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Tendou fucking Satori, man

OK so I was doodling Goshiki and I was thinking about his nerdy bangs when I was hit by some sort of a realisation and idk it hit me pretty hard so here it is: (spoiler alert i guess if you don’t read the manga)

In chapter 150 of the manga, when we’re first introduced to the rest of the Shiratorizawa team apart from Ushijima, Tendou jumps in to prevent any conflict from arising between Goshiki and Shirabu before the match even starts, like this:

When I first read this, I was like “aww lmao thats weirdly adorable” because Tendou decided to tell Goshiki that his bangs were cool, even though no one had even said anything about his bangs at all up to that point in time and it was a seemingly random and irrelevant compliment. (Though it did serve to boost Goshiki’s confidence at the time.) 

I honestly didn’t think much of it (not even while reading the rest of the match) until today, when I remembered one other important little detail, and everything just kind of clicked.

Remember who else used to have bangs and a bowl cut?


Except that he used to be ridiculed for it. Young Tendou was teased, ridiculed and even socially excluded because of his hair and facial features. From what we saw in the manga, none of the other kids his age stood up for him, or tried to defend him, or tried to comfort him - none of them.

So just imagine Tendou, now in his third year of high school, part of one of the strongest volleyball teams in the entire Miyagi prefecture, known for his freaking insane blocking skills, literal besties with one of the top three strongest spikers in the whole of Japan - and he has a kouhai who has the same nerdy haircut that he had as a kid, that everyone made fun of him for. What’s he gonna do in this situation?

Compliment the fuck outta that kouhai’s hair, that’s what the fuck he’s gonna do. It’s a nice “fuck you” to those asshole kids who used to make fun of him, and it’s him being the friend that he probably needed or really wanted when he was young.

tl;dr - Tendou Satori is fucking awesome and i fucking love him

so my dad came to visit me at college today and we went Out to get food and all and somehow we got on the subject of mental illness shit (specifically mine 🙄) and he asked if the reason for my shit was bc he was never there or whatever and i was like “yeah some” (which is true like i have more than one source of trauma) and he was like apologizing and everything and like….cool an acknowledgement of his shitty fatherhood and like the ?first/only? apology ive gotten in all these years lmao but i felt nothing and i still feel nothing for him so anyway………

So, I was watching the second episode of Hibike! Euphonium 2 today and they show a screen with those flowers

They show this expecific flowers when Kumiko started to talk about “Why Mizore is still in the band” and make Mizore remember about Nozomi and their relationship/promisse bla bla bla…

And I was like “Ok this is KyoAni, this have to mean something right?’’

I dont have an extensive knowledge about flowers but from what I understand those are Pholox Flowers. I got into a little research about the meaning and found this.

“Giving phlox as a gift may come about as either a spontaneous gesture, or one that has been thought long and hard about. Phlox flowers are sometimes given the expression of, “sweet dreams,” and can be plucked from a garden and given at the end of a particularly good date. On the other hand, they represent compatibility, the uniting of souls, and the implied proposal of marriage. In this instance, they are generally given as a shy way of asking for the recipient’s hand in marriage. “

And I was like WHOA, THANK GOD THAT’S GAY! And then I remember that there’s one scene in the ending with Mizore using a flower ring in her ring finger.

And from what I find I think that flower she’s using is a Chrysanthemum, and this is the meaning I found.

“They are also given for many romantic events, as white chrysanthemums represent loyal love, and red varieties are simple tokens that say, “I love you!””

And guess what? This Chrysanthemum is pink!~

Anyway this is just me and my gay shit, I dont have praticaly any knowledge about flowers. But since in the first season the flowers that KyoAni have showed in the screen have such BIG meanings to the story, I feel like those probably have some too. 

It would be good if we find someone who have some knowledge in the flower language to say something about it but since I haven’t seen nothing about it yet I did it.

But if anyone know about flowers and their meaning please correct me :D

i remain firmly convinced, given everything we’ve seen and heard from her since, and perhaps a little of my own personal bias, that if jk rowling were sitting down to write harry potter for the first time today, the series would have had a great deal of the diversity it is often criticized for lacking.

boat ride

the script for this scene is so amazing

she knows he was about to confess today and for someone reason something is holding him back but she doesn’t push it

and she just says “from now you don’t have to stay away from the thing that you like anymore” referring to his boat but they know and we know she’s not actually talking about the boat and shes basically like, i dont know why you arent telling me you are in love with me but thats okay because ill still keep waiting for you

and he smiles because she just understands him and all she says is “you’ll remember what you wanted to say to me someday, it’ll come back to you”

and this time it’s her waiting for HIM and its so amazing and every scene with the two of them you can just see he’s on cloud nine because they understand each other so well  H O W



- “Our 2nd album RIOT! was born 8 yrs ago today. This was the era of neon orange hair & matching haircuts, red & yellow skinny jeans… … scribble writing everywhere, our first big shows, being on TRL (remember that?), and our first time hearing ourselves on the radio… It was such a good time for me as a teenage human & for our band and the music we made. Forever proud of that ketchup & mustard life. #RIOT” 

- “2nd to the songs, I loved the colors of this era most of all #8YearsOfRiot”

hayley from Paramore on Twitter

hey inkskinned, i know this is a little weird but i wanted to give you a shoutout because two nights ago i was getting a ride home from a boy in my class and when i thanked him he jokingly said “you can just give me a blowjob per ride” and I was so shocked i didn’t really get to say anything, just kind of laughed nervously and got the hell out of there but i remembered all of the poems you wrote and emma watson’s UN speech and i was like “you know what i’m not taking this shit” so this morning I went on your feminism tag and got all powered up and ignored him the entire day at school, and when a classmate asked why i was so mad at him i said “one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna have a daughter and you’re gonna realize that you live in a world where jokes like that are still being cracked and that’s not okay” and those are actually modified words from one of your poems and i guess i just wanted to say thank you for giving me the words to speak when I had none - i felt like a kickass princess riding her fiery dragon going to save myself just like the ones you always write about and i’m so proud i might cry because i’ve always felt like girls are supposed to forget about things like this but i’m never going to let anyone push me down ever again and i just wanted to say thank you

@FROM JOIN-ME TODAY (Sai crashed when i finished the draw sooo…i end up getting lazy and end up like this v

Yeh…-SOBSOB- only those who were watching know how did look like befoure ;u;. 

Next is a Request from CoolCatAnonymous XD from her AU (free!sans) Her Au looked pretty cool! SO U GUYS SOULD SECK OUT —> @sans-free

AND NEXT, SOME DOODLES I MADE BEFOURE, AND NEVER POSTED (or at least i dont remember posting it)



that now naruto’s a hokage like a legit hokage and do you remember that episode where it shows that the third hokage is spending time with kids in the academy??????

imagine naruto doing that

imagine him spending kids with the academy and with bolt too because he’s there at the academy. 

imagine the kids all excited when shino announced “today we’re getting a visit from our lord hokage” the kids would all be like “OH MY GOD ITS THE HOKAGE YAYYYYYYYYYYYY” “AAAAA HOKAGE CHAN” “BOLT THATS UR DADDY. COOOOOOOL” except for bolt bcs he’s not amused

and at the break time!!!! naruto playing with the kids and bolt just watch from afar because he’s still not amused. naruto tried to make him come and play but he wont listen so he carried him anyway and force him to play AND THEN AFTER TIME PASSES BOLT BEGINS TO ENJOY HIMSELF

naruto with kids JUST IMAGINE NARUTO WITH KIDS IN THE ACADEMY. how the kids would pull his hokage cloak and hide his hokage hat and playing hide and seek, naruto pretending not to see where the kids are when the kids are behind him.

naruto receiving flowers and flower crowns from the little girls and he smooches them as a thank you

naruto playing catch with the kids

naruto laughing so hard when the kids tickles him i just so EXCITED

and shino had to stop him because break time has finished like 15 minutes ago and the kids havent got back to the class 

just imagine that and cry with me

Some things from Troye’s listening party
  1. His Blue Neighbourhood themed nails are gorgeous up close
  2. LOST BOY has a killer chorus 
  3. The studio version of YOUTH is just like the live version (and I still have no idea what he’s saying in COOL)
  4. Troye’s favorite lyric from Wild is “Tell me all the things that make you feel at ease" 
  5. He refuses to choose between collaborating with Halsey or Melanie Martinez because he’s afraid of their fan bases coming after him
  6. He seems very gentle and soft-spoken 
  7. When fans were told not to touch his butt during the photo-op, he shrugged and gave a do-what-you-do look 
  8. Leland was there and he seemed really cool 
  9. Dani had a snazzy daisy sweater on
  10. He went to a “magic lady doctor” that worked with Ariana Grande and other big stars who gave him back his voice 
  11. He’s a real person and not a figment of our imaginations
  12. Alessia Cara and Tori Kelly have previously told the people at Z100 that Troye was killing it 
  13. His biggest fangirl moment was when Adele and Taylor Swift tweeted about him 
  14. He listened to a lot of Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift while writing the album
  15. If a film is made about his life, he wants Thomas Brodie-Sangster to play him because they both seem to not age
  16. A new single will be premiered soon on Z100 (!)

The sword has achieved the highest level of compliment from Kurogane possible. 

It’s not bad. 

Does anyone else remember this happening in Outo too because I definitely do.

so how are you doing today?

 im done with classes for the semester so thats good news!

 I still have to finish 4 projects between now and the end of next month, but I can do those from the comfort of my own home and ill probably finish them all by this weekend.

i hope the rest of today/tonight goes well for all of you, remember dont listen to other peoples negativity you’re awesome and thats all that matters