that's his last name right

ive wanted to draw a picture of void for 2 days and i ended up drawing three different ones until i managed to make one that i actually liked i dont know why it was so hard but anyways here is a picture of the world’s most obscure sonic character probably

it started as a casual chat with my friend but now i’m having an existential crisis about how if i marry matt and take his last name i will have an incredibly unappealing name

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Mamaguchi??? :0

is….this what u meant??

all my heart

AUTHORS NOTE: I love Crankiplier so much they’re my guilty pleasure so I combined them with my love of Dadiplier and its not my best but it is also 3:40am so I hope ya’ll enjoy it. enjoy the fluffy gay. 

Paring: Ethan Nestor x Mark Fishstick (there will be a day that I can spell marks last name without google but thats not right now so his last name is fishstick ok)
Words: 446

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Imagine Saeki coming home from work. “Honey~ I’m home!” and then his head pops into the kitchen, where you are at. “Honey, what are you doing?” You told him that you baked a cake today and asked him to try it. “Feed me,” he smirks. You do so. “Mmmm… it’s sweet.. but you know what’s sweeter?” He leans in and kisses you. “You’re the sweetest, because you’re my honey..”


steve doing the whitest thing ive ever seen