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Okay really though I thought the ATLA fandom was bad about fighting over ships but I JUST started Voltron and joined the fandom and already the hatred and division between the fandom based on ships is blowing me away. ESPECIALLY between anti shaladin/shaladin and klance/every other Keith ship. Some of the posts I’ve seen are absolutely brutal and scathing. And on both sides. I just wonder, man…

@lukegarrwoay, @alecmagnu & i decided to try and make #WeLoveYouIsaiah trend on Twitter this Friday (9th of December)! We will do it at the same time as the posters were announced, around 1pm PST! Isaiah needs to see how much we love him and that he has a lot of fans being “loyal” to him and that we know that he’s a main character!! so lets drown him in tweets and show him how much we love him!! reblog this please to signal boost it so we can get as many people to tweet as possible! we will keep tweeting as long as we want to so if you’d want to join in later that day, thats completely fine! :DD


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Comics batjokes is actually a very dynamic and also very abusive relationship. Please do not support people that promote romanticizing an abusive relationship! People that get hate for comic batjokes deserve it tbh

look man,

have ur opinion, its fine. its whatever. you can think how you want. i hate a lot of other ship dynamics myself, whether they be abusive or promote erasure or i personally just dont care for them or whathaveyou

but what i dont do - for those ships i dont like - is go out of my way to pick fights with people on this beautiful blue hecksite we call tumblr.

its not funny, its not cute, its not noble. its just showing everyone how much free time and lack of impulse control you have.

if you’re not into it, thats fine. i completely understand. honestly a lot of the material in some of the comics gets really disturbing and dark and scary. thats just how they are. heck, im a horror fanatic and some of the stuff spooks me. but just because you’re not into it, doesnt mean you have to grab a megaphone and charge into that wasps nest with all those wasps you hate so much. 

there’s a block button and xkit’s blacklist / whitelist function for a reason.

tldr: have your thoughts and opinions, just dont tag it if all youre gonna do is look for a fight.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way


[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.

You guys need to calm down here

hey guys im not a huge fan of keith (hes just not interesting to me) but even I know when yall arent doing a character right. ur keith galra designs are weak. 

listen, if a tiger and a lion have a child its not gonna look like a yellow tiger with a mane. its going to look like a third thing with mixed parentage. galra keith isnt going to look like a purple human with yellow eyes and cat ears. hell he might not even look like a mammal because the galra have proven to have reptilian traits in some measure. if you wanna go down the mammalian route thats completely fine but it means hes going to have increased body hair (though prolly not full cover because he IS still half human). his teeth will probably be pointed to a degree but also crooked or fucked up because galra and humans arent like tigers and lions in that they share similar ancestors - they arent designed to be genetically compatible (explain, dreamworks!! explain this to me!) a lot of galra are shown to have more humanoid faces, but with ears that sit on top of their head (except for that one in the Blade of Malmora, and some of the background galra??? like PLEASE be more consistent with your species design) the skull is going to be differently shaped; this might not be as directly obvious but if u r going to be getting narratively up close and personal w his head it could b important. theyre also taller and bulkier than humans or alteans, so this probably WILL assert itself if ur going for like. a second weird alien puberty. also ridges or horns are totally a thing! its v obvious in zarkons case, but their were also some background galra with little nub horns or spikes. 

and if ur looking at a lot of galra designs in canon youll notice despite the furry ears the base designs are pulled a lot more from simians than felines for the nonhuman look (save for zarkon but that may have something to do with his age/exposure to quintessance, and even then he looks like a lizard rather than a feline.) dont be afraid to mess with the actual structure of his face - particularly his nose because a lot of galra have a bridge to their nose that extends straight from the forehead into the nose itself. if you wanna fuck with him, it may cause some issues with breathing and communicating while its growing, or the mix of galra and human genetics may make it not work well at all. it doesnt take a lot to fuck up a pulmonary system; i didnt get asthma until i had a cold at 21 and then it hit me full force.

its also totally legit to give him both reptilian and mammalian characteristics. some of the reptillian galra designs have hair and scales, and i doubt its impossible in a species that exhibits both to have individuals with both

im not saying that u need to stop completely but like. branch out a little! also if ur afraid of being called a furry for it that ship has sailed my friend. that ship sailed when u first even THOUGHT about galra keith. i have my phd in furry and i can garuntee u it did. 

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did you pick up the new mass effect?!


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Why do you ship SoRiel? I don't mean this in a rude way, I'd just like to know what specifically draws you to the ship :3

Thats completely fine to ask n.n and honestly I think it is adorable as a ship. The two offer each other comfort and good company in times of distress and sadness. The two have a mutual understanding of one another even if it is just through silly jokes and they share a connection with another. At the end of the game when they meet it is such a relief for them both cause now they can identify who was bringing them that joy and, in sans case, a reason to keep on going.

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if you do move to tumblr you may be able to set up commissions with paypal and make a commissions sheet with examples and post that ?? idk its just an idea and thats how ive seen other people do commissions on tumblr,, if you wanna move fully to tumblr instead of dA thats completely fine and we support you on that choice !! <3

yeah, that’s what i already do !! o: i just feel like taking commissions on tumblr is a trillion times harder and not many commission via tumblr unless you are extremely famous or something
ghgh i dunno, i just wanna find a place so i can peacefully upload my art and not have to worry about ppl yelling @ me or nit-picking my art or tryna get my private info or smth.
i’ll try to figure it out tho, it’s just a thought.
thank u so much for the support :D

Hexing, Cursing and other taboo names for it: :

So, I have been reading quite a few discussions regarding the use of Hexes, or (curses): and wether or not they are “moral”.

This can be a pretty tricky decision when working or dabbling in Witchcraft. Now, I want to share with you my personal views on the subject, and if you disagree thats completely fine but - please show some maturity.

There is a belief system that includes something called The Three Fold Law. This is a Wiccan belief, as well as some secular forms of Witchcraft and a few other individual religions from all over the world. It is stemmed from religion and the idea of Karma.

A Hex or Curse is meant to either cause harm to, or to in some way disrupt a person or situation. There are many reasons for a Hex or a Curse, and honestly each reason is different for each person performing one.

Many people believe that if one performs and casts a Hex or Curse, that they will feel their Karma bounce back hit them three times over, or three times as severe.

This is where my personal feelings come in: I believe that a Hex can be cast with the intent to give a person their deserved punishment. I would never cause or intend any sort of bodily harm on any living being, but I do believe in retributiuon.

(Example being an abusive man in my personal life that has tormented my loved ones without remorse for years - I have no problem in this particular case, using a Hex to bring him disruption.)

Personally, I am not religious, and I do not believe in the Three Fold Law.I believe that the physical world is subject to manipulation and free will. I believe that punishments are called for at times, and it is up to a persons moral judgement wether or not to follow through.

Now, as for Karma, I do not necessarilly believe that the universe seeks to balance it for us, I believe that sometimes, a persons conscience gets the better of them, and they eventually end up sabotaging themselves unintentionally.

So it is basically up to you to decide how you feel about dabbling in the “dark side” of magic. Sometimes there are gray areas.

Thats just my two cents on the subject.

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Hi! I was wondering for the femslashsmutweek , for the prompts are they like a must follow thing or can it also be idk less smut but more cute/freely followed if you understand what I mean?

Oh yeah thats completely fine, hope to see your post

C: It bothers me when black people hate Beyonce. If you’re simply not a fan thats completely fine – everyone obviously has their preferences, but hate why her? She has donated a lot of money to charities, she just doesn’t broadcast it like their celebrities. She has expressed support behind BLM and given money while most other black celebrities have stayed silent. I get that that her fans can be annoying, but I never hear people complaining about Lady Gaga or Britney Spears fan and they are just as bad.