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So how does Kaia's "Trump's America" line fit in with the canon of the show? Like I know it was just meant to be a humorous throwaway line, but still. They literally did an entire arc about the next president in the spn universe, and it was not trump.

Long story short? It doesn’t. It’s Dabb’s idea of a joke.

Personally? I think Bobo should’ve fought harder. This was a darling that should’ve been murdered.

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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I only wish I’d been a better sister to her when she first got here. I can’t… I can’t even imagine it now. I used to resent her for coming into my home. For following me around at school. Some strange girl who didn’t know how to fit in. For embarrassing me in front of my friends.

alex danvers week→ day two
↳ july 4th || “favourite scene or episode”

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Do you really think Jungkook is in love with Jimin? And vice versa? I want your honest opinion! 🌚

I would love to meet someone who put me first in absolutely everything.

Imagine meeting someone who does not mind losing what they have just so I can win something too.

I would be extremely happy if I undone something of mine and heard at the same time how good I am at it and how much I do not need to worry about it.

Having someone in your life who knows exactly everything about you, from great to small things.

Someone who would not mind sleeping on the floor just to see you sleeping comfortably or who knows how you feel in a certain situation.

Someone who lives with you 24/7 and even so during a show, which lasts at most two and a half hours, you need to have simple moments, touches and subtle looks.

Someone who cheers you and pays attention at everything you say. He pays so much attention that he ends up doing the same thing unconsciously.

Someone who does stupid things just to make you smile.

Someone who goes around and around you until you feel good.

Having someone get things right just because it involves you and when they can’t, get absurdly frustrated and that is so noticeable.

Someone who does not use the word friend to determine the relationship you have to the need to use a superior word like “brother” become so important.

Someone who is distracted during a performance because he is so focused on you that he forgets even the dance steps.

Someone who gets me blankets so I don’t get cold at night. ♥

Having someone who loves to annoy you, but when other people do this to you, he is the first to do the opposite just so you feel important.

Someone who smiles because he is listening to the sound of your laughter or is lost seeing you laughing on the other side of the room.

Imagine you trust so much in someone to the point of resting your head on their shoulder and close your eyes because that’s your home.

Have someone who chooses to sleep in a room with two more people, having yours, just because you are in it.

Someone who listens to your playlist and makes your favorite songs their favorites as well.

Someone who hears you say “this song is my favorite of the moment” and then do a cover of it.

To have someone who knows your cute side that no one else knows and obviously loves this side of you.

It must be wonderful to know that the song that everyone loves was made especially for you.

Imagine knowing that only you received a gift, that that person thought of you and did not let the date go by unnoticed.

It is normal for you to be with someone and have one or two things in common with the person, but do you imagine having a lot of things in common with the same person?

Someone who loves your nickname and make that very clear.

“It’s just the 2 of us doing something at night. I do not know what we do. “ That’s so important.

Someone who remembers what we talked about on that day and what exactly we were doing. Even if that was just eating an ice cream.

Someone who asks me to stay because I don’t have to go far away just to learn the choreography and finds myself the most important person in a group just because of it.

Someone who puts my music on loud so I go back to their room and still say that was exactly what I wanted from the beginning.

Someone who talks about be even when they don’t have to.

Someone who tells things we are betting on so that millions of people know how healthy and lively our relationship is.

Someone who stops during a performance and sing a certain part of the song directly to me and smiles. And repeat it again so subtly.

Someone who points to me when asked ‘what is your greatest desire?’.

That often repeat how beautiful my eyes are.

Someone that looks at me for many seconds, even though I’m not talking and smiles for doing it.

Imagine hearing someone say how different I am, unique … and sexy.

Someone who knows if I’m telling the truth or not, just by the tone of my answer.

That plays and sings my favorite song of my favorite singer just to have my attention.

That hugs me from behind and it’s so warm.

Someone who keeps their eyes shining when they see me dancing and does not even blink while I’m doing this.

Find everything I say funny and laugh like the whole world depends on that reaction.

Someone who makes it so obvious to post the lyrics of a song, without even listening, right after I post a video of mine. “I’m hella obsessed with your face.”

Someone who is competitive but loses on purpose just to share the room with me.

Someone who is older than me and acts in a cute way to ask me for anything.

Someone who knows you can’t eat something bitter.

Having someone who likes to be around you… always.

Someone who knows your hand is cold and does not want you to get hurt and then get the punishment changed.

Someone to see you cry and will console you immediately and cry together with you. 

Someone who has never edited a video in life and makes a wonderful edit just to demonstrate how important you are.

Someone who knows you so well that even to lie/ignore about your favorite color is not able.

Even not being on the same team cheers for you.

Someone who knows you like a sour thing.

Having someone who changes the lyrics of a song just to fit your name into it.

You know there’s more, right? So yes.

Dating Tom Holland Would Include: You’re an Actress

-both of you always being busy with promo and shooting but once you both get alone time, you like to spend it doing the most pointless activities like; binge watching a six season tv series in two days

-speaking of which, days off are such a blessing !!!!!! it includes sleeping in, baking & going for walkies with darling lil tessa!!!

-you’d be best mates with EVERYONE in the holland fam, cause you’ve been with tom forever but they all absolutely adore you and low key see you as part of the family

-harry would idolise you more than everyone else bc he thinks you’re the most amazing actress (low key salty n confused about how tf tom ended up getting with you) but ANYWAY

-you would also take on mini roles in harry’s short films, helping and working with him while tom watched behind the camera with the biggest fucken smile on his face cause THATS HIS BABY

-being bff’s with harrison just bc you both are so passionate about everything to do with the art of film

-playing mini golf on your days off w/ tom because you’re shite at actual golf and think that its overhyped (paps taking pictures of you both being cute af)

-tom being high key pissed when he figures out that you’re better at it than he is

-always going to the gym together to keep fit, cause according to tom:

-’darling, couples who work out together, stay together’

-when you are both away from each other for long periods of time, you find yourself receiving mounds of face time calls from tom aLL thE TIME

-’tom i’m on set, pls just chill for one hour’ 

-’thats one hour too long, angel’

-tom being a horny, whining, little shit while he’s away, hitting you up with that; 

-babyyyyyyyyy, what’re you wearin😇  text at fucking 2am

-low key loving seeing how tpm’s body has become more built, defined n toned since spiderman

-time zones are the SPAWN OF SATAN

-tom attending your premiere as your date and fans go nuts bc mostly everyone loves you as a couple

-tom becoming really jealous when he realises how many men & women are fawning over your low cut dress

-slinging his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him throughout the  whole night because you’re his girl 

-someone taking a video of the both of you dancing like absolute idiots at the after parties when its award show season

-overall just having a supportive ass relationship !!!!!!!!

I had an interview today and I totally rocked this question:
  • Interviewer: How would you explain DNA to an 8 year old?
  • Me: I would tell them that DNA is like Legos. Like four different colored legos. Individually, they can't do much, but when you build them in a certain order, you can make different things, like a house or a tree or little lego people. It's the same in your body. Four different DNA molecules fit together to create the unique you.
  • Interviewer: *brief pause* That's a really good answer.
  • Me: Thank you. I like Legos and science.
An Analysis of Gay Shit in Star Trek TOS Across Different Mediums

Note: “gay shit” is in reference to Spirk. I don’t know why I didn’t just type Spirk in its place, but roll with it.

Star Trek TOS: “Plausible Deniability” when it comes to gay shit; If you went looking for it, you’d find it very easily, but it was hidden enough for to be accepted by the general 60s population. Several examples, but some that come to mind being Amok Time (obviously), the episode where Kirk basically says “‘Let me help’ is another way of saying 'I love you’” and then what do ya know, Spock says “let me help” right after that, Spock’s reactions whenever Kirk flirts, that time Spock erased Kirk’s memory of losing someone he loved because it was causing him pain, oh and don’t forget the episode that’s pretty much hamlet and puts Spock in the role of Ophelia. And there’s more shit (like the way Kirk looks at Spock, hot damn), but again; there’s room to deny it.

Star Trek TOS Movies: When the show got too gay for TV, they just made movies instead. Jim comandeering the Enterprise and destroying it for Spock, like idk how you’re gonna get around that one. In fact, there’s theories on how the Enterprise is used as a parallel for Spock in that movie, it’s state reflecting his, v interesting, you can probably find it online somewhere.

Star Trek TOS written material (original scripts, books, interviews with actors & creators, ect): Apparently everyone went “fuck it”. Hella romantic og scripts for some episodes (lookin @ you, city on the edge of forever), original drafts of books being sent back and not published because of how gay they were, Spock being bonded to Kirk multiple times, t'hy'la origins, the interview where Kirk addresses the rumour about him and Spock being together, and where he could’ve just said “no” he fucking dances around the question (literally a fucking law student broke down his response line by line, showing how his answer was meant to be taken one way when read on a surface level, but meant something different when analysed), Gene saying shit along the lines of “yeah, they’d be together if it fit with the social values of the 23rd century”-

TV Show: Plausible Deniability.
Movies: Denial now is more like deliberate inability to interpret data.
Written medium: At this point they weren’t even trying anymore, and the amount of evidence fucking skyrockets.



I made this before Valentino was a recurring thing so I was gonna leave the little box dead but @whitetreefox​ told me not to. Thank you fox that would’ve sucked!! <3
Ive been rereading a bunch of newspaper comics so thats why the format is more like each page being an individual story that when put together make up an overarching narrative (which is why they don’t flow together perfectly like a continuous comic)
Part 1 hereee

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hey! I saw that you take requests right? could you do you and harry are together for a while now but you see how his life is "taking off" and yours is just.. stuck (that's how i've been feeling lately about my life lol) and idk you just feel like you dont fit in anymore and maybe you need to let him go? it ends however you want! sorry, im a bit down these days but if you dont wanna write this kind story is totally fine! :)

Hi, lovely. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I hope this helps some, and check at the bottom for some sites I looked up for advice. x.

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Mooore Todomomo hcs / scenarios bc the TODOMOMO EPISODE™ is in 2 weeks and this is how I prepare my heart for it lool

  • ZOO DATE: idk how they end up going to the zoo for a date.. maybe someone got them tickets, maybe Momo just suggested they go.. idk. Either way they end up having a zoo date.
  • Todoroki’s not overly fond of animals, save for cats, so he’s indifferent to most of the animals. He does enjoy the panda / red panda exhibit though and makes it a mission to get a picture of every Big Cat he can.
  • Momo spends most of her time learning about all the animals. She reads every info sign she comes across and diligently asks a few zoo keepers about animal care, conversation efforts, and events happening at the zoo.
  • They spend half the afternoon playing a game of comparing their classmates to animals.
  • “That flamingo over there is definitely Aoyama-san.” “Aa you’re right.” “And the tree frog is obviously Asui-san.” “Yeah. Hey see that screaming monkey over there? Guess who that could be.” “Who?” “Bakugou.”
  • he’s obviously joking ofc
  • AQUARIUM DATE: Todo surprises Momo next with a date at the aquarium bc she offhandedly mentioned she never went to one before after the zoo.
  • They have a nice dinner and go in the evening and Momo is just shaking in excitement.
  • There’s a glass tunnel through the marine life exhibit! There’s an exhibit to touch stingrays!! She gets to the jellyfish exhibit and is star-struck bc they’re gorgeous?? They change colour on their own!!
  • She decides that the jellyfish are her favourite. Meanwhile Todoroki says his was the pufferfish bc he thought it looked like Momo when she puffs her cheeks to pout.. which he thinks is really cute.
  • Also speaking of which, when Momo is pouty she likes to pull Todo down by the necktie to kiss him.
  • When they started dating, Todoroki was 1000% against having Momo meet his family. Especially Endeavor and his brothers.
  • He avoided all discussion about Momo ever meeting Endeavor bc of course Endeavor would approve of Momo bc of her strong quirk and of course he would only think of “the perfect grandchild”.
  • Just the thought of Endeavor interacting with Momo at all made Todo furious bc he knows Endeavor would only see her for surface value. But she was so much MORE than just a powerful quirk (.. and a beautiful face.. and a rich family).
  • The topic of meeting his family actually became a huge argument between the two. Although Momo fully understood why he was so against it after Todo revealed his tragic backstory™, it just wasnt realistically possible to avoid it the longer they were together. And so they talked it over and worked through it slowly.
  • “Shouto, I’ll be marrying you, not your family. What your father thinks will never stop me from loving you.” “Wait, you’ll marry me?”
  • aaand thats how they got engaged. loool jk jk

> prev hcs here

because of this amazing post by my fave @foxes-evermore  i am now a strong supporter of the dynamic backliner duo that is Matt and Nicky 

  • look ok theyre both rays of sunshine i know but this is gonna be sad for like two seconds because, well, its the foxes. 
    • matt’s father literally got him hooked on drugs rather than be a parent, and he still manages to be on good terms with him matt is literally such a loving and forgiving person who is a gift to this world like honestly he adopts neil .2 seconds after meeting him he is such a good friend and person??? he loves dan so much he loves all the girls so much ok he just??? loves everyone?? he has such a big beautiful heart
    • nicky’s past is so overlooked and like….i dont understand why because honestly he went through a goddamn pray the gay away camp and is now in college, he’s got a boyfriend he loves and he takes care of his cousins. like. what a gift. he worked to take care of them until they graduated despite the issues he has with them constantly he believes in them and their family ima stop before i cry wow ok cool
    • so basically they both have really hard pasts but they came out of it??? so strong???? and bright???? and beautiful and caring?????
  • nicky loves video games and after the team comes together no one can convince me otherwise that nicky doesn’t use matt’s huge tv to have hardcore mario kart tournaments
  • matt is actually a really big film buff and totally has a huge collection of all kinds of movies including a great collection of lgbt+ movies and nicky thinks its really cool to have that representation
  • so matt and nicky totally have like a weekly chill session
  • trust me you need these in college
  • they do those $2 face masks and watch movies and play video games all day its really cute
  • because um?? theyre the emotional rocks of the team ok they are the endless supporters and the bright spots among all the darkness that surrounds these kids lives so sometimes they need a break ok
  • and who best to do that with than someone who understands that being positive all the time can get exhausting 
  • also guess what matt’s bi sorry i dont make the rules whoops
  • they bond over how cute theyre tiny fave neil is
  • matt will totally talk about guys with dan but sometimes its more fun with nicky because nicky’s a gay man so its theyre more on the same page with liking guys
  • shopping trips!!!! we know nicky thinks matt is attractive ok you know he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress that ass up in some very form fitting pants
    • additionally, they compliment each other with ridiculous flourish
    • “matt, i think you just made me gayer” 
    • “i don’t think that’s possible”
    • “ok true, but still, thats a LOOK”
  • they totally dance together at the club when matt starts to stick with the monsters more after the girls graduate
  • nicky introduces matt to the magic that is eyeliner
    • dan is so thankful for this honestly bless nicky 
  • midnight grocery trips!!!
    • nicky stands on the bar on the back of the cart and matt pushes. they sing that song from the titanic really loud at like 1am in the produce section because?? who’s gonna stop them??? no one
  • defenders have to be pretty strong and are typically stockier in all sports, so these boys are totally weight room buddies. they can squat like nobody’s business
  • they get pedicures bc lemme tell you getting your feet all rubbed up and treated nice and buffed and shined after getting them all beat up during the season is so nice ok 
  • they totally have a secret handshake
  • stupid gym selfies istg theyre such dorks 
  • matt totally ugly snorts when nicky makes puns, they are the meme team of the foxes ok you best believe that group chat is lit because of these two

in conclusion please consider these boys made of sunshine being besties and hanging out together its 10/10 guaranteed to warm your heart

if this isn't love, then what is?
  • stefan salvatore:
  • she's the love of my life, i'd go back to her in a heart beat.
  • if it were my choice, i'd want to be with you forever
  • if it meant i got to be with her, have children, grow old with her.. if it meant we'd die together, be buried together then yes. i would take the cure
  • i would never hurt you, you're safe with me
  • when you and i were together every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. that we were the perfect fit.
  • actually i don't pretend to be anything when i'm with her. that's the whole point. i just get to be myself.
  • but you know, the life that we had, it was amazing too. and it wasn't a spell or a prophecy, it was real. we fell in love on our own.
  • you know, this is a future memory. it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. i love you.
  • how do i not remember you? i mean you're smart, you're pretty, you're funny. obviously you're the strongest woman in the world.
  • every time that i tell myself that i'm moving on, there's this part of me that just can't seem to shake her.
  • i was a better person when i was with her. i didn't think i'd ever feel that way again. until elena.
  • i love you. i will always love you.
  • i love you so much.
  • i'm simply not able to resist her.
  • elena is warm and she's kind and she's selfless and it's real. when i'm around her i completely forget what i am.
  • elena gilbert:
  • i love him damon. no matter what i feel for you i never unfell for him.
  • no! you don't get to make that decision for me. if you walk away, it's for you because i know what i want. stefan i love you.
  • for once i don't regret the day before it begins. because i know i'll see him again.
  • but i love stefan, it's always going to be stefan.
  • it's you and me stefan, always.
  • i thought i couldn't be with you stefan but i can. you don't have to push me away. i can do this.
  • but i love you stefan. I love you stefan, you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i dont want us to be apart anymore, ever.
  • stefan, my wrist. here. take my wrist. you need more blood. i trust you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i love him damon. he came into my life when i needed someone and i fell for him instantly.
  • i kind off felt like i didn't know how to live anymore but then being with stefan... somehow i figured it out
  • i love you so much
  • i picked you because i love you. and no matter what happens that's the best choice i ever made.
  • look, he would never give up on me so i'm not gonna give up on him.
  • i love you stefan. hold on to that. never let that go.
  • other tvd characters:
  • katherine: you'd never look at me the way you look at elena, would you?
  • klaus: now this is fascinating i've never seen this before. the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.
  • klaus: and that's why you're her better option. i personally think she's wasting her time with damon.
  • rebekah: i envy that. you and elena. i envy the love you have.
  • klaus: well crazy or not that kind of love never dies.
  • caroline: i'm sorry but stefan is your epic love. and i'm not going down without a fight.
  • rose: stefan is different. his love is pure, he'll always be good for him.
  • klaus: personally i don't see a fairytale ending for you. all i see is stefan and elena.
  • klaus: must be hard trying to live up to stefan. he stopped himself when i compelled him to feed on elena. that's love.
  • lexi: when it's real you cant walk away.
  • caroline: you and her - epic. her and damon? ew
  • gloria: there's this girl with a necklace. you love her. you'd do anything for her.
  • damon: you're still wearing this necklace. isn't that a reminder of your unbreakable bond with stefan?

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i made myself sad bc i rmbr that bang pd or some other bh employee said the members were chosen not only for talent but also for their personalities. n just kkjfh bc jimin was with bh for only 1 yr (? i think but i know it was a short time) but it was enough for bang pd to see how truly beautiful he is inside. n the other members had spent so much time together before but jimin had wedged himself in that already-established closeness n had made all of them be enamored with him :-(((

thats beautiful. he just…… fit like a glove….. they probably didnt know they were waiting for him until he showed up. bts r all soulmates 

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I get the impression that Hunk's amazing engineering abilities are really overlooked in fanon. Like, I know it seems like he's doing really off the wall things like scrubbing through cuffs. But, that's a legit thing engineers are taught: try the weird stuff too. He knows when to touch something and when to take a minute to ask for clarification. He can analyze a situation and immediately figure out if he has the know-how or needs to get more info. I just love how Hunk is a typical engineer.

YES! I know that Pidge is a tech genius, but Hunk has that ability to look at something and figure out how it works. He can take it apart and pull it into pieces so he can fit it all back together again even better. He knew about how to track down the lions, he knew how to fix Rolo’s ship even though he’s just a young man from space who’s never seen anything like these ships. AND he can engineer more than just machines! He’s looked at things like Altean food goo or Galran mall food and not only reverse engineered them, but figured out how to make it better. 

Hunk is something special!

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I love your reckless optimism <3 I think that's no more or less "right" than the people being super pessimistic, so why not be optimistic when you can be? I have the same feel about the picture too and I don't know why. I feel like there's some pieces coming together and we just don't know how they fit yet

Aww thank you. Honestly, it’s just nice to know someone appreciates where my head’s at.

Here’s my current bout of reckless optimism (as always, I have no info and could very well be wrong):

I’m with @itwilltoteshappen (B) on the 6 Week Marketing Plan. I think that the Observer article is the exact right note in the opening Louis Tomlinson opus. You can see it working if you look at how widely the article was picked up and by how many reputable publications. B believes that there will be a social media increase over the next 3 weeks relying heavily on “personal life” stuff. I agree with her.

I know there are many who are afraid to be optimistic. I know I wake up most days thinking babygate will end. And there are even more who don’t want to speculate aloud because people are super quick to say they were wrong. I’m ok with being wrong.

I do think the uptick in interaction on Louis’ most recent Instagram post with Frelliot isn’t a mistake. It feels like a concerted effort from the people closest to Louis.

I also think The End™ fits very very well with the underdog/boy next door narrative they’ve been pushing. But in order to bring about The End™ they need to remind new people about the players and the story.

The only thing I feel with any degree of certainty is that it will end and it will not go quietly when it does. It’ll be used for promo.

I am ok with that. I’ve believed all along that Frelliot is a well paid actor baby. I don’t believe he’s being taken advantage of any more than any other actor baby in LA.

So, I say all of this to say, the next 20 days will be a wild ride. I’m excited to support both my favorite boys on the same day. I’ll be over here keeping my hopes up and being recklessly optimistic. Anyone who wants to come chat is welcome.

I need a Danny Phantom AU tbh.

Like Keith is Danny, and Shiro is his protective older brother. Keith lives with Shiro and Shiro’s girlfriend, Allura, who (along with Coran) are super into the supernatural and ghosts (particularly hunting them).

Keith’s friends are Pidge and Hunk. They were there when Keith had his accident, and they both help him out whenever ghosts (who come through a wormhole Allura accidentally created when Keith caused the accident and call themselves Galra) attack the school.

And like, the best part? Keith has an incredibly huge crush on Lance, who also happens to secretly be a super skilled Ghost hunter hellbent on capturing Keith and sending him back to the Ghost zone. They’re like sickly in love, but have no idea that they’re secretly arch-rivals who fight every week. ((They do that baby project together, and thats actually how they start dating despite getting a D on the project)).

Lance has no idea that Sendak (Vlad) is also a ghost, and let’s just say when he finds out, he is hella pissed at Sendak, and eventually joins Keith in helping to fight the Galra.

How concise Latin is! The language, like Roman architecture, is sturdy, carefully fitted together, built to withstand the incursions of time. Roman edifices and bridges have weathered millennia, one heavy stone placed next to or atop another, their mortar the architectural equivalent of declensions and conjunctions. Everything fits snugly, compactly. Thats what gives the language its ponderous feel and its grandeur.
… Language, like architecture, is an ever-evolving structure that we create and re-create throughout our lives. The new always incorporates what came before. No attempts at a made-up “universal” language have ever taken hold. Nor has classical proportion been replaced by “modern proportion.”
—  Ann Patty, Living With a Dead Language
wanna chat? pt.21

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yo whats up. before we start, a few things:

yes, adrien and nino’s kiss was before dark cupidyes, adrien knows that him and marinette kissed during dark cupid. marinette told him in ch15even if it wasn’t i doubt adrien would count dark cupid as his first kiss, seeing that he doesn’t remember it

now that thats done, warning for discussions of like…murder in this chapter? they dont actually kill anyone but theyre just like…casually discussing how you would kill someone with x or y. its mostly just ridiculous but there are a few parts that could be considered kind of gross so, tread carefully if needed. (conversation creds to @agrestenoir​, @breeeliss​, @reyxa​ and a few cameos from @chassecroise​ because i basically stole that wild ride of a conversation we were on)



nino: im pretty sure chat noir was just flirting with me

ladybugfan2020: get it boy
would u break up with me for chat?

yeah probably

ladybugfan2020: cool same

nino: im glad were on the same page

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Listening to the @ginandtopicspodcast last night (which I super enjoyed btw, well done, ladies!), it struck me not for the first time how much fun it could be to have a podcast devoted specifically to fanfic. I know I’m not the only person who’s wished for fic in audio format, to listen to on a commute or a walk or just while cleaning the house.

So, you know, be the podcast you want to see in the world. Or something. ;)

Here’s the thing, though. I feel like this would be way more fun as a collaborative effort. One of my favorite podcasts, Writing Excuses, has switched to a new format this year, where they have rotating panels of co-hosts. There’s some overlap between the groups, which is good for continuity and such, but it’s neat to have a bunch of different voices/perspectives on a given topic.

I would love to do something similar. Bring in not just fic authors but readers, too. We can read fic, have discussions, do Q&As with writers, maybe devote episodes to specific genres or tropes, or explore how different authors have tackled the same prompt. And if there’s a group of us at the helm, there’s potential for it to be something we can all fit into our respective busy schedules without anyone (*cough*me*cough*) getting too overwhelmed. ;)

Anyhow. Give me a shout if that sounds like something you’d be interested in trying to put together, and let’s see if we can make it work. :)