that's completely fine


[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.

you know what liam thats fine completely ignore the fact that fans are bringing rainbow flags to concerts because it makes them feel connected and loved and respected just completely ignore it and use the opportunity to talk about how infuriating it is instead that fans think 2 members are dating LOVE it, great lgbta content 

Regarding Stucky, just gotta get this off my chest...

I like Stucky.  It’s one of my favorite ships, though by no means my only one (equal love for Steggy and SamSteve here!).  And I get that if someone doesn’t ship it, the amount of Stucky can seem overwhelming and even off-putting.


I really, REALLY don’t understand people who say that Stucky is a bad ship because it’s unhealthy.  I just really don’t.

Steve and Bucky, regardless of whether you ship them or not, love each other.  And while Bucky’s been abused for decades and isn’t in the best place right now…why in the world would that mean that it would be “unhealthy” for Steve to be in love with him?  Or for him to be in love with Steve?

Maybe they can’t be in a relationship RIGHT AWAY if Bucky needs to find some semblance of stability first, but the idea that it’s somehow wrong or “problematic” for Steve to love Bucky (and vice versa) when Bucky’s down just really, really doesn’t sit well with me.

When your friend or spouse or partner or family member is dealing with a serious issue…that doesn’t mean you stop loving them.  That doesn’t mean your love for them is wrong.

I don’t know…whenever I read a “Stucky is unhealthy” post, I feel this kind of raw, visceral coldness sweep over me.  As though people are saying Bucky’s too “damaged” to love, he’s a “lost cause” or too “broken.”

It just sounds so much like that little voice that whispers “everyone would be better off without you.”  And I fucking hate that voice.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

C: It bothers me when black people hate Beyonce. If you’re simply not a fan thats completely fine – everyone obviously has their preferences, but hate why her? She has donated a lot of money to charities, she just doesn’t broadcast it like their celebrities. She has expressed support behind BLM and given money while most other black celebrities have stayed silent. I get that that her fans can be annoying, but I never hear people complaining about Lady Gaga or Britney Spears fan and they are just as bad.

Ok but wait, I saw some of the comments on the youtube videos and people are saying that all the hype was for nothing and stuff, and I kinda understand ok, its cause we’ve been waiting for so long and like most people were expecting something mindblowingly amazing like out of this world, and its ok like yg gave us all this damn hype and our expectations touched the damn sky, so I believe no matter how good or well done the songs were done we would still feel this kinda disappointment, just cause we learned to expect so much from them, but we forget that they are still a growing group and they have so much time to improve and learn. For now though, if I was to give my honest opinion, I don’t even care that much about the songs, I care about them debuting fiNALLY GETTING OUT THERE AND DOING THINGS, I know they put the best of their efforts in those songs they worked sooo damn hard, so please stop flooding the videos with comments of unsatisfactory feelings and things like that, please please and please they worked so hard and they finally debuted. Seeing people comment such things will make them think that all the work they did ended up not being enough, whICH CLEARLY WAS ENOUGH OK THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINING FOR SO DAMN LONG, please support them and leave the judging for later, just please PLEASE support them.

i’ve gotten to the point where i think i might just ban p/harmercy from my blog because of how DISGUSTING the fandom is for it and how VEHEMENTLY they refuse to see what is wrong with the ship, and if hahaha lmao if u dont like the ship immediately ur a lesbophobe. nvm about csa survivors!!!!!!!!

number 1, no one is complaining about the age gap when they’re in their 30′s. we’re fucking saying that you shouldn’t be drawing a 12 year old and a 17 year old in romantic situations, bc lmao, despite people trying to say ‘a/ngela isn’t an adult!!!’ she is way over the age of consent for her country, and is still way more mature than fa/reeha at that point. she. is. an. adult. stop drawing her with f/areeha as a child and tagging it as fucking p/harmercy. its. disgusting.

number 2, having a/ngela wait until f/areeha is 18 before dating her is called child grooming and is abuse. fucking stop it. you can wait until after the recall to ship them. you don’t need to have them fucking date when they’re younger. and hahaha again, NVM ABOUT CSA SURVIVORS I GUESS !!!!!

number 3, white savior bs. do i even have to elaborate this more?

number 4, how fucking transphobic ya’ll are bc if someone breathes a word about trans f/areeha or trans a/ngela, u freak out and show your inner TERF. it’s disgusting and i’ve seen it way too much from this fandom.

number 5, god forbid you even breathe of shipping either of them with someone else, GOD FORBID!!!! bc haha if u do ur a lesbophobe and want all gays to die, even if ur LGBTQ+ urself!!!!!!!!

can people stop diagnosing steve with behaviour/mental disabilities. if he has one, thats completely fine, but yall need to respect the fact he hasnt mentioned having any behaviour/mental disabilities. not only is it disrespectful to randomly diagnose people but its disrespectful to the people with the behaviour/mental disabilities you’re trying to diagnose him as. and stop using the fact that he may have a disability as a reason to coddle and baby him.

like ok if u have armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, p*ssy hair, boonky hole hair thats completely fine i love it but like theres bigger parts of feminism than like.. armpit hair… am i wrong on this? i dk

Honestly? As much as I like the show, i would love it so much more if it ether focused more on the Gems or on the misadventures of Beach City. As it is now it’s all just weirdly paced with too little big plot stuff, character, and gem culture to keep me fully invested and too little Beach City stuff to make it feel important compared to it. If it focused on one of them the show would be far more fulfilling to me. Also there are filler episodes, especially in season 1, and thats completely fine.