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listen I’m just saying this is very important to me personally on an emotional level

dark star wars show me the lovely green foresty jakku and show me what fuckin space magic destroyed it all

tbh while I get why people don’t like established relationship fics - as a good portion of the time they’re written with your otp breaking up or their relationship consists of a lot of angst until the very end - I personally love them so much.

Like I don’t get how you could not like your otp being together, being happy, and navigating a relationship, which can be very hard, but then they work through it. Like I love reading about my otp doing the little, sweet things together as well as going through the big things together. If an established relationship fic is written right and written well, it makes for a really compelling story to me. Like, I’m in love with this couple, so I could read about them doing this and that all day long, about them smiling as they kiss and them having little squabble’s over who gets the grocery’s or who forgot to call the plumber because the toilet is still on the fritz, or who is the clean one who gets annoyed at the other’s messiness, etc, etc. 

I love reading about their intimate conversations that lead to them falling even more in love with each other. 

I love reading about their sexual relationship developing and changing as they try new things, but also how they become familiar with what the other person likes the more they have sex. 

I love reading about my otp having a hard time but getting through it. They have fights but they make up. 

But even break-up fics with an at first established relationship can be interesting - which, I feel, might be a reason why some people might not like established relationship fics - because then we get to read about them getting back together, which can also be just as sweet. 

But really I just love reading about my otp being together and never giving up on each other and always working it out. tbh give me all the established relationship fics, because it feels like we so rarely get a happy ending for our fave couples in the tv shows/books/movies we consume, but with fic we can get that all we want, and with established relationship we get to see them be together when tv shows/books/movies so rarely show us a happy couple - and when they do, it feels like it isn’t long before they break them up. Which can work or not work, if it’s written well, but at this point tv shows/books/movies have done it so often that it’s tiring seeing couple and after couple break up, and most likely not be endgame in the end anyway. 

But with established relationship we get to see our otps be together, which is what we really want anyway. 

Not that fics that are our otps getting together aren’t amazing, because they are just as amazing and fun and wonderful. 

But give me an established relationship too and I’ll eat it up like candy because yes, I get to read a story with my otp being together and happy and in love after the getting together part and I’m not just imagining it. It’s the most wonderful feeling to me to read things like that. 

Just, give me all the established relationship pls.

Jim does it better
Jim Moriarty
Jim does it better

‘Welcome to “Jim does it better’. This is the only phone service that does it for you.’


Thank you to Sara who helped me with this. We have always the best ideas (and the silliest perhaps).

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macher would you ever think of drawing zosan that's even more... explicit? I think your style would be wonderful for it!

hmmm idk, you mean something like this?? xd eheeh anyway here it is 
but actually i prefer when they’re just are poor guys, who can’t understand their feelings, well, you know, nohomo   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) 

oh btw i finished up that skull in that coloring book i was doing :o i think it turned out pretty well


Laura Marling’s cover of “Colorado Girl” by Townes Van Zandt

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Canon Smut Prompt: Top!Lexa and Bottom!Clarke Rating: Mature

this makes me think of one of the few fic i’m currently capable of keeping up with (in love and war and potitics) so um yeah

clarke gasps as lexa eases her back onto the mattress, and presses her thighs together as she realizes what this means. lexa’s usually pliable beneath her touch. but sometimes she needs to have the upper hand; to have clarke at her mercy.

and on these rare occasions clarke is oh so ready to oblige. 

lexa straddles her hips, and clarke glances down at her own shirt, nipples straining against the fabric, showing lexa just how much she wants this.

“spread your legs,” lexa whispers, and it’s all clarke can do not to whimper. 

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The surest way to provoke life to throw you a curve ball is to make plans for yourself. More often than not, those curve balls, while upsetting, lead you to exactly where you always needed to be.”

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Wouldnt Totty x coffee be Toffee? :0

that is actually.. a really adorable ship name omg!

just. here you go, have some toffee for your soul