that's him on the boat

I feel like I am the only Jonsa shipper that does not believe they are going to happen. 

I am sure not looking forward to the J*nerys shippers’ gloating though. 

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

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what are some of your favorite headcanons about Ippo that you've been sent, heard, or come up with. just the ones that immediately come to mind, I don't wanna make you do an alphabetized, bulleted essay or anything xD

all the immediate hc’s im thinkin of are NSFW l mfao 

 u  hh

- used to put on his mom’s clothes when he was a toddler

- doesnt rly have a taste in music, p much likes anything he hears on the radio

- if modern au hed be v modest with his emoji’s ; has an official boxing twitter and a side twitter that are filled with smiling pics of him and wanpo, and him on the boat

thats all i got rn knfjbl


best hayley & blair moments from the amazing race 26 | part 2

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I love reading your thoughts on Anders. I'd love if you could discuss them more, possibly? They just hit me in a spot in my heart that I can't describe, especially because I see a lot of bashing of Anders, so it's meaningful to see someone describe his struggle.

it’s an endless, inevitable march, something pressed cold over your nose and mouth, clouding your eyes, and all you can do is stumble forward in the dark and trust, trust your hate and your memories of being hunted and your open wounds and the spirit you invited inside.

your heart beats too hot and full of blood.


you don’t remember if you were always this angry. it feels like you were. a buried, razored wire, just waiting for someone to trip across it.

but there’s direction, now, a purpose. surely that means something.


a hard and holy thing has its hands locked around your bones.


they say that when you’re lost in the desert, dying of thirst, you should suck on a stone. it puts moisture in your parched mouth, and fools your body into thinking you’ve found water.

you spend winter nights at the tavern, losing money you don’t have to friends who won’t collect, warm beside the fire while exhaustion leeches out of your limbs. you feel spare and thin and raw and home, for as long as the game lasts.


hours, entire days, blink away like huffed-out candles.


Justice has worn a corpse before, and he thinks you ought to be one, for all the good you do him alive, with your longings and your weakness and your limited human understanding of righteousness. there’s a woman who drives you to distraction, a group of exiles and cast-offs who seem unwilling to leave you to your work. Justice wants them gone. you don’t. it becomes a point of contention for as long as you have the strength to contest anything.


you’ve lied since the day you met her, and if she knew what was at stake, if she’d listen, she’d understand. her eyes wouldn’t darken, and her lip wouldn’t curl. something slithers between your skull and your scalp, whispering.


it’s swallowing a burning coal and discovering too late how it buries itself in the lining of your stomach.


the work waits for no one, and you will complete it. wan, sick, wild-eyed, dusted with the ashes of all the things it won’t matter that you loved. selfish, to want more; to refuse to make sacrifices.

he is just a spirit. why is it so difficult for you to be just a body?


you fight a monster for seven years.

you lose. 

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So I was listening to a bunch of throwbacks right and lean back came on and that used to be my SHIT but I couldn't even enjoy it after fat joe done said the N word like 6 times in a minute 😒

If y'all saw my face after I read this and googled fat joe. This nigga isn’t black?????? ??? Him and J Lo in the same boat them thats why both they careers fell off!!!!!!


… . you can’t just take him back to new york when this is over, and pretend none of  t h i s   i s   r e a l … .