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Will you be gone 'till next year? ;) Just kidding, how was your trip? :)

man i don’t think that’d be physically possible for me to do

a year

i can’t even imagine

BUT ANYWAY it was great!! i feel way more refreshed AND i got a chance to add a new little piece to my arm!


(i realized after it was too late that the guitar was missing f-holes tho so i gotta find a place around here that’ll add those lol)

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hey hey hey take all the time u need. hey ur awesome. stay awesome, cause ur awesome. and thats awesome.

thank you so much! this is awesome of you to say! thankfully, i think i’m back on top of things. and i got pizza. after not having pizza for a very long time

and ice cream

it was also awesome

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hey robbie. i'm learning how to play guitar and it's really painful. do you have any tips for dealing with soreness? when do calluses develop and are they really big and obvious when they do? thanks!

What kind of strings u got? Nylon are best for starting out because they’re softer and also if it really hurts try getting a thinner gage. Calluses take time idk when exactly mine grew but u just gotta keep practising. Ur fingertips might peel sometimes but thats good cus when the skin grows back it’ll be stronger

In Honor of Brian May’s birthday let’s talk about the songs he wrote:
  • ‘39: Country Music
  • All Dead, All Dead: Literally the song with he most feels
  • Brighton Rock: RAD GUITAR SOLO
  • Dancer: Disco Daddy
  • Dead On Time: Really fast rock and roll
  • Dear Friends: OUch
  • Doing All Right: Soft melodic reminder of peace
  • Dragon Attack: Dank bassline
  • Dreamer's Ball: really formal touch to rock
  • Fat Bottomed Girls: HE LUH DIS FAT ASSSS
  • Father to Son: but who really knows what this song is about?
  • Good Company: Master of Ukulele
  • Hammer to Fall: He made Live AID possible
  • I Go Crazy: All he gotta do is think about you!!
  • I Want It All: Heavy Metal Brian
  • Keep Yourself Alive: gives Roger a chance to get his own solo
  • Las Palabras de Amor: A song he wrote not in English
  • Leaving Home Ain't Easy: im guessing it was hard for him to leave home
  • Let Me In Your Heart Again: that one song thats really good but no one talks about
  • Long Away: but holy shit this one is really sweet and chill???
  • Lost Opportunity: its like a song you would hear at an empty bar at 2 in the morning
  • The Night Comes Down: beautiful harmonies
  • No-One But You: Let's not talk about that one
  • Now I'm Here: Now im there
  • Procession: really classy but still intimidating vibes of the guitar
  • The Prophet's Song: Really scary opera music
  • Put Out the Fire: Make him destroy the Second Amendment
  • Sail Away, Sweet Sister: he didnt even have a sister
  • Save Me: "im naked and far from home"
  • Scandal: subtle middle finger to the press/paparazzi
  • See What a Fool I've Been: im gonna fight whoever broke his heart to make him write this song
  • Storm Trooper in Stilettos: Literally if you want to woe a Queen fan sing this song to her
  • Sleeping on the Sidewalk: when he switched to Alternative Music
  • Some Day, One Day: That one song from when Queen visited Japan
  • Son & Daughter: I. WANT. YOUUUUUU
  • Sweet Lady: youd expect the song to be nice and calm but dont underestimate it
  • Tear It Up: the song that lets you know Brian had a wild side
  • Teo Torriatte: Second song not in English because he's so smart
  • Tie Your Mother Down: no respect for your mother
  • Too Much Love Will Kill You: OUch Part 2
  • We Will Rock You: he was optimistic at sports rallies as a kid
  • White Man: i actually forgot about this song
  • White Queen: The really cute song for his first love
  • Who Wants to Live Forever: Don't hurt me like this
Choose - Luke/Calum

Summary: You were just a girl in the crowd at their show

A/N: idk wtf this is

You didn’t even want to go to their concert, your best friend literally had to drag you.. So you weren’t exactly sure how you ended up in this predicament. It wasn’t that you didn’t like their music, you actually loved it but there was just somewhere else you would have much rather been. It sounds crazy, I know, being forced to sit in front row seats most girls would kill for, but that same night John Mayer was in town playing a small private show at a local spot and you would have done anything to have gotten in to see him.

Now, somehow, you found yourself standing on their tour bus glancing back and forth between Luke Hemmings and Calum hood. Definitely the last place you ever thought you would be. Definitely a decision you never thought you’d have to make. 

Lets rewind to about six or so hours ago. You were standing directly in front of Michael Clifford, your best friend’s self proclaimed soul mate, screaming the lyrics to The Romantics classic hit What I Like About You and jumping around dancing like it was your last day on earth. You could have sworn you felt Luke and Calum make eyes at you each at least once at some point during the show, but doesn’t every girl say that?

A giant man dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt that read SECURITY in bold white lettering approached where you were in the crowd. Initially you felt that ‘oh fuck’ feeling when you saw him coming towards you. You were sure he was going to yell at you for being too drunk and try and check your bag and find the tiny liquor bottles you had snuck in. Instead he leaned between you and your best friend over the barricade and discretely told you that you had been invited backstage after the show.

You and your bff looked at each other in complete and utter shock but there was no discussion necessary, you were so down. You both nodded your heads and the security guard lifted you each over the gate and then lead you to the side of the stage, up a few stairs, and right past were the guys were performing, this time you were positive you saw Calum looking at you out of the corner of his eye.

“Wait here,” the security guard told you when you got to an open area back stage, “do you need anything?” he asked.

You an your bff looked at each other then at him, “Beers,” you both said simultaneously.

 He looked between the two of you skeptically. “How old are you?” He asked

You raised and eyebrow, “Old enough,” you said rolling your eyes, “this girl is deff going to have a melt down if she doesn’t have a drink before seeing these guys,” you said referring to your bff, “also are any of them even old enough to drink?” You added slightly sarcastically.

The security guard laughed at your remark, “One,” he chuckled, “I’ll be right back, seriously don’t move.”

You stood there trying to calm your best friend the fuck down. “You need to chill,” you told her, “act natural your literally breathing like a dragon. 

"Shut up,” she told you, “you would be freaking out like this if you were about to meet John Mayer”

 As she said it her face dropped, “what about John Mayer?” You heard a aussie accent from behind you and swung around.

“Holy shit” you couldn’t help but say as you looked up at the four guys standing in front of you. They were even taller and more attractive in person and you didn’t think that was even possible, but it was. You felt you’re bff step up next to you grabbing your arm. 

“You guys were fuckin killing it out there,” Michael spoke up with a smile. Your bff remained silent so you knew you would have to take the lead on this one.

“Are you serious? Us? We didn’t even think you guys could see us from the stage. That was literally insane you guys put on an awesome show.”

“Yea,” your bff finally piped up, “and she didn’t even want to come.”

You shot her a look out of the corner of your eye before noticing Calum give you a less then friendly glare.

“You guys were right in the front row raging, it was pretty hard to miss,” Luke added awkwardly, “you looked great.”

You felt your stomach flip, how the fuck was this happening. “How did you go from not wanting to come to front row tickets?” Calum raised an eyebrow skeptically. He seemed less than impressed. He was always your favorite, you watched as he ran his fingers along the neck of his bass guitar as he spoke.

“John Mayer,” your bff answered him, “she’s been obsessed with him longer than I’ve known her.”

You shot her a look again then looked up at each of the boys, casually shrugging your shoulders. “Obviously I love you guys too, I knew every word to every song but like imagine being in a room with John fucking Mayer and only like 49 other people for a private performance… He’s in town tonight, but if I could have gone I would have probably dropped dead anyways.”

They all started laughing except Calum and you felt your face redden, “Oh my god ew wow I completely just fangirled to you guys about someone else that was so awkward.”

“No its cool,” Luke said to you smiling.

 "That was cute,“ Michael agreed.

 You all stood there awkwardly for a moment and just about then the security guard walked back over holding two ice cold Coronas for you and your friend. 

Handing them to you he joked, "I guess she didn’t have a melt down,” gesturing towards your bff. Her face turned bright red and she pressed her lips firmly together, sneaking a peak at Michael’s reaction.

 You looked at the rest of the guys questioningly, “So what exactly are we doing back here?” You asked. They had just come off stage and right up to talk to you and your best friend, it seemed pretty strange and you weren’t exactly sure what was going on, not that you weren’t totally stoked to be in their presence, just a little confused.

“You’re hot so we want you to come party with us tonight,” Calum said bluntly.

He wasn’t what you expected him to be like, you thought he was the shy, quiet, quirky one… But he actually seemed kind of cocky and rude. It was kind of disappointing since up until that moment you were definitely a Calum girl.

“They’re obviously here to party,” Ashton joked, “they’ve already started drinking our brew.”

Michael looked at your best friend with a grin across his face and you thought she was going to pass out. “You want me to show you around?” He asked her smoothly.

She looked at you with wide eyes and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Dude go,” you told her “Text me later.”

Michael grabbed her hand and she walked off trailing behind him. You looked at the remaining three guys, “Soooo,” you began to say.

Luke burst out laughing, “I’m sorry,” he apologized, “thats just the fastest I’ve ever seen Michael make a move.”

You giggled with him, “honestly he could have asked if she wanted him to saw her arms off and she would have gone.”

They all laughed at your joke a bit, even Calum this time. Ashton pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked down at it, “I gotta go guys,” he said “date night don’t want to be late.”

“Thats sweet,” you say giving him a smile, “it was nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too,” he pauses unsure of your name.

“I’m y/n,” you laugh and he gives you a quick hug before heading off.

You turn to look at Luke and Calum who are still standing there looking at you and holding their guitars. “So you aren’t going to carry those around with you all night, are you?” You ask playfully and they both look at each other.

“Come with us,” Luke tells you and you look at Calum for a reaction. You weren’t sure if her wanted you around or not. He seemed kind of cold at first, but he nodded his head when you looked his way than turned to walk down a long hallway.

You followed behind him with Luke by your side, they stopped briefly to give their instruments to their techs and than continued walking finally into a large dressing room.

 “So that was the grand tour, probably not as exciting as you would expect” Luke chuckled falling back onto one of the couches he was in front of.

“I gotta shower,” Calum announced, rolling his eyes at Luke, “There’s more beer in that fridge,” he told you pointing in the direction of a mini refrigerator that was across the room.

“Thanks,” you smiled and he walked away without a word, slamming the bathroom door on his way into the bathroom.

“Is he always like that?” you asked Luke, “I thought he would be less…. I don’t know.”

Luke laughed a bit, “He’s just skeptical about bringing fans back stage, can’t trust everyone, you know?”

“No, I don’t have fans so I don’t really run into that issue.” You smirked.

“So are you glad you came tonight?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Maybe,” you answered giving him a look before walking to the fridge to take another beer, “So do you want one of these?” you asked looking back over your shoulder at him.

He nodded his head, “So you got a boyfriend?” Luke asked pointedly.

You walked over to him and took a seat on the couch next to him, handing him the beer. “What do you think?” you asked biting your bottom lip. 

He looked at you and a smirk spread on his face, “I would say yes because you’re fucking hot and seem relatively normal, and usually all the hot sane girls are taken, but I want to say no because if you have a boyfriend I would be pretty disappointed and also I don’t think you would be looking at me the way you have been all night if you weren’t single.”

You raise and eyebrow at him, “How have I been looking at you? 

“Like you want to fuck me,” he replied with a grin. 

You tilt your head to the side looking at him carefully, “You sound pretty sure of that,”

He continued, “No, you don’t have a boyfriend, final answer. And if you do he should be concerned because I usually get what I want.”

You almost spat out the beer that was in your mouth, you looked at him with eyes wide, hardly able to get the words out “Fuck, you don’t waste a second…” Just then Calum walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around his waist and you couldn’t help but turn your attention to his toned body.

“Guess I’m up,” Luke said, standing from the couch but not before running one of his hands down your thigh. ‘What the fuck in going on?’ you thought to yourself as he walked towards the bathroom.

A now clothed Calum came to sit next to you, bring along another beer to replace the one you had finished. He opened the bottle and handed it to you then stretched his long arms along the back of the couch, kicking his feet up onto the coffee table in front of you.

“So’d he start trying to put the moves on you yet?” Calum asked out of nowhere.

You pressed your lips together, shrugging a bit, “Honestly,” you told him “I couldn’t tell you what the fuck just happened he’s pretty blunt.”

“Sometimes you gotta be,” he told you, “We don’t stay in one place for very long, if you’re into a girl you gotta go for it.”

You turned your head to look at him, not exactly sure what came over you blurted out, “So I guess that means you’re not into me,”

 His eyebrows raised as he slowly brought his beer to his lips, then placed it back onto the table, “What makes you assume that?” he asked.

“Because if you were into me, you’re not taking your own advice and going for it.” You said raising your hands to make air quotes.

He looked at you carefully, “Chicks don’t usually go for the bassist when they can have the guy standing center stage.”

You can’t help but smile at him, “That’s a pretty lame excuse.”

“What’s a lame excuse?” Luke asked strolling out of the bathroom and over to where you guys were sitting.

You look at Calum, not sure what to say to Luke. Your conversation left you pretty confused. “I wasn’t going to come out tonight but y/n changed my mind,” you noticed Calum smile to himself a bit.

“Good mate, you better be coming,” Luke patted him on the shoulder, “I have a feeling its going to be a wild night” he added smirking in your direction.

You felt your stomach twist up a bit and you glance at Calum who surprisingly you notice also had the corner of his lips curled up into a half smile.

You were left with some unanswered questions, Calum never outright said that he wasn’t trying to hook up with you, he more just assumed that you wouldn’t even consider him since Luke had already made it clear that he was. You had no idea what the fuck you wanted, or if what you wanted would even matter if you did. You were just a girl from the crowd; you couldn’t let yourself forget that, despite all the attention they were giving you.

okay yeah i literally don’t even know about this one like sometimes i write really stupid shit but whatever she should just fuck both of them lmfao .. anyways let me know what you think part two perhaps need some opinions and maybe some suggestions … as always thank so fucking much for reading I love you drop whatever in my ASK BOX 

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Everything Has Changed

i know places we can hide

i just wanna know you better now (part one)
i’ve never seen nobody shine the way you do (part two)
you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town (part three)

part four: jude has a birthday. connor’s parents have a meltdown.

WARNING: strong language and possibly upsetting argument between connor’s parents. also, depressing af.

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What are we doing? - Part 3 (Luke)

Part 1

Part 2

Falling asleep was hard but waking up was even harder. She didn’t want to leave her room and run the risk of seeing Luke. Not after last night, she needed time away from him to figure shit out.

She could hear the guys awake and fucking around downstairs and knew that she would have to go down and face him eventually. She laid in her bed dreading the idea of looking him in the eyes and pretending like everything was fine.

There was a knock at her door and her stomach dropped. She didn’t respond hoping that he would just go away. A few moments later the door was pushed open a crack and Calum stuck his head in.

“Need a friend?” He asked.

She slid over making room for him on her bed. He pushed the door closed behind him and walked over to join her. “Luke’s not here you know” he told her.

“What makes you think I care where Luke is?” She tried to play it cool even though she was relieved.

“Well to start its almost one in the afternoon and you’re usually the first one awake so thats weird.. And also my room is right next to his.. You do realize I can hear everything.. I mean everything.. So I’m guessing your hiding up here right now so that you don’t have to see him.”

She was surprised and embarrassed “you hear everything?” She asked quietly.

“Yea,” he shrugged his shoulders, “are you okay?” He asked sounding concerned.

“I’m fine.. I guess,” she lied “I just, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.. This whole thing was so stupid it should have never happened.”

“You say that like you’re not even into him,” Calum shook his head, “we all know, you know? Even before you two ever hooked up we knew it was bound to happen.”

“We? Mikey and Ash know too?”

“Yea.. Its pretty obvious.. You two are basically always making heart eyes at each other its hard not to notice.”

She laughed finally lightening up, “this is all so messed up, FUCK” she twisted a strand of her hair. “So where is he?”

Calum shrugged, “He left earlier with his guitar, said he was going to write.. He didn’t look good and his hand was pretty swollen.”

Her heart fell a little more, she had forgotten she made him mad enough to punch something last night. “Thats probably my fault” she told Cal remorsefully.

“You two just gotta figure your shit out, like be together or don’t.. Its that simple.”

She slid down into the bed, “I wish it was that simple.. Things are pretty screwed up right now”

“You’ll figure it out,” he reassured putting a strong arm around her pulling her into a bear hug. “So we’re gonna have a party tonight.. We running the pong table again?”

“Uhmm, duhh” she smiled, “we’re the reigning champions no way we’re breaking up the dream team” she paused, “plus I’ll probably need the distraction.”

Later that night some of the guy’s friends arrived with a few kegs and a lot of liquor. People kept showing up but Luke was nowhere to be found. She was starting to get concerend when she saw him finally walk into the back yard.

He grabbed a beer and strolled around stopping to talk to some people here and there. She could tell he was making it a point not to look at her.

She knew one of two things were going to happen when Luke returned.. he would either approach her with a smile and literally pretend nothing had ever happened between them or he would ignore her existance completely. He had obviously choosen the ladder.

Whatever. She didn’t need his attention. There was no reason to let him ruin her night.

She was standing near one of the kegs with Michael chatting with some of the guys in the band that was going to be opening for them on tour for a while before Calum came and found her.

“Y/N” he yelled from across the patio, “C'mon were on the table”

For some reason her and Cal were randomly a really good team. Probably because he’s tall and athletic and she happens to have a lucky shot. Every time they play together they end up spending a majority of the night on the beer pong table, which she didn’t mind. It was a good way to get to talk to new people, especialy since she didn’t really know many.

After playing for a while she was starting to feel the alcohol. She almost forgot about how horrible she felt all day and how weird things were with Luke.

She and Calum had won a bunch of games and were really amped up about their bragging rights. They were jumping on eachother and yelling about being the dream team, having a great time. This was when she noticed him staring at her.

When their eyes met her heart dropped. This tension between them made her chest feel tight. She knew that if all she wanted with him was to be friends with benefits she wouldn’t feel this way. It wouldn’t bother her that he wanted nothing to do with her at the moment, but it did, it was killing her. Deep down all she wanted was for him to pull her aside and tell her that she was an idiot and that he knows that she needs him.

He shook his head, frowning and turning away from her. It felt like getting kicked in the stomach. It took everything she had not to show the way she was feeling. She faked a smile and went back to playing.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get much worse they did, of course. She noticed a group of girls come through the house and out to the yard. It was Bryanna and a two of her friends. Her face fell when she saw Ashton and Luke approach them.

Luke was smiling now, possibly for the first time all night. One of the friends Bryanna brought along, Nicole, happened to have an obsession with Luke that everyone knew about.  Usually Luke would ignore her, but tonight he was embracing her with open arms.

What. The. Fuck. Her stomach dropped again. Then she saw Luke look directly at her and smirk. Was he serious?

“Whats up with that?” Calum looked at her obviously as confused as she was.

“I don’t fucking know,” she was laughing at the situation now, there was nothing else left to do, “apparently he wants to play games.”

Michael walked up to them with a bottle of fireball. He elbowed her in the arm and laughed, “You look like you need a shot”

She looked over to Luke who was now obviously flirting with Nicole. She watched her touch his arm and throw her head back laughing hysterically at one of his lame jokes.

“Ew, god make it two” she looked between the two of them with a disgusted expression on her face.

Michael handed her the bottle, “Chug” he told her with a chuckle.

She tilted her head back and let the warm cinnamon wiskey trickle down her throat. She handed Calum the bottle and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Now Luke was watching her. What was he doing? She felt so conflicted since he was either A.) trying to make her jealous, which actually pissed her off; or B.) he gave up and really just didn’t care anymore.

“Lets go say Hi to Bryanna and her friends.” she raised an eyebrow and looked back and forth between Michael and Calum.

“You sure you want to do that?” Michael asked with a concerned look on his face. He was probably referring to the fact that Nicole was literally all over Luke.

“Absolutly” she had been drinking all night and now finally had the liquid courage built up in her system to face him.

They walked over to where Luke, Ashton and the girls were now sitting around a fire pit. Nicole was sitting in Luke’s lap with her arms around his neck. Just the sight of it made her stomach turn.

“Y/N! HII” Bryanna squeeled when she saw her, “where have you been all night?!” Ashton looked at her with sorry eyes. Even he was confused as to what the fuck Luke was doing.

“Hey girl,” she said sweetly “I’ve been around, me and Cal were playing pong on the patio for a while.. When did you guys get here?” she asked. She looked at Luke who was now frozen in place with his mouth hanging open a bit. Her coming over to them was probably the last thing he expected.

“Maybe and hour or two ago,” Bryanna answered, “You remember my friends Tara and Nicole right?”

She looked at them with the nicest smile she could fake at the moment. The guys were all watching her, feeling the tension between her and Luke. Bryanna and her friends, of course, were oblivious to what was going on.

“Of course I do, its nice to see you both again,” she continued to smile as they greeted her, Mikey, and Calum.

She looked directly at Luke who was refusing to look at her. “Luke, oh my god,” his eyes finally connected with hers. She could feel her heart skip a beat. “What happened to your hand?!” she gestured towards his swollen knuckles.

Lukes mouth opened and closed a few times but he couldn’t seem to find his words, he knew she knew what really happened. Nicole answered for him instead, “He caught it in a door” she said rubbing his forearm and moving to rest her head on his shoulder. Luke pulled his arm away from her slowly and shifted his body, seeming more uncomfortable now then ever.

She raised her eyebrows and tried to hold back a laugh, “Ouch,” she breathed, suddenly her attitude changed and her face fell. She looked into his beautiful blue eyes and shrugged her shoulders slightly, “I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad, maybe you should put some ice on it.” her voice was small now and all her courage was gone.

She could feel everyones eyes on her. She needed to get the fuck out of there. Luckily Calum caught on to this quickly.

“We were just headed up to my room to smoke.. had enough to drink for the night.. just wanted to stop over and say hey before disappearing.” he rested a hand on her shoulder and she felt relief wash over her.

Luke was still watching her carefully.“Later guys” she waved her hand pathetically before turning to leave.

“Hey wait up, I’m coming with you guys!” Mikey jogged to catch up to her an Calum. “Well that was fucking awkward as hell” he laughed.

“yea, tell me about it” she exhaled.

They sat on Calum’s balcony passing a joint between the three of them. “I cant go back down there” she said blowing out a cloud of smoke.

Michael shrugged, “I’m good with chillin up here, all the cool people already left anyway.”

Calum nodded his head agreeing. “Lukes a retard, you know, he shouldn’t be pulling that shit in front of you.”

She looked away from them, “He asked me what we were doing last night .. and I told him we were friends with benefits.. thats why he got so pissed.. I think hes trying to make me jealous now,” she looked down at her hands, “or he just doesn’t give a shit anymore.”

“I doubt that” Calum said, trying to make her feel better, “he still looks at you the same, just sad”

Mikey shook his head, “I think your both fucking dumb.”

She giggled feeling the high take over, “Thanks Mike”  

PART 4!!

PART 5!!

I totally did not intend this to be four parts but this was getting pretty long and its been a while since I’ve posted ahh sorry .. please let me know what you think and if your interested in reading part four .. i always write this but i love hearing your feedback it makes me excited to keep writing!!! Mad Luke feels over here=]

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