that's an old song


I listened to it a few days ago in computer science ;O; <3 waaa but I was pretty sh o o k  once it started playing;;;; //also realized I drew that mafia picture completely out of the mood of the song omg;;;

dont u realize that they’re called NCT dream bc eventually all of the original members of nct dream will leave/graduate and disappear as if they were “just a dream” 

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do you have any song recs? I'm traveling by train next week and i need new music to listen to

  • way down we go (stripped) by kaleo
  • all time low by jon bellion
  • renegades by x ambassador
  • i found by amber run
  • house of memories by panic! at the disco
  • emperor’s new clothes by them as well
  • genghis khan by miike snow
  • say it by tove lo and flume
  • when it’s all over by raign
  • sex and candy by marcy playground
  • ain’t no rest for the wicked by cage the elephant
  • come away to the water by maroon five
  • it will come back by hozier
  • me and the devil by soap&skin

Imagine jamming to old school music with Woozi while you two are in the kitchen, making breakfast.

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Do you think the reputation tour will include any old songs at all? Like I know that's her staple but because she "destroyed the old Taylors" will she even incorporate old era songs into the new tour??

okay truly i would love if she played on this like “oLd TaYloR iS dEaD” thing and started out the whole ass tour show with like a very well crafted mashup of old taylor stuff and then it’s like the record stops spinning, everything goes black and you heAR THAT DAMN THROAT CLEAR AND ‘KNEW HE WAS A KILLER FIRST TIME THAT I SAW HIM….!!!’


Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless


since we’re still on musicgate :-) here are some of my favorite albums in order from the recent year(s).

I still can’t believe Kesha is making me listen to country music and I can’t fucking believe I love it as much as I do