that's an art


*heart eyes* uh oh.

so Giancarlo, who works on svtfoe also worked on green lantern. And THIS character’s design caught my attention for some obvious reasons..(I wonder what lol).

i havent rlly ?? posted a dancer inigo before s o i figure this would b a good time ushfius

i wanted to stick something tharja!inigo related in but i couldnt i cri

also please dont tag as kin/me !! (sorry)

Pipe and Cherry from 2TallTales in clay!

I’m back again with my second figure from the Undertale AU 2TallTales! I have to say that Pipe was almost more fun to make with how tall he is(in fact he turned out to be my tallest figure yet). Plus I just love his design.

2TallTales belongs to @thenoblescosplay and @2talltales

anyway i will unfollow/block any mutual who follows k/oma/eda kins because they freak me the fuck out mostly because 99% of them have sent me death threats of some sort at some point and one of the worst ones is out there and i dont know who it is but i am not taking risks of having Them on my ass again