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Theories To Help Me Cope

Yhwach’s words echoed within Ichigo’s mind as his eyes met Rukia’s. He would appear in the midst of their happiest times with the intent to slaughter them all. Even with all of the destruction around them, Rukia made Ichigo’s heart skip. He thought of the future he had hoped to have with her one day -sliding a ring onto her finger, pressing a kiss to her swollen belly, looking down at a child they had created- and his breath caught. That future…. Couldn’t happen. It would mean more destruction, more chaos and blood, for them all. He let himself imagine brushing Rukia’s hair from her face as he leaned down to claim her lips. He let himself imagine that she’d taste of sweat, heat, and something entirely her own. He let himself imagine that it would be the first kiss of many. And then he turned away from her, from his heart, and tried not to look back.

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You are science and star wars and star trek and your star trek friends have no taste and mine do because mine all enjoy ds9 immensely and literally, seriously, honestly, how have we never crossed paths before

well my tumblr’s like 1.5 yrs old so there’s that XD