that's already enough to get me watching

I’m not feeling these Sehun Videos...

I’m probably one of the few people in this fandom not laughing at these Sehun videos of his live. I mean if you find it funny thats on you. I’ll just be the one over here watching in the corner. I mean I don’t find it funny because of how much he’s already dragged in this fandom, outside this fandom and everywhere. He gets enough shit as it is. He’s always called the least talented. He was bashed for his pronunciation of words, how skinny he is. His lack of lines. 

He’s been told he brings the group down so personally for me I have a distaste for the videos. I mean not to be a Debby downer and all but I’m just being real here. It’s not funny. At least for me. Last thing I want Sehun to think is that him trying to improve and get better is a joke. I rather encourage him to do better then cackle in the corner. 

So you can continue laughing, make videos and spread it around like a joke but I wont do that. While making fun of him and joking will get tons of likes, notes and hits. None of you will take time to realise these boys read and see what you post. Instead of laughing encourage, but who am I kidding making jokes and cracking on people is what people only care for.

 He’s already hard on himself enough. He doesn’t need me to make him feel worst about it. He was off but instead of laughing at him I sent him a message on his Instagram telling him to work hard for next time, but yeah. That’s just me.

… I usually like fandom jokes but this… this isn’t one of them

Did you all forget he wears a lingual crib for the very reasons your making fun of him now? Now that your making fun of him not only for his shakiness on stage and his pronunciation. Your legit not giving two fucks that this fandom has caused a lot of the reason he took a long time to break out his shell. Now you going back to picking on him once again.

*Claps* Wow fandom… just wow. You did it again. I just hope he doesn’t see this shit.