that's his 'last' name right

ive wanted to draw a picture of void for 2 days and i ended up drawing three different ones until i managed to make one that i actually liked i dont know why it was so hard but anyways here is a picture of the world’s most obscure sonic character probably

it started as a casual chat with my friend but now i’m having an existential crisis about how if i marry matt and take his last name i will have an incredibly unappealing name

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Mamaguchi??? :0

is….this what u meant??

all my heart

AUTHORS NOTE: I love Crankiplier so much they’re my guilty pleasure so I combined them with my love of Dadiplier and its not my best but it is also 3:40am so I hope ya’ll enjoy it. enjoy the fluffy gay. 

Paring: Ethan Nestor x Mark Fishstick (there will be a day that I can spell marks last name without google but thats not right now so his last name is fishstick ok)
Words: 446

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steve doing the whitest thing ive ever seen