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CRAZY ex girlfriend fans...

Ratings for CW shows are always pretty low. If you can’t watch on tv that’s fine though. I went to the CW Upfronts in May, and Mark Pedowitz (president of the CW) basically said ratings don’t matter that much.

The CW is the only network to have all their shows streaming for free. You can watch all the current seasons for free WITHOUT A CABLE LOGIN. Free! Thats better than Hulu. Its these views on their streaming platforms which really matter. Download the app. Watch via the CW instead of pirating. They’re trying to make it as easy for us as possible, unlike other networks. The more you watch through CW’s website and apps, the more you’re doing to get the show renewed.

If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

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I'd be fine if it was the most romantic proposal in TV history filled with tears and memories and Killian spinning a giggling Emma around after she says yes. The more corny and emotional the proposal, the better the proposal.


tbh I’m pretty sure emma or killian will start saying “will you…” and then ill just burst out sobbing and call it the most romantic proposal ever and the greatest scene in tv history

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ok you might already be aware of this and if you are thats fine, but like... even tho people and SO's and friends can help with curing mental illness and stuff like that but people aren't antidepressants. In warm me up, it would be great so see more of nico going to therapy and learning to deal with his drinking problem more for himself rather than doing it for will and will making him better all the time.

You…. you do realize… he only just started going to therapy? That he’s literally had one appointment…? And… he has said he is doing for himself as well? And… he sort of hates himself…? But he loves Will…? So.. sometimes Will is a stronger influence to him than he is for himself…? And also…. he isn’t cured…. he has constantly wondered why he isn’t better if he had such good things….? You do realize the entire point of this story is me wanting to point out that relationships do not in fact erase all mental health problems? 

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Personal Statement Time

Good Morning All,

I thought I would do a quick write up on personal statements since this is the time of year to start really working on/finishing yours… That and I can’t get to the gym because Safelite is replacing my windshield (damn you tractor trailers). 

What goes in a personal statement?

Yes, this should be a pretty silly question for those of you applying this year, but for those of you who are still very early on in the process, the personal statement is an essay about yourself and why you want to go into medicine. There are hundreds of other careers out there, many of which are far less stressful and generate far more income, so you had better come up with a good reason why you would like to become a doctor. 

What if I can’t really put my finger on it? What if I just know I want to help people?

Well, I wish I could say thats fine… but its not. When I started the process, I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but I couldn’t quite say why. Truth was, I had a lot of experiences contributing to my decision, and without ever really sitting down to think about it, none jumped out at me. In reality 99.9 percent of human beings want to help other people. Its why you hear your friends in their late 20’s who are not in medicine saying things like “I just really want to find a job where I can make a difference”. People naturally feel good when they make someone else feel good and as a result, you can’t exactly write a personal statement about your general feelings. The question that got my mind thinking was this “If you want to help people, why don’t you be a ____? insert "cop” “firemen” “guidance counselor” etc. 

So what do I write about?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that for you. What I can offer, are some suggestions of where I looked to find the answer. The first being personal health issues. This is a great reason to be interested in medicine. If you have been unfortunate enough to have a recurring or serious health issue, and were inspired by the amazing nurses and doctors you worked with, then talk about it. If that doesn’t quite fit your bill, the next place I would look is shadowing. Pay attention here, if you think about your shadowing and can’t come up with at least one influential experience, you probably need to do more shadowing before further considering medical school. Remember that the admission committees want to make sure your really really certain that medicine is the life for you. That means shadowing a lot to see what it’s like first hand. This category will apply to many of you looking to write your statements(its ultimately what I used). Remember to keep reading though because if you just write about shadowing, I promise you will not get in. Lastly, there is caring for a family member. I urge you to use caution on this one. I am passing no judgement on this but it would seem that everyone has had an ill grandmother or grandfather that they assisted, and I get the vibe that the ADCOM’s get lots of statements about this. Thats NOT to say that if this is really why you want to be a doctor, you shouldn’t write it, I’m just merely warning you that it had better be pretty damn convincing with the popularity of that topic. OHHH, the real last I suppose would be writing about an underserved medical experience. If you are lucky enough to have a meaningful one of these… god bless you. I still don’t fully understand the absurd overemphasis on underserved medicine, but it appears to be the golden ticket. Excuse my bitterness on the topic but it is beyond frustrating to live in an area that has few if any underserved populations, acquire numerous great healthcare experiences that are in “well served” populations, and then be penalized on your applications for not having “meaningful underserved experience”. If this was made quite clear to me as a freshman that I needed to seek out underserved opportunities, and that all of my “well served” experiences would be cast aside, I wouldn’t be complaining, but anyway… I digress.

So I have an idea of my topic now, what do I need to put in this statement?

Your personal statement should be exciting but not corny, and above all, honest. This is your chance to show the ADCOM that you can capture their attention by being unique and genuine. Include info about your discovery of medicine and your interests, then incorporate your topic from above. It should ideally flow chronologically while being clear and concise. Generally, you want to shoot for a page or two, but NO MORE than two (single spaced, word count is on AAMC’s site). Remember, these committees read thousands of these, so yours should be memorable, but most of all, it should be you. Yes, what I’m saying write this yourself. Under no circumstances should you be considering hiring someone to write your essay. Proofreading and editing, yes, thats a great thing to have someone else do, but writing, absolutely not. 

What did I personally write about?

While I would love to post my personal statement for you all to read, it would put too much of a connection between me and this blog. That and I’m not sure the legality of doing so, and then having someone inevitably steal it and use it (none of you…but googlers). So I will have to describe what I did: I started with the portrayal of myself, the attending, and the patients family standing in a room, all of us surrounding a horribly ill neonate. I conveyed my desire to be there for not only the patient, but also the family. This was essentially my hook into medicine as the attending “gave me this patient” to research and present on all week. It was the first time anyone had allowed me to “participate” in healthcare and I loved it. 

Next I jumped back a bit and explained my curiosity for medicine from a young age, and my abnormally early start into pre-hospital medicine at just 16 years old, followed by my quick progression into an EMT. 

I then jumped back to the neonate and further illustrated my experience helping to care for him and describing all that I had learned in the week, but clinically, but also socially. I learned that I had the ability to connect with people in their time of need and I really enjoyed speaking with the family, despite the difficult nature of many conversations. Most of all, I knew I wanted to be there” for the many other sick patients and scared families in the future. 

A simple statement, yes! But did it get the job done, absolutely! These statements aren’t about coming up with the most elaborate, memorable, perfect essay the ADCOM has ever read, but more about making you a human being rather than a small stack of papers on their desk. There is a lyric that I really like, and I think it applies a lot to personal statements in its own way “Cuts on paper hearts can be awful deep”. What I mean is, if you can tug at a string of the ADCOM’s heart and make them believe in you and your desires, then you have succeeded. 

But wait ?!?!

You didn’t include the topic I wanted to write about, or the story I’m using, or the experience I value most etc… Sorry I just had to add this to help address some of the inevitable questions I will receive. Anyway, your right, I have by no means addressed EVERYTHING about writing a personal statement, but what I do feel comfortable saying is that I have covered the general basis of the statement and what should be in it, and what some safe topics are to write about. If you have further questions, or more personal questions, as always, I will be glad to answer them, just shoot me a question on here. Other than that, remember, you want this and its one of your life goals… a silly little essay surly won’t stand in your way :)

Until next time,


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Do you think it's advisable to decide on top surgery because of logical reasons rather than strong emotions? I don't feel really bad dysphoria or anything like that, but ever since I started getting breasts I've always thought they were really inconvenient and I'd much rather have a flat chest. And I always find myself wishing I did for various reasons. But it's not like a super strong feeling? It's more like I reasoned that I'd like a flat chest better?

thats totally fine. you dont need dysphoria to have surgery, go on hrt, etc. if you want to, thats reason enough.


- He would be such a spoiling dad rly
- He would make sure that his kids played at least one instrument
- “Ok but don’t tell your mom.”
- Bed time stories
- “And that’s why drums are better.”
- Family cuddles
- He would go to every single event of his kids
- Every mom at your kids school wants to be you bc Ashton is hella fine
- You and Ashton getting used to calling eachother daddy and mommy bc ur kids do
- “Kids we’re gonna go camping bc nature is fun.”
- Dad jokes
- “Dad can I go out with my friends?”
- “Where? When? With who? For how long? For what?”
- Letting his kids paint his nails and do his makeup
- “Daddy loves you more than anything little beans.”

…Father my children Irwin

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Why can't Annalise represent herself tho? She's a better lawyer than Bonnie and I'm pretty sure that it's her right even if she's been disbarred again (which she probably has been, they were waiting for one more strike to disbar her) just like Frank is going to

thats a good question and i really don’t know? unless she feels the jury won’t take her seriously if she does

but can i just say im literally so excited to watch frank try to represent himself its gonna be fucking hilarious

Now don’t even try to tell me that Hannibal corrupted Will. He always had it in him, that dark side. Hannibal simply helped him see it and embrace it. And if you guys really think that S1 Will was better than S3 Will that’s fine by me, but srsly Will changed completely - he became stronger, and nobody can convince me that’s a bad thing. 

@karpryor : More asking what the evidence was, but yes. Sorry if that came across as rude.

no you’re fine, i just wasn’t sure what you were asking.

someone out there probably has a better explanation with cited evidence and stuff, but basically a while back kishi said that naruto’s “whiskers” are scars from kurama’s chakra when he was in kushina’s womb

which means in order for boruto and himawari to have the whiskers, they’d have to be in naruto’s womb, not hinata’s 

In defense of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime 

Okay but like we only got like not even 5 minutes of animation. And maybe this anime will not follow in the footsteps of XYZ, but if we look at it as a pokemon story thats more light hearted. I feel like instead of playing Ash off as an idiot, its more hime going around and battling and giving fun which it a good thing for a setting like Alola. I mean what do you expect when there looks to be no gyms. Its not going to be XYZ but I feel like if you look at it a different why it might be better. The animation looks fine and remember we haven’t seen everything. 


Hope you enjoy!



“Are you sure? You could always leave Tao for me,” he’d say. “Haha no thanks,” you’d reply. He wouldn’t hide his disappointment but he’d drop the matter because he doesn’t want to ruin your relationship.


He would try and fail to hide his jealousy, but after you said that you were dating Baekhyun he wouldn’t say anything more.


“Oh, what? Ok that’s cool,” He’d play it off like it was fine with him but on the inside he’d be really sad.


On the outside: “Yea okay thats cool.”

On the inside:


“But don’t I do aegyo so much better than Sehun?” *gif* “No Jimin.”


“I’ll fight Chanyeol for you.”


On the outside: “That’s totally cool.”

On the inside: “I’m so much cooler than Chen.”


Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Somebody has a draaagon.

He’s way more purple than I was expecting, but it’s still a gorgeous colour. Also, the wing is just balanced, because he’s strung with the regular torso.  I’ll have to get better pictures this weekend, when I have some decent daylight, but still.  Draaaaaaagon!

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you said you thought that in the avengers she had more debted dialogue and that in TWS she was more of a flirty matchmaker, and thats completely fine, but didnt you think that in TWS she had a better development? the whole thing of the flirty matchmaking alongside the "who do you want me to be" dialogue, all the jokes and the sense of intimacy that was always cutted off by her calling him "rogers' instead of steve... didnt you think they played out better her personality or lack of it in TWS?

I don’t think Natasha lacks a personality. I think that being part of an ensemble cast is similar to being in a solo shot in that Natasha has more of an opportunity to be “real” instead of twisting herself to fit the personality challenges of the dude lead. I think that, in the same way Avengers used sexualized peril and “mewling quim” to give Natasha something to subvert, the mock-romance role Winter Soldier slotted her into was partly about her and partly not.

A lot of the differences in Natasha’s character from film to film have to do with different scriptwriters and different roles that movie logic forces her into: how she has to interact with Tony or Steve to force his character arc along, or to force the team narrative forward. I think it was a clever bit of scriptwriting to make that cipher aspect a product of Natasha’s character and not the creative process; I also think it’s honest to her character, something kicking around since Iron Man 2. I didn’t miss the her whole plotline in this movie, if that’s what you’re trying to ask me.

Maybe this is all personal backlash against people who praised Winter Soldier for “finally” giving Natasha a character, as though she weren’t at the emotional center of the Avengers plot, as though Winter Soldier didn’t benefit from having all this previous characterization built-up. So much meta surrounding female characters is about proving that they are characters worth talking about, and the way you can mistake “finally, a character worth liking” for “finally, a character you like” plays into that.

Like I said, Winter Soldier gave me the exact character arc I wanted for Natasha, it’s just that I think the same thing, pretty much, about Avengers. It’s hard to call one “better” for me than the other. The real point I’ve been trying to make is that there’s a lot more Natasha stuff to talk about than which versions are better and which are worse.

I mean, what are you doing? I say I liked Natasha a lot in Winter Soldier, just that I also liked her maybe even more in Avengers, which is a pretty nondrama statement. Why this “okay you say this thing and that’s completely fine but didn’t you really think x y and z, really really, right” direct inbox anon message? It’s cool if you like Winter Soldier best and that all these things about it vibed with you. I’m glad. But why the attempt to get your words into my mouth? Does it matter what I feel that much? Am I liking something wrong?