that's all folk

oh hey so. saying a Black character is “a perfect sunshine boy!!” or “a Goddess!! she doesn’t need no man!!” can also be a form of dehumanization. 

when Black characters become such “pure cinnamon rolls” you can’t ship them, when they “deserve so much better” you refuse to pair them with any white fave, when they’re “just so flawless” they become boring, when you insist they’re “perfect” but then utterly and completely stop there, you’re reducing them to one dimension. 

they become props for white character development, cos you’re not letting them have any character of their own.

when the only characters that are flawed, relatable, interesting, complex, shippable, deserving of pages of meta for a 0.02 second glance ~just so happen to be~ white you’re indicating that they’re the only characters you see as fully human. 

trump's first address to congress recap

- “I’m going open the speech with something that makes me look like I care about minorities”
-“I hate sacred Native American land”
-“I’m gonna say something else that makes me look like I care about women”
-“lemme add *BILLIONS* in a sentence to it can sound intellectual
-*forced clapping*
-*pence and paul ryan looking like wannabe hitmen in the background*

You: Bruce Wayne dresses as a bat to scare and intimidate people

Me, an intellectual: nothing has been and nothing never will be as terrifying as Discowing. Criminals saw him and shook in fear. Oh no! That color combination! The feathers! He says he’ll call the police on them but who will call the Fashion Police on him???

How Riverdale should end

-Archie and Veronica being step siblings and they are literally the coolest brother and sister like they go to each other for advice and stay up late at night telling each other secrets and become thick as thieves
-Jugheads story actually being fucking explained instead of mentioned and being brushed over like nothing happened in the first place????
-Betty being open! With her sexuality and dating Veronica and we get to see them be cute supportive girlfriends
-Alice Cooper dying
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