that's for ruining our lives

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I don't see this being talked about enough, after they break apart from their wedding kiss, Padme looks really, really nervous suddenly. Like she's thinking, that's it, it's done, we're husband and wife, bound together for the rest of out lives... This could destroy us and ruin our lives yet we're in love and that's all that really matters. Meanwhile Anakin just smiles at her. I think that says a lot about their relationship as a whole.

You are completely right about how this isn’t talked about enough because I feel it’s very important in a lot of ways. Padme knows their lives are going to be hard, but after almost dying and almost losing Anakin, she knows this is the right decision. She doesn’t want to waste another minute when they could die at anytime. 

Padme over thinks things because that’s always been her life. As a Queen, she had to think about the people of Naboo. As a Senator, she has to think about what’s best for the Republic. But now, now she gets to think for her own happiness for once, and that scares her. She has never been this in love and this vulnerable before. So Anakin gives her a reassuring smile to let her know that everything is going to be alright. They will get through anything together. 

Which makes my heart happy and sad at the same time! </3