that's already a tag because i rule

I am trying to make a better sleeping schedule because it was only until  yesterday I properly realised that I pretty much have a shitty sleep schedule. I would explain why, but I rather not tbh. And unfortunately, I have already broke rule number 1:

No naps

*proceeds to have a 2 hour nap*

BUT, I woke up early today and I only went back to sleep. So it’s not necessarily a nap, but more like an add on to the hours I already had. And naps are only supposed to be 15 - 30 minutes.

I try lol.

anonymous asked:

I follow a large amount of people. I can't tag everything. I tag major triggers like selfharm, depression, drugs, etc. I got warnings in my rules, telling sensistive people not to follow and that minors should not even be there. And yet there are people asking me to tag nsfw memes..(rp memes) They've already been warned so why the hell did they decide to follow...

Probably because they want to follow but dont want to see the kind of content thats on there, if that makes any sense. Safe spaces and all that. 

- Ariel

hey everybody so i thought itd be really cool to do a contest like this for kicks! its pretty simple and all you have to do is read the post and reblog :)

so what is this contest?

basically, this is a way for me to maybe follow some new people/get the names of some fabulous followers out there.

i’m gonna have 3 winners for each category (see below) and it’s gonna be grand. winners will be put on a big grand promo post for other people to see and i will also follow anyone on it that i dont already follow.

rules rules rules

  1. mbf me (mostly because its a “senpai noticed u” contest and thats part of the joke)
  2. reblog this post
  3. thats about it tbh


  1. best theme
  2. best content
  3. best selfies (only to the people whose selfie tags i can find)
  4. overall best
  5. follow forever (mutuals exclusive ahh)

so yeah cool the contest ends august 15 at 12:00 pm pst

have at it!!