that's an art


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!



A couple of rules:
• No NSFW, I won’t do it. Don’t ask, don’t try.
• No extreme violence.
• Email before you pay me so I don’t suddenly wake up with like 10$ in my account and a commissioner who wants me to do an extremely complex sketch of a giant dragon or something. These prices are suggested, depending on the complexity I may change the price based on how long I need to work on it. RN, my prices are based on California’s minimum wage (10$ per hour). So keep that in mind.
• my email is:, my paypal is the same.
• I’m like desperate for money, lads. Just got back from a trip I paid for myself and I only have 11$ in savings. So. PLEASE COMMISSION ME.
• I will send sketches of the beginning to any of those who contact me so I can change or alter things they don’t like, just keep in mind i’m not great at backgrounds.


So today we in Sweden celebrate midsummer, which I thought was at the 27th but apparently was today, so I wanted to do something for it, and this is the result <: this have been done days ago so yeah