that's how angry i am right now

love like you

When I see the way you look

Shaken by

                        how long

                                                     it took

I could do about anything

I could even learn how to love

like you

goatboyalex  asked:

If people give you shit for your chara ignore them. Their character was made for people to interpret however they want :3

I’ll keep that in mind for the inevitable moment when the angry mob shows up at my doorstep. Luckily I’m fairly unknown in the community for the moment, so right now I’m safe with a base of understanding and supportive peeps. I am blessed to have the lot of you.

So, what im aware of, Dan Howell is a racist now-am i correct?

danisnotonfire, a human being who shows as much respect as possible, and is probably almost as harmless as a butterfly, is a racist?

Thats okay. I guess you dont want anything to do with him, right? I mean, gosh, how could he? Man, he is such a full on racist, its like a hate crime. Use an Indian accent to say one word to ward off a stalker who had somehow gotten his number. I mean, how d a r e he do that, this is absolutely outrageous, om g im so angry he should go apologise to every Indian person out there, me as well even though im white as hell.

Emotion of the day

a feeling that can’t be described.
The feeling that you get when you are alone in a dark room with no light and no sound and no form of existance…thats how i am feeling right now.
I see no point in anything and only sadness is presant in my mind.
I want to feel once more but there is a voice inside me that is keeping me from feeling like my pure tendons, heart and mind used to.
I blame only myself and for that it makes me hate myself even more.