that's because of the thing with the smoke

listen reaper76 artists please just. Give them the Scars. They’ve been thru hell n back and probably have some sickass scars to show for it. also because they can smooch each others scars and thats really cute. gimme jack morrison with a fucked up face beneath the visor. gimme blind jack morrison. gimme gabriel reyes with tons of scars. i mean talon probably fucked with him a ton. he’s definitely bearing the scars from that. hell, gimme monster-like gabriel reyes. gimme smoke monster gabriel. just. Gimme

i hate posts like “women can wear pants and have short hair and men are shamed when they wear makeup and dresses IT’S OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE OUR SOCIETY HATES FEMININITY THAT’S CLEARLY THE MAIN SOURCE OF MISOGYNY” like …. do you know how hard women had to fight for all of these things? why do you think they were “traditionally masculine” in the first place?? women couldn’t wear pants or smoke or drive and they FOUGHT for it and i will not  dismiss their fight by pretending that being a masculine girl is absolutely a-okay in this fucking society


so uh… found a game breaking glitch creepy uh… ending? this is one of the weirdest glitches I’ve had. so I did a hard mode run by making the fallen humans name Frisk, went through hard mode like genocide mode, waited for a long time and did the whole phone calls where Toby steals the ingredients and her phone, until it started repeating the snoring, then went and did more genocide mode, got the whole nobody came thing, slowed down music, and the signs like the mirror (which made it even creepier when you think about it because thats Frisk saying its them that is evil). 
now here is the glitch, first time around I killed Toriel one hit, got the hard mode ending gag, then when it ended I was brought back to where I last saved. went through it again, this time I tried to talk to her first. the game said “Not worth talking to”  and then suddenly I head the puff of smoke noise and Toriel got tiny in a puff of smoke, like when you spare Tsundereplane and she gets tiny. the whole battle interface is gone, but the special Toriel Battle music continues playing. hitting buttons does nothing. I wait and nothing happens, the music loops all with Toriel staring at me with this “you know what you have done, my child” look. then my game crashed eventually.

open game again, play, back at where I last saved, this time I try to spare her, does the same exact thing except my game doesn’t crash after 5 minutes, so i have to manually quit. try again, kill her one hit, and the genocide one hit kill death and hard mode ending happens fine.
 so yea, I sort of broke the game… and got the “Toriel creepypasta-material” ending. I had previously completed true pacifist, then genocide, sold soul, then got a neutral ending, then restarted and tried this. no idea what is causing this. 
@fwugradiation you might want to look into this, I’m sure you can think of some funny ending to put in for this… or maybe the ending is just being judged eternally by Tiny Toriel (or is that supposed to represent her just being far away? kinda hard with the solid door behind her and me standing 5 steps from the door).

If I get computer recording software maybe I’ll record it. 

INTP Problem: Just... FEELINGS

Fe Person: *Thinks INTP dislikes them*

INTP: *Doesn’t dislike them; simply prefers to keep a straight face*

INTP: *Tries to convince Fe Person that they don’t dislike them by using logic*

Fe Person: *Isn’t convinced*

INTP: *Tries to use Fe to communicate better*

INTP: *Ends up sounding fake / forced*

Fe Person: *Is beginning to think that INTP dislikes them more than they originally thought because INTP doesn’t even sound emotionally passionate about the situation*

INTP: *Is logically passionate about the situation because Fe Person should know the truth – that INTP does not, in fact, dislike them*

INTP: *Makes the situation worse by trying to make it better*


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Under neon lights,on creaky beds

Pairing: Jikook

My first Jikook fic

please don’t kill me

Angst(?) and smut

In which Jimin finds himself at a Brothel in The Red Streets of sins and wants to make a young broken prostitute feel loved, even if just for the paid hour. 

I suck at desprictions

Flashy red neon lights, thats the known trace of the Red street, where nothing but sinful things happens and was dealt with; sex, drugs, abuse, and sometimes murder. All kind of things but never love. And if you did find love in such a filthy place then you should savour every second, because after your paid hours have ticked by it’s over.

Such places was places Jimin would never in his wildest dreams have gone too. Still he was there, barely tipsy and feeling more than uncomfortable by the heavy smoke and smell of something he couldn’t quite distinguish; but if sin had a smell, he would say it smelled just like this.

“Ready to get your dreams and needs fulfilled gentlemen?” a lady that looked around her 40’s asked him and the rest.

Ah yes, Jimin wasn’t there out of free will. His boss decided that it would be good to have  dinner with the company for everybody to get close. Which Jimin wouldn’t mind too much but ending up in the infamous Red Bullet Brothel was not exactly how he had seen it turn out. Everybody piss drunk and barely conscious enough to stand or even utter a short yes.

The lady disappeared for a brief moment before coming back with 10 females, all looking like they were on something, their eyes unfocused and a weird smile plastered on their faces with fake giggles.

Each man took the lady that fell into his liking, or those who were left. Each man except for Jimin.

“Ya! Jimin, why don’t you grab yourself a piece of nice meat ? I pay !” His boss blurted out already groping the woman’s breast while trying to make his eyes focus at the blurry figure that was Jimin, at least he thought it was.

“Bu-b-but sir.. there is no females left and I don’t really-“ “WHAT ?! Ma’am, my friend over here haven’t gotten some !” He screamed towards the lady that was about to leave into wherever she had come from in the first place.

“Oh, well I shall find him someone. Why don’t you just go and have your fun Mister ? I’ll take care of the rest” the lady said and his boss was already wobbling towards one of the doors with the equally unsteady giggling woman.

Jimin cursed under his breath, this was wrong, he didn’t want to be there. He could just go home now right? It’s not like his boss would know anyway. When he was about to tell the lady he didn’t need anyone and that he would leave she returned with somebody tracing after her, short black hair.

A male..?

“I’m sorry mister, but it seems we’re out of women for the moment, but this one will do, right ? He is actually the best we have, both males and females favourite.”

A male indeed.

Black hair, with bangs right above his eyelids. Cherry lips that glistened oh so sinfully, sparkling doe eyes rammed in long lashes and eyeliner. Skin white and smooth looking. A flawless porcelain doll. That is, if you ignored the purple marks on his neck and collarbones.

“Mister?” the woman said and Jimin just realised he had been staring.

“Uh- I..I-“ His eyes meet the males. They looked pitch black, empty, like if you would stare long enough you would fall into the darkness of eternity. Still they were sparkling and there was something innocent about them. But Jimin felt intimidated by his stare nevertheless.

Go, now. Say no. Go home.

“I’ll.. I’ll take him” he said while still looking at the unknown young man. The others gaze never leaving him.

No, Jimin. You don’t do these kind of things, its dirty, its a sinful thing to do. To yourself; to him.

His voice kept nagging at him but he just couldn’t corporate with it. It was something about the emptiness and the beauty of the other that had Jimin wanting, wanting him. And before he knew it the young latter had taken his wrist and started to pull him towards one of the deepest rooms. Air getting thicker and thicker with each door they passed, each one which you could hear moans and slamming and creaks of beds. He was starting to regret and could feel something ring in his head, nevertheless he did not try to free himself from the other, just let him lead him deeper in to the darkness.

When they reached the door the boy had stepped aside to let Jimin in first. Jimin stood there just looking at him for a second before telling him to go first.

The boy had only looked at him back with his doe eyes still as empty.

“I.. I mean, I’m already a horrible person for taking you.. I can at least treet you nice..”

As nice as a man can treat a prostitute you mean?

The boy had looked surprised for a moment, or so he thought, his expression didn’t really change too much his eyes just appeared bigger for a nano second.

“Please?” Jimin had barely but whispered and the boy finally did as he said and walked in first and Jimin right after, closing the door with sweaty hands.

The room was neither small nor big. It had a worn out leather couch on the right end of the room and a bed on the left end. Red and blue neon lights giving it a weird, hazy kind of look, no windows.

“One hour”

Jimin just realised he hadn’t heard the boy speak, until now.


“You got one hour” he had answered short.

His voice was deep but not too deep and raspy.

“O-okey” Jimin said and the young boy led him towards the cough, pushing him down before placing himself on his lap. Jim could feel his heart skip a beat and his breath hitched.

The boy looked amused “I haven’t done anything yet”

“I know, I just..” Jimin felt flustered by how he was acting, as if this was his first time to ever experience intimacy with  somebody, well it kind of was. First time with a prostitute that is. A young looking one and a male at that.

“What’s your name..?” he found himself asking

“I don’t give names” the boy answered, his amusement gone.

“Oh well..can I then at least get to know how old you are?”

The boy had looked at him for a few second, eyes wandering around Jimin’s face and  he could swear he had never felt so stripped by somebody else’s eyes before.

“I’m..I’m 17”

Jimin had kept quite, did he hear right ? He wasn’t even legal yet.

This is wrong, but he must have his reasons.. But still, so wrong

“Oh..okey “

The boy had looked more surprised now than he did earlier

“You’’re not freaked out..? Disgusted..? I mean, I’m not even legal yet..”

He was now shifting a bit on Jimin’s lap, fingers fumbling with the hem of his oversized t-shirt.

“Well, I guess you have your reasons so.. And really, who am I to judge? I mean, I’m here” Jimin said while pointing around the room.

The boy had looked at him, as if searching for something and for a few seconds Jimin could swear he had seen something in the others eyes, but before he could grasp just what it had disappeared with a low whisper of “Yeah, whatever..”

The boy shifted again on his lap, making Jimin again aware of their position and what they actually were about to do.

But before Jimin could think any further or say something the boy had taken his face in his palms, they were so cold and smashed their lips together. It was all teeth, tongue, biting and bumping of noses. Nothing that indicated love or anything near to even the slightest of affection or care.

Yet he tasted so sweet, so innocently bittersweet. and Jimin couldn’t pull back even if he wanted too, the boy had a proper fistful grip of his red hair now, tugging harshly at it, yet somehow keeping their faces so impossibly close.

He yanked Jimin’s head backwards and started to suck and drag his teeth along his neck harshly. Jimin groaned, he didn’t know if it was out of pleasure or pain or maybe even both. Soon he could feel the younger’s free hand tugging impatiently at his bottom up shirt, fumbling with the bottoms before letting his cold hand roam around his body.

Something felt so wrong about the way he touched him, kissed him, just everything. It all felt so cold, so heartless and empty. As if the boy wasn’t even there. It made Jimin lose focus on what was happening and rather concentrate about how wrong it felt, he could feel a knot forming in his stomach and not the one out of pleasure.

The younger noticed and frowned.

“Too slow for you?” he asked before throwing off his t-shirt, being left in nothing else but a pair of boxers. His skin had a lot of marks, some that had started to heal, some that looked fresh and some that looked more like scars, engraved in his body forever. To always find its way to hunt him about his past if he ever were to try to go another direction in life.  

He had bruises on his hips, of fingers and nails that had digged into his skin of his several heartless and nameless costumers.

Still he looked so innocent and broken in Jimin’s eyes, but he knew there was nothing innocent about this boy, he had lost it in every possible way, still he couldn’t help but feel he was only tainting him more.

He tried to stop the boy’s harsh ministrations but only got his hands yanked and pulled towards the boys hips, holding them there while he rocked down on him rough and fast.


“I’m sorry I can’t - I can’t do this..” Jimin said almost in a whisper

The other boy stopped what he was doing “Why? If it’s because of the marks and bruises then I don’t care, nobody is ever gentle with me. I can’t possibly break more than I’ve already have” He said coldly before diving towards the elders lips only for Jimin to shock his head.

“No.. I can’t do this, maybe they can but I don’t” Jimin said firmly now. While looking at the boy who now was looking at everything but him.

He only tsked

“You’re waisting my fucking time, I could have had other costumers now that would actually use me for what I’m worth. Instead Im stuck here with some stupid that thinks he can play off with being goodie two shoes ! I don’t need your fucking sympathy!” The boy was practically screaming at Jimin’s face by the end of his sentence, a lot of emotions for once showing in his eyes, but mostly anger.

“I don’t think anyone; no matter how much they have payed, have known your worth, or ever treated you  how you should be treated” He had calmly answered back.

The younger was fuming, cold hands formed into fists, knuckles showing through his already pale skin.

“You know shit about me or my life.. So don’t come here and tell me who has treated me right or not” His voice was shaking, sounding even hoarser than it had earlier.

Jimin wanted nothing but to hold him, love him

You are fucking insane

“You’re right, I don’t. But I’m not blind, I can see it”

He reached out for the boy’s fisted hands, thumb soothingly tracing alongside of his tense knuckles. He flinched, but didn’t do anything or told him to stop. So Jimin reached for his face with one hand, lifting his face up for their eyes to meet. He could see something more than anger now, pain, sorrow.

“I don’t know nothing about you, your life, your reasons, nothing. But I know one thing, you like anyone else in this world deserves love. Being treated with it and getting it”

“There is no such thing as love for a prostitute like me. A whore. People don’t come here for giving or receiving love, they come for their egoistic need of pleasure. It’s a take and leave”

Jimin has had it and can’t take the broken look of the boy anymore.

“Then let me, if only for the remaining of my paid hour… Treat you with it” The younger didn’t say anything, but his eyes showed confusion an untold ‘Why?’ nevertheless, he let his body relax a bit before saying “Okey, give me the illusion of the love that does not exist”

That was all Jimin needed to hear before tilting his head and kissing the boy with the outmost care. He was afraid, so, so afraid of breaking what was left of the broken boy. He tensed up again and so Jimin put both his hands on the boys face, caressing it as softly as he could, to tell him it was okey.

 I won’t hurt you.

The boy loosened up a bit and responded back with his lips, to the unfamiliar feeling of a soft kiss he’d never had. His hands shakily found their way up to the elders torso, and up to his shoulders, keeping them there.

Jimin let his hand wander down to the sides of the younger, giving him featherlike touches and nibbling his lips. The other boy shivered and opened his mouth to let him in. Unsure tongues meeting halfway, one hesitant because he doesn’t know if he might have gone too far, the other hesitant because he doesn’t know how to do it without being rough. Yet, they found their ways and they found their pace.

Jimin broke the kiss to catch air and to see if he should proceed, he would not force anything on the boy that he didn’t want to. That was not his intention.

The younger let out a little whine when they pulled apart, cheeks tinted a slight pink and lips an even stronger cherry color.

You are so beautiful

Jimin gently pushed him of his lap and led him towards the bed instead. Laying the boy down on his back before hovering over him, the younger’s breath actually hitched and he suddenly looked so nervous. For someone who daily dealt with intimacy with strangers he sure looked unexperienced at the moment.


“Relax, tell me to stop if you feel like you don’t want to anymore. I’ll stop. I promise.”

Jimin set for his lips again this time kissing him more intense, still caring but with more passion, desire. The boy answered back immediately this time, body relaxing more. Jimin stroke his hair and let his hand wander down his neck, his shoulder, his collarbone and down to his chest, lightly ghosting over his nipple and when he got a  response he rocked his hips in a slow but strong phase down at the other.

He moaned

Jimin let his mouth wander to each cheek, giving them light pecks, his nose, eyes, forehead and lips before trailing openmouthed  kisses along his jawline, behind his ear and down his neck, his neck filled with hickeys, he wanted nothing more but to kiss them away. Heal every mark on his body, both physically visible and mentally.

So he imagined he could and kissed every pair of marks he could find and they were a lot, his hot lips meeting cold skin.

You are so cold

When he reached down to the hem of his boxers, he looked up, to see if it was okey, the other boys eyes were hooded, his breath uneven and body flush. He only nodded so Jimin pulled them down and fully off. The younger hissed at the sudden contact with cold air. Pre-cum leaking down the shaft.

Jimin kissed his hipbones and down towards his thighs, sucking lightly, but not enough to put a mark, he didn’t want to be like the rest. To so egoistically claim someone as his without permission. He could feel the other shivering with each touch, each light peck and he just wished this could last forever. That he could shower him with all the love forever.

Despite his skin being so cold, it was so smooth, he was like a porcelain doll indeed, flawlessly beautiful, smooth yet cold. Solid yet breakable.

Jimin tok his time and the boy was wreathing under his every touch, anticipating for more. He gave the neglected shaft a lick, from the base to the top, and the boy immediately bucked his hips, letting out broken, hoars cries of pleasure. He kept going, holding it firmly on the base while taking in the tip and suck lightly first, but going deeper and harder after a while, the nameless boy had a grip on Jimin’s hair, pushing it downwards with shaking hands, moans escaping every once in a while.

Seeing as the boy looked distracted enough Jimin thought it was the good time to prepare him, so he took the lube he had gotten from the nightstand next to the bed earlier and slicked some on his fingers, one hand teasingly ghosting around his puckered hole, while the other hand was used to caressing his inner thigh. He pushed in one  as he gave him a hard suck for the pleasure to mix in with what most likely would feel uncomfortable.

The other whimpered, he pushed deeper, stopped sucking to look up if he was fine. His brows were furrowed and he was biting his lips, some tears threatening to pass through his closed eyes .

“Are you okey..? I can st-”

“No, no I just..they usually just.. they don’t prepare me..” The nameless answered. And Jimin could feel anger boil in him

Heartless is what they must be

Jimin was now hovering over the boy  again looking into his eyes, the other trying to avoid his gaze.

“Look at me, please”

the other looked at him.

“They might don’t care if you feel pain or not, but I do. So please, tell me to stop if it hurts.” he said warmly and the other nodded slowly while biting his lips.

Jimin kissed him again, even more intense now while pushing in his second finger, pumping and scissoring, a third finger and the boy’s breath hitched.

“Don’t stop..” he had said before Jimin had managed to ask him if he was okey, the younger pulled Jimin closer by his neck kissing and nibbling at it, but now it felt different. It was with so much need but not in a harsh way, it was as if he genuinely wanted him to feel good, to thank him.  

Jimin kept going with his fingers, the other suddenly stopped  his ministrations and let his head fall back with a loud, long moan escaping his mouth.



and so Jimin pushed in again and again, the boy didn’t stop with his moans, they only got louder and louder and it was like the sweetest kind of music to Jimin’s ears.

“S-stop. I.. I want you-I need you..” the boy said while looking Jimin dead in the eyes, gaze hazed with pleasure he’d never had and doe eyes hooded.

He was so beautiful, so innocent looking

how can they not see?

Jimin pushed himself away from the boy and up from the bed to remove his pants and boxers before slicking his own lenght with enough lube and get in between the boys thighs.

“Are you sure?”

He didn’t get a verbal answer, instead he was met with a heated kiss, a needy one, a whimper and shaky hands pushing him downwards.

He pushed in and the boy immediately arched his back letting out a mewl, eyes closing shut, nails digging on Jimin’s muscular back. He groaned.

He went deep and slow, and even though it wasn’t rough, the other boy had never in his life experienced such intense pleasure, so much care. And it was starting all to be too much for his body to handle.

“P-please.. faster, harder” Jimin was reluctant at first but complied to his demands.  Just after a few thrust he had found his spot again, angling himself so he knew he would hit it again and again. And the boy was a mess, but the kind of mess he should be.

They held each other as close as it is physically possible for two humans to do, moans and groans, kisses and intense gazes. Affectionate words of how beatiful the younger was.

“Ah, I’m about to..”



“My name is Jimin..fuck..”



And right after Jungkook came, with Jimin’s name on his lips, while Jimin with his.

They just laid there panting for air for a while, basking in the aftermath and the silence.

“Time’s up..” Jungkook whispered, looking at the neon lights on the wall. Not facing Jimin. It would be a lie if he said it didn’t hurt the least. But what could he do? It wasn’t like Jimin would mean any more than any other costumers; at the end of the day he was just a way for Jungkook to survive in this worlds cruel reality, just money.

Jimin pushed himself up from the bed, finding his clothes and putting them on again the best way he could.

Jungkook did the same.

“Well goodbye then, Jungkook” Jimin said before making his way to the door but before he reached for the knob Jungkook was standing before him, with his doe eyes, still dark but less empty.

So so beautiful

“Thank you… Jimin”

He hesitantly leaned in and gave him a chaste kiss on the lip, very brief but one could still tell it was genuine.

And so Park Jimin left, but with a piece of his heart remaining in the brothel, remaining with a boy who had doe eyes and innocent looks, a cold broken beauty.

And maybe he didn’t know, but when he left Jeon Jungkook had let him take the remaining pieces of his heart with him too.

But such places was never ment for love, but  if you did find love in such a filthy place then you should savour every second, because after your paid hours have ticked by it’s over.

the sad and fucked up thing is that when u become famous your private life is no longer your private life. people will hide in bushes to get a picture of you shirtless walking to the pool… they will take photos of you smoking through a tiny crack in a wood picket fence, groupies will sneak pictures of you in the bathroom of your hotel room wearing a pair of basketball shorts, and they will follow you to your /home/ even if they have to. anything you thought was private (text messages, intimate moments with your partner, and even time with your family and little cousins have become part of everyone else’s life.

have some respect for 5sos, and any other celebrity you may come across. exposing them is not cute and not worth the attention.

there is a fic drought sooooo you all should read these again because i did 

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Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

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