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Character Aesthetic: Stan Pines

“Everything I’ve worked for–everything I care about–it’s all for this family!”

OPM trivia

(Credit to: @toranekogenos)

I read it on twitter and thought it was interesting so I wanted to share xD 

- Per ONE, although he’s bald, Saitama has hair everywhere else on his body.

- Saitama had part time jobs as a construction worker and a convenience store worker.

- Genos can sleep because he has a ‘sleep mode.’

- Genos’ face is essentially the same as it was when he was human. Dr. Kuseno slowly aged him up as he grew older.

- Saitama has not used any of the money Genos brought with him.

- Per Murata Yuusuke regarding this pic, Saitama himself picked out Genos’ duster and slippers from a dollar store. Saitama is posing like that because he’s going to catch a cockroach.

Wildest Dreams Live at the GRAMMY Museum
  • Wildest Dreams Live at the GRAMMY Museum
  • Taylor Swift
  • Wildest Dreams Live at the GRAMMY Museum

Taylor Swift performs Wildest Dreams on electric guitar live at the GRAMMY Museum.

anyway when Bellamy Blake was 6 years old his mother looked at him and told him, “your sister, your responsibility,” and he took that on like a mantra without another word, wore it on his sleeve like a love letter, etched into his soul so deeply it might as well have been carved across his forehead, invisibly stamped onto the backs of his eyelids so that he’d never forget, fully believing that that was his only purpose in life. and when he was 23 that same baby sister of his, that he loved, and loves, more than his own life, beat him to the floor until he was practically nothing more than a bloody, empty carcass, looked him straight in the eyes, and told him, “you’re dead to me,” and his response was silently, internally, “that's okay, little sister, I deserve it.” when Bellamy Blake was a teenager, he took his baby sister to a dance, to see the stars, and the Earth, and all the things he could never take for granted, and later on, when all was said and done and his fragile world had frayed around the edges and had turned to rubble at his feet, she told him it was his fault, that it was always his fault, and that hit a little bit too close to home. when Bellamy Blake was 23 years old Clarke Griffin looked over at him as he cried and she whispered, “I need you… You have to come back…” and he nodded, believed her, came back, and a few months later when he asked her, pleaded with her, to do the same, she turned away from him without another word, but he simply nodded once more; he understood. 

when Bellamy Blake was that exact same age he was hung up and drained of his blood to protect a girl named Echo that he didn’t even know, and when he promised that he’d come back for her, he kept that promise, but she never came back for him when he needed her. he, of course, was left for dead. constantly abandoned, always an afterthought; the table of contents that everyone skims over at the beginning of the book but undeniably skips and only returns to when they need something, the one who gives and gives until he’s emptied out and broken and eternally scarred because he doesn’t know how to stop giving. when Bellamy Blake was 23 he watched dozens of his friends die, friends that he wanted so desperately to save and protect, and over, and over, and over again he tried to trust, god he tried so hard to trust. and when he finally stopped trusting that there was anyone in this wasteland of a world that he could place his faith in all of it was suddenly his fault; suddenly it no longer mattered what had been done to put him in the position that he was in, that made him the man that he had been forced to become, that he had tried so hard not to turn into, but was now becoming so that no one else would have to be–no, it only mattered what he had done wrong, not what anyone else had done. because Bellamy Blake was always a monster, was a monster since he was 6 years old and his mother looked over at him, still heaving from childbirth and told him that his life was no longer important, and he looked resolutely down at the precious baby cradled in his arms and thought, “you’re right,” and perhaps Bellamy Blake was destined to be a monster from the day he was born, maybe that was what fate had always predetermined he would be once the pieces all fell into place. but that didn’t matter, because Bellamy Blake always stared down destiny, told it, “but maybe I can help, anyway. maybe monsters can be good,” and kept trying

so yeah, when y’all look at me and try to tell me that Bellamy Blake isn’t worth loving, I don’t have any problem looking right back at you and saying, “bullshit.”

the most beautiful words in the english lenguage

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My universe is small and cozy. Though some may think it is pathetic and weak, is it stronger than it appears. It is brilliant green, with streaks of violet and speckles of blue. It surrounds me, snug and warm and... home.

Ah another lovely description! I love your universe so much, it’s very much yours. I hope it continues to be snug and hey for you, home is so important. Little explorer you’re doing a great job 💫

i hope you guys all find someone that makes your heart feel safe and that appreciates you and everything that’s wonderful about you and loves you even when you’re annoying because you all deserve the world and i hope no one ever makes you think otherwise

About About Ray

Okay so one of the biggest arguements I’ve heard is how dare they have a cis-female actor play a trans-male character. Right?

I would like to point out that when Orange is the New Black used Laverne Cox’s twin (cisgender-male) brother to portray her pre-transition you all were SO proud of their choice because they were respecting her and refused to have her appear male. They didn’t want to put her through that AND they wanted the character to actually look PRE-TRANSITION. 

Now, About Ray is about a young PRE-TRANSITION boy. I know that I would not want to see a post-transition guy being made to play this part, and yeah, they could have found a pre-transition guy maybe, but I know personally, I would hate having a film out with pre-transition me if I was planning on transitioning especially if that was my first role. Not to mention, a lot of pre-transition guys do not have the acting expertise that these actors they’ve casted do. This is a really good cast, and from what I’ve seen Elle Fanning is going to do this role justice.

I’m not saying it would have been impossibe to find actors - good ones - who are actually pre-transition trans males. HOWEVER I think it’s preposterous for you to criticize and boycott a film that can do so much good just because they use a cisgender actor to portray a transgender character. Firstly for the reason I already mentioned, and secondly because your other option is to not have the movie at all. This film can do a lot of good things for the trans-masculine community. How about you sit down, shuttup, and give it a chance. If it sends the wrong message, or is handled horribly or whatever, yes. Throw a shit-fit and speak your mind. But don’t judge it before you’ve seen it just because they didn’t use a trans actor. 


Bradley James as Damien Thorn in Damien

The Beast Rises (S01E01)

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be gentle to yourself, you’re doing the best you can