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Island of Misfits.

Incomplete idea. These neurons are firing because I watched the Zoolander flicks. Because of the (maybe ARG) Twitter accounts (so many unhappy voices). Because of the things I have learned from fandom, and the things I read on Tumblr.

Zoo2 has an island prison for fashion designers. As they walk past the cells, we get a peek. These are the creators of fashion faux pas- MC Hammer pants, shirts with epaulets. They cry out: our fashion sense is not flawed! We did nothing wrong!

Sherrinford is a high security island prison for… Who? Eurus. There are others. Some are cannibals, Jim confirmed that. What else do we know about the prisoners? Not much. But let’s assume they all have something in common.

Where else have we seen a prison? In TAB. Down in the morgue, Watson and Stamford pass a cell. Looks like our modern Sherlock. Impatient, pacing. Caged. Wearing a royal blue robe.

OH. In TEH. Sherlock broke out of prison, he was on the run. Then we saw him chained up- But still SO dangerous, he was on the verge of escaping again. Except…. Mycroft needed his help in London, didn’t he? Mycroft “rescued” him.

What if… Hm. What if Sherrinford is a Sherlock Holmes prison? A prison for all the versions of Sherlock Holmes or… No. Maybe just the really *awful* versions.

The versions of Sherlock Holmes “we” don’t think deserve to exist.

I don’t know Holmes history… I’ll bet there are vampires, robots, little ponies, yaks, homosexuals, lizard women… All sorts of versions of Sherlock Holmes that “don’t belong”. The weirdos. The freaks.

Maybe our modern Sherlock has a cell waiting for him in Sherrinford. I’ve certainly heard lots of people complain about how our BBC Sherlock isn’t the “real thing”.

But they *are* all versions of Sherlock Holmes; so most, like Eurus, are likely to be very smart. Useful. Worth the effort: Feeding them little gifts, keeping them ready. So they’re straining at the leash to solve a mystery or prevent the next terrorist attack when the need arises.

Could be a full time job. A special government position.

I wonder if Bond Air, the Flight of the Dead, was Mycroft’s idea at all. Or did one of the more monstrous Sherlocks think of it? Maybe it was Eurus. How much of Mycroft’s career is due to his prison full of odd Sherlocks?

I wonder how Mycroft has managed to keep *our* Sherlock in London? How long before his time runs out and he’s locked into a cell permanently? If I know Sherlock (and John) they’ve already got a plan…. I hope.


I’m not sure how anyone else might fit into a story like this. Mary, Jim, Irene. It’s late- Enough thinking for now, time to get some sleep.

It would be cool if we could have a discussion about the many super valid reasons why making Sam yet another surrogate child for Carol to love and possibly lose could be the world’s worst idea without slipping in suggestions that Carol is automatically desexualized by being placed in a maternal role.