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Can you make a thread about BTS members with confetti flying around? Can you make a few per member? It's so pretty and the skills of photographer-nims are amazing. Thank you 😄

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Hey, dogs are good.

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


If something is your passion, listen to your heart. If it’s what you love more than anything else, don’t stop doing it for anybody. 



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Steve fic based around this button? i(.)ebayimg(.)com/images/g/MDkAAOSwt0FZCocL/s-l500(.)jpg

Steve didn’t think something as small and inconsequential would have lasted. But there it was in a box of effects that Becca had given him (there was a shirt and a scrap of paper Steve had drawn the skyline on for Bucky and some letters with Bucky’s deliberate, heavy handwriting).  

I gave my share inside a faded red heart and the year – 1928.


He’d been ten, at the time, breathing reedy and limbs thin.  He was picking himself up from a scrap, (Bucky would be back for Steve once he’d properly run the other boys off), when he saw it, shiny and entirely not trash behind the barrel.

Fifty cents.  A whole fifty cents and Steve couldn’t believe it.  He and Bucky could split something at the diner, maybe.  

He thought of what his Ma had said about fortune and some people not having any, had thought of the fight he was in – the little girl was gone but her shoes still had holes in them bigger than Steve’s.  

When Bucky returned, Steve had pocketed the quarters and was dusting himself off.   

“Your Ma is gonna kill me.  Lookit you.”  

“We gotta make a stop on the way, Buck.”  

Bucky glared and Steve returned it, neither having the energy for anything more.  

Bucky sighed.  “Fine.”

Steve marched them straight to the Red Cross and donated the fifty cents he’d found, and the woman at the desk – kind-faced and eyes full of something Steve couldn’t describe – gave him a pin.  I gave my share, it said.  

He pinned it on his shirt and his Ma – when he stepped through the door at home she didn’t mention his bruises or the bleeding, but she saw his pin and smiled so wide, Steve thought her cheeks might ache.  


Steve left the pin in the box, needing to find a place that would be safe but visible for him to keep it.  It made him think of his Ma and Bucky and Erskine; on those days he questioned himself and his purpose, it helped him to think of his ten-year-old self, reassure himself that boy, that boy who wanted to give, was still in there.  

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ok but exactly w h o was jonathan bellamy & w h a twas his relationship with aaron burr?

He was a lawyer that Burr has struck up a correspondence with (he knew him because Burr knew his father) some time before the 12th of March 1775.

I’m not very sure what exactly their relationship was, but they were at least very close friends (if not more wink wink).

I searched in the book “Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete” by Matthew Livingston Davis for some description of their relationship, but the only things I could find were in the letters itself, sooo have some of that:

“He is one of the cleverest fellows I have to deal with. Sensible, a person of real humor, and is an excellent judge of mankind, though he has not had the opportunity of seeing much of the world.” - Burr about Bellamy to his friend Matthias Ogden (this is is also the first mention of Bellamy in the book so it must be somewhat early in their relationship?)

“I was infinitely surprised to hear from you in the army. I can hardly tell you what sensations I did not feel at the time. Shall not attempt to describe them, though they deprived me of a night’s sleep” - Bellamy to Burr, August 17th 1775

“Curse on this vile distance between us. I am restless to tell you every thing;  but uncertainty whether you would ever hear it bids me be silent, till, in some future happy meeting, I may hold you to my bosom,and impart to you every emotion of my heart.” - Bellamy to Burr, March 3rd 1776

“My faithful Correspondent, my best, my, (almost), only Friend, is, alas, no more — J. Bellamy’s Death gave me Feelings, which few Deaths can ever renew.” - Burr about Bellamy to his sister, June 8th 1777

He pressed two fingers to Neil’s throat, checking his pulse. When Neil tried to bat him away, Andrew caught his wrist with his free hand. His smile was small and fierce as he leaned forward into Neil’s space.

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hi can you post shows that simon d went in? with eng subs?

I’m not in the ml fandom bUT @illustraice ‘s Sun/Moon au has me h o o k e d.  Now, I’m no artist so I can’t draw for it (believe me I just tried drawing Mari and I spent more time outlining muscles than anything so that was a lost cause), and because I’m not in the ml fandom and I have no grasp on Mari and Adrien’s characters, I can’t write for it, either.  Buuuuut, given what I’ve read for this AU, I can certainly devise a playlist for it.  Because music is universal.

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday | May I Trading Yesterday | Run Leona Lewis | Drop in the Ocean Ron Pope | Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | Echo Jason Walker | Infinity One Direction | California King Bed Rihanna | Battlefield Jordin Sparks | Bleeding Love Leona Lewis | Listen To Your Heart DHT | Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden | Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s | Saware Arijit Singh

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Did Kaneki just bite Touka, so that he could heal himself (aka cannibalism)?

I’m not exactly sure of how that works (oh my god i have to read the manga again i’ve been delaying that for so long i’m the worst..) but I think it takes more than just one bite to feed yourself completely (it’s true that touka just needed one bite from him back at the church, but i think it is different this time..) even from another ghoul? if he’s planning to go and save yoriko i’m not sure if just ONE bite will be enough to give him the power he needs, and it’s not like he’s gonna eat her entire shoulder or something like that, besides she’s pregnant, i don’t think he wants to do that, it could be weird, haha.

besides, i honestly wanna believe that he truly meant what he said.. he’s not lying to her, he wants to do this bitemark thing as some kind of promise between them, a pact, to make it official somehow… and Kaneki is not a dishonest person, he won’t use all of this as an excuse just to cannibalize with her. I think he wants to make sure she knows that this is real for him too, because i’m totally convinced that he will go and save yoriko and if something bad happens to him, both have that “proof” in their bodies that what they did (making love, having this child, being together in general..) wasn’t just a rushed decision, but that it meant something for both. “.. deep enough to not fade (our relationship, what we have) even if we die.” 


A list of #RMBooks 📚👓

● Me Before You
● 해변의 카프카
● 상실의 시대
● 우리가 어느 별에서
● 밤 열한 시
● 월든
● Norwegian Wood
● The Stranger
● The Catcher in the rye
● Almost Transparent Blue
● 지금 알고 있는 걸 르때도 알았다라면
● 하늘과 바람과 별과 시
● 사랑하라 한번도 상처받지 않은 것처럼
● 한입코끼리
● 당신을 응원하는 누군가
● Demian by Hermann Hesse
● 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
● Man Box by Tony Porter

Thats all I could find 😊😊

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