindication. Geoff isn’t just an ex-Rooster anymore, he isn’t a follower, a drifter, a little brother or a side thought. He is Geoff Ramsey; leader of the FAHC, king of Los Santos, ruler of the worst of the worst, unrelenting and horrifically creative. He is a feared man, he runs an unquestionably dangerous crew, the city shivers in his shadow and they say nothing can stop his reign.

All this over stubborn determination, over hurt feelings, all this in mere months; not even his own crew are ready for what is to come, for the highs and lows of Geoff’s depravity, but he knows they’ll be here with him, will rise to every occasion, and together they’ll set the world alight.

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the best thing about antis is the cheap defense mechanism they have for new definitive larry proof. "how does THIS prove larry is real?" that's like grabbing a puzzle piece and saying "but i don't SEE the picturr here lmao" because puzzle pieces are meant to be... put together to show the full picture. every new proof is a piece we add to the puzzle. and giving us puzzle pieces of the same color that don't fit doesn't stop the puzzle from being 87% complete either 🐸☕

this puzzle piece analogy has to be the most spot on thing i’ve ever heard

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Hey Liza, can i ask something? I was just wondering if you know how this all thing with the musical episode started? I know fans have been wanting to see a musical episode for years, but how did it start? Was Colin the first one of the cast members to say that he can sing and then the others started admitting it as well and that's what made the fandom want a musical? I just can't remember how it started but now i'm glad it happened, 'cause the episode was fantastic!

If memory serves, I think fans just started asking about it at SDCC and such.  I suppose some of those questions might have started because they knew Colin was in a band, but mostly I think it’s because it’s a good fit with the show.

Musicals and Fairy Tales and Disney already go very well together. So if other TV shows, without that pedigree had done one, I’m sure to some fans  thought it seemed like a perfect fit for OUAT.

I admit I was skeptical. When fans asked for it at cons I cringed and willed them to STFU about it, lol.  I think when it was announced I said I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect, but if it meant that I got to see Emma and Hook singing to one another then it would be worth the secondhand embarrassment it would cause me. But miracle of miracles THERE WAS NO CRINGING.  In my opinion the episode is a masterpiece, it’s exactly how TV musicals should be done. Everyone involved should be so proud.  The songs were incredible and fitting and lovely and they moved the characters and story forward.  The actors all did an admirable job on their performances (there was only one that made me cringe and that was really about the moves associated with said number) and the climax of the episode at the wedding was absolute perfection.  

For the rest of our fandom lives, we’ll get to trump every other shipper with “Did they write songs about your OTPs love? And then have the whole cast perform said song at their wedding??? I didn’t think so. NEXT!”

So, in hind sight, thank you to all the fans who requested it over the years. I apologize for thinking (and probably emailing @counttotwenty) that you should STFU. You were right, I was wrong.

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i realised today that the longest friendship ive ever had started bc both of us were put in a "friendship club" run by our school chaplain for "girls who have trouble making friends" in grade 4 and now i'm an angry trans punk guy in a down with cis shirtand she's an anxious ace aro who doesnt swear and is in the school's robotics team and ppl wonder how and why we're friends constantly.

Oh my god? thats kind of amazing tho omg who cares if ppl dont see how yall fit together