that's actually pretty badass

now that i’ve seen the new red band trailer for kingsman: the golden circle, i’m very tempted to revisit that trimberly kingsman au i thought up months ago…

  • han sung: how do you arrest a ghost?
  • soo ho: i guess you have to be a ghost cop.
  • han sung: you know what? i rescind what i said earlier. i won't be a ghost that pours tea and folds clothes.
  • han sung: i'll be a ghost cop.
  • yeo wool: yeah, that's actually pretty badass.
  • han sung: seok han sung: ghost cop! doesn't that sound nice
  • yeo wool: that's awesome.
  • soo ho: i like that.
  • han sung: yeah!

anonymous asked:

Why do i feel like the new 'leading lady' they're introducing to spn will become a love interest for Dean and lead to him just kind of forgetting about Cas?

(Here’s the article about it)

I dunno, anon, I wouldn’t panic just yet. No one mentioned anything about her being a love interest, and SPN can always use a new important lady character! Besides, remember everyone freaking about Ann-Marie, that lady demon!Dean hooked up with that once? Or when people thought Billie was Cassie and she was back as a hunter to swoop Dean into a happily ever after. Or Amara — sure, there was this kiss thing, and the storyline isn’t over, but I don’t have a feeling they’re leading up to some epic romance between her and Dean. 

Anyways, no, I don’t really share that feeling, dear anon. SPN had plenty female characters that weren’t love interests (Donna, Jody, Charlie, Abbadon, Rowena just to name a few from the last seasons), so I guess we’ll just wait and see? 

And about Dean forgetting Cas… I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I mean, have you seen him call out for Cas ten times in a row in the last episode?