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dylan needs to crawl out of his hole and own my ass once again. also in other news ansel elgort got a part that I was secretly hoping dylan would because it would be prefect and an amazing role and now I'm crying dylan where tf r u bruH?!?

he was smoking sum cigs n drinking n taking pics with fans yesterday he’s doing good!!!!!!!!!!!! he still has an identity crisis with his hair but its alrite he’ll figure it out lol honestly let him chill until january but also i want the occasional instagram photos because thats how i pay my bills (side note: im hoping he snags that baseball role thing he talked about it before) 

one of my favorite threats is “youre not invited to my birthday party anymore”.

from ages 4 to 11 its one of the most heinous things you can say, then 12 through 17 its just embarassing cuz teenz think that thats a childish thing to say, but from 18 onward, it only gets more and more effective, if only because it confuses the person youre speaking to.

its like a verbal smoke bomb. it catches them off guard and disorients them to the point that they might not even know how to react.

anger management: mars
  • mars in the 1st: i know it doesn't feel like it, but you need to let that anger out, consume you and explode. i would advise you to hit something but then i'm sort of afraid that you'd hit me--at least it's a nice conundrum, i don't see a lot of those, these days. i recommend exercise or sports because you know, two birds with one stone. or you could get drunk and kick people's asses in bar brawls/video games, both would be cathartic, i think.
  • mars in the 2nd: bottle up your emotions, man. and that anger too. and when it reaches a breaking point, burst the entire dam because you're too good at it. but no, really, find a repetitive task that grounds your anger to a center, don't hoard it like dragons hoard gold, as you're wont to do. and make sure it focuses on a rhythm and unleash it using that focus. get it through your thick head: passive aggressiveness is not attractive.
  • mars in the 3rd: i would tell you to punch your sibling but that'd be too drastic. i suggest you write all the words you're dying to scream and curse, the words you're gonna use to tear the world into two, in paper, make an origami of it and flush it down the toilet. that'd feel good, trust me. if not, i'd advise you to talk it out with a person you trust to be objective, look at it from a logical perspective as to why you're angry and methodically decode why it's making you want to annihilate something. you'd feel much calmer afterwards. (or end up reading six books in one day and write vicious reviews on how stupid the characters are--that works too)
  • mars in the 4th: i know this sounds ridiculous, but open the fridge and the tub of your favorite flavor of ice cream, dig into it face first without using a spoon while watching really sad anime. you'd feel much better. or you could take it out on your home, violently redecorate or tear off the curtains. or something. i suggest doing heavy household tasks that'd exhaust you, so when you take a shower and get rid of all that sweat, you feel at least some semblance of calm.
  • mars in the 5th: this sounds terrible and cliche, but use it to be productive. use it in your art to make a statement because it has pissed you off. run that extra mile on track. get the best score on a creative writing course--you get the gist. make sure it helps you shine, not the things/people that made you angry, because trust me, an anger like yours is nothing short of an inferno.
  • mars in the 6th: fuck with your classmates/co-workers. otherwise channel it into helping people with things they can't do themselves/solving their problems while grumbling about how fucking stupid they are. you could also finish household chores and with your exhaustion, calm your anger. i know there's so much you want to say and it makes you feel like you could burst, but channel that anger into mundane tasks to get them done faster, finishing that side project earlier. and the satisfaction will quell that terrible rage, trust me.
  • mars in the 7th: fuck up all your personal relationships and one on one communication and brood like there's no tomorrow, man. other things you could do are: changing your entire wardrobe to spite the person you're angry with, listening to heavy rock metal that somehow speaks to your soul at the moment and go wild on a shopping spree. the tornado in your head won't completely disappear, i know, you passive aggressive fuck, but it'll help, i can assure you that.
  • mars in the 8th: plan hypothetical revenge on your object/person of anger. i know it's not satisfactory unless you back up that bark with bite, but i advise you to not do that, because you'll feel terrible afterwards. so the notion that you could get revenge, if you wanted to, is satisfying in and of itself (just don't actually want and do that, i'm saying this for your own good). listen to your favorite metal band and scream like there's no tomorrow. or tell the people you're angry with how you plan to eviscerate/castrate them in vivid detail in your head. you'll feel a lot, i repeat A LOT calmer.
  • mars in the 9th: run away from it. literally. complete avoidance has always been your best strategy, hasn't it? i suggest preaching about why you're angry to anything that will listen: a wall, a donkey, babies too small to crawl away. think about affirmative action, man, and for god's sake, face the source of your anger instead of running off on a road trip with no money just for the hell of it. heck, play that weird airport finding game in an unknown place you're gonna have to navigate on your own. or play video games in general: don't let that energy go to waste.
  • mars in the 10th: channel that ball of righteous fury into your ambition and dexterous work ethic (translation: become even more of a workaholic than you already are) and shove your success, your regained dignity, your perseverance right to their faces. you are made of poison and stardust, and that is the greatest strength that belies your anger. use that strength to work miracles. or smoke weed, but that's not exactly a good thing 0/10 would not recommend. but don't, i repeat, don't take it out on your personal relationships. that's exactly what will lead to your downfall.
  • mars in the 11th: do NOT use it to fuel your god complex. i know you're angry at the world and how frustrated you are--i am too, but AN IDEOLOGY IS NOT A SOLUTION BECAUSE ITS APPLICATIONS IN REALITY ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE IN THEORY. you're seeing an injustice? make sure it is not one anymore. plan it out, how you'll right all these wrongs: with your friends, with people who share the same views as you. dissect and analyze these problems and annihilate them but i repeat: DO NOT LET ANGER TRANSFORM YOUR EGO INTO A GOD COMPLEX YOU WEIRD WONDERFUL SHIT IT WILL DESTROY YOU
  • mars in the 12th: don't get others to unleash your anger or manipulate them into being assertive for you. just don't, that's freaking pathetic. i strongly suggest you sleep: take a long, preferably 8 hour nap and cuddle something/someone. once you wake up, you'll be looking at it from a newer, fresher perspective and will actually find the energy to express your anger appropriately instead of using other people as puppets that dance under your strings. music would help to calm you down, as well. so try that first, all right?

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Can you give us some book recommendations?

Okay book recs. Oh my god I have so many. I have a question after this that say’s POC book recs, so I’m going to keep this post to book recs that arent poc to keep these separated just for the sake of the anon’s that asked. 

Red Rising by Pierce Brown (Trilogy with a new book - a ‘spin off series’ coming out next year) - I will fucking promote this book series until I die. This is hands down, one of the best books I have EVER read. Honestly, for me it sort of beats out Harry Potter (Which if you know me, I’m obsessed with. I mean, I had a Harry Potter Sweet 16. [I’m from Long Island. Everyone there has a Sweet 16]) Not only is Red Rising extremely diverse and beautifully written,  but the storyline is incredible and the characters literally jump off the page. I dont think I’ve ever read a more human character than Darrow. Honestly PICK UP THIS BOOK. IT NEEDS MORE FUCKING ATTENTION. 

^^^^bolded it so people know that this is the best book ever and needs the read. 

Abarat by Clive Barker (Four books so far) - Now, this may not be everyones cup of tea. Maybe because I’m a painter, I appreciate him more. But his books are wonderfully illustrated with his paintings that follow along with the beautiful storyline. I recommend this book to the fucking stars. Its a fantastic story with amazing paintings. (Clive Barker, for those who don’t know, also created Hellraiser [Pin Head] and Midnight Meat Train along with a plethora of other stories. It’s worth the read.)

Song of Achilles (novel) - I mean, If you want to fucking CRY  then this is the book for you. It’s so fucking depressing but so FUCKING GOOD. I mean, if you know the story of Achilles, then you know why its depressing. But that doesnt take away from the beautiful story between Achilles and Patroclus. Definitely recommend this book. 

Along with that last book, a book that I feel goes hand in hand with it:

Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat (trilogy) - Now. A lot of people have a problem with this trilogy. I personally, as a (mixed, black) poc, have no problem with this book. It’s about two kingdoms, one of poc, Greek-like, and the other of boujee af french-like, white kingdom. In short, the Prince from the Greece inspired Kingdom is framed and shipped away to the french kingdom as a slave. Now, he becomes a slave (as a dark skinned man) to a white prince. There are a lot of things that happen like he gets whipped and other horrible shit. People have a problem with the book because of the dynamic between the two. They find it racist and insensitive. Here’s a great post as to why people don’t like the post, and the second comment is why I read it. I honestly find it to be a beautiful story that develops amazingly over time. I definitely recommend it. 

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (novel) - I’ve just recently read this book and I absolutely fucking loved it. It’s an extremely diverse, beautiful story. Personally, I found the story sad, funny, heart warming, and inclusive. They brush upon the difficulties that black men specifically, have with the judicial system, by having an African man whom is loving and kind, constantly blamed for crimes that he did not commit. Again, it’s a really lovely book and this stuck with me for a very long time. I really recommend it. 

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (novel) - If you don’t want to fucking SOB then don’t read it. If you want a beautiful story, I recommend this book to the stars. Honestly, I went into the book not knowing shit about it, just that people loved it. Then I realized that it was about fucking cancer and I was about to throw my god damned book because I don’t fend well with sad things. THEN I found out that it’s also now a movie with Liam Neeson. Ugh. I havent seen the movie yet, but damn was this book magical and heart breaking and wow… Read it. I personally fucking loved it. 

Fangirl  by Rainbow Rowell (novel) - I mean, I feel like this book actually summed up my early college experience lol! I was writing fanfiction, roleplaying, cooping myself up in my room - the only difference was, I didnt have a quirky, beautiful, sweet man to hold me as I read outloud to him (if you read the book, then you know what I’m talking about). Honestly, this was a fucking amazing book and I loved it so much. it was feel good and extremely nostalgic for people of my generation (’94-’96 specifically) really well. If you loved Harry Potter, grew up with it, went to the midnight book releases and movie screenings, submerged yourself in the fanfiction, then you will love this book. I thought it was fantastic. 

which leads me to this rec. 

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (novel) - Ugh. So in fangirl, there’s a fanfiction that the main character is writing. I know that this book is not the fanfiction, but it is named the same thing - so thats a nice connection. Again, if you love Harry Potter, if you love shipping Drarry (i dont because I find it problematic. But I feel if you like Drarry) then youd love this. I mean honestly, if you just like a cute story, with ridiculous spells, and adorable love, then read it. If you love Harry Potter ESPECIALLY READ THIS BOOK. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (Trilogy) - Okay. Honestly, I havent seen many people promote this book series, but it is amazing and arguably, one of the most beautifully written trilogies that I have ever read (besides Red Rising. Ahem. Read it). It’s a wonderful story that comes together beautifully and is such a different book from your usual YA. 

The Archived by Victoria Schwab (Series of two) - So, if Victoria Schwab sounds familiar, that’s because she also goes under V.E. Schwab okay. Listen. I know that everyone loves A Darker Shade of Magic. I havent finished that book yet and I bet it’s amazing. However, we cannot forget the other amazing books she has written. The Archived is such a lovely, creative story that deserves more credit. Honestly, I’ve never read a book like it before and it stuck with me for an extremely long time. Apparently there is a third book coming out that I have actually been waiting for forever. I’m not going to say much about it, but these books are wonderful and deserve the read. 

Speaking of V.E. Schwab

Vicious by V.E. Schwab - This book deserves more recognition. Not only is the cover absolutely AMAZING, but the story is fuckign awesome. If you like Brandon Sanderson books, if you like superheros or Marvel and DC, read this fucking book. It’s fantastically written and needs to be read more. Get on it people. 

I mean, these are just some books. I purposely stayed away from some YA  series because I feel like a lot of people know about them. But I mean, some YA series that are well known that I like are:

Obviously Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

The Darkest Minds  by Alexandra Bracken


So anyway.. i think this is all I’ve got right now haha. I’ll put my favourite books written by poc in the anon above this!  

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IM CRYING OKAY OKAY!!! heads up this design is like… at least a year old and i rlly need to work on it but heres a boy. also this is super cheesy please dont make fun of me i never expected to share this and ill cry

BUT YEAH OKAY SO his name is Naden and his backstory in a speedrun is: classic ran from home, found odd jobs on the road, acquired skills this way, caught the eye of a gang, joined said gang, caused trouble, acquired more skills of the more amoral variety, was horrified by his own actions, set fire to everything including himself in the process i guess, caught the eye of another organisation by doing so (cough cough), ran away again, got caught, got recruited, made a friend, is now a hero i guess??? its a very chaotic story. suits him well

NOW for the part thats actually interesting. picture time hell yeah

this is the first design sketches for him!! its a little weird looking but the basic idea is a fire-based hero. because. fun cicada fact i have a passion for burning things down whoops

the arm tattoo is a flame design to cover and accentuate the burn scar hes got on his arm!! and that gear on his face is to protect against inhaling smoke and teary eyes. im a professional 

now!! in the game mechanics aspect!! Naden is mainly a sniper because thats what i prefer to play myself, but at close range his weapon turns into a flamethrower. hell yeah. i think his special abilities would be to give explosive or incendiary attributes to his bullets!! also his passive ability is literal parkour. yaasss

i still havent picked his ult tho B’))

heres a super cheesy pic of him n his new bestie Calypso, complete with stock photo fire as a background lmaooo

Calypso is @franny-bower ‘s character, and the both of them become friends and an inseparable fire-based hero team, granting them the code names of Kero and Sene!!! get it

i actually love that codename thing. fight me. fran came up with it and its great and ill fight anyone over it

ANYWHO thats pretty much??? it??? i have a fire themed overwatch oc whos awesome buddies with my friends fire-themed overwatch oc and we have fun and its great. check out this pic they drew of them i love it so much


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#HELAMAN HAS TO REMEMBER 2000 BIRTHDAYS#I BET HE WOULD I BET HE THROWS BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR ALL 2000 OF HIS KIDS#holy smokes. If their year had 365 days in it like ours, Helaman was probably throwing a group birthday party every single day. Because that's an average of five or six kids having a birthday each day

helaman is a favorite customer at every nephite party store, he gets a discount on all the things he buys and confetti is free

recently i’ve seen some talk about how Eva changed so much after season 1, from a “sweet girl” to a “party girl” or similar phrasing and i’m confused? like she wasn’t a party girl before and isn’t a sweet girl now? and that those things are mutually exclusive?

there’s a lot of things in season 1 that told us Eva was a party girl, yes once we switch to noora’s pov and especially isak’s pov we get less of Eva’s day to day life and only see her in social settings (mainly just parties by season 3 for a whole lot of reasons) but that doesn’t mean she’s acting out of character from season 1

the show started off with establishing Eva as someone who like to go to parties, it’s even mentioned in her trailer, her old friend group goes to parties and in the first episode we see her get tipsy from wine she stole from her mom (she mentions this later) that she’s hiding in her room and going to the revue party

she has multiple motivations for going to that party and drinking of course but her wanting to go because its a party and wanting to drink are apart of that

she posts on her instagram a lot about being home on a friday/saturday night while everyone is partying because she’s not use to being in this position, she’s not use to not going out, she not use to being alone, it’s eating her up so she tries to make jokes about it to cover up just how lonely she is, thats part of the main conflict of her season how her entire friend group just dropped her, she was never someone who liked staying home and in bed all the time, she’s clearly a very extroverted person and thats part of the reason she dislikes what her life has recently become

then every time the girl squad goes to a party it’s because Eva arranged it, yes it’s her season so it’s about what she’s doing but none of the other girls ever set up a party even though Vilde and Chris were certainly interested in doing so and Sana was doing that whole ‘master plan to make the group popular’ thing (Noora was just along for the ride)

the problem is that she never gets to have fun at these parties because of the drama in her life, not because she doesn’t want to party, remember this moment? 

she’s very uncomfortable with the situation she’s found herself in and therefore can’t get into the party, she can’t have fun and let loose like she’s able to do in season 2 & 3, this happens at the halloween party too because she’s freaking out about Jonas cheating on her and then again at the girl power party because before the party really gets going Vilde needs their help, all of the parties are very plot relevant and a bunch of shit happens where they get cut short so there’s no time for Eva to just be the party girl she is, and yeah she has this thing against weed and drugs and thinks Jonas is a stoner because he smokes some times but then when Jonas calls her on it?

she literally responds “you can’t compare those” like the little shit white girl partier she is

and then of course we have this iconic line, like not a party girl where??

Eva ends season 1 in a good place thats the point when we see her again afterwards she’s happy and comfortable with her social life and her friends and that’s why we see her more open and comfortable at parties, not because it’s a new trait but because she’s no longer in the same situation she was where she was upset at herself and her life and having a lot of internal struggles 

skam of course isn’t perfect, nothing is, but i’ve never found Eva’s characterization from season 1 and onwards to be unrealistic or without reason, maybe it’s just because i’ve grown up in a similar party crowd (because we all know skam focuses on a group that’s really into the party scene) but it all totally made sense to me, especially when you consider that fact that Eva is 16 in season 1 and it’s just a fact that (if you are in that scene) you go to more parties and bigger parties as you get older and know more people who can buy alcohol and such, this is true about everyone in the main cast, they are all going to more parties now because they have more opportunity 

but none of what i’ve mention in this post takes away from the Eva who is a loving, supportive, and caring friend, just because she’s getting wasted more doesn’t mean any of her “sweet” characteristics are gone, yes we see less of her thats just how the show works but that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned who she is, there’s literally no reason someone can’t be both a “party girl” and a “sweet girl” and i hope Eva as a character can help teach people that 

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Today a woman yelled at me. I work at a home decor store with a good return policy but if you're a home stager it's a final sale automatically because we had issues where they would stage the home and when it sold return everything they used to decorate it and that's just not good for our business. She threw things. She yelled at me. She said I accused her of something but idk what and she wouldn't tell me. My manager is out back smoking and when he came up she refused to talk to him & left.

HGJAKGFHSHMHKG i told my mom how i like being a barista because the adderall makes me hyperfocus on making drinks and she said “thats what happened when i smoked pot with your dad, we used to do it before cleaning the house and i’d focus really hard on cleaning every little thing”

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i wanna write more poetry but idk how to write poetry thats not trauma-related

i have that problem too–a lot of the time it feels like its the only thing i can write about because its always on mind. and while its definitely healthy to write about your trauma (because it helps you process and understand it), its not… super healthy to only write about your trauma.

so heres how i write softer things even when all i want to write about is my trauma: 

  • go somewhere safe (preferably somewhere completely unconnected to your trauma)
  • do things that help you calm down (preferably also unrelated to your trauma) such as, smoke a cigarette, drink some coffee or tea, burn incense, etc.
  • listen to some music. something you’ve never heard before, and that doesnt have any words. classical is really good for this, here is a 2 hour loop of my favourite compositions by erik satie (my personal favourite) or a 10 minute piece by arvo pärt (might be a little calmer actually)
  • get a piece of paper and a pen or something
  • draw little flowers or suns or hearts around the page. little things that are cute and make you feel a little happier. stars and solar systems work best for me
  • focus on the happy things in your life. that’s the hard part, but you can do it. if nothing happy in your life comes to mind, think of fictional happy things. like i might think about bucky barnes cuddling with his bf. completely unconnected to me (except for how i really relate to bucky but still). something calm and nice.
  • take deep breaths. try to come up with a solid image, a tangible thing, that feels calm. your cigarette smoke rising like knots in wood. the dust caught in the light. the train going by. the frost on the grass outside. real things that are constant. that you could touch.
  • write down everything that comes to mind. it wont make a poem, thats ok though. write down as many images as you can. write down the way your fingers ache a little in the cold. how warm you are in your favourite sweater. the way your tea smells.
  • when you have amassed as many images and sensory details as you can, read through them and use the ones that were worded well, or that caught your eye, as starting lines for poems. here’s one i just wrote:

it’s pretty still and a little aimless (and completely unedited), but that’s okay. it’s a poem. and it’s not about trauma, or anything bad. they get better with practice.

  • Jesse Pinkman: You know, I don't get it. Why would anyone paint a picture of a door, over and over again, like, dozens of times?
  • Jane Margolis: But it wasn't the same.
  • Jesse Pinkman: Yeah, it was.
  • Jane Margolis: It was the same subject, but it was different every time. The light was different, her mood was different. She saw something new every time she painted it.
  • Jesse Pinkman: And that's not psycho to you?
  • Jane Margolis: Well, then why should we do anything more than once? Should I just smoke this one cigarette? Maybe we should only have sex once, if it's the same thing.
  • Jesse Pinkman:
  • Jane Margolis: Should we just watch one sunset? Or live just one day? Because it's new every time. Each time is a different experience.

[2/?] Daughter of Smoke and Bone Tarot Cards: Liraz

“She was no mere weapon as she was trained to be, but a woman in full command of her power, unbowed and unbroken, and that was a dangerous thing.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

My best stoner move.

So, last night I was smoking pot in my bedroom. My dad came home unexpected 7 hours early from work, and I panicked. I started spraying hairspray because it was the closest thing. And I needed to mask the smell. The hairspray wouldn’t stop spraying , and I saw an opportunity. As my dad came in, I handed him the hairspray saying “wow you’re just in time, I knocked this over, and it won’t stop spraying..” He goes , “how the hell?” Cue story. Mind you I’m high as a kite.

“Well, I fell asleep on the couch, and woke up about two minutes before you got here, saw you pulling in as I was walking to my room, and reached for my phone to see what time it was. I knocked it over in the process and it won’t stop spaying”

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How would mello and matt relieve stress? Other than sex, because thats obvious lol

Mello likes to work out, preferably by boxing or jogging, but if he’s really pissed, he just goes outside and kicks the shit out of something that hopefully won’t break his toes (a cardboard box, the side of the garage, etc). He’ll also take two-hour-long scalding showers, angrily read while mumbling to himself, or just pick fights for no reason because he likes to yell and be right about things. Matt just smokes a bunch of weed, or sits around and steams until Mello leaves then usually throws something fragile across the room and breaks it.

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i find the matt furie thing hilarious because pretty much everyone agrees the legal concept of intellectual property is a cancer on this society and yet he's using it to smoke out nazis. like thats just one of the best cases of "the ends justify the means" ive ever seen

yeah, i figure that modern IP and copyright law is a fucked up system designed to benefit publishers and rights-buying parasites as opposed to actual creators, but it’s so deeply entrenched in our legal system that it’s not going to undergo any significant changes any time soon, so we may as well squeeze what good we can out of it

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I was just wondering why do you make your teen sims so bad? All of them smoke and sleep together (but that's not bad bc in high school that happens a lot) but I moved around a lot and I went to three high schools and there were only like one group a kids that smoked and they were burnouts and they were seniors and he other schools I bet only a few people smokes because a girl there died when she was super high she was driving and drove into a concrete road border so I just think it's sad

my kids act up because it’s suppose to be a time to try new things and be young. smoking and drinking doesn’t rly make you a burnout.  im sorry that’s your experience and if i’ve done anything to make you uncomfortable bby. i promise they aren’t bad kids, they’re just here for a good time not a long time.

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That's an actual thing Americans do tho we "smoke" smarties by inhaling the dust. There's a rumor that it'll get you high but I never knew anyone who got high doing it but there was this one kid who did it too much and had to spend the summer in the hospital because it completely destroyed his lungs


I know some people judge others who smoke and think that it’s gross, but the thing they don’t get is the reason behind that cigarette. Perhaps it’s their loss of innocence, guilt, self-hatred, or anxiety which drives them to smoke, yet a cigarette is sometimes just a cigarette. Other times you’ll see someone who is aimlessly looking for a way to feel something. You see, a burn on your throat can make you feel alive even though you know you are destroying yourself, but you don’t care because maybe thats all you need to ignite that fire that had been inside you for the longest time.
—  Valeria Renée 
  • me: i have a new boyfriend.
  • friend: what? really? that's amazing! when did you meet him?
  • me: a couple of hours ago.
  • friend: don't you think that's taking things too fast? you shouldn't jump into a relationship with someone because they're hot. is he hot? how hot is he?
  • me: smoking.
  • friend: oh, well, at least there's that. so what color are his eyes?
  • me: i don't know yet, i haven't read that far.
  • friend: wut
  • me: yeah, i'm not sure what color his eyes are, i just know that we're soulmates.
  • friend: did you just say "read"?
  • me: mm-hm.
  • friend: he's from a book?
  • me: mm-hmm.
  • friend: he's... fictional?
  • me: *hiss* SHUT UP, DON'T SAY THAT!
  • friend: ...again?
  • me: WE'RE SOULMATES!!!