that's barbaric

  • Glory: Queen Magnificent, I challenge you for the throne of the Rainwings.
  • Magnificent: I don't see how you could possibly do that.
  • Glory: It's not very complicated. We fight. Whoever survives gets to be queen.
  • Magnificent: You would kill another dragon just so you could be queen? That's barbaric.
  • Glory: I'll kick anyone's ass
  • Glory: I'll kick your ass
  • Glory: I'll kick that old dude's ass
  • Glory: I'll kick that sloth's ass
  • Glory: I'll kick my own ass
  • Glory: If it means saving the RainWings from the NightWings
  • people of color: -train horses using traditional techniques involving whips, ropes, flapping plastic bags-
  • white people: that's barbaric, those poor horses, those people should get trampled to death!
  • white natural horsemanship practitioners: -train horses using whips, ropes, flapping plastic bags-
  • white people: the whip is just an extension of the arm! it's about speaking the horse's language! the horse has to learn to respect you!
  • people of color: -use harsh bits, side reins to train-
  • white people: that's fucking horrible, I hope they get kicked in the face, the horses don't deserve this
  • white equestrians competing at international levels: -use harsh bits, draw reins, side reins, whips, chains over the nose or in the horses' mouths, photographed with horses with blue tongues and bloody mouths-
  • white people: any bit is harsh in the wrong hands! these are high-spirited, hot-blooded animals, how else do you expect to control them??
  • white equestrians using questionable training methods in order to win competitions: -get gold medals-
  • people of color using questionable training methods in order to further cultural traditions or make a living: -get death threats on the internet-
That's Not Barbaric!

Bit of context: We’re running a 5th Edition adventure from the 5E starter set.  The one we got turned out to be bad, though, as we had two copies of the Wizard and not one Rogue.  So, we made our own character.  Or, rather, two members of our group made a table and rolled randomly for our character.  And rolled stats.  Then made a table to see who got what set of stats.  The results were: One Dragonborn Barbarian, one Gnome Wizard, one Half-Orc Rogue, and one Dwarven Paladin.  I didn’t agree with this, so I made my own Rogue, a Half-Elf female.  Our Dragonborn Barbarian was played by someone who is relatively new to the game, though she’s played more than a bit of 3.5 with us.

Now, after we were ambushed by four goblins, we killed all but two, one of them escaping and another being unconscious.  We’ve interrogated the captive goblin, when my character, the Rogue, gives a shrug.

Me: I think that’s all we’ll learn from this one.  Unless anyone objects, I’ll cut it free.

No one objects, so I have one of our two who speak Goblin to tell it not to move, since I’m cutting it free.  I then slit it’s throat and take back the rope.

Barbarian: Now that was uncalled for!  Just plain brutal!

We all pause, looking at the player.  She looks back, a bit confused about the attention.  Mind you, this goblin (along with it’s buddies) nearly killed two of the party in the fight.  In unison, we all exclaim “You’re a BARBARIAN!”

Me: Your character is a humanoid dragon with a giant sword who live in the wild, can’t read, and survives by/for violent combat, yet she’s upset about me killing a goblin?

Player: Well, yeah.  She doesn’t like killing things.

Needless to say, it was an interesting session.

Racists in American Society often hypocrites......
  • Racists Americans if a Middle Eastern Country killed people based off of minor crimes: That's a barbaric country. All Arabs are terrorists. Islam is a religion of violence. We need to wipe them off of the face of the earth to protect America.
  • Racist Americans if a Black person committed a minor crime: See he stole something so that means that he deserved to get shot and killed just because he didn't live the life of an Angel."
  • Republicans/Racists Americans after people talk about gun control after mass shootings: How dare you use a tragic event with people dying to further your political views"
  • Benghazi happens/Police are killed: This is all Obama's fault. This is the fault of the leaders who were "Anti police" They need to be voted out of office. The protesters have blood on their hands because they incited violence against police."
  • Racists Americans when a few black people riot for a murdered black man: See they are all Animals. We don't riot."
  • Racists Americans: Ignore and/or excuse the number of riots white people have started over things like sports/pumpkins"
  • Racists Americans: "All Blacks are thugs/criminals. All Arabs are terrorists. All Hispanics are illegals immigrants"
  • Racists Americans: "Whoa not all cops. Not all white people are racists. Don't judge an entire group just by the actions of a few."
  • Racists in the Media: Black man shot by the police. Digs up back ground and whether else they can to say that the black man deserved to die because he wasn't an angel. Dehumanize the victim in death."
  • Racists in the Media: White man/boy shoots up people. Including the killing of school children. How he was a good boy Goes all out to say how the shooter was raised up in a good childhood. Acts like the shooter is less at fault because of Mental Illness. Blames the system for it's failure in treating Mental Illness. Makes out the shooter to be a victim by saying that bullying may have pushed him to do it. And whatever else they can discuss to make the shooter not seem like a Cold Blooded killer."
  • Racists Americans" Pretend like Racism hasn't played a part in American history and how Blacks treated have been treated in the justice system. Pretend that Racism has gone away and that it still doesn't play a part in how blacks are treated in the justice system."
  • You know that this is the truth. Think about the bullshit that is the racial double standard American Society."

really not feeling this attitude tumblr/twitter has towards zaughty especially comments painting naughty boy as some barbaric fiend thats holding zayn captive (brown skin moc villianified maybe ring a bell?). like thats not how friendship works, zayn chooses to spend his time with shahid and ya I get it its all just jokes but its reinforcing this subtle idea that naughty boy isn’t good enough for zayn and why is that? i didn’t see this much uproar over zayn and louis or harry and ben(who openly supports israel). Like i agree naughty boy is annoying and he stanned for iggy and w.e but hes a muslim desi that hustled his way into the mainstream music industry and embraces his culture regardless of backlash, which I personally think is a positive influence for zayn. this is long and mildly embarrassing but plz recognize when you’re overdoing it with the zaughty hate and the reasons motivating you to do so.