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Jikook fic recs masterpost

Hi everyone! So, as any jikook shipper, you all know that there is a variety of great fics, old and new, about our fave ship. I, personally, tend to like reading more about the new ones (not because the 2014 ones aren’t good anymore, but like, u know what i mean, dynamics of the ship changed).

So as someone who spends……. alot….. of their free time reading and writing fics, and as someone who’s been in the fandom for a couple months now, i tought it would be a good idea to write down here some of my faves for you, old shipper who thinks they’ve read them all, or new shipper who doesn’t know where to start :) 

I’ll try to recommend complete ones for the most part, and recent ones, but you know…… some of ‘em are classics. Here are my personnal all-time favorites.

Let’s start ! (in no particular order)

* - awesome

** - extra-awesome

*** - life-changing

1. Constraint, by Harlot. ** One shot, 40k, complete. “Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.
Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.
” ((So this one is quite lengthy, i know, but totally worth it ! Jungkook is a real douche in the beginning, but his reactions are so believable and relatable that you forgive him instantly. Great caracterization. Smutty parts in the end.))

2. Loverboy, by gangbang. *** One shot, 9k, complete. “this much jimin’s figured out: sometimes, somehow, his words make people fall in love with him.” ((Okay so this one is my personnal favorite, if I had to chose from all the jikooks fics, and probably all fics of all ships of all times, this would probably win the 1rst place. There’s something about it. Magical realism. Ansgt. Incredible storyline and characterization. A+++))

3. More golden than a golden snitch, by arborescent. ** Series of 3 One shots. 4k for this one, complete. “Everyone knows that the first year Slytherin seeker Jeon Jungkook’s biggest fan is not from his own house but a third year Hufflepuff named Park Jimin.” ((Okay so another old one… but a true classic. This one is a series so be sure to read the 3 of them, aren’t long, but truly amazing. HP au, with a lot of misunderstandings, a tsundere jk, and a fluffy muggleborn jimin. Don’t have to have loved HP to read this.))

4. And back again, by novilunar. * One shot, 3k, complete. “Jimin wishes he could stay away from Jungkook.” ((Ok so this is also an old one BUT i had to link it cause i read it 4 times by now and it is  THE fic that started me into Jikook. Basically, Jimin doesn’t do one night stands, and thats all jk does. Jimin falls. Happy ending. Great writing. Good smutty parts. Love it.))

5. The Bet, by jonghyunslisterine. ** 11 chapters, 46k, complete. “Where Jeon Jungkook makes a bet that he can get the notoriously single Park Jimin to sleep with him by the end of the semester. Needless to say, things don’t go exactly as planned.” ((Okay, another old one, classic, that you probably already read. If not, then  d o   i t. Quite lengthy, but a safe bet. Great great great character development. Jimin is such a complex but lovely being and jk is such a douche but then gets it and it all goes well in the end. The jeonlous is gold. University setting, and jk’s concerns about school are so well written and so relatable. Great one overall.))

6. Flowertalk, by soranosuzu. * One shot, 3k, complete. “Jimin works in a flower shop and Jungkook is a delivery boy who drives a pastel pink van.” ((Tooth rotting fluff. Short and sweet, perfect for when you’re feeling for it.))

7. You’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece), bykafeuka. * 3 chapters, 34k, complete.  “Jimin swore there was nothing worst than having Jeon Jungkook as a sergeant.(Or,In which Jimin was forced to enlist in military and he was under the sexgod Sergeant Jeon’s monitoring division and god, Sergeant Jeon really needs to stop being a douchebag)” ((Ok so this one is maybe not an ultimate fave, but it’s only b/c of the end. Overall, it’s great, tho’. Military AU. Sexual tension. JK is sexually frustrated and frustrating. JM is a rich boy. Both characters are douches. Loved the idea.))

8. One upon a time share, by namakemono. * 5 chapters, 32k, complete. “Jungkook is in desperate need of a vacation, but spending two weeks in Namjoon and Hoseok’s timeshare in Okinawa with his recently separated ex of three years was probably (definitely) not what he had in mind.” ((I don’t know why i like the ex trope so much??? anyone with me??? there isn’t enough of those. JK and JM broke up, but their friends are still friends. And want them back together. Oops. Love it.))

7. White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands, by Rose_gold715. ** One shot, 11k, complete. “Jimin is filing for divorce after eight years with Jungkook. He needs to let go, and yet, he wants to hold on a little longer.” ((Aaaaand another ex trope, but not really. Established relationship that doesn’t go well for a while, but happy ending. Original idea. Kinda angsty, and heartbreaking. Loved it.))

8. You’re a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way (but i’ll get around it), by namakemono (great author ok bye). ** One shot, 20k, complete. “Jimin has the whole ocean at his fingertips, but for some reason he can’t help but look up to where the humans are, and wonder what it’s like to be part of their world.(or: the Little Mermaid AU that no one asked for)” ((Ok so now move on to something a lil’ fluffier. I DID NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I WANTED A LITTLE MERMAID AU. But i did. Jimin w/ red hair. Rich boy JK that has to take care of him. Funny and cute. A little jowel of a fic.))

9. You Don’t Bring Me Flour, by superbroc. * One shot, 3k, complete. “In order to graduate, Park Jimin must convince cute grocery cashier Jeon Jungkook that this sack of flour is his beloved child.” ((Soooo funny. Happy and fluffy. Great when you’re in the mood for something lighter.))

10. Let’s play for keeps, bykaythebest. * One shot, 4k, complete. “Jimin plays games for the entertainment of the Internet. Poorly. In fact, his entire schtick seems to be entirely based on how terrible he is. JimJams tries. He rarely succeeds.” ((Youtuber AU. Funny. A lot of Pining. What’s there more to ask.))

11. A touch of sin, by pettey. *** 10 chapters, 102k, complete. “After his transfer to a quiet seaside town, Jeongguk was prepared to face a year of uneventful CID work, but found himself dealing with a series of strange murders instead.” ((ULTIMATE FAVE OF THE MOMENT. Last fic I actually read, yesterday, in the middle of the night. Terrible idea, ‘cause it’s so spooky. I’m not a fan of gore, so i was scared when i read the hashtags, but really there isn’t that much, and it’s so well written that you barely notice it. The story is so well written and plot-driven. It could litteraly be a book. The universe is so intriguing. Ghosts. Witchcraft. JK is a cop, JM is a witch, sorta. Weird murders happen, JM is suspected. Sexual tension. So soooo much sexual tension. Characters are amazingly written. Slowbuilt. The end is bittersweet, if you don’t like much of happy endings, you’ll love it, if you only like happy endings (like me), you’ll love it too. Also there’s smut. And amazing song recommandations.))

12. Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin, by decompositionbooks. ** 6 chapters, 34k, complete. “The world didn’t think it was necessary to give him a guide when it shoved all of these omega hormones at him, so here it is, Park Jimin’s handbook on dealing with heats, unrequited love, and Jeon Jungkook.” ((You kids are so lucky to be able to read this fic in one go. I had to wait for every chapter. E v e r y   o n e. I know not all are fans of ABO dynamics, but try this one, please. It’s so good. Jimin is hilarious. Jungkook is emotionally constipated. Sexual tension. Jealousy. Great writing. A+))

13. Leave Your Mark, by snarcsics. *** 3/10 chapters, 49k, not completed. “The first time Jimin meets a gaunt, small beta boy named Jungkook in the examination room of Namjoon’s lab, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. The second time he sees Jungkook it’s because he refuses to eat without him. The third time they meet, Jungkook is more teeth and claws than Jimin can handle.” ((OK SO I KNOW THIS FIC IS NOT COMPLETED. BUT LISTEN it’s worth it. Ohhh so worth it. Plus the author tends to finish all of her fics. Superd kind, replies to all comments. This fic is the beginning of a masterpiece. Not like any ABO. The plot is so great. The characterization is A+++. So much tension. So intriguing. JM is an omega. JK is a beta that will become an alpha artificially cause they are extinct. It doesn’t go so well. Please read it. Trust me on this one. You won’t regret it.))

So this is all of my ultimate favorite fics! I still have plenty I would like to recommend, but I figured too long posts annoy everyone. Tell me if you liked this list and if you would like me to do some others :) I was thinking about doing thematics ones, like fluffy, smutty, angsty… Tell me if that would be something you’d like! 

If you have any fics to recommend me, please please please do so!

This fandom is great. This ship is great. Don’t forget to comment on the stories you read to encourage these fabulous authors!

Thank you for reading!

Muse as old as time
  • "I'm far too old for these games."
  • "What's it like to be immortal?"
  • "How old ARE you?"
  • "I'm afraid I don't understand the current slang."
  • "Do you know how to use a smart phone?"
  • "I am waaaaay older than you."
  • "Being this old has pros and cons."
  • "Do you have any idea what Netflix even is?"
  • "Did you meet Shakespeare?"
  • "I was alive when the pyramids of Egypt were built."
  • "Are you an angel or demon?"
  • "Humanity has jumped chasms in just the past thirty years. It took at least two hundred years to upgrade from wood to an iron plow."
  • "I'd rather ride a horse."
  • "You can't be THAT old!"
  • "That's simply impossible."
  • "I remember when stars filled the night sky and cities were practically nonexistent."
  • "Magic is real."
  • "Your problems are inconsequential."
  • "The universe spins, the earth moves and time passes ever on."
  • "What's it like, being as old as you are?"
  • "I'm just glad corsets have finally gone out of fashion."
  • "You can be upset about security measures all you want. I'm happy it doesn't take a month to travel across the Atlantic."
  • "Are you REALLY immortal?"
  • "I have seen all of time and space. You know what? It's the little stuff that counts."
  • "It's the here and now that's important to me."
  • "Doesn't it ever get boring?"
  • "I have loved many people over the many years. Each one is special to me."
  • "Every day brings new things."
  • "Do you ever want to end it?"
  • "I couldn't ask for anything more."
  • "Sometimes I just don't get mortals."
Can I just have a girlfriend already?

*watches all the notes this doesn’t get*

so i might be stepping out of line making this post but i feel it needs to be made so yolo i guess.

i know a lot of millenials have a sort of knee-jerk negative reaction towards abrahamic religions (really mostly christianity and judaism) and i understand. really, i get it. my dad is a pastor, and he used his religon to abuse, demean, and control me at every opportunity. he regularly tells my sisters that he’s “so sad im going to hell” and other sundry passive aggressive nonsense, so trust me i get it. i understand how a certain religion can be triggering to someone.

but there is a very important point here, and i really hope you understand this.

you cannot let it make you prejudiced, and, let me be clear here, im talking specifically about antisemitism.

i know exactly whats going on in your head, because for a long time it was what was going on in my head. you hear the word “judaism” and you have flashbacks to sunday school and the old testament and all the times you sat in a church and felt personally attacked, and you associate that with judaism and jewish people because most of the things that upset you were in the old testament. 

you can have your triggers, but you can’t let those triggers become an excuse to further marginalize a minority thats already attacked from literally every position of power there is. every major religion has leaders who are antisemitic, every country has a history of marginalizing jewish people, every person on the planet grows up in an inherently antisemitic world and has to unlearn that sort of toxic mindset.

and maybe this post should have been made by a jewish person, or somebody with more education on the subject than me but i think its really important that people don’t let their personal experiences with organized religion turn them into the kind of prejudiced person that hurt them in the first place. 

as a romni i have a shared tragedy with jewish people, so i feel like it was easier for me to step back and be like “woah, your thought process here is super toxic and you need to stop” but i feel like a lot of white christian-raised people don’t really have that touchstone and need somebody to be like “wake up, what you are doing is wrong”

thestudywarrior  asked:

Today I watched some of Thomas Sanders' old videos (several months old). You were included in some of them and I realized you were still using he/him pronouns at the time (not they/them). Watching your latest video with Thomas (which was adorable) made me realize that despite the fact you've always been a ray of sunshine you seem more comfortable with yourself now than before and I imagine that's at least in part because of your switch from guy to non-binary pal. Couldn't be happier for you! <3

I appreciate that! It’s funny tho because I was also nb then as well, but I didn’t really know which pronouns I liked so I just let people use whichever pronouns they wanted to use with me.

me: has over 100 games i have not finished

me: never plays any of them, cant pick one i want to play, etc

me: buys more games

okay, i said i was gonna do this eventually but right now i cannot wait. here is a list of black males that y’all in this community need to make some damn resources for instead of the same ass pasty white boys or gif packs of reece king every time he updates his damn snapchat.

  • trevante rhodes — he is god. thats all
  • ashton sanders — my smol son, despite his looks, is 21 years old. he is my lil king. also, see above.
  • jharrel jerome — he is my second smol son. he is 19 years old. i love him. get on it.
  • tory lanez — hes small but he has more than enough for yall to make some damn icons or gif icons from. so far, only one person has contributed to the cause and thats @sculglitch. ilu boo
  • partynextdoor — i’m aware that this man moves in silence but he got four music videos under his belt, instagram videos, and a couple interviews. show my husband some love.
  • mike colter — UM??????? SELF EXPLANATORY.
  • bryson tiller — he literally has but one source for gif icons like what the actual fuck is wrong with y’all.
  • quavo*  — all of the migos, actually.
  • tyler the creator — he a lil weird but he a ball of sunshine.
  • asap rocky — listen, i’m aware he has two gif resources but no offense, they are outdated. yall can thank me for the static icons but more, pls.
  • frank ocean — if he has more resources, i sure ain’t aware of em.
  • isaiah rashad — i need more gifs of my king.
  • kendrick lamar — BOY. FREEDOM, CUT ME THE FUCK LOOSE.
  • j. cole — most of his resources are old and outdated. lets get on it, folks.
  • roy woods — a wonderful man.
  • chance the rapper — believe it or not, my king has very little resources and i wanna fight all y’all tonight.
  • dom kennedy — google him if u don’t know it.
  • kid cudi — all of his are outdated. c’mon, folks. i’ve seen all of two cudi muses.
  • miguel — he may not be black but he sure needs some resources.
  • andre 3000 — lmao why not???
  • sampha — LMAO WHY NOT?????
  • v**tor p**e jr — i’d be careful with this but i love my honey bear.
  • d*metr*us h*rm*n — same. just remove the asteriks and figure it out. hes eighteen also, btw.
  • algee smith — FAVOR PEACE AND BLESSINGS.
  • woody mcclain — he been poppin on social media before new edition, folks.
  • luke james — A MAN, A LEGEND.
  • elijah kelly — yall dont remember hairspray???
  • bryshere grey — he more than just hakeem, now.
  • trai bryers — HE MORE THAN JSUT ANDRE.
  • jussie smollett — HE MORE THAN JUST JAMAL LYON.

if anyone can think of anymore lovely mens who deserve to be on this list, please do let me know and add this shit on. but i’m bout tired of seeing the same diet poc characters on y’alls blogs. y’all need some melanin, y’all need some Men. stop playing games with me with that “theres just not enough!” when urban rph blogs can make entire gif hunts just off of snapchat videos of social media stars and thats the tea on that.

ya'll i'm so happy

please remember 18 yr old kaneki and 17 yr old touka when they first met in that alley and got to know each other and look out for each other in the old cafe

and the avoidance afterwards and then whole years of touka having to look on kaneki who didnt know who she was and still making herself be satisfied because he was happy and safe

and the lengths they went to to protect each other and learn from all the mistakes they made towards each other

to now supporting each other in dark times and finding comfort and finally love in each other

okay thats all i wanted to say just. reminiscing

okay listen. Dva is my girl and always will be and I adore the new highlight for her


She’s taking a  selfie on in the year 2076.

And if thats not the most hipster “born-in-the-wrong-generation” thing you could do 69 years from now idk what is. 

She has an iphone-like cell phone in 2076, a time when there’s seNTIENT ROBOTS AND FLYING CARS! thats the equivalent of all the 19 year olds now taking pictures with those old kodaks!

Dva hipster confirmed.

  • Winter: How is the retired life treating you, general?
  • Ironwood: You don't need to call me that anymore, Winter, I'm not in the military anymore.
  • Winter: Right, sorry. Old habits die hard.
  • Ironwood: It truly is wonderful you will be moving into this neighborhood. I love the new friends I've made here, but I miss some of the old faces from my past.
  • Winter: Well, you'll be seeing a lot of us. We're moving in next door!
  • Ironwood: Really! That's amazing. Wait a minute, us? Oh god, right, you married-
  • Qrow: *Leans over the fence separating their house*
  • Qrow: 'Sup Jimmy.
  • Ironwood: *Pulls out gun*
  • Winter: No, sir, you still have time left!
  • Ironwood: I'm not going to shoot myself!
  • Winter: Don't shoot my husband either!
  • Ironwood: Come on, Winter, just one in the kneecap! We'll call it an accident! You can act as a witness! He can take off time from his job as a teacher!
  • Qrow: Let him do it!
  • Winter: No, sir! Then he'll spend more time at home near you!
  • Ironwood: God damnit, you're right.

fuzzinator23  asked:

Does Mae and Bea still see Angus and Gregg and how are those two doing on their little ball of love? :3

Mae and Bea still do! They have been seeing the two since they both helped Angus and Gregg move to the city (Bea had the car at the time and Greg and Angus wanted to move a few of their things from their old apartment to their new one)

Also the two have been fine, actually they have been doing great! Especially with their son Wilson.

Here’s an old photo of the lovely family when Wilson was 1. 


anonymous asked:

RFA + V + Saeran figuring out MC is like literally a junior in high school?? That's how old I am and I'm kinda wondering how they'd act! ^^

I figure that you being a Junior equals 17 years. Now this is a really interesting ask, to be honest, because in Korea funnily enough the age of consent is 13 years. In Europe where I am from that is pretty similar. So if you’re American some of these reactions might shock you. Frankly, I find American age laws to be ridiculous most of the time. To consider someone underage by 16/17 years old…


Zen (23)

♬ when he found out he was extremely ashamed

♬ he choked up for a moment too

♬ he’d freaking kissed you! Twice!

♬ you’d stayed at his place

♬ you’d almost been kidnapped by a lunatic because he hadn’t been faster

♬ such a young and innocent girl to get tangled up in such a mess…Zen couldn’t help but sigh

♬ he also wanted to punch himself for hinting at such lewd things in front of you

♬ you were like a young flower not even in full bloom and he’d already tried to pick you

♬ for a while he tried to avoid you

♬ mainly because he couldn’t trust himself not to do and say more such things

♬ despite your young age you were extremely strong willed, determined and kind

♬ all those things made you rather attractive in his eyes

♬ on top of that you really looked older

♬ eventually you caught on to what he was doing and admittedly you got a little angry

♬ oh what now? because you weren’t 20 years old you weren’t good enough anymore?

♬ you assured him that sex most certainly didn’t scare you

♬ in fact, hadn’t he had sex long before you?

♬ Zen admittedly hadn’t been able to argue that one as his teen years had been rather adventurous

♬ when he’d tried to pull the ‘but I am a man and you are a girl’ card you’d glared daggers into him

♬ you’d also contemplated slapping him for his misogyny but decided against it

♬ God forbid you actually gave him material for his silly arguments

♬ after that it didn’t take long to win Zen back

♬ mainly because he knew that he wouldn’t just use you like other men his age might have

♬ because he knew that he genuinely cared for you, loved you

♬ because he’d been just 15 years old when he’d started to take control of his own life, so why should he deny you that very same right

♬ he still asked for your understanding when it came to public display of affection

♬ as a rising star he really couldn’t afford any scandals especially involving young girls

♬ (Jaehee also loved to remind the both of you of that)

♬ you didn’t mind as much since you understood where he was coming from

♬ you hadn’t really cared for publicity and anyone knowing all too much anyway

♬ Zen also being not as uptight as some others made other aspects much more interesting

♬ more often than not you were allowed to sleep over, even on weekdays

♬ Zen didn’t give a shit about school during his years, so why should he lecture you

♬ he was also an amazing work out partner, while you usually helped him with proper food

♬ bonus points for the face he made when you finally seduced him

♬ to his disdain, you’d done so rather quickly despite Zen trying to control himself

♬ you were just happy he had no self control whatsoever as he was truly and literally a beat in the bed and that was an experience you more than enjoyed

Yoosung (20)

★ when he found out it actually took Yoosung a while to register

★ he’d been complaining about assignments again, as he usually did, while you’d tried your best to cheer him up

★ eventually you’d chimed in, complaining about your homework and all the final exams you had coming up, not to mention the CSAT’s you’d soon have to start preparing for

★ Yoosung had felt for you, really, as he still very vividly remembered his exams

★ eventually you’d both said your goodbye’s until an hour later Yoosung had returned to the chat

★ he’d spammed it with emoji’s and capitol letter messages of surprise and shock

★ you were still in high school and if you weren’t yet preparing for the CSAT’s you were an 11th-grader at that!

★ it was slightly awkward at first

★ mainly because he was ashamed he never asked for your age

★ hell, you could have been some twelve year old girl getting tangled up in all of this

★ but you insisted you were fine and he believed you

★ being a minor he was still extremely protective of you and swore he’d do anything to keep you safe

★ in the end, however, age just wasn’t an issue for Yoosung

★ after all, he was mere three years older than you

★ his own parents had a bigger age gap and they were perfectly happy

★ on top of that you seemed to love the fact that he was slightly older

★ whenever you called him oppa his heart swelled with pride and he blushed

★ he was especially happy once he picked you up from school after getting his license

★ you’d bragged to all your friends about your older boyfriend, making them all jealousy

★ Yoosung had never gotten that much attention from girls like he did the moment he stepped out of his car

★ not to mention that once you’d actually met and started dating…well it turned out age was seriously nothing more than a number as you were a lot more mature than he was

★ so even after you were revealed the youngest in RFA, he was still considered the baby

★ if anything you being younger than the rest of the RFA made you much more understanding

★ you understood the struggles of studying, procrastination and stress

★ you also turned out to be a great gaming partners on certain date nights were the two of you allowed yourself to indulge in such things

★ above all, however, your young age reminded him of taking things a little slower

★ you dated for quite some time until he finally asked you to marry him and it only made your union all the stronger for it

Jaehee (25)

♨ to Jaehee your age was a slightly bigger problem than it would be for the rest

♨ for one, she’d taken job advise from a minor, which was bad for more than one reason

♨ it also made your possibly relationship impossible in her eyes

♨ being both female was already hard enough, but you being a minor on top of it…

♨ while her parents might have had a huge age difference, she’d learned to steer clear of them

♨ for her it had ended rather poorly and Jaehee had no need to repeat mistakes already made

♨ from the moment she realized just how young you were, all romantic intentions were forgotten

♨ instead she began seeing as a younger sister and best friend

♨ it wasn’t half bad either, as both of you really blossomed from the relationship

♨ you taught her all about the girly, teenager stuff she’d missed out on while she taught you all about business and other grown up things like taxes and stuff

♨ it was fun going shopping together and you’d enjoyed helping her put make-up on for the first time

♨ she’d also been extremely patient when teaching you how to correctly wash laundry

♨ not to mention that a lot of the things you did together had no time stamp on them

♨ like for example making yourself comfortable on the couch and watching Zen videos

♨ or even better, going to the theater to watch his musicals life

♨ your age also didn’t mean that you couldn’t help her with the café

♨ sure, you had to spend quite some time in school, but after school you came to the café every day and helped out with anything and everything

♨ on weekends you even offered to work full day, so she could take the days off

♨ Jaehee was extremely grateful for that

♨ and generally for having met you

♨ despite being young you’d given her just the right advise

♨ you also had a young and fresh perspective on things which helped a lot with customers

♨ eventually you finished school and decided to go work full time with Jaehee

♨ she’d tried to advise you to go and study, but you’d been insistent

♨ after all she’d studied and gotten a job and yet not enjoyed it

♨ why not safe yourself from pointless experiences other’s had made before you

♨ Jaehee had just laughed, unable to argue that point

Jumin (26)

♛ when you arrived at his apartment he’d been instantly smitten

♛ you’d captured his heart in the chat already but on top of being kind, you were also utterly beautiful

♛ the only problem with Jumin is that he can be a little ignorant of society, norms and such

♛ so having been a working hermit for the past years he hadn’t really registered that teenagers tended to look a lot more…mature these days

♛ the only reason he even found out was because you told him you had to leave, as you couldn’t afford to miss a day of school

♛ he’d frozen for a moment, swallowed and tried to understand what you’d just said

♛ school?

♛ not university and not work but school

♛ he’d asked you for your age then and you’d shyly admitted to being only in 11th grade

♛ it made things a hole lot uncomfortable for an evening

♛ while he still kept you at his place – you weren’t safe after all – he’d stormed off to work without another word

♛ now you didn’t judge him, you kind of understood

♛ he was an extremely public figure after all and people just loved to tear down as it was

♛ Jumin could not afford another scandal about him dating a school girl on top of everything

♛ not only that, but you also knew of his feelings about his father dating women much younger than him

♛ almost a decade of age difference surely must have scared him off

♛ you’d sighed and made yourself comfortable, rolling into a ball on the bed, waiting for him to kick you out upon his return

♛ surprisingly, things didn’t quite go that way

♛ the first thing he did was apologize to you, for a lot of reasons

♛ for one he’d admitted to having had some rather inappropriate thoughts he was scared you might find extremely appalling and disgusting

♛ you assured him that it was absolutely not the case

♛ he also apologized for keeping you away from school as education was important

♛ of course that meant he’d gotten you a private teacher for however long you wanted and needed him

♛ he kept a slight distance to you, at least physically

♛ you still talked and flirted and more often than not it was you making him flush pleasantly

♛ once you started to become more seriously you assured him that you were fine with hiding the relationship, anything to not dirty his reputation further

♛ he’d assured you that you had nothing to be ashamed of, but that maybe keeping the relationship under the radar for a while wasn’t a bad thing

♛ after all, he could only marry you once you’d turned 18 and then only with your parents consent

♛ he was more worried of not getting their permission and having to wait until you were 20 years old to finally put a ring on your finger

♛ by the time you’d finally turned 18 your parents had been delighted to agree and he’d swept you off right away

♛ age difference be damned, you were his

Saeyoung/Seven (21)

☼ by the time you’d gathered the courage to tell him how old you were, he already knew

☼ frankly, he seemed to know much more than that as well

☼ you quickly came to the realization that he’d hacked into a lot of your private information

☼ you were too shocked to even feel angry about it

☼ also exhausted, if you were completely honest with yourself

☼ you’d been carrying this guilt around ever since you met, scared to admit to your age

☼ it had taken you days to get him to be even remotely nice to you

☼ much longer to actually open about about feelings and such

☼ then it finally clicked

☼ he’d been so mean to you because he knew of your age the entire time

☼ when you confronted him about it Seven was quick to admit you were right

☼ he hadn’t really cared personally

☼ four years wasn’t all that much

☼ not to forget that he’d been independent much earlier than you as well

☼ Seven had learned early on that physical age rarely equalled mental age

☼ that being said, he could not put a minor in danger and since he practically seemed to attract that, it meant he had to keep you at arms length

☼ he’d seen what facing difficulties early on in life could do to people

☼ Jaehee, who’d lost her parents being forced to almost work herself to death

☼ Zen, who’d abandoned his family only to join gang, get himself in danger on a regular basis and crave affection and attention to the point he developed into a lonely narcissist

☼ Yoosung, who’d lost his beloved cousin and was no barely able to function much as V as well

☼ even Jumin’s incompetence to act like a normal human being could be traced back to a root in his childhood

☼ Seven didn’t even want to begin to list how much his childhood had fucked him up

☼ he’d tried to keep you away as long as possible, deny himself his feelings

☼ it hadn’t lasted long, not when you understood and healed him in ways no one else could

☼ not when you’d been the bravest he’d ever met

☼ not when you’d risked your life for people you barely knew and had no obligation to, let alone his brother who’d actually tried to harm you

☼ no matter what danger had been thrown at you, you’d managed it with utter ease

☼ eventually he’d been out of reasons to keep away from you

☼ in fact, he was even in utter awe of you as you proved once and for all that age did not matter

☼ your body might not have been, but your heart was fully developed

☼ your brain too, just saying (Seven likes em smart)

☼ so he gave in, ignoring all the voices in his head telling him not to

☼ because of literal death threats couldn’t keep you apart, age shouldn’t either

Saeran (21)

☀ by the time you’d gotten him away from Rika Saeran had been in no shape to date anyone, really

☀ not that he would have cared much to begin with

☀ he’d loved Rika and she’d been older than him as well

☀ however the very same Rika was also the reason he’d given up on love

☀ mostly, that is

☀ he knew that he felt something for you

☀ but there was just too many things in the way

☀ for one, he was dangerous

☀ even outside of Mint Eye his mind was an utter mess

☀ he was too unstable to care for someone, let alone a teenager

☀ those were generally too emotional to begin with

☀ he liked you just fine and he let you in as far as he could, but there were still walls after walls separating the two of you

☀ just like with V it would take him a long time to actually admit to his feelings

☀ not because they are there and most certainly not because of age

☀ he’d tease you about it from time to time, call you a baby, child or brat

☀ Saeran would never mean it though, not really

☀ you might have been young, but you’d been taken care of him, not the other way around

☀ you were mature and you knew what you wanted, traits much more important than age

☀ they were also precisely the problem

☀ he was older, he should have been the one taking care of you

☀ so when he realized he wasn’t capable of doing so, he did much like his brother

☀ he kept you at a safe distance for as long as he needed to and not a day longer

☀ when he was finally able to trust himself not to hurt you

☀ when he was finally able to be and act like a fully functioning being

☀ he finally let you in

☀ you’d been there for him when almost everyone else seemed to have given up

☀ you’d sat through insults and death threats

☀ never once had you given up on him

☀ someone like you was one of a kind, Saeran knew as much

☀ he’d be a fool to let a silly four years stand in the way

☀ so the second he thought of himself as stable, he went to you

☀ not wasting a single second to make you his officially

☀ not when he’d already wasted so many years of his youth

Jihyun/ V (26)

📷 when V had found out about your age he’d immediately cut you off

📷 it was rather harsh but not unexpected

📷 V wasn’t a bad person he was just extremely guarded

📷 especially after everything that had happened with Rika

📷 for the longest of times he hadn’t allowed himself to move on

📷 after that he hadn’t allowed himself to fall in love again

📷 so when you’d actually managed to make him fall for you, you’d been wary to begin with

📷 you’d met people like V before and you knew how they worked

📷 even the smallest reason to break up with you and they’d grasp at it

📷 not because they don’t love you, quite the contrary, actually

📷 V loved you a lot and you knew as much, he always showed it

📷 but he was scared of his feelings and not ready to face them yet

📷 so as expected, he fled from them

📷 for a while he disappeared from the chat entirely, which wasn’t anything new

📷 however even when he returned you were never on at the same time

📷 even when you caught him mid chat he barely acknowledged – if at all – and disappeared right after taking care of whatever business he was taking care of

📷 obviously the feeling wasn’t pleasant, but eventually you managed to move on

📷 almost a decade of age difference and a lot of trauma were two very valid reasons to separate people from one another

📷 after a while things between the two of you cleared up

📷 V returned and you talked

📷 never about your relationship, but at least you were friends again

📷 you even managed to convince him to get his eyes fixed, which for you was much more important

📷 by the time he actually got to see you the first time, years had passed

📷 he’d been blind for two RFA parties, gone for another

📷 you were over 20 years old now and when he saw you climb on stage to hold the opening speech, it took his breath away

📷 you were confident and soft at the same time, a proper woman now

📷 he was still aware of the age difference but it seemed so irrelevant all of a sudden

📷 it had taken him years, but he finally approached you that night

📷 sure, you weren’t that young student anymore, but the wait had been worth while

I should be studying for my own exams…why the fuck am I writing these instead?!

anonymous asked:

your story was so funny omg. do you have any more?

  • So i lived the town over from my high school, and had to catch the bus like an hour and a half every day to and from
  • (a movie. thats a fucking movie, every day, twice a day)
  • (commuter tragedy)
  • and because we were all stuck together for so long for like six years, we followed the natural inclination of teenagers to be fucking idiots at every chance
  • and we formed this group of bus kids
  • forged by ridiculous travel times
  • bonded in suffering the ridiculous rule of
  • our bus driver.
  • our bus driver was an old, old lady called jeannine
  • (nickname: the grinch, due to the time we were singing christmas carols and she got annoyed and declared that christmas was canceled.)
  • (we put up a sign written in texta that said ‘NO CHRISTMAS - SIGNED, THE GRINCH’)
  • (she did not find it funny)
  • jeannine had been driving the bus since time immemorial
  • (and may have of, in fact, been one of the Old Ones)
  • (never confirmed)
  • (but i have my suspicions)
  • Jeannie ran a tight ship.
  • the tightest ship
  • jeannine was the generalissimo of bus drivers
  • she played this talkback radio station over the speaker system
  • and when we were being too loud or she was jut annoyed with us she would turn it up to deafening levels
  • and we would all block our ears, and then having gotten our attention she would turn it down and shout at us
  • when we were REALLY TERRIBLE
  • (like those two weeks after high school musical premiered and we used to have breaking free singalongs)
  • (yeah)
  • (I would have turned the radio up on our asses too)
  • she would park next to the city graveyard
  • (always the graveyard?)
  • (i dont know why)
  • (mental conditioning?)
  • (subliminal messgakng?)
  • and walk/hobble
  • (she was pretty stooped over)
  • (basically she was your standard old crone)
  • (potentially witch)
  • up and down the aisle tellin us how terrible we were
  • so anyway, one year jeannine goes on a two week break for surgery
  • (what surgery? We never found out. Various sources claim knee, hip or shoulder replacement)
  • (could have been a stay at a lazarus pit)
  • (stay woke)
  • and we get a replacement driver.
  • we called him nickelback because he played a nickelback cd over the speaker,
  • on repeat
  • every bus trip
  • EVERY.
  • TRIP.
  • how the hell’d we wind up like this?
  • so free from the reign of terror that was jeannine, we get a bit wild.
  • and by ‘wild’ i mean we:
  • talk above speaking level,
  • eat our food in the ooen,
  • someone busts out a guitar anyway here’s wonderwall
  • its one of these days,
  • that the Great Apple Fiasco happens.

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salytierra  asked:

Ohh! The old "weird european recipes" discourse xDD Back in the old times in Europe literally all parts of an animal (and all animals) were eaten because there wasn't much food in the first place. That's how they came to eat (apart from bull testicles) snails in Spain and France. The motherfuckers are expensive now and considered a treat. So can we have Francis and Toño munching down on some grilled snails with gusto?

France: “we must thank the person who invented this dish, for it is wonderfully divine and delicious.”

i’m glad that i don’t really get involved in fandoms anymore (aside from writing anyway)