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I have one thing I have been waiting for since s11 failed to deliver and I personally feel is important for Dean's and Cas' relationship; for Dean to save Cas. The big save, the gripped tight and raised you from perdition kind of save, the break a blood pact with a reaper kind of save. And I think it's important because the whole Cas= The Protector and Dean= The Protected narrative needs to break for them to be equals. It's time for Dean to be the saviour and for Cas to be saved.

I can’t argue with this at all. I mean, when Cas was possessed by Lucifer, this was a BIG disappointment, that Dean wasn’t directly involved in freeing Cas. He gave it a desperate try in 11.18, but there were the extenuating circumstances of Cas’s depression that seemed to only get worse while he was hosting Lucifer.

I’d be depressed if I had to host Lucifer too, and I’m just thinking of the “stuck him in the spare room” sort of hosting here…

Dean did break Naomi’s hold over him in 8.17, but then Cas had to go and pick up the angel tablet and suddenly all he knew was that he had to protect that tablet with his life from everyone, including Dean.

(which sounds VERY MUCH like how he currently feels/is behaving toward Jack and Kelly after 12.19 and all the way through 12.23).

They nudged up to that line in 12.12, but there wasn’t anything Dean could’ve done to save Cas once he’d already been injured by the Lance, since he didn’t know that snapping the lance in half would work as a cure. But at least Cas got a shining example of how Dean was unwilling to leave him to save their own lives. They stood and faced Ramiel.

(granted at that point I think Mary may have been more motivated by guilt for having brought them all into that fight, but by the end of the episode she had admitted that Cas was one of her boys… so it was obvious enough to HER that this was Cas’s place in the Winchester family, where his life was to be equally defended by all of them).

But yeah, whatever becomes of Cas in 13.01 might be setting up just this kind of potential situation. We shall see.

We know he’s willing to lay his life down for the Winchesters (he said it again in 12.19:

Castiel: This has nothing to do with my reputation. I am doing this for the Winchesters. I-I stole the Colt to keep them out of this mission and to keep them safe from Dagon, and I… I will kill this girl so that Sam and Dean don’t have to.)

Problem is, they’d rather have him, and fight with him at their side, than have him act as their protector.

Dean pulling a big save might help him finally see that.

I only hope it doesn’t involve any sort of deal. Deals ALWAYS go bad on Supernatural.

Castiel does not understand the fascination people tend to have with him.

As a brand new fifth grade teacher, he meets a lot of young and middle-aged moms, many of them single but most of them not–but single or not it doesn’t really make a difference. They still all relentlessly flirt with him.

Or at least that’s what he thinks is happening. He’s still not entirely sure, but the flirting authority in his life believes it to be true. In any case, these moms are very friendly to him.

The thing is, though, Castiel doesn’t care. He doesn’t necessarily mind it either, but he doesn’t really care for their flirtations. It doesn’t make him feel special or “hot” or really anything at all.

The only time the moms make Cas feel heat rise in his cheeks or pride swell in his chest is when they ask if he’s got a sweet wife back at home.

He politely evades the question, but he wishes for nothing more than to answer honestly. To shout it from the rooftops.

But not doing so turns out to be worth it.

He’s having a meeting with several of his students’ parents during the last week of school when suddenly he loses all of their attention (moms and dads both) to a disturbance at the door of his classroom.

“Sorry to interrupt, babe. Can I borrow him for two seconds?” he asks the parents.

Cas rolls his eyes. “Would you please excuse me?” he says to the room, but absolutely no one is looking at him.

He starts walking toward the door and feels a flutter of smugness run through him. Dean obviously just got off work and immediately came over here. The sleeves of his flannel are rolled up to reveal corded forearms, and his jeans are grease- and paint-stained and hugging his hips where he’s got his shirts tucked in. His hair is messy probably from having safety glasses pushed up into it all day, and there’s a speck of sawdust in his prominent stubble, a pencil tucked behind his ear, Klein tool pouch still hanging from his belt. He might as well have a flashing sign over his head that reads SEXY CARPENTER. KNOWS HOW TO USE A TOOL OR TWO.

Not that it’s even necessary at all, but Cas still runs his hand through Dean’s stubble and kisses him right on the lips right there in the doorway.

So he likes showing off. Sue him.

Dean’s got a goofy grin on his face when Cas pulls back, and he clears his throat shyly and darts his eyes around the classroom. “Um, sorry, everyone. Uh, just going to–talk to my husband for a couple minutes,” Dean stutters, and it’s perfect.

Cas takes Dean by the hand and yanks him into the hallway. He can hear the whispers among the parents in his classroom, but he tries not to smile too smugly.

“What was that about?” Dean asks, already knowing the answer.

Cas gets right in his personal space and runs a finger across his belt buckle. “I’ve been waiting all year to show you off.”

“Oh yeah? You think those moms will stop flirting with you and start asking about me?”

“Let’s hope so.”

When Cas comes back into the classroom a few minutes later, his hair’s a little more disheveled than it was before, and his lips are just a tad pinker.

Half of the moms are smiling knowingly at him, and the other half still have their mouths hanging open. A few of the dads just look impressed.

“Sorry for the interruption. Where were we?” Cas asks.

Nobody says anything for a minute, but then one of the more flirtatious mothers pipes up from the back, “That was your husband?

  • *Dean finds himself, once again, in Hell, standing next to a blonde-haired man*
  • Man: Knock Knock
  • Dean: Who's there?
  • Man: Adam.
  • Dean: Adam who?
  • Man: Adam Milligan, you asshole! I've been stuck down here for like 5 years and you haven't even TRIED to get me out! Ring a bell??
  • Dean: Oh shit that's right...
  • *Dean looks around awkwardly*
  • Dean: So, uh...How's the weather been down here?
  • Adam: Hot, you asshat.

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can u imagine,,, how destiel-heavy these episodes will be,,,, next season is gonna be supEr gay if they're going to amp it up omg

Since 12x23 I don’t even know who I am any more :P I feel like normally I’d be all oh no wait and see be careful don’t get your hopes up through the roof… But I mean if you’re like me and surfing along on the top of the wave enjoying the custom tailored for you destiel fan service as it happens, I suspect season 13 is going to be pretty ridiculous :P

Please don’t think about Sam after Dean told him that Cas “played” him on his bedroom so he can take the colt from under his pillow.

Just avoid to think about Sam asking:
How Cas would have know where exactly to search for the colt ?

For your own sanity please think on anything else but Dean’s explanation that he must had “felt it” when he went into his bedroom to return him the MIX TAPE of Led Zeppelin that he had made for him.

And of course later just ignore the fact of how the head of Sam exploded when he focused on trying to understand how Cas could had felt the colt under Dean’s pillow.

  • Lucifer, stroking his new meat suit: Whoa, Cas youre hung! You think after this whole possession ordeal we could screw around a little? No idea how Sam n Dean miss this hot bod right in front of them.
  • Dean: right. That's it. You're not Cas. He would never praise how-
  • Sam: You gotta admit, he is pretty hung, even compared to you.
  • Gabriel: How do you kno- you know what. I ain't even bothering. Lollypop anyone?

One of my new year’s resolutions is the old “draw something every day” thing, except my version is one layer only, 30 min max, with history turned off so I can’t erase. Even if I don’t always upload my daily sketches, I’m going to do my damndest to at least keep this resolution.

I decided to start off easy with some fem!Dean! Happy new year’s everyone.

Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 5

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Y/N gets tired of waiting

Warnings: AU, fluff, some heavy making out, oral sex

Words: 1968

Note: FINALLY A BIT OF SMUT. Sorry it took so long, but I really wanted to make this real, and I realllllyyyyy love Dean in this. Thanks for sticking with this, I really appreciate it, because I love writing this so much xoxo

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  • HaluciBenny: What happens in Purgatory stays in Purgatory.
  • HaluciBenny: I mean, nobody ever found out that you and Cas-
  • Dean: Benny! I mean me! I mean... Just shaddup whoever you are.
The Future - a ficlet for asktiny!cas

Castiel loves moments like this. He sits with his wings spread open as Dean gently brushes the toothbrush over the feathers. Everytime he sits like this with his wings open, he feels vulnerable, but he is more than happy open to spread his wings for Dean. The gentle brushes are hypnotic, and Castiel can feel his muscles relax and his eyelids grow heavy. Neither he or Dean have spoken, but the silence isn’t uncomfortable or strange. Dean hums a little part of a song now and again, which adds to the trance that Castiel seems to be falling into.

As he relaxes, he lets his thoughts flow freely, but each one is brushed away with the rhythmic brushes through his feathers. He lets out a soft sigh and smiles, hoping that this moment can last forever.

Forever. That word echoes in his head. As the brush makes another sweep, it repeats itself louder in his head. Forever.

Castiel hadn’t really thought too much about that word in the past, but it continues to reverberate in his head. He suddenly becomes very aware of what that particular word means to him and what it means to Dean. What is forever? For Castiel, it is infinite. What is it for Dean? 50 years? 30 years? 10 years?



Whether they remain in a romantic relationship or if they return back to a platonic relationship, the thought of an existence without Dean is unsettling. He can feel his stomach churn and he fidgets with his coat.

“Dean?” he asks softly, breaking the silence.

“Hmm?” Dean responds, still dragging the brush through the feathers.

Castiel takes in a deep breath, wondering how he should phrase his next words. “Dean…what does forever mean to you?”

Dean chuckles. “Forever? Forever is the length of time between new seasons of Dr. Sexy.”

Castiel flicks the brush away with his wing and turns to face him. “I’m serious, Dean.”

“Whoa, okay, fine.” Dean sets the brush down and leans forward, putting his chin in his hand. “I dunno, Cas. Why?”

“Do you ever think of the future, Dean?”

Dean’s brow furrows. “I try not to. I’ve seen enough of the future to be done with it.” He dismisses Castiel’s confused look with a wave of his head. “Yeah, don’t worry about it. Anyway, nah, I don’t worry about the future too much. I’m more of a present moment kind of man. What’s the point of getting worked up over something that may or may not happen? I think it’s better to worry about the here and now.”

Castiel forces himself to look away from Dean’s face and he fidgets with his coat again. “Oh. I see.”

“Why? C’mon, Cas. Talk to me.”

“I just…” his voice trails off before he takes in another deep breath. “What’s going to happen in the future for us? Your “forever” and my “forever” hold very different meanings.”

Dean smiles softly and runs a finger down a wing. “Yeah, so what? If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, Cas, is that we seem to be weirdly connected. Call it fate, call it destiny, whatever. We somehow always seem to end up back with each other somehow. When my forever is up, I don’t doubt that we’ll still be together in some way, shape, or form.” He raises an eyebrow before he says slyly, “Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me. And if you’re stuck with me when I’m an old man, I know for a fact that I’ll still be kickass. Yeah, don’t ask about that, either. Bottom line: we’re here now. Focus on that.” He puts a finger under Castiel’s chin and gently tilts his head up. “Can you do that for me?”

Castiel sighs and kisses Dean’s finger. “I can try.”

“I’ll see you in the future, Cas. I promise,” Dean whispers. A grin slowly spreads on his face before he ruffles Castiel’s hair. “BUT! Right now? I’m starving. C’mon. You can help me whip something up. You need to work on your culinary skills anyway. You suck at cooking.”

Dean laughs and Castiel can’t help but smile either. Dean’s laughter is infectious. He stands up, spreads his wings, and flies after Dean.

Castiel knows that he will never be able to let go of his worry of the future, but he wants to try. At this particular moment, he knows that he is happy, and that he has Dean.

And right now, that’s all that matters.

Dean: don’t do the thing
Sam/Cas: screw you Dean I know what I’m doing
*Sam/Cas do the thing; everything breaks*
Fandom: this must be Dean’s fault!