that's an a song

me: when are yall gonna give jin some lines? and a lil more screentime

bighit: *yoongi’s voice* no no, not today


I was tagged to do the most last song I’ve listens to?, selfie, and my lock screen by @tsumtsum!!!

I tag @madradiohead, @i-kick-ass-for-the-lord, and any one else who wants to do it cause idk who else to tag omg


i cannot and will not be stopped so here take these best friends

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Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Trevor Morris
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Ambient

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.