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omg no offense but the weight ppl try to attach to like, opinions about meis short is like. like if u enjoyed the short thats cute and if u thought it couldve brought more lore rather than expound on info thats already been established thats valid but its not like either view is wrong dksjkfshkfs like jus learn to disagree w ppl w/o turning it into a matter of “by complimenting the pacing of this short film you killed my child” 😩

Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Twelve: I Trust You

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A Time Stuck AU fic where Mabel gets trapped in the past with a younger version of Stan. This is the final chapter! My goal was to finish before the new episode, and I just barely managed it, whoo whoo!

Also, originally there was a scene that I had to cut, where Fiddleford referred to his son as his “little Tater-tot” and even if it couldn’t be in the final draft I wanted you all to know that.

Stanford, Oregon, 1979

Ford’s head was pounding. Red pain erupted at regular intervals from a spot just above his right temple. He groaned,opening his eyes slowly. Letting in the light a little bit at a time.

“Here…” a familiar, gravely voice said. “Take some aspirin.”

Ford turned his head to the side and fumbled around until he found a hand with two white pills in it. He took them, along with the glass of water that was held out a moment later. Then he closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to subside.

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a case of Spring Fever

you’d think, given xr’s appreciation for uh. the female form, & the fact that he finally has one to play with, i’d draw more stuff like this. hmmm

also i gave jax an actual outfit for once lol

every background i tried looked crappy so i just omitted it completely .
it’s not nsfw but it is undeniably dirty, how do you tag that?

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Can you imagine in civil war Tony confronting Bucky about killing his parents? Can you imagine the heartbreak?

See, I think Tony would be so focused on catching Bucky, on making him pay, that when it finally comes down to it and he finally sees Bucky, sees how frail and pale he is, how his metal arm is starting to rust, that he’d really stop and pause?

Like how could this man, who looks like he’s one missed meal away from keeling over, have killed his parents?

And then it hits him. This man didn’t. The Winter Soldier did. He hadn’t really understood until he saw him that they really are different people. 

Cue Tony Stark bundling Bucky up into a Quinjet. Bucky assumes he’s being arrested, but instead Tony drops him off at Steve’s apartment with a new arm he made on the way back and a fake identity so he can live under the radar. 

Tony then goes home and drinks until he passes out. 

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I think it would be hard to take the sexual element out of Reylo for the next two films cause that's already been established as a significant part of their interactions, at least on Kylo's side. Even Time's Magazine noticed it, as did people who don't ship anything in SW. I just can't believe that JJ, the writers, and especially, Daisy and Adam didn't all know what they were doing. They're all adults and professionals.

yEP. Basically this ^. All of it. If even Time is noticing (and they’re not the only mainstream pub to do so), then its kinda A Thing.


yes narusaku friends they are very simillar much like hiccstrid from the httyd franchise i ship Tipo from the kfp franchise tigress hated po in the beginning but grew to respect him and in kfp2 she seems to deeply care for po the similarity is clar as day not only that  but non Tipo fans just see them as bro and sis or just generally hate tigress cuz of how she treats po but thats not gonna stop the writers from making them canon they’re not like kishi who makes a pairing canon through a forced love story thats what naruhina was but the poor rabid nh fans are to ignorant to see it although rumor has it in kfp3 a female panda will meet the group and have a crush on po but im not worried cuz when someone takes a canon to the gut for you then you know thats love plus to much tipo development has been established already  and 6 chapters are planned out so tipo isn’t going anywhere ill end this post by saying tipo is ns done right