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That picture of Maui getting his finger pinched by tiny Tama has me giggling thinking about all those youtube videos of guys putting crawdads on their nips and now that's all I can think of Maui doing next.... because he doesn't learn!

I don’t think he’s THAT dumb

What BSD characters say in their beginning fic notes in ao3
  • Kyouka: Warning, This Fic Doesn't Contain Bunnies And Tofus. It Contains Murder and Gore. Morbid. Continue?
  • Mori: Elise-chan forced me to update this T^T
  • Elise: whatever it is rintarou-said on his fic is a lie. read mine instead
  • Higuchi: What's the difference of senpai and this fic??? Senpai doesn't notice me but you noticed this fic. Enjoy.
  • Gin: *no notes*
  • Hirotsu:
  • Twain: i know y'all thirsty for this lmao here come dat boiii!!!
  • Fitzgerald: My creations are always top-notch, Old sport. It is always sought by everyone. Same goes for this fanfiction. It's a masterpiece, it's golden. I own it. I own your computer/phone. I own the gadgets you use to read this. I own you.
  • Alcott: U-uhm! T-this i-is my f-first attempt t-to w-write a f-fic so.... *sweats nervously* P-please tolerate mistakes... I'm sorry! Ah.... I- I hope you like it...
  • Lovecraft: what am i doing here, i myself don't know
  • Steinbeck: god, here it goes. I hate this story, I hate this site, I hate myself smh but please read lol
  • Kouyou: Gracefulness comes from greatness. Such as myself to myself. Enjoy reading, lads.
  • Kajii: Hellooooo, fellow humans! I, Kajii Motojirou once again took my time to yet again help you invest in an extraordinary experience!! Hoho, I have yet to truly indulge in the realm of emotions, but worry not! This thing created by none other than me, will assist you on "feeling" a roller-coaster of emotions, as said by volunteers and young ones of today! Once you're done reading, leave a kudos and a comment to help me discover just what it made you feel so that I can finally know just how emotions can affect the pinnacles of science!
  • Yosano: This is my third fic lol so you probably know me already. If you have any qualms about my writing style, say it to my face when you see me instead of bitching about it. That's all, have fun reading~
  • Ranpo: i made Poe type this bc i'm too important to do so and i also told him to type like this lol that's about it poe, now grab me some snacks
  • Kenji: It's about cows hehe.
  • Junichirou: Hi! I hope you like this. :)
  • Kunikida: WARNING: Creator choose not to archive warnings because it would be a spoiler. But to prevent anything from affecting you on an unpleasant way, refer to the additional tags added on the upper corner of this story. I invested approximately 1.5 hours on organizing the sequence of events here. It took me 30 minutes to finalize the story, and spent 15 minutes to proofread it. By my calculation, it should take you less than 15 minutes to read this, for it only contains 1,500 words. But it would take you 25 minutes if you feel like feeling the emotions behind the content more, and if you decide to comment. Now, I hope this wouldn't waste your time, Enjoy.
  • Poe: pls don't read this
  • Fyodor: Angst to cleanse ur soul.
  • Chuuya: Yo! :) Finally had the time to update. Sorry about that, was busy doing stuff so yeah, now here it is.
  • Dazai: I'm stuff lol
  • Atsushi: Hi! Ah, this is my first fic, so please be gentle? Haha... I will update every Tuesdays since I don't know when I can be online to continue this. Please be patient with me. Also, please excuse grammatical and typographical errors. With all of those out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading!
  • Akutagawa: Just fucking read.
  • Oda: I'm dead but this fic isn't.

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

I don’t understand how anyone can think that this is legit when Harry’s heart plummeted to a picture of her and then everyone was like “lol they’re probs gonna pair him up with her” and now straight after dunkirk promo they’re filmed together I’m. actually. laughing. at how incompetent this is bc its so dumb, i thought they would have learned from all of that tess shit that Harry doesn’t need a stunt to shine jesus 



Giriboy: Now..uh…this is kinda..First,..(buffering) what was the question again? (Cheerful)

Interview [G: Giriboy; D: Dingo]
G: Hi
D: ‘5 songs for initiation’ what is the meaning of the title of the album?
G: Actually there isn’t much meaning to it, i wanted to release a full album but the company told me to rest a little, so as like a resting time, I decided to release this album. Once the full album comes out, it will be continuing this. So it’s like I can’t really tell you exactly what it is

D: The titles for your songs are all only two syllable, did you do that on purpose?
G: I did it on purpose so it’ll look cool (cheerful) HEHEHEHE

D: You also included remix songs in your album, is there a special reason for that?
G: Initially before I wanted to release a full album, I was already thinking to release a remix album so as I was in the middle of receiving song remixes, there was a song ‘Mixed Up’ and I really wanted to release it…ah.. so I gave up on the remix album and decided to release a full album so this song will be the center of other songs, the song 'express highway’ is really a song I made entirely 2 years ago, and I decided to take the song..uh..then..(lost his way) what was the question again?
D: the reason you included the remix
G: Ah! (Found his way) ah, I wanted to make a remix album, and then somehow the other song (lost his way again)
D: so you wanted to release a remix album but you also really wanted to release the song 'Mixed Up’ so you gave up on the remix album
G: I gave it up
D: And you included 2 remix songs then you released the album!
G: And I still didn’t feel satisfied so I added two more remix songs and thats why this album came out, thats what I was saying. (Cheerful)

*Giriboy - i’m in (yunji remix)*

D: Giriboy’s albums: 'adjective’ albums and ’-ceremony’ albums you have these two right? (T/n: ~적인 for adjectives - the fatal, sensual, lonely, mechanical, basic album and ~식 for coming of age ceremony and debut)
G: Theres going to have one more now
D: Ah so you mean the album’s thats soon coming out is going to be in another category?
G: Yes. No no of course no uh this is a bit difficult but in the game Lol there’s a unique point. 'Hybrid = ~adj album’ the albums that people all know and AD line is like the ~ceremony albums - an album that can show only my attacking points. Now one more is left which is AP, thats is like a magician thing in the game so i will be making only the beats, and other rappers or singers can participate(? He said it wrongly haha) but i dont know when i will release that. But I think it’ll be nice if you can look forward to that.

D: Do you have any particular location or situation where you get musical inspiration?
G: I don’t exactly have that kind of stuff, I actually don’t really have much thoughts haha without really thinking much I just sit in the room and think 'what should i make today?’
D: Are you the type that is quick when it comes to producing?
G: Uh.. yes. Really I am I can say that I am quite fast. But it is also because I sometimes have the tendency to just wing it? (Cheerful)

D: What is Giriboy’s top 3 favourite Giriboy’s songs?
G: uh…I have a song called 'All Day’ That song is really good but people don’t really know that song. 'ZOA’? This (choosing his fav songs) is difficult. 'Space Flight…….2’
D: Any reasons on why you chose these three?
G: it’s just that the song 'All Day’ it’s something that is trendy now but also has the old times feel to it, and I wish this song will become famous. 'ZOA’ and 'Space Flight 2’ these songs are the music styles that I have been obsessed with nowadays.

D: Any 2017 plans?
G: It’s my plan to release a full album, but who knows there can be changes.., if the things I want to do change, since everything is just according to what I want to do..

D: There’s a lot of saying going around that you don’t speak well. Do you agree with it yourself?
G: Yes. Really I… Yes I think so too.

D: You have a song called 'Pushover’ right?
G: Yes.
D: Is Giriboy’s dating style really like a pushover?
G: I don’t really know.. (cheerful)
G: People think that the story in the songs are about myself but it’s not my story hehehe
D: It’s a story you made up?
G: Yeah, almost everything.. really I didn’t think much while writing them so

D: What kind of artist does Giriboy want to become?
G: Ah..what kind of artist…I think it’s best to just be a happy person. Even if I fail, I’ll have money saved up and go to a village and make music alone thinking 'yeah I’m not going to let you guys listen I’m going to make songs by myself’ and just listen to them alone, eating chips and just be like that at a village, peacefully.. that’s like my dream.

D: One sentence each to your fans and your haters.
G: If I perform, there’s some fans that I always see and I’m really grateful to them, i can’t do this kind of thing (the finger heart thing) I really can’t do it so I feel sorry for that.
D: How about your haters?
G: Uh…I don’t really pay attention to them but if I don’t have any (haters) then it will be boring right so… thanks for existing. HA HA HA (cheerful)

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Do you have any good posts on how to write teru? Next chapter of my fic is gonna feature him and I need help.

okay well i u didnt give me any specific examples so im not sure if im missing something here but here’s a few things i can remember off the top of my head that i always keep in mind while writing him.

  • pre mob teru is just as much teru as post mob teru, they are the same person and not two different people. teru would love for you to think otherwise but thats the truth
  • teru puts a whole lot of value into how he’s seen. both by others and by himself
  • you cant trust a word teru says about himself. if you write from his perspective he will almost never admit that he’s feeling awful even to himself unless you push him to that extreme
  • teru projects himself onto his own enemies. he often sees himself in them. he hates that. it drives him
  • teru does not like to look at himself much deeper than the surface. deep down, he feels like he’s empty inside and has no worth beyond his successes. 
  • success is everything to teru. it defines him. it’s his entire self worth. 
  • teru tries to avoid his emotions, and is often frustrated when he can’t control them. 
  • teru has a fairly long fuse but there are things that characters can say that can reeally get to him if they dig deep enough
    • teru lies to himself often. he’s an excellent liar and a wonderful actor. if you reveal these lies to his own eyes, he will break down
      • he lies to himself as a defense mechanism. if you take away the illusions he’s to protect himself, he will act without rational thought. he will act out of fear of vulnerability, which teru hates more than anything. what drove teru to choke mob in the end was panic. he wanted to destroy the source of his fear. in a sense, it was true fight or flight
  • teru is a good leader. he’s a natural
  • teru is not humble and brags a whole lot. 
    • he craves the validation of others…practically lives off of it
  • teru, at his core, is a neglected child. i won’t assume what his family is like, they could be nice they could not be. they could call him often! he may even visit them from time to time during breaks! but the fact that he is living alone in an apartment at 14 years old is……not good. it’s not good for a 14 year old to live alone without much guidance. even if he keeps in touch with them, it isn’t the same as them actually being there. always keep this in mind
  • if you are going to write teru healing DO NOT write it as if he should push his old self down and forget about it. dont write it as though that “wasn’t actually the real teru” because fuck you. it was
    • rather, teru’s healing process should be about feeling empathy for himself and coming to terms with his past. it should be a path of self-forgiveness and understanding. it should never be about avoidance. he’s done too much of that already
  • i made a post on mirror symbolism once……..mayhaps consider it

ANYWAY………thats all i can think of right now lol

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Beiber literally threw a chair to a fan and nobody said a shit so shut up, anon. Louis loves us, here is the difference. He doesn't treat us like shit

Honestly to compare Louis to Justin Bieber. One of the guys that has been treating his fans badly for years now… Some people should idk never have Internet access 

happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u

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Hi!! Uhm, I don't know if my request's a bit difficult but can you please write a soulmate!au wherein you're a fan and you attended Astro's fansign event? And it turns out it was Eunwoo who is your soulmate? You can decide on the ending! Thank you very very muuuuch!!!

Originally posted by noombeans

(I did the colour au)

(I’ve never been to a fanmeet or a Astro concert so this might not be accurate sorry!)

Today was the day. After saving up your money for over sixth month you finally had enough money to buy tickets to see Astro perform live, and not only that but you were also going to a fanmeet before the show. You stood anxiously waiting in front of the fanmeet location when you heard the announcement signaling you could finally meet your idol. The crowd began pushing and soon enough you found yourself standing in front of your idols. Clutching the album tightly, you took a step forward towards them. The album got signed by the members, each member attempting to make some sort of small talk in the short time you had together. After your album got signed by Moonbin, you reached the end of the line and stood in front of the last member, Eunwoo. He looked up at you, his smile was so bright it was almost blinding. Handing him the album, you watched as he took it graciously and signed it with pleasure and a smile on his face. He brought his eyes to yours again, and brought to album towards you. As you were reaching for the album your hand brushed his. All of a sudden, everything around you gained colour, all of the objects coming to life. You bring your eyes back to Eunwoo, now being able to see his brown eyes, tinted cheeks and rosy red lips. His eyes are wide and his lips are open, trying to formulate some words. Before he can say anything, a girl is pushing you away from him and handing him an album. Eunwoo continues to looking your eyes, mouthing, Wait outside.

Once outside you pull out your phone, fumbling with it until it finally unlocks.

You: I think I just found my soulmate???


You: Thats the thing I touched Eunwoo’s hand and all of a sudden I can see colour

Bestie!: what the heck

Bestie!: this is hUGE OML


Bestie!:Wait how the heck are you gonna see him again???

You: He told me to wait outside lol, but ive been waiting for like an hour in a half

Just as you sent the text, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Spinning around, you see Eunwoo standing there holding out some roses, which you now knew were a beautiful dark red. You graciously took the flowers from him. He plays with his sleeve, and looks down at the ground.

“Can I hug you?” He whispers. You quickly nod and soon enough you can feel his arms enveloping you in a massive hug.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. You nod  your head shyly. He pulls away slightly before leaning in. Before his lips can reach yours, your phone starts ringing. He pulls away from the sound. Muttering curses you pull the phone out of your pocket, to see who could possibly be calling you at a time like this. Of course, It’s your best friend. You answer the call because you know if you ignore it they will keep calling anyways.

“WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING MY TEXTS” They shout and you wince away from the speaker.


Eunwoo chuckles, and puts his hand out gesturing for you to give him the phone. Handing him the phone, he puts it to his ear.

“Hello?”He speaks into the phone


“Thats me.” He says.

“Oohhh am I ruining a moment?”They say finally calming down.

“Yes you are.”Eunwoo says locking eye contact with you.

“Oh oh sorry”

Eunwoo closes the phone, pulling you closer.

“Now where did we leave off”

//Admin Hayley//

Me: That is a serious look, Ducky.

Ducky: That is a big bowl of Appy Jacks.

Me: It’s a pretty standard size bowl of Apple Jacks.

Ducky: That’s one serving?



Me: Not according to the box, no.

Ducky: Biiiiiiiig bowl of Appy Jacks.


Ducky: Big enough to share.

Me: The Lady isn’t here.

Ducky: So no need to worry about having to share with her too, then.

Me: Too?

Ducky: Duckies like Appy Jacks.

Me: Ah. So you were less concerned that I was eating too much and more focused on getting some cereal for yourself.

Ducky: A shocking deduction. However did you piece it all together?

Me: The clues were there for anyone willing to look.

Ducky: So to keep things simple, why don’t you put the bowl down, I’ll eat my half and then you can finish the rest at your leisure.

Me: I don’t think so, Ducky.

Ducky: Is my look getting more serious? I feel like it’s getting more serious.

Me: A little. How about I give you a piece?

Ducky: Is a piece “all?”

Me: No, but it’s more than what you have now.

Ducky: Any way I can get more than a piece? How about if I crunch it and chew it a lot before swallowing?

Me: I do like that. It’s cute. That could get you up to three pieces.

Ducky: Is my look happy now? I feel like it’s getting happier.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy

New posts (almost) every Sunday at “Well, That’s Just Ducky!” 

Salty Cartoon Network Rant

I’m neutral with Teen Titans Go. It’s fine. Tolerable. Certainly not one of the worst things ever…

What I do hate, however, is how it’s EVERYWHERE! Could Cartoon Network please ease down with Teen Titans Go?! Holy shit, it’s like 24:7 Teen Titans Go is on. Can’t you guys air other shows?

And what the hell is up with your advertising? I just came back from watching Adventure Time Islands and it was amazing! The only problem is that nobody is talking about it because nobody was aware it was on! Adventure Time Islands received 0 advertisements! I’m serious! The only time they did advertise it was during the Steven Bomb! Speaking of Steven Universe…

At least Steven Universe is advertised and is aired from time to time. But what they did with releasing the episodes three weeks before they were supposed to air is awful and a huge “Screw you” to the creators. It’s an awful business practice too. Why would you release episodes on an app nobody has, only to be pirated for other people to watch? Don’t you care about money?! Your main target for Steven Universe is teens and most teens do not want to download the Cartoon Network app!

Also, poor Regular Show. Regular Show was ending and instead of reruning, doing specials, or ,I dunno, doing something a TV station would do to honor one of their shows that helped revive Cartoon Network in all its glory, they decided to say “regular show is ending lol watch it when it comes on.” And when it’s all over, air a We Bare Bears marathon. BECAUSE THATS A GREAT WAY TO SAY THANKS FOR BEING THERE YOU CUCK! I understand the show does not do well in ratings as much as it used to but you can still show a little respect. Or you could air EVERY EPISODE OF TEEN TITANS GO BEFORE THE FINALE.

Cartoon Network, I love ya. But you’re fucking up. The reason why you came back was because you started to air really good shows that everybody loved. But now you’re becoming Nick and that is a terrible thing. Adventure Time is ending and I better expect a good way to end it.

Ginhijigin week Day 7- Future

//casually rises from the dead at the end of ginhijiweek
sorry ya’ll QQ went dormant for a couple months cause of cosplay season and summer job…art muse flew out the window and went to pasture (¦3[▓▓]

(btw moved url’s from fotoshoothere to arakta so i can do an art sig)

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What do you think about that kookmin moment when Jimin stay starring jk neck and Jk turn and notices ? ~sorry for my English I don't have the link but in the video Jk was singing and Jm was starring thats all i can remember lol

I know which video you’re talking about! I also can’t find a link right now (if i do, i’ll edit this lol). And no worries, your english is perfectly fine!! 

 i think that it’s a really cute older moment, and that it deserves a lil more attention. it seemed pretty damn intimate, like even if it was fan service or whatever, it was really cute and kinda… romantic how jimin stared at jungkook. and then jungkook’s slight reaction when he caught jimin staring (tho jimin was obvious as heck). and of course, jimin getting closer and tilting his head. i live for it. 

(gifcred to confidenceatitsfinest)

“I don’t get jealous.”

Request: could you do one where someone from the gale is trying to flirt with you but newt (your boyfriend) sees and he comes over to you and just starts acting all cutesy and boyfriendy (are those even words lol?) in front of the guy and can it be really fluffy? Sorry if thats a little confusing or complicated aha

A/N: inspiration for this came from this cute ass gif. I hope you like it anon, I’m sorry it took me ten million years, but aye better late than never am i right? Any who, I’m slowly catching up to all my requests now, so if you’ve requested it will be up relatively soon! :) 

*3rd person POV*

“Alright, Greenie,” Newt says, greeting the stocky boy at his hammock “Now that you’ve settled in a little, are ya ready for the tour?”

The Greenie stands and looks up the older boy, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Newt says, clapping him on the back, “Now what’s the name again? Lawrence?”

“Uh no,” The boy shuffles uncomfortably, “It’s Liam.”

“Ah right, sorry Greenie, I got too many bloody names floatin’ around in this head of mine. Let’s get on with it shall we?”

Newt towered a good 6 inches over the boy, but what he lacked in height he made up for in his muscle. Newt was tall and slender, while Liam was shorter and bulkier. He seemed to be about a year or so younger than Newt, and his dark hair and piercing bright blue eyes were a stark contrast to Newt’s blonde hair and dark brown eyes.  

The more he took him around the Glade, the more Liam seemed to come out of his shell, which gave Newt a good feeling about him – most Greenies were still scared out of their wits at the tour. It was a good thing Alby wasn’t giving it because the kid asked lots of questions and he would’ve bit the poor kid’s head off.

“Okay, Greenbean, we’re back at the Box, I think that about sums up the tour for now.” Newt says. “Your training with the first keeper starts tomorrow at the Wake-Up. For now, why don’t you go get some food and maybe watch people work, get an idea of where you might want to fit in here.”

“Wait,” Liam says, clearly not getting a word of what Newt had just said, “Who is that?

Newt doesn’t need to look up to know who he’s talking about, though he does anyway and a small smile finds its way on his lips. Liam’s finger is pointing to a girl eating with Thomas in Fry’s kitchen, the delightful peals of her laughter easily heard from where the two stood.  

“That would be (Y/N),” Newt says, “She’s the only girl here. Nobody knows why she’s different, but she’s here and she’s one of us now. Bloody tougher than you are, that’s for sure.” Newt punches him in the arm.

The kid wouldn’t take his eyes off of her, “She’s super hot. Does she have a boyfriend?”

Newt internally groans, “Yeah, in fact, she does.”

“Damn,” Liam mutters, “Who is it?”

“Me,” Newt says, crossing his arms with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dude. I didn’t mean to–”

Newt cuts him off with a laugh, “Don’t worry about it. As long as you don’t try anything, there won’t be any problems. I don’t get jealous, she’s the only girl surround by at least sixty guys. If I got jealous every time someone looked at her, I’d go out of my buggin’ skull.”

“Yeah, yeah, dude, of course. I understand.”

However, the Greenie’s inability to take his eyes off of her, even as he said those words, left Newt with a feeling of unease.


*Your POV*

“Hey . . hey Thomas,” Minho says, trying to stifle a laugh, “Does my hair look pretty?”

You were sitting with Thomas and Minho at the greenie bonfire, a choice you were seriously starting to regret right about now. Hanging out with them was always fun until it passed a certain point in the night – when they had both consumed far too many cups of Gally’s recipe.

“Dude your hair amazes me half the time …”

“Okay, you’re both too drunk, that’s my cue.” You stand and brush the dirt off of your pants, tuning out the rest of Thomas’s speech about the state of Minho’s quiff. Your eyes search the ring of Gladers for your favorite blonde boy, and you spot him perched on a log next to Alby, the leader with a genuine smile on his face as he spoke to him. Newt was one of the few people who could still make Alby smile – he had a way of making people feel at ease.

They both smile at you as you approach, and you sit down on the log next to Newt.

“Hey, love,” He says, putting an arm around your shoulders and pulling you in to place a kiss on your temple. “Tommy and Minho get too out of control?”

You laugh and nod, “Minho started asking Thomas about his hair, I had to get out of there.”

He laughs too, “Well it’s safe over here, want me to get you a drink?”

“Sure,” You smile, “anything but Gally’s recipe, someone here needs to be sober in the morning.”

“You’re right,” Alby says, “I think I better head off to bed, sleep these shuck drinks off so I can function tomorrow.”

Alby heads off to sleep, and Newt to get your drink, so you patiently sit and wait for his return as you nonchalantly pick at your nails. However, after five minutes of waiting, he still hadn’t returned, and you stand to go figure out what was holding him up. You hardly get three steps away before the Greenie steps in.

“Hey, (Y/N), right? I’m Liam.”

Ironically, the party was dedicated to him, yet you hadn’t expected to talk to him. Usually Greenies were too shy to talk to anyone at this point – especially you, being the only girl.  

“Yeah, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you.” You smile.

He hands you a cup, “I noticed you were sitting alone, so I thought I’d bring you a drink.”

“Thank you, that was nice!” You say, a bit taken aback, “You didn’t have to do that, my boyfriend went off to get me one, but I don’t know where he ran off to.”  

He seemed to ignore your subtle hint, “No it’s okay, I wanted to.”

Seeing no other option, you take a small sip of the drink and have try your best not to spit it out and gag. Gally’s recipe. The only thing you didn’t want to drink. You just force a smile onto your face and lower the drink from your mouth.

“So, is it weird being the only girl here?” he asks after an awkward pause.

“I think everyone has gotten used to it by now. I’d say I fit in here just as much as the rest of them.”

“Yeah, but don’t you get hit on a lot?”

Man, you think to yourself. He really doesn’t beat around the bush.

You decided to do the same, “Never actually. The Gladers respect me and they respect Newt.” You’re hoping to get across the message that you weren’t interested. “Plus they know he would kick their ass if they tried anything.” You add as an afterthought.

He reaches out and brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, “Well, I hope he knows what a catch he’s got.”

You stiffen and have to try hard not to flinch. You wanted nothing more than to get out of this uncomfortable conversation. You have no idea how to respond, and luckily you don’t have to. You can see Newt striding powerfully towards the two of you, an expression of fury etched onto his features.

“Excuse me,” Newt says, roughly pushing Liam out of the way and grabbing you in his arms. He leans down and kisses you hard and passionately, making a point to slowly slide his hands down your back and pull you in closer. You smile into the kiss, enjoying this aggressive side of Newt, and you drop the drink as your hands make their way around his neck, trailing up and into his hair.

When Newt finally breaks the kiss, you look around for the Greenie, but he has disappeared.

“That’ll show the buggin’ twat,” Newt says gruffly, “If he has any sense he won’t show his face to me for awhile. I’ll give him a bloody earful.” You smile up at him, a smirk playing at your lips. “What?” He asks innocently.

As cuddly and sweet as Newt was when you were alone, he was not one for PDA – especially in front of Greenies. Aside from the occasional peck or handhold, he wanted to keep his public image as clean and professional as possible. This was part of the reason the Gladers respected him so much.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous,” You tease.

“Of course not, you know I don’t get jealous!”

You raise your eyebrows, “Newt,”

He sighs, “You should’ve heard the way he talked about you this morning and the way he wouldn’t stop looking at you and he’s got blue eyes and–”

You put your hands on his cheeks so he would look at you and listen, “And you should hear the way I’m sure every other Glader talks about me when we’re not around. Or looks at me when they think we won’t notice. It means nothing.” You say. “And I love your adorable brown eyes,” You add with a laugh.

“I guess so, but–”

“And you should hear the way you talk about me and see the way you look at me. It’s the only way I want someone to look at me. Like I’m not just some pretty face, like I’m a person that you love and care about. It’s the same way I look at you. And you’re the only one in here who I will ever look at like that.”

He smiles, accepting defeat “You’re right, as usual. I love you.”

“I love you too,” You smile, getting on your tiptoes and pecking him on the lips once more, “So can I get my drink now?”

He laughs and grabs your hand, “Yeah, yeah, of course, let’s go.”

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(Art School Anon) I have heard of how it is really expensive and a waste of money.

ill tell you a story that happened to me irl, and then ill let you decide.

when i was in high school, they had a special program for kids who wanted to pursue art. one of my animation teachers was known for working with john lasseter (if you are interested in animation at all, you know this name.) and he had a very… simple teaching plan.

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hey love! so i have a question and it's dumb and i'm sorry but i'm wondering how you get the outline on pictures. like when i have a png and i want to get that white outline around it that's bit bigger from the actually picture? gah im sorry because this probably doesn't make any sense and if it doesn't just ignore this. thanks so much anyway love!

No, love it’s not stupid at all. Never a stupid question! Okay, excuse me first of all because Rick is on call with me on Skype lol. Before you do anything right click on your brush tool and select pencil tool and change that brush to desired thickness. Now you can Open your png and use pen tool.

Then use the pen tool to outline around your picture.

Now right click and find stroke path. Select use pencil and click okay.  Right click with the same tool and select delete path. To make your white outline more apparent use a pastel or a solid background.


When you feel beautiful with and without makeup <3

(feat. the most natural and most covered versions of me since I’ve started this blog)

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hey ok u dont have to answer this ofc but about all that discourse around bees, some people say that taking away honey from bees is hurtful especially right now but i cant really tell if thats bs or??? is it true?

lol it’s bullshit – beekeepers are very careful to make sure the bees have enough for themselves. starving them would be counter productive. the best thing you can do for bees is to support local beekeepers


Okay! So I was tagged by @those-are-the-eyes (thank you!!) to do the lockscreen/homescreen/last listened to + bias and selfie tag. Y'all can have fun dealing w my face 😂 ignore the text at the top lol it’s from snapchat

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