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Hello~ I'm new to this blog, and I really enjoy it so far. I see there are multiple admins, may I know who all to address accordingly?~ ^^

Sure, Babe!

So there is me (Jess!). Hello!! I write mostly got7, seventeen, bigbang! Also I’m really friendly so if you ever need to talk or just want to chat. Hit. Yo. Gurl. Up!

There’s Mama Lim or just Lim. She loves her Sub!Idols but will throw away her need for dominance for Bang Minsoo (CAP) and/or Jay Park. Her highest point of life is when she got Simon Dominic to call her “Ma’am”.

Jung is your girl if you ever need a Jungkook hit! The girl can write! She’s also good with Kyungsoo?!?! Low key FREAK. High key Emo.

Chae is the “Daddy” of the whole operation. Though you guys are the only ones that call him that. (I’d rather perish) He’s sweet and kind, has a whole blog (link in description) (beware it is Porn Province over there) Also, he hasn’t written anything on the blog yet (boys attention span is hella low) but I’ll rate him when he does.

Dae is our precious butterfly. She hates requests but if there is a vague one that she likes she’ll do it. (She says) She loves to go into her mind where she lives a second life in a Poly! relationship with Yoongi and Seokjin. And her line of thought is hot af.

Keith (2008 film)
  • Keith: I had it all figured out, so I cut out early? Who cares? It's probably a good thing. Life sucks, anyway. Then I met you, and it got weird. And you were so amazing. And I...
  • Natalie: What? What?
  • Keith: I just wanted a little more time. So all in all, I'd say you're the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Goodbye, partner.

did you guys ever consider that when jesse said he was taking a break from social media he meant he was taking a break from the fans? assuming this ig acc is his, its on private and we should respect that. i wouldnt blame him for wanting to hide some of his life especially seeing how some of you guys are reacting to stuff like this. just let him do what he wants and hope for the best of him, thats really all you can do