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Everything You Wish For

Lafayette x Reader

Note: this one happened because @a-schuylerr had the idea of Laf or Tjeff as the reader’s sugar daddy and we decided that I would write a Laf fic. Shoutout to @patron-saintof-sluts for letting me bounce ideas off her and getting feedback on my ideas for it. 

Warnings: a creepy old guy who doesn’t know how to keep his hands to himself, thats about it I think? (I don’t even think there is a swear in there)

Word Count: 4,024 

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When Lafayette first made his way into your life, you were surprised. One minute, you were a fresh college graduate working in a bookstore while trying to figure out what to do with your degree while the next minute you had a rich handsome French lawyer buying you everything you could want in return for spending time with him. 

You liked him from the beginning, he’s charming, kind and fun to spend time with and all that made you forget the 15 year age gap between the two of you. Even when your friends point out how strange it seems to see the two of you together, it’s easy to ignore.

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Really Like, Like (Bones x Reader)

Title: Really Like, Like (get it. when you tell someone you like, like them as opposed to just like.) 

Prompt: “On a scale of one to ten… how illegal do you think doing this is?” & “Don’t give me the puppy dog eyes…” Bones x Reader please! <3:

Word count: 1,864

Warnings: language, very cutesy (which isn’t really a warning unless you’re a master cynicist like me)

A/N: i obviously intended on completing this sooner but i found time today and i watched a film with karl urban in it last night so he’s been on my mind. i hope you enjoy it even though it’s definitely not at all what you probably thought it would be and i adjusted the wording of the prompts a lil hahaha

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Stay Cute

He was grumpy, oh yes definitely grumpy. Today was so uncalled for, like who did those people think they were anyways, royalty?!

‘What right do they have to go around calling me embarrassing and hurtful names?’ The petite boy thought to himself as he trudged towards his favorite coffee shop.

He aggressively tousled his chestnut brown hair, plump rosy lips slowly jutting out into a childish pout. He knew people were staring at him, probably pitying the poor man-child that was dulling their joyful streets with his negativity, but their judging was definitely not gonna stop him from stomping his tiny feet all the way to Cafe Papillon.

If he wanted to sulk, sulk he shall because people were just a bunch of meanies to him today.

Doe eyes lit up as the cafe’s sign came into view, his chocolate brown orbs twinkled in delight as he imagined all the sweets that sat behind the glass display case next to the register. Subconsciously, his short legs began to move quicker. He was excited to reach his sanctuary, it was here that he was safe. 

Why? Well because here he could stuff his chubby cheeks with desserts to his heart’s content. Eat so many until he either contracts diabetes or falls in to a sugar induced coma, ya know whichever one comes first, and he didn’t have to listen to his over the top friends fawning over his “cuteness”. He loved it here, it was the only place he never had to pretend to be something he didn’t want to be. 

The college student softly giggled with happiness as he got closer to the Cafe. Just being near the small building made him burst with joy, his bright smile so radiant it rivaled the sun. Just as he reached for the door handle, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he thought of ignoring it but it kept buzzing so he quickly whipped it out to see that it was a call. Reading the caller I.D. he hesitantly took the call, bringing it up to his ear as he pushed through the cafe entrance. 

“What is it TaeTae?” he asked into the phone, a trace of annoyance could be heard in his high toned voice. 

The deep bass of his childhood friend’s voice answered him with a whine “please come back to the courtyard Jiminnie.” 

“Why, so you guys can make fun of my “fat cheeks” again?” he scoffed, “yea no thanks.” the bite could be heard in his voice even as he lowered it to not disturb the other customers while waiting in line.

Taehyung made a noise of desperation through the speaker, “Chim you know that Namjoon hyung was just playing, he thinks your cheeks are absolutely adorable.” 

“Tae you should know better than anyone that I am tired of being called “adorable” Jimin hissed softly as he reached the front of the line. “I’m twenty-three years old now, I’m a grown man who shouldn’t be referred to as “little Jiminnie” or “our resident cutie, I want to be seen as manly .”

“But Jimin,” Taehyung started, quickly being cut off with a “wait just a minute.” as Jimin placed his order for a caramel frappuchino and a slice of strawberry cake. Once he payed and received his change, the petite male walked off to the Pick-Up side of the counter to wait for his order. 

“So you were saying,” Jimin urged.

“I was saying that being cute isn’t all that bad ChimChim, everyone likes you because of your cuteness, you’re easy to approach and get along with and everyone practically short circuits when you smile.” the sweet teasing caused a dark blush to from on the boy’s already rosy cheeks. 

Plush lips pulled into a pout when a thought came to mind, “but Tae, thats exactly why most of the guys at school tease me, they call me a pansy cause I’m ‘too cute’ it’s just so frustrating.” 

A deep sigh came from the other side, “oh Jimin, who cares what they think, you shouldn’t change and have to be manly just to fit in with a bunch of idiots.”

“Yea I know.” a sweet sigh of defeat left his lips, he knew he might have been overreacting just a bit, okay maybe a lot, but he just couldn’t help it. Constantly being teased for not being masculine enough, just a tad bit feminine, was really starting to get on his nerves.

Taehyung’s smooth voice broke through his jumbled thoughts, “tell you what Minnie, just come back to the dorm and we’ll binge watch Disney movies for the rest of the night, we don’t have class tomorrow and we can pig out on some ice cream, how’s that?” 

A small smile tugged at his once pouted lips, “sounds great Tae.” the appreciation in his voice was prominent. Jimin hoped that his best friend knew how much his efforts to help cheer him up meant.

“I’ll see you in a bit okay? I came to get some sweets to take my mind off things, I’ll take them to go though.” the small boy said as he heard his name called for his order. After receiving an “alright” from his roommate, he bid him a goodbye and ended the call, turning towards the counter where his slice of strawberry flavored heaven awaited him. 

“Jimin?” a soft husky voice inquired. The boy in question looked up from putting his phone in his pocket, bright chocolate orbs met two dark intimidating pools of black and his breath hitched. 

The worker holding his order was absolutely breathtaking, the fringe of his raven locks fell into his beautiful almond shaped eyes that stared back at the petite male with the most heated gaze he had ever felt. Jimin trailed his eyes down from his eyes, followed the slope of the worker’s sculpted nose to his less plump pink lips, then traced the line of his sharp jaw. All the way down to the man’s broad shoulders, which perfectly filled his white long-sleeved button down shirt. He shot a glance towards the other’s name tag, Jeongguk it said, ‘an attractive name for an attractive guy.’ Jimin thought to himself.

The Adonis called his name again effectively catching his wandering mind’s attention. The petite boy looked up at the man a tad bit shyly, considering he had been checking the other out unabashedly, he replied with a timid ‘yes that’s me’ and stuck his tiny hand out to receive his to-go bag. The attractive male handed it over and gave him a slight smile. 

“Enjoy your sweets.” he said softly, “oh and you might want to check your order before you go, we have a new worker and they sometimes end up packing the wrong order.” The shorter male shot him a small nod and a reassuring smile as he turned in the direction of the nearest empty table. 

Once he reached the table he set down his drink and opened the paper bag containing his cake. Dainty brows furrowed in confusion at the sight of a neon blue sticky note stuck to the top of the plastic container. He reached his hand into the bag, chubby fingers picking up the note and pulling it out, he read it to himself and found himself smiling. 

‘Dear Jimin-sshi, I sincerely hope that you will ignore all those unnecessary comments about your looks. Being manly is so overrated anyways, consider yourself lucky that it looks like you haven’t aged a day over eighteen. I’m sure all those guys are just jealous that they don’t have your adorable charm, no one can deny that you’re one of the cutest people around. I know this probably doesn’t make much sense or it might seem really weird, but just to keep it short, I just wanted to tell you to stay cute.

- Sincerely the worker Jeongguk.’ 

Jimin could feel the heat of the stare directed at him, he looked just in time to lock eyes with the one who had written his note. Once Jeongguk saw the bright piece of paper in his hands, an attractive smirk tugged at his lips, he winked at Jimin who in turn looked away with a dark blush tinting his puffy cheeks. The blushing boy gazed through his brown fringe in the direction of his supporter, catching a glimpse of the fond smile that graced Jeongguk’s lips. The taller male mouthed a ‘stay cute’ at the cherubic boy and waited for his response. He received a blinding eye-smile in return and watched as the petite boy ran out of the cafe with a dark blush. 

Rushing out of the cafe, Jimin walked slowly back towards his dorm, he sighed dreamily as he thought of the cute worker, Jeongguk. “I was right, this is the best cafe around.” he said to himself while giggling giddily. 

And if it meant catching the attractive male’s attention once again, then oh yes, he would definitely ‘stay cute’.  

Annnnd I’m done! I think it could have been better, but I think this will do for now. This story is dedicated and sorta inspired by @staycute1234 I used your username as my title… hope you don’t mind. I was contemplating whether to post it or not and I finally worked up enough courage to finish and post it, so yea hehe.

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Seven: Cat’s Out of the Bag
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2870
Warnings: None.


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Not Broken, Just Bent.

It happens so fast, their first meeting.
The ballerina who can no longer dance, the violinist who’s lost his sound.
[in which dan is a ballerina, phil plays violin. i’m crap at summaries, so please, bear with me. i promise my actual writing is much better than this]

ok cool so?? my first chaptered fic on here how bOut it

im highkey proud of this, which literally never happens as i normally hate everything i write?? but yeah!! i just wanna say thanks to everyone who i asked to read this before actually posting, it means a lot <3

word count: 1670

chapter warnings: dan’s a weeb and his dog’s called haru but that’s about it for this chapter

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chapter: 1/?

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He looks like an angel, Phil thinks. The boy’s hair is slightly curled, he’s dressed in black tights and a tee shirt, and the lights from the overhead street lamps fall perfectly over him, highlight every perfect imperfection in his form. It’s late, and Phil can’t help but wonder why this boy is here, in the quiet park in the center of town. Especially, though, he can’t help but wonder who he is, the mysterious boy, sat unmoving on an old, wooden bench.

There’s a small speaker, a phone hooked to it, and light, airy music floods through the cracks of the silence. As he comes closer, Phil notices the slight glow of moonlight bouncing off of him, the boy’s face-undoubtedly gorgeous, Phil knows, despite not having seen it-is hidden behind two, rather large hands. He sits beside the boy, careful not to kick the speaker, and sets his violin down beside the bench.

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3 Word Difference Between Platonic and Not

Word Count: 1 445

Genre: fluff (when isn’t it?)

Warnings: None, I think.


Dan and Phil say “I love you” to each other a lot.

No, before you ask, they were not boyfriends. They were not love interests. They were just Dan and Phil. Surely you say that to your best friend, or if you don’t, family. Dan and Phil were practically both to each other, so why couldn’t they say it? It was their tradition, in a way.

However, while ‘I love you’ is purely platonic, 'I’m in love with you’ is something else entirely. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

A/N sorry for the long summary. And for not posting last week. I’ve had this idea for a while and it’s always sort of bugged me on how people make a big deal about I love you when that, to me, is just platonic.

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So this has been rattling around in my head for a couple days but I never really had the energy to sit down and write it. Still got a little over twenty minutes before my “bedtime” so hopefully that’ll be enough. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

The second morning after Cas’s arrival at Dean’s unit, Dean gets hauled off for another interrogation, this time by Gordon. He escorts Dean all the way up to Naomi’s office, just like Jody had, and all but shoves him into the room before marching off.

“Good morning, Dean,” Naomi says without looking up, because she’s scribbling away on a sheet of paper. Again, her desk is clear but for two folders, one set aside and the other open for her to work on.

Dean gets the sense that one is for him, and the other is for Cas.

“Did you have a good evening?” Naomi asks.

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genre: fluff 

word count: 2,239    , i think ??

pairing: guess!!!!!! here i’ll give u a hint it’s phan

warnings: mentions of alcohol, some smoking, a few swear words, a lil bit of  badly written kissing woah call the police

A/N: oh my fucking god so i looked up what “renegade” meant bc i love the song and one of the meanings for it was “someone or something that causes trouble and cannot be controlled” and i was like wow that’d be a good title for this fic then and so yeah,,, the more u know and um sorry if there’s spelling or punctuation errors bc i literally did not proof read this at all

PS!!! if ur against gayness (if ur in this tag and u are then what are u doing here) then this is not a story for u, buddy.

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