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Zena the Oni~

I got a really sweet and devilish commission from @tartarts!

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what kind of halloween costume to go for and Tart suggested Oni! So she kicked open that Demon Gate and this cool as HELL art came out! You’re the best Tart!

Tart’s Halloween Commission Information!

went out to dinner to celebrate my one day mother-in-law’s birthday and we stopped somewhere on the way and were looking at cards (not to get her one, just because she wanted to check out the seasonal stuff and all that) and they had romantic halloween cards–literally a subsection of halloween cards labeled romance

only i saw them at the time and it wasn’t convenient to drag my fiance over so i let it go and we left and in the car i mentioned there were romance halloween cards and of course they wondered what those were like

so i had to explain to my fiance with mother-in-law present that the card was a “female” coffin and a skeleton saying to it “i want to be inside you”


anonymous asked:

hi i mean this in absolutely the least offensive way but why do you love armor so much? :o and how do you draw armor??? is there any tip?

hi! thanks!

i draw good practical armor because, i think, i’m reliving my mother’s obsession with “practicality” and “functionality” bc she used to literally tear up my sketchbooks in front of me when i was 10-11 years old and then yelled at me that art won’t bring me any money. she got better but still.

eh, it doesn’t matter. i like armor now because it’s…nice. the thought of plates of hard metal fitting together, joined in a way that still allows protection without compromising flexibility – which is what a good suit of armor will do for you. there’s also a safe, nameless anonymity afforded to the knight who wears a steel helmet. who are they? what do they look like? it doesn’t matter. all you see is their grand deeds. their dragon-slaying, their beautiful steed, the maiden they’re rescuing…no that’s not what you’re here to know I’m sorry I spilled all this. >_>

But yes! Tips when drawing armor:

- If nothing else works, try sketching actual armor. Don’t get lost in the details of the engravings or whatnot, but rather the general shape of it.

- This will save your life:

- Armor gotta do with figure, so get practicing on ya proportions. :D

inktober writing prompts #22



“Mr. Holmes?” He jumped. “You may see your wife now if you’d like.” The waiting room receptionist smiled at him. Poor man, for hours now he had had the look of a lost puppy - waiting, pacing, staring balefully at the door with not one soul to keep him company.

Sherlock nodded his thanks to her as he moved swiftly past her. The doctor had spoken to him when Watson first came out surgery, pending lab results, she was very optimistic that the cancer had not spread. But he needed to see her for himself.

Joan lifted her head and smiled.