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The other day I went on a nearly 30 min tirade on how wonderful Natsume Yuujinchou is to some of my friends and now i need to re-watch the whole series from beginning to end and just bask in the warm bitter sweet sunshine that is this series.

Like honestly I can never rec the series enough to people. It just leaves the viewer with such a warm and content feeling whether it be a light a fluffy episode or one that is tinted with honest heartbreak. Its just so natural with how it describes relationships both platonic and romantic showing how they begin, grow and at some points even how they end. That last one might be sad but its presented in such a way that you can get teary eyed yet, be satisfied by its conclusion.

Just- this show is so pure and good. I really truly implore you to give it a try if you haven’t already.

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  • my life: ship happens.
SPN 13x01 OK Ep With A Side Of Pander

Right finally made myself do this just to get it out of the way. I’m tired, I’m sick and I can already see the dumb ass Destiew posts with more proof Dean wants to fuck Castiel’s nasty ass. Now enough of the pity party thats get on with it.

I loved the song at the start and we need more of this like Classic SPN, instead of Taylor Swift -___-.

The new title card is cool, though at first I thought it was the gate to the new world but after watching the ep (I looked at peoples comments and some gifts before deciding to watch the ep.) I think it’s actual Jack’s eye.

Good Points

* The episode didn’t piss me off to much and it is an ep I could watch again just not for awhile.

* The music at the start.

* Dean running to Sam straight away (so much for waiting all night assholes.) and we got the first Sammy of the season too.

* That scene of Mary burning was really well done and I wasn’t expecting it.

* Sam just being awesome and trying to reach Jack even though you can see Sam is terrified of him.

* Sam and Jack scenes. When Jack called Sam father I laughed. I would love more Sam/Jack bonding scenes but won’t hold my breath and I know as soon as Castiel is back, the writers will act like Sam and Jack didn’t even have a scene together.

* Jack. It looks like alot of people are already in love with Jack. Now I won’t say that but I did enjoy his seasons. The actor did a great job without being too OTT. But the whole clueless thing could get old fast so fingers crossed Jack doesn’t go from cute to annoying.

* Jack thinking Castiel is his dad. (this is a good point and bad.) While yes again because Castiel get’s another mention I rolled my eyes BUT I get that when Jack gave Castiel that power boost in S12 they must have bonded. Also that would explain why Lucifer was in a hurry to find Kelly so he could bond with Jack/get Jack on his side.

* Dean praying for EVERYONE to come back and saying goodbye to EVERYONE.

* I liked the police woman and her son (who was stunning just FYI. His eyes are so pretty.) and glad they didn’t die.

* Dean fighting the annoying angel bitch.

* Sammy using that big old brain of his and using his blood to sent the angels away. I also liked how you could see it affected Jack too. That was pretty neat.

* Sam being the one to say not to burn Castiel (which will be over looked by the assholes.) and Dean the one getting the lighter fluid. =3 Which again will be twisted to mean love but whatever.

* Sam’s speech when Castiel was burning up.

* Maybe it was just me but it looked like the cameras have been updated or something the picture was pretty clear.

Bad Points

* That girl angel with the black hair who kept calling Dean Becky. OMFG what was her deal? Did anyone else find her so rage inducing?! From her very first scene, with her whining like a bitch for fries till her death. (Thank you Sammy!! And apparently this was Sam’s first angel kill!!) I just wanted her off the screen. She got WAY too much screen time.

* Every mention of Castiel.  From the “he deserved better” to “Castiel will protected me.” Had me rolling my eyes so fucking hard. I honestly could put up with this Castiel is amazing and as never died before bullshit. IF Castiel was actual dead and staying dead but no. We already now this waste of screen time will be back and fucking up like he always does.

* Dean not being able to say Castiel was dead in the Impala. Fuck off.

* Only Dean being allowed to be seen as upset because Sammy is always fine!!!

* Having Sam actual ask Dean is Castiel died. Really?!

* Jack thinking Castiel is his dad. While I get why Jack might think that it annoy’s me because I know if Sam and Jack do bond (who knows though this is SPN and Sam doesn’t get to bond with the side players often or at all.) it will just be dropped as soon as Castiel is back. And its another way to show horn Castiel into the story.

* The show is just too bright now. I miss the darker the look the show used to have.

Thats it, I’m sure I have missed stuff but I’m done.

Didn’t mention Mary/Lucifer because I don’t care. They just better not have Mary and Lucifer team up.

Next week looks good but Singer and Dabb didn’t learn anything from last season. So dumb and dumber are writing the 2nd ep of the season again……cause that went so well last year.

This episode was OK but I will just take S13 one ep at a time and not get my hopes up for anything it’s easier that way.

anonymous asked:

So Felica day is going to be on the new mystery science theater 3000. and I'm just sitting there going "what did she do to earn that position?" because really she's only done low budget stuff and insulted her own fan base. what's next? she's gonna sit there watching movies with Tom servo and crow and go "that's sexist tom, That's sexist crow" good lord.

Felicia Day has done a shitload of things I don’t know what she should have done to “earn” it, I don’t get why some people keep saying that she still needs to prove herself in some way to be worthy enough of being who she is.

I’d say that she’s done a stellar job for The Guild alone, even if you want to write if off for being low budget. You saying that she’s only done low budget stuff already tells me that you didn’t even bother to research anything and just want to complain about her because she’s gonna ruin everything you love by calling everything sexist I guess. Yawn.

She’s cast as the villain, I don’t see why you’d assume she’ll be some horror feminist critic?