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Your nice but of snark beneath Emma's picture in the finale review was fun... but also kind of true. OUAT has been on a steadily downward curve for some time and plummeted in the last few seasons, that's a given. Many people blame it on the ships; I blame it on the overly convoluted plots that strangled the characters, which were the main focus in S1. Ships got so much focus because that simply was what they could focus the characters on with the little time that was left. Any thoughts on that?

I think OUAT’s One Big Problem is that they can’t stick the landings on their character arcs because they’re trying to smoosh everybody together into one plot. The show routinely shoves its characters aside to try and create “suspense” through people frantically looking for Random Magical Doodads right up until the finales– but we’re not here for the Dollar Store Glitterpalooza Extras, we’re here for the characters. The doodads only matter as a pretext for getting our faves to have some sort of emotional change and interact with others; it’s the character’s emotional payoff we’re after, and it’s that payoff that the show has trouble executing during the finales and that’s led to the show’s creative downfall.

The Doodad Dilemma ™ first appeared in early S2, where the first third of the show was everyone in FTL running around after a series of Lucky Charms side-quests (magic beans! wardrobe dust! magic compasses! squid ink! hearts! etc.). But of course nobody gives a shit about “sparkly dirt,” as Hook so eloquently put it– we only care about the subsequent Hook vs. Cora subplot; we don’t care about a compass, we only care about how Mulan is willing to fight her friends to save Aurora.

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What did the compass do again? (No, don’t tell me.)

At its best, the show uses these magical props as a device to link the FTL flashbacks and modern-day Storybrooke scenes together, while showing how the characters are changing. For instance, in S2 “The Queen is Dead,” the Death-swapsies Candle was symbolic for Young!Snow’s innocence, the Mills vs. Snow family vendetta through multiple generations, and how Modern!Snow failed the moral test that her younger self passed. When Modern!Snow picked up the candle in Gold’s shop I let out a little gasp because I was shocked Snow was going to whack Cora by proxy. The candle by itself is nothing– how it symbolized Snow’s dark side is what’s important.

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Holy shit, you guys

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That’s Us: Chapter One

Chapter One: You Rarely Seek What You Find

Word count: 4,151

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |Epilogue

Summary: Canon Divergence. Eighth year without the Veil. The battle between the Old Families arrives before the Humdrum has been defeated. Months after the battle has been fought, Simon comes back to Watford and faces Baz after all that has happened. They’ve always been doomed to lose everything, but maybe some things can be won.

Inspired by this Dutch song. If anyone is ever interested in a rough translation of the lyrics, please tell me and I will post it when the whole story is posted on AO3. 

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Trigger warnings: It’s pretty damn angsty with scenes that are similar to the forest fire scene in the book (suicidal thoughts/attempts), but maybe a bit more elaborate and thus more triggering. I’m not triggered very easily, so I don’t really know if this might be too heavy, so please be careful and stop if it gets too much.



I don’t smell him. A few months ago, I would’ve known he was there even before I’d reached the bottom of the stairs up to our room. The prickly scent of fire would have made my stomach twist with nausea and my heart flip with excitement.

This time there’s none of that. No fire. No static in the air caused by the constant threat of Simon’s magic overflowing. There’s just nothing.

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[FFXV Spoilers]

Genderbend Gladnis is like the cutest and saddest thing if you think about it immediately after Leviathan battle.

Because it was mostly for sure that Gladdie had to go help Ignis with her hair, because she knows the adviser likes it perfectly brushed and perfectly combed in a perfect ponytail, but right now Ignis can’t…well…she’s struggling with it.

So Gladdie goes over to her, stops her hand and just goes “Let me do it for you”.

She brushes Ignis’ hair as best as she can, and even though she does fine and Ignis thanks her kindly, Gladdie just hates and despices this, not because it’s a bother to her but because she isn’t meant to be helping someone who could do such a simple task on her own just three days ago.

Idk, the mental image of a sad Gladdie helping female Ignis with her hair is just…aodhfsiasdkljsdfj give it to me.

No offense but people gotta stop slapping trans headcanons onto characters just to make them “cute” or add Angst


Hey friends, it’s Meg!

A really late TUTOR TUESDAY on antlers which ARE NOT horns, so ya’ll can stop razzin’ me about not putting them on last weeks tutorial! If you have any tutorial recs send ‘em in here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!


Hairstyles and realizations

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing
I'm rereading The Dream Thieves
  • Ronan describing what Blue is wearing: she looks like a lampshade
  • Ronan describing what Gansey is wearing: the T-shirt hung on his shoulders in a way that revealed all kinds of pleasant nooks and corners that a button-down usually hid

every time you want to use a gender neutral restroom, and find yourself standing in between a men’s room and a women’s room, you run very fast at the wall in between the men’s room to the women’s room, and thats how you access the secret gender-neutral bathroom nine and three quarters


“Yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her…”

“I know you both needed someone who knows what you’re going through…”

To round up the Agents of SHIELD news from ABC’s upfronts:

  • Agents of SHIELD will be premiering Fridays at 9pm. [source]
  • It’ll be premiering mid-season, after Inhumans has finished airing. [source]
  • ABC have ordered a full 22 episode season. [source]
  • The lead in to Agents of SHIELD will be Once Upon A Time. [source]

See the full ABC fall schedule here.

what kind of dramatique are you? are you:

  • Kevin “everything’s always about me and when it’s not it really is anyway” Day
  • Andrew “i don’t care about anything but my investment to deals creates drama” Minyard 
  • or
  • Neil “i couldn’t resist the chance to roast someone so hard i created a new type of drag” Josten