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Sooo I was short on time/motivation this past week and basically all I was really able to do was a more seasonally appropriate sidebar image for the ol’ side blog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The  Samwell  team  surprises  Jack  by  coming  to  cheer  him  on  in  his  first  game  as  Captain  of  the  Falconers.  

In  the  presser  afterwards,  Jack  surprises  everyone  else  (except  Bitty).

Alternate caption: The whole world falls apart after witnessing a blush and a genuine smile on Jack “Hockey Robot” Zimmermann’s face.

Pixiv -  春日P | Art -  サーシャ

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Hey, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Pretty much all of the past year, actually, and I’m finally ready to talk about it. The “bi” label just hasn’t really felt right for me lately, and it’s something that I’ve been wondering about and struggling with, but which I think I’m ready to accept isn’t working for me anymore. I talked to some friends and I really talked to myself, and I’m pretty sure - more than pretty sure, but I hate being 100% on anything - that I’m a lesbian.

I know that probably doesn’t really sit well with some people. I’m hurting the bi community, or hurting the lesbian community, because I’m just trying things on to see what works, or I don’t act like the paradigm of this or that, blah blah blah. And guess what? Yeah, I don’t really know what works for me, and I’m still probably not gonna act like whatever gold-star lesbian I’m supposed to now. I’m gonna be messy and confused and flip-flop and talk about guys and probably sleep with them too, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of things, I’m still struggling with compulsory heterosexuality and - and I’ve thought long and hard about this, trust me - it’s really only a woman that I want, when it comes down to it, when I really think about it. Maybe that will change, who knows. Then I can change too. That’s the great thing about labels - you make them, they don’t make you. They’re only bad if you let them box you in too much, dictate who you become, and that’s the battle I’m fighting all of the time. Can I still be lesbian if I sleep with guys, if I want male celebrities that I can idealize but don’t have to have, if I’m confused about my feelings for men? Yes, I can. And I am. I’ve felt for a long time that I was stuck somewhere in between the boxes of “bi” and “lesbian,” and the only difference now is which way I lean - because I feel more comfortable here, and when I think hard about my future and who I want in it, it’s not a man no matter how much I don’t always feel that way in every moment, all the time, with everyone. I’m allowed to be conflicted. I’m allowed to not always be 100%. Society did that, not me.

Anyway, yeah. This doesn’t really change anything about past me, tbh, I was still bisexual for twenty or so years and I don’t intend to deny that. Sexuality being fluid means that I was just as valid then as I am now, and just as valid now as I will be in the future if I change my mind again. But for now? Yeah, I’m definitely a lesbian.

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Hey can you draw shirtless kristoff with that pudgy tum ?

TBH that’s the dream but it’s a tall order. One day :)

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If you dont mind me asking, but what exactly is 'kin'? I know it as 'Identify as a character' but im not sure about the specifics and its Killing Me

pbbt well its different for everyone but for me its like i am the character? like with tord i just see him or hear his name and my immediate reaction is “oh thats me” y’know. part of the way i see it is a kinda past life/multiverse thing which im pretty sure is the general consensus. a big part of it for me is i get “memories” of said lives of characters like mccree or keith but not everyone does get memories (or at least its very hard/uncommon for some people) and thats cool too

theres different types of kin too like copingkin (ive also heard people use copinglink im n ot sure which is right) which are used to (u guessed it) cope w/ whatever. and then there are fictives which is when people have headmates that are fictional characters (i think? correct me if im wrong here)

theres some post floating around explaining it way better than i can but i cant find it rip

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Send “BEEP” for a random text from my muse.
(4) A late night text.

[TEXT] Y ar sekrit bases sekrit? Ar thy not suposed to b there? Thy seme wel non in Hoen.

[TEXT] & thyr sort off like hiden grotos here. Xcept only pokemon use hiden grotos & humins usuly use sekrit bases.

[TEXT] O wait sory! I fergot abot the time diferance. Its rely late in Hoen isnt it? Sory!

markballas 5 days ago my fiancé @bcjean woke me up at 6am & told me to get up & be ready to leave the house in 20 minutes. I was so exhausted and a little resistant, but she told me I didn’t have a choice. So, I rolled out of bed, got in the shower & was dressed in 15 minutes.
The next words out of her mouth were “I packed for you”, as she gestured to my big suitcase, and before I knew it we were in an uber headed to an unknown destination.
The hour long car ride had me confused, guessing the entire time as to where we were going.
Then we pulled up to LAX airport, but
it wasn’t until she checked us in and handed me my boarding pass did I know exactly what was going on. She said “I’m taking you to Maui for your 30th birthday to swim with the turtles, relax, recover and think about nothing.” I looked down at the ticket and it said Maui on it.. I was in utter disbelief.

Fast forward 7 hours later we immediately started 5 of the best days I have ever had, beginning with a helicopter ride straight after landing on Hawaiian soil. Our adventures continued with scuba diving, road tripping, laying out, fantastic dinners, enjoying nature and unforgettable scenery. Lastly….. I finally got to check off a bucket list item of mine which was swimming with the turtles 🐢
I feel completely rested, healed & rejuvenated. I can’t thank my lovely fiancé enough. I wish we didn’t have to go back tmrw.
This has been the best vacation together yet & I can’t wait for more. I love you more & more every day.. I needed this more than you know.. Or I guess you did know 😉

I love you.


A first kiss. Carmen doesn’t know quite what she expected from him, something a bit more rugged and raw and full of raging, unbridled passion, but the tender hesitation as his lips lightly brush up against her own still makes her skin tingle with anticipation and desire. Westley lingers for a moment longer, savoring the temporary relief from the bruises Madeleine left, but as he starts to pull away Carmen hooks her bare leg around his thigh and gazes up at him with wide, imploring eyes.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers. “Stay with me tonight.”

Westley freezes, his body tensing with uncertainty. “I don’t- That isn’t- I’m not looking for a relationship right now, Carmen,” he splutters. 

“And who said I was?” she rolls her eyes at him in response. “It’s just sex, West. Besides, can you think of a better way to get your mind off the two-timing Barbie?”

But I don’t want to get her off my mind, he thinks with a moody frown.

Sensing his reluctance, Carmen shrugs and says, “Fine. I won’t beg. I just remember how fun and exciting you used to be, but I guess the blonde floozy changed you more than I-”

Westley’s lips crash against Carmen’s, effectively cutting her off mid-sentence. This kiss, and the next one and the next one after that, more than exceed Carmen’s initial expectations about the kind of lover West would make. She smiles to herself, pleased that she managed to break him after all.

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Gym, eevee, and flame charge?

Gym: If you were a gym trainer, what would be your specialist type?

  • ummm maybe fire types? probably fire types tbqh 

Eevee: Your favourite eeveelution?

  • vaporeon 100% best merpup in The World

Flame Charge: Your favourite fire type?

  • shit thats hard i like a lot of em???? lets say pure fire type is quilava and dual type is salandit?

“Immortal regiment” (Бессмертный Полк) is a patriotic move devoted to the end of the WW2 which was held today in the majority of Russian cities. The participants hold in their hands pictures of their ancestors, veterans, those who fought in the war, death camp prisoners or homefront workers, those who didn’t make it to this date.

Why do people feel the need to compare whose degree is harder than someone elses like seriously cant we all agree that uni is hard as fuck and all for different reasons

Math majors have it hard because all the studying and memorization and analysing and shit
Nursing majors have it hard because nursing programs are metal as fuck
English or writing majors have it hard because thats a lot of fucking writing
History/philosophy type majors also have a shitload of writing plus memorizing plus analysis like crazy
Business majors have it hard because who wants to be professional like that all fucking day, plus studying economic theory and accounting practicality like you have to analyse AND be practical two things that dont usually go together
Fine arts and art majors have to put so much fucking time into their craft like dont get me wrong all the majors do of course but i mean art history is a lot of memorizing and analyzing music majors have a lot of theory plus practicals art itself is hard as hell

AND ALL THE OTHER MAJORS TOO dont get me started on engineers, computer programmers, the sciences, etc

Like seriously can we just agree that university is hard without shitting on other majors. Thats why uni is so diverse, different people with different aptitudes doing different things. The majors are too different to compare okay. My boyfriend is a math fucking GENIUS, his degree is in math and he has never once shit on me for being a business major because for him business is really fucking difficult. Because we’re dIFFERENT

tldr; do not whine about how difficult university is by shitting on someone elses major for being “easier” than yours. people have different majors for different reasons and theyre too different to decide whose is harder and whose isnt