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how to fucking use tumblr: 2017 sad man edition

so like apparently being a decent human being is a tough concept for some of you ppl. idk about y’all but if I see one more post that basically says something along the lines of “i dun wike mcgenji bcuz HAAAAAAANZO is the one 4 jesse =3=“ i’m actually gonna snap my own spine.

but connor it’s my opinion!!! we are free to say whatever we want!


and by the off chance that y’all log in to this site every damn day but don’t understand how the tagging system works, i’ll explain it so i don’t develop a fucking ulcer from how pissy I get over this

typing the full ship name in the text will cause the post to show up in the tag. and that goes for having it in a tag, even if it’s not the only word. so like #just not a fan of mcgenji <— that’s gonna show up in the tag. in order to not do this, just fucking mess the shit up, like add slashes or spaces. mcgenji will show up in the tag but mc/gen/ji won’t

asks including the word will cause the post to show up in the tag. this one isn’t rlly the fault of the op but it’s still easy to fix. just screenshot the ask and post it as a photo with the answer. or just @ the person and respond there OR if it’s an anon, just be like “@ anon who sent me an ask about this ship…” bcuz I fuckin assure u ppl who send anons are refreshing ur damn blog waiting to see what you say, they’re gonna see it

i honestly dont give a fuck that you don’t like this ship at all. like i’m not offended?? just do not give a fuck. like mchanzo all u want but dont come inT O MY HOUSE and tell me all about how u don’t like mcgenji. that’s like going to a dog shelter, sitting and listening to all of the workers and volunteers talk about how much work and love they put into the place, and just being like “YO DOGS R UGLY. IM HEARIN WAT U HAVE TO SAY, BUT FUCK, CATS ARE WAY BETTER. I DON’T LIKE DOGS OUT OF PETTINESS. CATS ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR HUMANS =3=“ like ok why did u come here to tell me this… this place of dogs….

idk. long story short, learn how the tagging system works, and if not, learn to shut the fuck up :)

annoyinprophet  asked:

Hi Tanisha. I've followed your blog for a while, and know that you're very helpful in terms of giving advice to those interested in the fashion industry. I'm a junior, and I'd like to intern for a fashion magazine, but I don't know where I should start to look for internship postings. I just read an article that mentioned ed2010, but that's the only resource for fashion internships I have so far. Do you know where I could start looking? Thank you for your time.

heeeey ! ya i always say ed2010, fashionista’s career page, and

those are all great resources, and i’ve used them all to get internships/freelance jobs, but (and i’m ***NOT*** trying to be condescending at all) really google is your best friend. when i was in college i would just look up “fashion magazine internships” and look around on magazines career/contact pages. thats how i found information about paper magazine’s internship program + sent an email as directed on the site. that was my first fashion mag internship. it’s actually the same right now, paper is looking for fall interns and they give you the updated contact and all the information right there! 

sometimes you really have to dig and get creative. i would read mastheads in my favorite magazines, google those peoples names, send 1000 cold emails a night. i probably heard back from like 2. you just have to be scrappy and persistent. 

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You have kids and a wife and you are such a creep on this site. You keep flirting with young girls and liking tit pics - Thats what porn hub is for. At least thats private. You have kids and a wife you fucking creep.

A person can’t like tits? I’m married not dead. If you don’t like it don’t follow me. Fuck you by the way. Oh and next time you have an opinion don’t be a pussy and actually use your name. I give exactly two shits about a person who is scared to come out of the shadows. Hey to my followers who aren’t assholes tell me something…..Am I creepy dude and a shit guy who flirts al the time?

Edit: I’m sorry about the pussy comment, such a wonderful, strong beautiful thing should not be equated with an asshole.

baebot and me were throwing ideas around
‘I’m sorry I got really excited about that punch buggy I didn’t mean to hit you hard enough to bruise’ au

“I take singing in my car very seriously and I’m sorry to have distracted you at a four way stop serenading my rearview mirror. Please don’t sue me I have no insurance, we can just buff out that bumper au’

'I took to many self defence courses as a child and now my automatic response when someone grabs my arm is to throw them over my hip I’m so sorry. At least I took first aid too?’ Au

'You were staring at me all class and I’m pretty sure you didn’t take any notes want to borrow mine?’ Au

'You forgot your phone on the bus next to me and I texted your dad (he was in your recent contacts) to get it back to you. and for some reason he is now convinced we are living together? Apparently you left home and are lying where you are… Don’t worry I kept your secret. I don’t know how, but hey I’m actually looking for a roommate so hey au’

'You’re a colossal douche bag to everyone at school but I’ve seen you split your lunch with the small creatures around the school and you’re really nice to little kids and the elderly at your shitty part time job but it’s not like I’ve been watching you or anything I swear.’ au
‘Oh fuck shit! Your allergic to nuts?!?! I just wolfed down a whole bag in front of you. Please don’t die, I’ll drive you to the hospital. And pay your bills I don’t know but im at your service please don’t die shit’

'I wasn’t paying attention and almost walked in front of a train thanks for grabbing my sweater- wait aren’t you the guy/gal/etc who caught me when I fell off the ladder yesterday oh shit now I’m embarrassed I swear I’m not usually this much of a clutz’ au

’ I put posters around campus for an event but your the only one to show up so I guess we can split all this food?’
'Turns out we’re the into two in the school willing to admit we like xthing so that means we’re best friends now right?’ Au

’ I can’t believe you like that one lesser known thing too… But wait. No no no, you like that character? Hmm no I’m sorry we can’t be friends’ au
'I’m the most awkward person I know but you’re always around when I say something clever’ au

'You keep fucking talking during class- but your conversation is honestly more interesting than the lecture so eh’ au
'We keep ending up in the same classes and I swear it’s not on purpose. Wait what do you mean it might be?’ Au
’ I noticed you sketching during class and they are damn good wow.. Wait is that me???’ Au

'I’ve been following your blog since jr high but it still took me almost three months to figure out who you are and now I have to remind myself to use you’re actual name’ au

'This cat keeps visiting my house isn’t he cute? Oh wait this is your cat? 
It isn’t? Oh it’s their cat?! 
Damn, their cute. You agree? Hmm maybe we can negotiate a cat share.’ Au

'We’re in like three classes together and you suddenly stopped showing up for all of them are you okay? Yes I got your name from the prof and your cell number from the online site thing. What do you mean that’s creepy?’ Au

’ you look like you have an aesthetic blog. And what I mean is do you have an aesthetic blog? Because I want to follow it my god you are beautiful’ au

'We’re catching the same plane somewhere and it’s been delayed by like six hours want to get a hot drink with me?’ Au

’ we both have a crush on the cute barista. This is war. Orrr something more?’ Au

'Holy shit the person in this picture is beautiful. What do you mean that’s you?’ Au

’ ok so I just joined this class… I know! I know it’s three weeks to the final exam. Do you mind teaching me everything? I can pay!’

'My best friend hates you and i can’t figure out why. Care to explain?’ Au

'I’m on the bus. Your hair game is strong. Like too strong.. It’s stuck in my jacket zipper and my stop is coming up.’ Au

'I know we’ve been going to the same school for almost four years but I don’t actually remember ever seeing you before Au’

’ I’m single, pregnant, and grumpy. I’m sorry for ranting to you on the bus but you just seemed so sweet. And I’m really craving nibs and you have like an entire bag in your hand.’ Au

'We both reached for the same ridiculously rare book at the second hand shop at the same time but it’s mine and if you want it you’re going to have to move in with me’ au

How do you meet other lgbt people or How did you met your girlfriend?(QOTD)

We met in high school and we became friends then best friends and after years of knowing each other we became girlfriends - cupcakethedragonslayer

Not gonna lie. My girlfriend and I met on Tumblr. 😊 - treacherouswater

Theatre industry af thats how my girlfriend and I met That or surprisingly- catholic school - majesticalshit

This is going to sound weird but me and my girlfriend actually met on a roleplaying site (non-sexual surprisingly) But we met on there and after about 6 months, she asked me out and we’ve been together for almost 7 months now~  - made-by-satan

My fiancée and I met on the lesbian dating app named Brenda (name may have changed since) -  lesbians-foreverandaday

theatre industry. I’ve been acting most of my life and that is where I found out about the lgbtq community, that there are words for how I feel, and that there are other people who are just like me. - ahavahjay

I hear word of a gay couple or they are already open about it in my school and so I just start talking to them and say I’m gay too and immediate bestows ^~^And I met my gorgeous girlfriend at the start of high school and then we became best friends and then she asked me to be her girlfriend in the cutest way ^~^- icexxxtea 

my gf and I met in high school. We were best friends then decided to date.

my gf and i met at an anime con when we were both young and dumb -Anon

We went on the same high-achievers trip at college. After that, she helped me with my depression because I was very desperate and she replied to my tweets. The rest is history - plinytheother

I was dating a guy and saw my girlfriend in class and knew I wanted to be with her. I confessed my love for her drunk at a bar, broke up with my boyfriend, and we’ve been together ever since! - shani-leigh

When we were both 18, she used to serve me in a nightclub and I thought she looked cute, I used to think of ways to maybe ask for her number, but then one night she was out with friends at another nightclub, we got chatting and I took her number.👍🏻 - laurenc92

I met mine through a friend. I would help my friend talk to her because my friends mom was insane and homophobic. Wound up that my friend was only using her to get over a breakup. So I talked to her and well we just fell in love. - kdefran17

we used to stare at each other in French class, then we were grouped together for an activity, and I asked for her number, and it goes from there :’) - stahmpdaheart


Ok First of all Im not a creeper I swear and secondly, Im not just saying this. And thirdly, I would never give out a bunch of personal info of Taylor’s Family. Or the full tree, plus privacy it would be super long! But I was doing my grandmas research, not meaning to come across swift. and it ended up from my great grandmas name, top left in pic , her names Kimmon’ s , then to lip , then to swift. Top right pic of ur great great grandfather i believe or great? Thats the side i come in on lol. Then I had someone research who’s a pro, and that i found on the site, that he actually is the connection! Too .and I did to for days of research, to confirm what swifts they end up going to and wouldn’t you know ended up connecting some how to Taylor’s great great grandfather crazy right? I don’t wanna get in trouble. Or post a bunch of personal info. But just wanted you to know Taylor Im a very distant relative of u!! Lol . Later there putting the whole tree on a cd connecting it all. I dont wanna get into trouble so here a little bit:) Maybe mite be some what interesting I thought you mite want to know:) taylorswift

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Did you seriously just pay to make that website? Bro, get your priorities straight..what the actual fuck? Maybe you should take a gander at your life and reorganize. Wow.

yeah I spent 10$ on the domain name, and 5$ for the hosting. 

Ever heard of doing something for fun? bc thats what I did,  i am enjoying seeing 200+ people on the site at any given moment, and reading through how people are loving it

it was so worth it, maybe you need to be uptownfunkify-ed

Okay, so I’m actually a little bummed it’s not Morgan that Carol kisses cause tbh that would have been really good but

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