that's how fit they are together

I don’t know how to fucking explain what happened with us. The best way I can put it is “he was here one day, and then gone the next.” Everyone keeps asking me what happened, how can two people that fit together so well, no longer even look at each other? but How the fuck am I supposed to explain something I dont understand myself? and thats what everyone doesn’t get. Everyone wants to know what happened, but the truth is I’m still trying to make sense of it, I’m still trying to piece together the pieces because  you were here, everything was okay and you were here and then you just weren’t. everything fell apart all at the same time and I didn’t see it coming, there were no signs. you were here and then you weren’t and I just don’t why. I don’t know how someone can wake up one day and decide they don’t love you anymore. 
We were everything and then we were nothing, and as much as I’d love to talk about it, I can’t because I don’t fucking understand any of it. and I think I’ll always be stuck wondering what the fuck happened, because sometimes you don’t get a reason, you just get ignored calls and empty bedsides.
—  “Why’d you break up?” 

I think my favorite thing about the oa is the friendship between 5 very different people. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones where they were all eating lunch together, bba hanging around doing her lunch monitor duty. I love how their group are the only people that call her OA (and the therapist but thats for a different reason) i just love seeing the development of these characters, helping eachother out, hanging out. I just love seeing an example like this of how circumstance can bring the most unlikely people together. How families can be made from pieces that shouldn’t seem like they fit together, but they do. I like seeing how the friendship affects the individuals. Idk I’m rambling but i just really love this show

How concise Latin is! The language, like Roman architecture, is sturdy, carefully fitted together, built to withstand the incursions of time. Roman edifices and bridges have weathered millennia, one heavy stone placed next to or atop another, their mortar the architectural equivalent of declensions and conjunctions. Everything fits snugly, compactly. Thats what gives the language its ponderous feel and its grandeur.
… Language, like architecture, is an ever-evolving structure that we create and re-create throughout our lives. The new always incorporates what came before. No attempts at a made-up “universal” language have ever taken hold. Nor has classical proportion been replaced by “modern proportion.”
—  Ann Patty, Living With a Dead Language

Hamilton Muffins!!!

I might have gone a little bit overboard, but how can’t you when you get an awesome request like this? I started over analyzing which muffin would fit each Hamilton character and what colors go together and got a little carried away. But keep the requests coming guys, I love them, the Hamilton fandom is so amazing!!

holdtightclothing  asked:

How are you making the stained glass pieces? I'm really interested on your method.

The full process is: I cut the glass (super uneven, I can’t get the glass to fit together perfectly yet). Copper foil around the edges (I’m using thinner copper foil atm), flatten it down, flux it and then solder it together. Then to hide the crappy soldering I use patina to turn it black. Also, if its something thats going to be hung, like a decoration, I use some of my dads fuse wire as the little hoop on the back and solder that on. That’s it really :)

you can measure urself for a bra but coming from someone with tits: the sizes dont matter it doesnt fucking matter 

i measured myself and i got 32B but i just bought a bra thats 34A bc the 32 band on that brand was too fucking tight no matter how lose and in another type of bra im i slapped on a 38A and the band was almost the right size but the cups were huge (and yes i tried to adjust them the ‘proper’ way)

what im saying is: you can measure all you want but ‘womens clothing sizes’ dont fucking matter and dont have a standard they just throw whatever they want together and just try a fuck ton of dif bras until something fits and dont be afraid to add extenders or hooks as necessary 


So uh I’m editing every persons cat charas all together I’m still waiting on a few others but I thought I’d send this in so you can see exactly how many there are as of now. I had to move them around so everyone would fit but it’s all good I think. Idk if dreamy is making one or not but, I’m sure there’s still more to come. I hope you like it doe so uh…ya


i was planning to do it myself but then they started overlapping each other ; w ;

they’re all so cute Iove ‘em

Today I realised not all love is true love
Not every relationship is all-consuming,
Not every kiss is life-altering
Sometimes love is simple
It just makes sense
Two people fit together
And that’s all it is
But it’s still love
And it’s just as important as anything else
—  (based around caroline/stefan)

One thing I particularly loved about the wedding was Kurt and Brittany walking down the aisle together and Blaine and Santana doing the same. It fit so well with the “making our own traditions” thing of it all, and it also quietly but beautifully subverted the misogynistic practice of one man “giving” a woman away to another man. That practice may not literally be about male ownership of women anymore, but symbolically it most certainly still is.  

It is also a tradition that highlights the true reason for many folks’ discomfort with queer marriage: Taking away prescriptive gender roles disrupts the power imbalance present in those roles, and Kurt and Blaine were no more walking Brittany and Santana down that aisle than Brittany and Santana were walking Kurt and Blaine. There was nothing that even barely resembled a power imbalance, and it really was gorgeous.  I think seeing them walk down that aisle choked me up even more than the vows.


└ OTP wisdom: the truth of the power of nature NOT getting spellbound by Arashi.

Cr: Power of the Paradise Making of

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