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About About Ray

Okay so one of the biggest arguements I’ve heard is how dare they have a cis-female actor play a trans-male character. Right?

I would like to point out that when Orange is the New Black used Laverne Cox’s twin (cisgender-male) brother to portray her pre-transition you all were SO proud of their choice because they were respecting her and refused to have her appear male. They didn’t want to put her through that AND they wanted the character to actually look PRE-TRANSITION. 

Now, About Ray is about a young PRE-TRANSITION boy. I know that I would not want to see a post-transition guy being made to play this part, and yeah, they could have found a pre-transition guy maybe, but I know personally, I would hate having a film out with pre-transition me if I was planning on transitioning especially if that was my first role. Not to mention, a lot of pre-transition guys do not have the acting expertise that these actors they’ve casted do. This is a really good cast, and from what I’ve seen Elle Fanning is going to do this role justice.

I’m not saying it would have been impossibe to find actors - good ones - who are actually pre-transition trans males. HOWEVER I think it’s preposterous for you to criticize and boycott a film that can do so much good just because they use a cisgender actor to portray a transgender character. Firstly for the reason I already mentioned, and secondly because your other option is to not have the movie at all. This film can do a lot of good things for the trans-masculine community. How about you sit down, shuttup, and give it a chance. If it sends the wrong message, or is handled horribly or whatever, yes. Throw a shit-fit and speak your mind. But don’t judge it before you’ve seen it just because they didn’t use a trans actor. 

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Oh gosh you poor thing, now you have to write an exam with all that…. good luck! yes tell me everything, i look forward to it ^.^

I know. I was about to message my prof. “Dear Mrs. XY, I’m awfully sorry but I can’t take the exam because I have to mourn over the deaths of fictional characters from Game of Thrones. THREE in ONE episode. all at once. You feel me. Thanks. K.”

i have such a hard on for my acting teacher.

like today in class i was actually acting my monologue (which we haven’t done yet) and i kept messing up and freaking out because he kept giving me advice while i was doing it, so i was stressing out and forgetting everything so he walks up to me and puts his hands on my shoulders and says “you are great, you are doing fantastic. And you have fabulous socks.”

And i was like holy fuck just take off your pants

Do the DC Legos sets have everything BUT Arrow?? I saw your typical Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman stuff, but also Flash, Aquaman, Captain Cold, Grodd, Green Lantern… pretty sure just about everyone other than Arrow. Admittedly I was only shopping at Toys R Us and Target. I haven’t really looked. And, actually, it wasn’t what I was looking for but I saw Flash so I skimmed them. My kids would definitely be getting Arrow Legos for Christmas if they made them…  

Same post-it-now-so-i-remember-to-redo-it-later deal with Requiem here, but overall I think this was a better first job. I took my time a little more with her drawing, and her bio is even legible. It does need a little tweaking to fit in with canon. I didn’t know about the Colonies when I made her, I was just starting to get back into the books (about the time Dark Cybertron was wrapping up, but I wanted to start with Death of Optimus Prime) and assumed they’d just retconed the no fembots thing. Glad they found a different way. Retcons are ugly and this gives us a bigger universe to explore. I also been considering renaming her either Eulogy or Elegy. Thoughts?


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Omg, thank you! That’s so sweet. I won’t lie–I used to practice it a lot when I was in middle school and such. And if I liked the way other people wrote certain letters, I’d work on copying the style until I managed to absorb them into my handwriting. (I’m looking at you in particular, capital J.) 

Now I don’t really think about it much, but for whatever reason, I used to really care about how my handwriting looked, and so it has been carefully crafted over the years to look the way it does now.

Section leader: Wear something tomorrow thats america or ‘MURICA themed
other pit people: *talking random things*
one kid: well Im already white so
me *after a small pause*: I think for my murica themed outfit Im going to wear my white privilege.

out of breath. ok i’m meeting up with a friend for early lunch and ice cream and then guardians of the galaxy in like… eight hours which means i!! need to sleep. 

tomorrow activity will be iffy bc obviously i’ll be with my friend, i’ve also gotta finish packing, and my family is going out to dinner. but between those things i’ll be here. if anyone would like to send in anymore of these memes, i have a few in my inbox that i’m gonna work on tomorrow.