that's all that matters!!!!!!

Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.


bashes head through window tHIS TOOK SO LONG

Anyways, we know Reigen is pretty excellent at defending himself; he’s terrible at making real friends; and he once told Mob that he’d had a rough childhood…

Tragic backstory, anyone?

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it just hit me.

when alec said he heard that relationships take effort, he’s talking about how he’s apologetic of how the evening went. the silent treatment on the walk back home, and that for a moment he was thinking of walking away because of his own insecurities and because it was easier. but he’s willing to put in the effort to work through their differences. and when magnus said he’s all for effort, that was him telling alec that he understands why he acted the way he did, he forgives him, and that alec shouldn’t feel insecure about his lack of experience, and he wants to put in the effort and work for it, together.

that kiss was an apology for the past, a confession of the current, and a promise about the future. it was raw, pure, unadulterated emotions. and all in under a minute.

we needa give harry, matt, and the writers all the awards in the world.

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