that's all i could think of when i saw his face

Day 8 - Making Out

That evening when Zen entered Jumin’s hotel room using the extra key card the executive had given him, he saw the heir on the phone facing the window. Quietly he shut the door, trying not to disturb. He considered leaving when the conversation went on for a few more minutes but then he could hear Jumin ending it abruptly.

“Thank you. Goodbye.”

Oh oh. Even though his tone of voice seemed neutral enough, Zen knew by now that something was said that clearly made him upset. Jumin turned and gave him a smile when he saw Zen, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. The heir sat down on the bed loosening his tie and beckoned the actor to him, who obliged.

“Want to talk about it?” Zen asked while Jumin pulled him on his lap.

“No.” Without hesitation, Jumin kissed Zen, moved his hands to bury them in his hair, putting a bit of pressure on his head to feel his lips more. Zen hummed happily, sparks shooting through his body every time Jumin adjusted himself.

Soon he got pushed down on the bed and Jumin followed right after, mouth chasing his. He felt those hands grab his hair a little too hard, teeth clashing against his own painfully, tongue pushing into his mouth with too much force and it was overwhelming. Each time he pushed back a little, clawing at his shirt, Jumin drove himself further like a frenzied animal.

It was becoming a battle and normally Zen welcomed it, desired to fight for domination, but this was a duel that arised from the wrong reasons.

“Jumin, stop. Hey!” He held Jumin’s shoulders, forcing him to hover over Zen. He didn’t like using his strength against Jumin, but it was the only way to get him to get his attention. Jumin looked at him, bewildered, annoyed at the interruption, tried to move away. The actor gave him zero room to escape and Jumin sighed deeply, plopped his head on Zen’s chest as he admitted defeat. Mumbling, he let out his frustrations about a bad deal his workers couldn’t handle.

“Sometimes I wish people would stop lying. It’s tiring.”  

Zen ran his hand through Jumin’s hair, petting him as the man rambled on a bit. Jumin always acted like nothing was a big deal but inside he was a big ball of complex emotions and Zen was embarrassed to admit it took him a while to see that. Sometimes the big corporate executive needed a bit of coddling to open up. Zen kissed the top of his head, feeling black hair tickle his noise and tried not to sneeze.

“Whether you like it or not Jumin Han, I’m going to tell you exactly what I think.” 

Grateful dark eyes looked back at him and the smile was genuine now. Jumin initiated the kiss again with just as much force as before, but his caresses were softer, his lips now moving perfectly in sync with Zen’s. He felt a tongue brush against his lower lip and he let out a soft sigh, allowed Jumin back into his mouth, feeling fire pulse through his veins whenever their tongues wrestled.

His own hands were stroking Jumin’s face, his neck, his head and he felt skillful fingers run over his clothes, slowly loosening them. Something familiar pressed against this thigh and Jumin smirked at him, back to being that cocky, confident businessman.

“I can’t help it. You’re beautiful. Handsome. Dashing.” Zen blushed something fierce. That smooth little shit.

He flipped them over, letting Jumin know exactly how he felt as well and gave him another deep, passionate kiss while tossing his tie on the floor.

Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke is just amazing… In the beginning of Yu Yu Hakusho, I could just relate to him so much. Firstly, there were all these people who hated him and is scared of him; lots of people think that he’s rude and vicious, but those people are wrong. When he was walking down the street, he saw this little boy playing soccer. He told the boy that it wasn’t safe for him to play soccer close to the road. He even did some funny faces at him. But not just that, he SAVED the boy from getting hit by a car. And instead of the little boy getting hit by the car, Yusuke did. And he pretty much died… And that is because of Yusuke’s selfless act.

When he died he became a ghost. Thats when the grim reaper, Botan, came. [I’ll be skipping a couple parts]. Since no one in spirit world expected him to die, Botan told Yusuke that he can have his life back by doing this ordeal. Yusuke had some second thoughts about it, and said that I quote, “I think I like being a ghost. You said it yourself that my life is pretty pathetic, right? Everyone will be much happier now, now that I’m erased.” And THIS PART. THIS PART REALLY HIT ME. I was just like, “Damn, I feel you.”
Yusuke thought that he’s a burden. Yusuke thought that now that he’s gone, people will have have a great time without him… But he was wrong…

Yusuke attended his own funeral. As he expected, everyone was making jokes about it and stuff like that. BUT then, he was in total shock. His mom!? Keiko!? Kuwabara!? The principal!? They were all in pain when Yusuke died.
Yusuke was surprised at their reactions… Crying, yelling, going mad.. He couldn’t really believe that there were actually all these people who experienced grief just because of his death.
Because of that, he changed his mind and decided to accept the ordeal to come back to life.

Just remember: you are loved.

It’s two years today since I collected two little black cats from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. Black cats are often overlooked at shelters, and being shy makes it all the more difficult to find them a home. They’d both been there since they were kittens and were coming up on 8 & 9 months old.

Back then they were called Coco and Prince Charming but my neighbours think I’m weird as it is without me shouting “Prince Charming! Dinner time!” from the back door. So they were re-christened Monty and Rolo when they came home with me.

Monty in particular took a lot of work since he was so nervous and wouldn’t let me touch him for weeks. I still remember that first time he let me give him a proper pet, and hearing his first purr was amazing. Now he’s a right little tart who loves attention I struggle to imagine he could ever be so scared of me! And Rolo was a little scrap of a thing who would sneak in and sleep in the drawers under my bed, making me think he’d escaped the house.

Since then we’ve had some trials with things like vet visits featuring Houdini escaping shenanigans, the fun of moving house and that time Rolo made my poor cat-sitting friends think he’d gone missing (turned out he could open locked cat flaps). I’m an anxious cat-mum by nature and still fret about them if they stay out late or seem under the weather. But they’ve brought me more joy than I can say and I’m never happier than when I’m in bed and there’s one purring cat curled up next to me and another asleep on the shelf across the room.

From one very content cat slave: thank you for the last two years, boys.