that's how fit they are together


I’m sorry but can we please realise how much the creators and animators worked to make Anna and Kristoff perfect for each other?

  1. Their color palettes are supposed to compliment each other.
  2. Their style, her fancier and his dirtier style to show a beauatiful contrast.
  3. Their voices were chosen to fit together, even if they didn’t have to sing a duet.
  4. The facial and physic styles of each character was put into careful consideration so that they could be together (ie: Kristoff was going to have a beard but they thought he looked too much like a father than a potential love interest)
  5. Their personalities start out so differently but they end up rubbing on each other.
  6. They were literally made for each other.

And I don’t want to hear any crap about how this is bad and you’re not supposedto create characters for each other, because you are.

Making coules need work. They need to belong together. You can’t just put two random characters together. You have to really wrk with them. Convince the audience that they belong together.

And they did just that.

Every single detail about this couple was carefully crafted to show they they need each other, that they belong together.

And I think that’s absolutely beautiful.


└ OTP wisdom: the truth of the power of nature NOT getting spellbound by Arashi.

Cr: Power of the Paradise Making of

Note: Pardon any errors in translation

I love you

I love you. It really is that simple. I don’t want to kiss you, marry you, or have sex with you, but I love you.

You see, friendship is love too.

And really and truly I do love you. I will love you until the day you stop being there when I need you. Until the day you stop needing me too. Until the day where you stop hugging me so tightly it feels like your fitting the broken pieces of my soul together.

I love you with so much of my heart that sometimes I don’t have enough love to give myself, but you do that for me anyway. You don’t have to but you do, you always have and something tells me that you always will. Just as I will always do the same to you because,

I love you. Love does not mean romance, not here. Here it means honesty, and hugs, and watching super hero movies in our pyjamas and talking about the people we want to kiss with wide grins and joyous laughter.

I love you because you make my day brighter. Your smile, your laughter, your jokes they all make my mornings bearable and my afternoons wonderful. They help me survive through the night. Even your anger and tears make me love you more because we are only human and its okay to feel things. You remind that it’s okay to feel things. I may still be learning that, but you sure are a determined teacher.

I love you. The simplicity of the phrase the simplicity of our love is what makes it so special, so dear to my heart because although I am not in love with you,

I love you. It really is that simple.

—  D Just a little something on the importance of platonic love

One thing I particularly loved about the wedding was Kurt and Brittany walking down the aisle together and Blaine and Santana doing the same. It fit so well with the “making our own traditions” thing of it all, and it also quietly but beautifully subverted the misogynistic practice of one man “giving” a woman away to another man. That practice may not literally be about male ownership of women anymore, but symbolically it most certainly still is.  

It is also a tradition that highlights the true reason for many folks’ discomfort with queer marriage: Taking away prescriptive gender roles disrupts the power imbalance present in those roles, and Kurt and Blaine were no more walking Brittany and Santana down that aisle than Brittany and Santana were walking Kurt and Blaine. There was nothing that even barely resembled a power imbalance, and it really was gorgeous.  I think seeing them walk down that aisle choked me up even more than the vows.


So uh I’m editing every persons cat charas all together I’m still waiting on a few others but I thought I’d send this in so you can see exactly how many there are as of now. I had to move them around so everyone would fit but it’s all good I think. Idk if dreamy is making one or not but, I’m sure there’s still more to come. I hope you like it doe so uh…ya


i was planning to do it myself but then they started overlapping each other ; w ;

they’re all so cute Iove ‘em

Today I realised not all love is true love
Not every relationship is all-consuming,
Not every kiss is life-altering
Sometimes love is simple
It just makes sense
Two people fit together
And that’s all it is
But it’s still love
And it’s just as important as anything else
—  (based around caroline/stefan)

au → people said slytherin and gryffindor wouldn’t fit together. emma and killian showed everyone how wrong they were. one day emma’s ex-boyfriend walsh threatened killian to hurt her if he doesn’t break up with her. they have a battle were killian gets injured badly, but emma was there on time to heal him. the next couple of days she didn’t leave his side.

Accidental Explosion (Seamus Finnigan Imagine)

Requested by anon



(A/N: To the anon, I tweaked it a wee bit to make it fit a bit more with Seamus. I hope thats okay!)

It had been 6 years since you met him, and you had been friends for all of them. You and Seamus were probably closer than him and Dean a lot of the time. You two would be together almost daily. You met during the sorting ceremony, when you and him were both sorted in to Gryffindor. You both shared a certain knack for clumsiness, you with walking and him with making things explode in his face. But, you didn’t mind. It was how you bonded, and you have stuck by each other through every infirmary visit.

As they years grew on, you both grew incredibly fond of each other. You both started to feel something a bit further than friendship. You knew his strengths and weaknesses, and he knew yours as well. You saw each other at your best and worst, and you fell in love. However, you were both too shy to admit it to each other, so you kept quiet. 

You had potions together one day, and Slughorn, the new potions professor, paired you two together at a table to create the amortentia potion. You both stood together and waited for instruction. You noticed that Seamus was a bit more fidgety and nervous as usual. You just thought it was because it was a very tricky potion to make. You both got started on your potions.

You were coming along great. The potion was the right color, and you started to smell “who” you were the most attracted to: campfire… dewey grass… and butterscotch. There was only one person you knew who smelled like that, and he was standing right next to you. That’s the moment you realized you loved him with all your heart. 

The next day, everyone was sitting down for lunch. You sat by the trio and the rest of the Gryffindor house, and chatted away with everyone around you. You heard Seamus muttering an incantation next to you, but you weren’t paying attention. You were speaking with Hermione when you heard a massive poofing noise coming from next to you. You felt a blast of soot cover the half of your face closest to Seamus as you turned to see what had happened. 

When the smoke cleared, you saw Seamus, his face covered in the back soot. He looked a bit broken hearted as a piece of parchment floated to the table. You scooted closer to him to assess the damage.

“Seamus, are you all right? What was that parchment?” You asked him. He blushed.

“It was a note I was trying to fly to you. I wanted to see if you wanted to go to Hogshead with me. I really like you, but I’m afraid I’ve just embarrased myself, so I’ll just go now…” he trailed off. You smiled and kissed his soot covered face. You didn’t care about the state of him.

“I would be honored to go with you Seamus. You didn’t have to cause an accidental explosion for me to accept.” you told him. He smiled at you, and you both got up to get him to the infirmary to have Madame Pomfrey look him over as usual.

The date was set for that Saturday. You both hopped in a carriage that took you down to the small village by the castle. You walked around, you tripping every couple of minutes because of your nerves, but he always caught you. He did end up making a minor explosion again when he tried to make a flower for you, but you didn’t care.

That accidental explosion kept you together for years to come.

(A/N: Sorry if this was crap. I have been awake since 5:00 in the morning and I haven’t had coffee in a week. I’m delirious. But I hope you liked it!)

“I had heard about Sword Art Online from the internet. I love anime that have action but also a good romantic theme. I loved seeing Asuna and Kirito together and can only wish that one day that will happen to me, that the perfect girl for me, will just appear in front of me. I really hope that a beautiful girl that fits me will show up and will love me from the start. I might be a weird guy to you, but I would give up my own current life to be switched with Kirito and to have Asuna as my love.”

i hate men thats like “i love a girl who can eat” shut up the pressure to order a salad comes from ur expectations for women to look fit and perfect at all costs how does that go together with eating nine pizzas what even gives u the right to have opinions about womens eating habits i will eat u and ur spaghetti arms 

The HIMYM finale is a wonderful example of writers clinging to the original idea that they had at the very beginning of the story and then disregarding years of character development after which the said idea doesn’t fit or make sense anymore.

If you have some great ideas for a story or novel or fanfic or whatever but just don’t know how to get started, write the scenes you are most excited about. You can go back and write the intro and the build up to those later.  

write all the individual scenes you possibly can, tweak them so they fit together, then if necessary write a little more to fill in the gaps between them.

I just. rich spoiled gangster prince who has entirely too much influence and knows exactly how to play the cards he holds close to his chest

Honestly he can’t be trusted, like his father, except sasha’s never had daddy’s money to buy his way out for one- yet he’s also a very useful friend to have, valya just has no goddamn manual and he’s unpredictable to a fault

he’s not malicious, nor evil. just a mess he’s not looking to get together lmao

ALSO RE; WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY WITH HOW THEY SPEAK. Ruby still talks really strangely. Like the “do your rubesty” thing. thats weird it barely fits together what are you thinking ruby

so Troye Sivan’s Song ‘for him’ goes
’ Pizza boy I’m speeding for ya, we canna get married tonight if you really wanna.’
BUUUUTTT how about Rin singing
‘Mackerel boy im falling for ya, we canna get to Australia tonight if you really wanna us on Olympics together’ THATS IT IM OUUUT!!!

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Um... Is it okay if you made a user box for the poly ship Edd/tom/Matt/Tord ? It's okay if you don't want to!

ohhh jeez

i mean i probably have a few screenshots of all the gang together but its usually from old eddisodes like spares or something

and i dont know how thats gonna fit in a tiny little box but

you know what later on when ive
feed myself

ill give it a shot

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I don't get this boys falling over Sora thing. Do they not see Mimi? Also I really like how the Dub of movie one made it seem as if Mimi only came to Japan to see Tai. I blushed a bit. I love me some Mimi and Tai. I think they fit so well together.

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No sexism disguised as shipping / character preferences allowed in my blog.

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Omg just saying you really made my year with practicing Jew Carm I always feel really self conscious being a practicing spiritual person and gay but! Your Carm is and I love that! Oersonally maybe she feels the same way but I find the gay thing and the Jewish thing really interact in my life and historically idk thanks tho

idk exactly how u feel obvs abt that interaction but i hope its a positive one! bc carm feels v positively abt how her faith & sexuality fit together & she also goes to a rly amazing v progressive & awesome synagogue so i think thats helped her a lot—i hope u get to go somewhere like that too!