that's a whole lot of want right there

peridot as a character makes me uncomfortable and no its not bc shes loud and yells a lot and clearly is coded as autistic but its how the creators of the show/fandom treat her bc they know a lot of autistic people identify w/ her

its the fact that lauren zuke literally created a deleted scene where peridot was in a fucking high chair and being taught how to eat like a fucking baby, infantilizing her and just being really fucking creepy about her character. its the fact that everything that peridot would consider a comfort object - her limb enhancers, her tablet, etc. - has been taken away from her and her whole development on that is “it doesnt matter if it makes you comfortable you’re better off without them!!” basically giving autistic people who need comfort objects a hearty slap in the face

its just the fact that peridots character has been rendered into this yell-y baby when she was nothing like that on first appearance - like all zuke and the writers want to do w/ her now that a lot of autistic people like her is “well lets make her into the biggest and loudest baby ever!! thats good representation right!!”

like. i want to love peridot and i love pre-redemption peridot so much but she makes me so uncomfortable now bc it feels like the writers just love making her into a baby or shipping her off w/ other characters its gross

Short but accurate summaries of popular books/series
  • Red Rising: *George RR Martin approved*
  • Lux: Main love interest is the child of Jace Herondale and Number Four.
  • Raven Cycle: Fun with Dick and Jane. Except instead of fun there's dead people.
  • Ruby Red: Homework is a more appealing option than time travel.
  • Endgame: The 39 Clues, rated R. Also everything you know is wrong.
  • Shadowhunter Chronicles: Racist and oppressive society keeps blatantly ignoring that its racism and oppression is why the oppressed keep trying to kill them.
  • School For Good and Evil: Two girls are the first in +200 years to call BS on heavy prejudices that have made their school an incredibly toxic environment.
  • Vicious: If you relate/agree with either main character, PLEASE seek professional help.
  • The Young Elites: Kindly check your moral compass and whatever sense of morality you may have left at the door, thank you and try not to die.
  • Throne of Glass: Protagonist will love you if you give her a gorgeous dress, a puppy, chocolate cake, or an assortment of deadly weapons (and preferably a reason to use them).
  • Coldest Girl In Coldtown: Vampires go viral. This is basically a quote.
  • Steelheart: Nice try, Brandon Sanderson, I still want superpowers.
  • Gates of Thread and Stone: "ALL RIGHT, WHO STARTED THE APOCALYPSE?" *magic and science point at each other accusingly*
  • Red Queen: Superpowers+racism=a whole lot of dead people.
  • The Darkest Minds: Good news, you survived a deadly plague. Bad news, the government officials who now dictate your life REALLY wish you hadn't.
  • Penryn and the End of Days: Angels and Humans differ in every conceivable aspect...except sarcasm. That's universal.


’ I want to play a game. ’
’ My name is Very Fucking Confused; what’s your name? ’
’ Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more… ’
’ I’m having a blast! This is the most fun I’ve had without lubricant! ’
’ I want you to make a choice. ’
’ Listen carefully, if you will. There are rules. ’
’ What’s the last thing you remember? ’
’ I went to bed in my shithole apartment, and I woke up in an actual shithole. ’
’ I’m sick from the disease eating away at me inside… ’
’ I’m sick of people who don’t appreciate their blessings… ’
’ I’m a kill you, you sick asshole! ’
’ Congratulations. You are still alive. ’
’ Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. ’
’ You don’t know me, but I know you. ’
’ Live or die, make your choice. ’
’ You’re probably wondering where you are. ’
’ Now I see you as a strange mix of someone angry, yet apathetic. ’
’ At least we’ll have the cover of darkness. ’
’ Help! Someone help me! Is someone there? ’
’ Hey! Oh shit, I’m probably dead. ’
’ Who said anything about a warrant? ’
’ If you are so sick then why do I have so many photos of you up and about? ’
’ How much blood will you shed to stay alive? ’
’ I’ll leave you in this room to rot. ’
’ I know it’s you, you son of a bitch! ’
’ My camera, it doesn’t know how to lie. ’
’ You tell anyone you were here? ’
’ Stop the lies! You’re a liar! I need to know the truth! ’
’ You don’t recall getting your picture taken in that parking lot? ’
’ How can you go through life pretending that you’re happy? ’
’ Does that mean you saw what happened to me? ’
’ Oh for fuck’s sake! I give up! ’
’ You think it is over, but the games have just begun. ’
’ You feel you now have control, don’t you? ’
’ I don’t have a fucking soul… ’
’ Will you learn how to let go and truly save them? ’
’ What you can’t do, is save everyone. ’
’ I promise that my work will continue. ’
’ If you can’t do it for me, do it for yourself. ’
’ I do, but addiction has ruined your life. ’
’ I’m bleeding man. Please just let me go. ’
’ Killing is distasteful… to me. ’
’ How did you walk out of that building? ’
’ So unless you’ve got something else to say… back the fuck off. ’
’ Playing with matches again? ’
’ I want to know if you have what it takes to survive. ’
’ They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery… ’
’ We killed eight people and stole a property and nobody cared. ’
’ Why? Was it for money? This was your plan? ’
’ You’re a monster! ’
’ Fix me, you motherfucker! ’
’ Why don’t you fucking tell me something that I don’t know, you stupid cunt?! ’
’ For three years I wanted to kill you. ’
’ I’m never gonna be able to forgive myself for what happened. ’
’ You may not remember me, but I most certainly remember you. ’
’ There’s no preventative treatment for what you have. ’
’ Please don’t do this to me. I have a family. ’
’ You’re asking me to do the impossible. ’
’ I’m sorry, but your own actions have caused this. ’
’ What?! What am I supposed to learn from this?! ’
’ This is the piece taken from the latest victim. ’
’ How many next times are there gonna be? ’
’ Get used to me, ‘cause I’m not going anywhere. ’
’ When the time’s right, you’ll know what to do with it. ’
’ That rolled off your tongue real smooth. ’
’ Wait! What the fuck are you doing?! ’
’ Please don’t let me die! Please don’t! ’
’ Oh, well that’s it, isn’t it?! It’s over! ’
’ Look at me! When you’re killing me, you look at me! ’
’ I never saw any indication of psychotic behavior. ’
’ You can never really tell what someone’s thinking on the inside. ’
’ Well, there’s a problem with that, though. ’
’ Go on, fucking pussy! Go! Go! Go! ’
’ Maybe addiction’s just part of human nature. ’
’ Remember, don’t trust the one who saves you. ’
’ You want a chance? I’ll give you a chance. ’
’ What do you mean you don’t know about this? ’
’ You didn’t cut your own arm off? ’
’ What condition? There is no condition. ’
’ I didn’t have it penciled in on my schedule. ’
’ It’s not the first time some psychopath called me out. ’
’ That’s a problem you’re gonna have to solve before it’s too late. ’
’ How do you just wake up in a room and have no idea where you are? ’
’ I guess you’ve never been drunk before. ’
’ I spent three years at college drunk. ’
’ You asked me what I wanted and I told you. ’
’ You seem to know a whole lot about me. ’
’ I feel a whole lot of things right now. ’
’ The only dooryou know how to open… is between your legs! ’
’ Why don’t you shut the hell up?! ’
’ That’s your luck, bending on over in prison, you little dickhead! ’
’ If you’re gonna threaten me with a knife, you might as well cut me a little. ’
’ You savor everything, be it a glass of water or a walk in the park. ’
’ It’s the tool, thats going to save your soul. ’
’ I didn’t do anything to you! ’
’ Don’t open the door! ’
’ You have to save yourself. ’
’ Do you wanna play a game? ’
’ That’s exactly it, you didn’t do anything. ’
’ You identify more with a cold corpse than you do with a living human. ’
’ You should know better than anyone, what happens then. ’
’ I go for the neck, but I’m not the brain surgeon. ’
’ Now you better start fucking paying attention. ’
’ Suffering? You haven’t seen anything yet. ’
’ Yeah, that’s right. I’m a murderer. ’
’ So, do you have everything you need? ’
’ You’d be surprised what tools can save a life. ’
’ Then help me! Fix me! Fix me motherfucker! I’m standing right here! ’
’ You have to play by the fucking rules! ’
’ The human body is a miraculous creation. ’
’ Game over. ’

in which flash lives in a fancy house and peter and michelle are far too dorky for their own good.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine (THIS ONE!)

  • okay, so like. mj always knew that flash was wealthy, you know. he drives a really fancy car and he wears an expensive watch. his hair is always styled in that…rich dude way. but she’s never really had to face how wealthy he truly is until she’s driving deep into the suburbs, surrounded on either side by houses that keep getting larger and more grandiose.
  • ned is in the back just, gawking. “that house is the size of my apartment building!” “oh my goodness, is that a fountain?” “that car has a rolls royce just parked in the driveway!” and ned’s gasping breaths are the soundtrack to their car ride because peter’s phone died and they don’t know the radio stations this far out of the city.
  • when they finally pull up to his house, there is a large driveway that leads up to an even larger house. cars are lined up and down the block and they seem some people from school walking up the driveway. mj parks around the corner and takes a deep breath. she turns around to look at ned and betty and smiles, “ready?”
  • when she looks back at peter, he has the odd look on his face that she doesn’t really want to deal with right now. “ready, loser?” she asks him. and before he can answer, she opens the car door and stretches. when she walks around the car, peter is waiting for her. “ready as ever.” he answers.
  • she can’t help it so she wraps her arms around his shoulders and he wraps his arm around her waist. they walk like that to the party, peter snug under her arm and him pulling her close.
  • she ignores the smug look on ned’s face when he wiggles his eyebrows at her. she just turns and looks straight ahead, allowing herself to enjoy the feel of his fingers squeezing at her waist.

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exhibitionistatheart  asked:

I ended up with a following and it's exhausting. Getting a little snarky is human. Most of the time I check myself, but lately it's really hard. I never blocked anyone, till I someone told me I was basically an object and if I didn't meet the expectation they had come to believe about me, I was the problem. Wrong. It's not our responsibility to be anything other than ourselves. And if someone chooses to take it and attach their bias, that's on them. Get on with your bad self. Meow. 🐱❤️

Getting a little snarky is human. Most of the time I check myself, but lately it’s really hard.

I don’t want to presume to know your leanings, but for those of us on the Left, and for a lot of the women I know, we all feel raw right now. Every fucking day brings some new fresh hell, as we are forced day after day after day to watch the very worst of humanity (with a fucking abuser at the top of the whole thing) attack and destroy the things we love and care deeply for. That takes a toll (and I say this knowing that I am in a position of incredible privilege, so I can only imagine how a vulnerable human must be feeling right now.)

I was basically an object and if I didn’t meet the expectation they had come to believe about me, I was the problem.

I’m not saying that this is happening to me right now, but it does happen. It happens to all of us who are in someone’s life in a way that’s intimate for the audience, but doesn’t involve reciprocal intimacy for the artist: we stop being people, and we start being things. 

Most of the time, it comes from a place of genuine goodness, (Like if I ever met Dita von Teese, I know that I’d faint, because OBVIOUSLY, but I don’t harbor any illusion that I would be special or memorable to her, because we don’t have that kind of two-way relationship) but it can cross a line and become a kind of ownership, which is harmful and not okay.

I do my best to be patient and understanding when someone gets excited at me the way I got excited at Neil deGrasse Tyson, or Billie Piper, or Edward James Olmos, or President Obama (I’m thrilled to be that person to someone else, to be honest). But when someone demands that I jump through a specific set of hoops because of reasons, I tend to knock the hoops over and set them on fire.

…and to think this all went up like a tire fire today because I made a joke about cats.

tddk day 1: heroes/villains

loosely based from this tumblr post about an intern contacting villains for make-a-wish requests

Midoriya Izuku was a fan of heroes. He wanted to be one, once upon a time. He had All Might’s posters and figures all over his room, and he even recorded most of All Might’s interviews. Heroes were cool, and they were the light the world needed. They were the people who should be admired, who children should follow after.

So the moment he heard the child’s request, he couldn’t help but stop and stare in bewilderment and apprehension.

“What do you want again? Sorry, I must have-”

Shun, small and sickly, turning 7 years old next week, said, “I want to meet Mr. Shouto.”

“The-” Izuku stuttered, unsure of what to do. “The villain?”

“Yes,” Shun answered stubbornly. “He’s the best.”

He swallowed down the immediate responses in his head, like “All Might is the best” or “but he’s a bad person”. Instead, he took a deep breath and asked, “Why do you think he’s the best?” Children think differently from adults, he’s learned that from working in All Might’s Make-A-Wish foundation.

“He saved my family,” Shun said, eyes wide and full of admiration. “He stopped Endeavour’s fire from burning our house! It was so cool!” He giggled, finding his own words funny. “Oh, but it’s a secret.” He put a finger on his lips, turning serious. “Deku-san, you can’t tell anyone.”

Izuku doesn’t think anyone would believe, even if he did tell.

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I am driving myself mental. For the past few weeks I’ve been seriously considering doing a video basically on the topic of Goth - Music vs. Fashion vs. Lifestyle/Mindset and the elitism around it (Title yet to be decided because that whole ramble doesn’t quite have the right ring to it lmao). But I’m running into so many issues with the idea of this kinda video.

Pros: I have a LOT of thoughts on the subject.

Cons: I have too many damn thoughts on the subject. And whats worse, they’re not organised. They don’t flow. If you imagine a video like a script (metaphorically, I don’t write scripts for videos), written out in neat paragraphs going from one point to the next - Thats how I would need/want this video to be. But whats going on in my head is like, imagine all those paragraphs of points, some kinda unfinished and tailing off, and instead of being neatly on a piece of paper, imagine them all floating around in space constantly getting tangled up in each other and repeating. I have no idea how the frick to organise my thoughts on it.

Other problems are, the fact that honestly I tend to have little-to-no desire to talk about anything goth on my channel outside of “Look at this pretty lacey top I got today” because people go absolutely fucking ballistic if you so much as mention anything deeper about the subculture. Especially music. Dear god the music elitists are something else. And I just ????? I so don’t want to deal with that? BUT I STILL HAVE ALL THESE THOUGHTS I WANT TO SHARE.

Also, the fact that this video would likely be like 3 years long. And I don’t like doing videos in parts, for my channel personally it makes things feel messy and broken and it loses sharability and just, there are lots of issues there.

ALSO, I’d kinda like to discuss my thoughts with other people and get their opinions on the topic. I nearly just went and posted about it in one of the goth-related facebook groups I’m in. But you see, I know exactly what kind of people are lurking in these groups. Not everyone, no, of course not. But they’re in there. And it would not be a pleasant conversation of people sharing civil thoughts and opinions and learning from each other. It would just turn in to an elitist wank fest of fighting and rudeness. 

Basically I really want to make a video that I think would be fun and interesting but my brain is betraying me and I also hate that I’m afraid to talk about anything to do with the subculture that once felt like home to me, you know?

Your Zodiac Sign: No Sugar Coating | TheZodiacCity
  • Aries: You're always on the hunt for some new thrill, most of the time to cover up the fact that you actually live a boring, unfulfilled life; you love being the over-protective one but don't really know your limits; you're fun to be around, I'll give you that but that's only if your constant need to nitpick at something doesn't get in the way
  • Taurus: Oh Taurus, you have so much potential but that's usually sidetracked by your half-assed attempts at most things; you have a problem with every little freakin' thing that doesn't go your way (boo hoo); and you'd be a breeze to talk to if you didn't have constant diarrhea of the mouth (tell you my secrets? hell no)
  • Gemini: Talking a lot isn't your problem, talking about 5 topics in 2 minutes is your lose people with your maze of discussions; most people like you, they do, but you can be so judgmental and very difficult to understand; and for goodness sake, please stop acting like you're so "unbothered" by every damn are human right?
  • Cancer: We know you get sick of hearing how emotional you are...truth is, you hold your emotions down very well but when you want to become the poster child for "hissy fits", there's no stopping you; Cancer, can you hear me? Listen (or look rather), you don't have to know every muthaf*ckin' thing. I mean damn, you act like it's a sin to not INCLUDE you in something
  • Leo: You're a good person Leo, but you have a messed up attitude and it radiates to others more than you know. Between your weird facial expressions, dramatic-ness (I made that up) and your touchy moments, you're like a pile of stink garbage sometimes that no one wants to be around; your heart is big and people love you for that -- focus more on self-gratification though because you wear yourself out trying to be "Saint Leo who really doesn't want to do something but does it so you don't hear someone's mouth"
  • Virgo: Virgo, you try to care but most of the time you're making it look good. Are you compassionate? Are you sensitive to the needs of others? Yes, but far and few between do moments happen where you're deeply affected by it; You're a smart one Virgo, serious brain power you have there -- if only you could turn down those annoying thoughts that drive you bat shit crazy on the inside
  • Libra: You're probably doing something for someone right this minutes. Are you? If not, it won't be long. There's nothing wrong with "looking out" for people but sh*t, who's looking out for you?; and speak up dammit, why focus so much of your lovely energy on keeping things bottled up? Oh I see, you don't want to be disliked...well guess what, somebody out there hates your guts (just being honest) so you obviously can't please everybody
  • Scorpio: My dear Scorpio, you're a lot my friend. A whole lot to deal with -- and that's why many people back away. Don't tell me you haven't noticed; If you had a penny for all those crazy thoughts that run through your head, you'd definitely be able to pay someone's rent, at the least; You're another one with a good heart though, can't deny that but you need to work on being more of the genuine person you expect everyone else to be
  • Sagittarius: I like you Sagittarius, you're fun, you're bold, you're adventuruous but you can be such a big pain in the ass. You have such an irrational way of thinking. You expect everybody to be on your team and if they're not, c'est la vie. Why can't someone disagree with you? Are you the almighty, righteous one? I think not.
  • Capricorn: Having you around is some people's dream and some people's nightmare. I think it's safe to say you have an equal number of close friends and enemies. Well not enemies per se, but definitely people who can't stand your guts. You have a spunk about you but you can be extremely self-absorbed and even more demanding. You slobber on your pillow, just like the rest of us. Get a grip.
  • Aquarius: There's a lot I could say about you Aquarius, but I'll make this short and sweet. Focus more on relating to people and less on being so wrapped up in yourself. Are you a nice person, yes. But those who know you or are around you enough see the vindictive person you can be; if someone even looks at you funny, you're ready to write them off. You can't systematically cut ties with everyone and then wonder why you're a lonesome dud, I mean dove.
  • Pisces: You have a lot to say about other people, man oh man. What this person should be doing, what that person should stop doing but what about you? You're 85% of the time a walking contradiction; and stop feeling like everyone should do what you think in your mind they should do, last time I checked nobody was able to think for you. If you have certain expectations, that's on you. But if you don't SAY what you feel, who can you really be mad at?
Dating Lydia Martin Would Include...

anon ask : Dating Lydia Martin would include?

A/N : hi this is pretty short compared to my other headcannons but i wanted to tell you guys that i’ll probably be posting once or twice a week, depending on my schedule but upcoming requests are ‘Jealous Malia Tate’ and ‘Jealous Veronica Lodge’

Masterlist / Ask me

Originally posted by aimingforolicity

  • lydia is so W H I P P E D 
  • you’re the first person she’s ever truly fell in love with 
  • bc when it comes to dating, she can literally get anyone she wants 
  • but when she met you, she became flustered and shy 
  • you make her have butterflies and make her heart beat faster which is something she’s not used to 
  • she gets kinda scared of being in love, so she pretends to hate you and she avoids you but thats kinda hard when you’re also a part of scott’s pack right? 
  • you’re also in most of her classes since ur pretty smart too, so avoiding you was a lot harder than she thought 

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did you listen to the whole album already? i really really like the new style they are trying! i read a lot of 'this sounds so different' again and yes but that's not bad? like bts is moving forward - evolving kinda - and that does neither mean the older stuff is bad nor that this album is surperior but simply that it is something else? idk i am just frustrated with the high expectations and the constant 'where is my old bts' bc the boys want this so let's support them right?


"Hey, that's not fair!"

Alec and Magnus are BOTH right and I get both their sides.

Alec didn’t want to tell Magnus because he would have to keep it a secret, and it is not because he doesn’t /trust/ him, it’s because Magnus would be lying to his own people. How do you think his fellow Downworlders would react to the fact that he knew about the sword but didn’t tell anyone?

Magnus on the other hand has every right to be upset. He’s trusted Alec with things he didn’t entrust to anyone and for him to do that takes a whole lot. So when he discovered Alec lied to him, it hurt. Rightfully so.

But they BOTH have said hurtful things to one other but they don’t mean them. They said them because they were angry and not thinking clearly.

Alec with his “Let’s not make this personal”
And Magnus with his “You’re just like the Clave”(And YES that is sort of a low blow. Alec has grown up in this society where everyone believed the Clave had the best intentions and were right. Only these past couple of weeks, he began to realise how wrong the Clave is and might actually want to move away from it. Remember when he said in 2x16 “I don’t CARE what the Clave thinks?)

There’s no winning side in this fight. They are both right. Period.

twilightprince102  asked:

Everyone is saying that Joey is gay, and while I do support that, have people considered her being bisexual? Liking both boys and girls? THAT would make much more sense, wouldn't it?

ok i have a lot to say about this.

bisexual joey is fine if you headcanon bisexual joey like its cool whateva live your life be ya self. maybe she is bisexual! who knows not us thats for sure.

but i feel like….theres this recurring thing thats happening…where a character shows attraction to one gender consistently and then for a split second they show attraction to a different-gender character and/or question their sexuality for a different-gendered character and everyone says “they showed attraction for BOTH genders in the past. that means theyre bisexual!” and then lots of people call out anyone that doesnt headcanon said character as bisexual bc its “bisexual erasure” and its a huge mess.

and you know its fine to see characters that have been attracted to both genders throughout their lives as bisexual like there aint nothin wrong with that. theres not that many bi characters out there so bi representation is awesome and headcanons are what you want them to be

but i feel like this whole thing that i just described fails to communicate the experience a lot of gay people go through (or trans!!). especially gay girls.

compulsive heterosexuality, heteronormativity, internal homophobia etc. these are all things that i think need to be talked about more.

i had NO idea these things existed until i was 18 (i had been questioning since 15) and stumbled across a blog talking about gay girls that finally realized they were in fact, gay but previously went along with being straight bc thats what…youre supposed to do….right? and back then i labeled myself as guess what? bi. it always felt weird to say it and it felt wrong but it was easier than figuring out wtf was going on w me bc i had never seen anything like how i felt. but…i had dated guys in the past?? and had just been with guys/had crushes on guys etc. so…..i MUST be bisexual….right???

as soon as i heard from another gay girl that these things existed and that i wasnt the only one that felt that way and it was something to overcome, i was able to stop doing things that made me uncomfortable.

i mean i know people that were HUGE flirts to the opposite gender (same? guilty?)before realizing they were gay just because isnt that what youre supposed to do??? flirt with the opposite gender??? or literally just overcompensating…trying to be like their straight friends and failing every time things got serious.

point: gay people that once identified as straight, bisexual or any other “queer” sexuality exist and have unique stories. i think these stories of realizing that you arent straight and that hey maybe you actually have no attraction to the opposite gender at all! despite your past actions and/or feelings! are so important to tell.

because otherwise it could be YEARS before some people figure out that they dont have to u know do things that they dont want to do or force themselves to be like their friends. and they can start being themselves while in their teen years! they can fall in love and go on dates etc while all their straight friends do the same thing.

just like its important to highlight bisexual awakenings/bisexuality/gay people that always know they were gay and love being gay/trans people/intersex people/ lesbians, its important to highlight that its not as divided as you think and you should explore because society really has you wrapped around its finger with expectations. it can have a serious hold on you.

i just…never see characters that go through the overcoming compulsive heterosexuality and realizing they never liked what they did in the past??? the closest i can think of is dave who realized that labeling sexuality is stupid and doesnt even exist in space or ever it never mattered or existed it was just how society made you think it did. to the extent that he would hate on gay people himself bc he was insecure about actually being what society considers taboo.

its scary. its a scary, crazy, wild experience that i think needs to be talked about instead of being labeled as “bisexual” everytime.

and thats why i headcanon gay joey ok.

i really wish i could tag this but im on mobile so hopefully enough people see it.

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Hey love! Do you have any tomione fic recs you'd like to share? Love your work!

Hello!!! Thank you!!! i haven’t been reading a whole lot of tomione lately ive been on a HUUUUGE drarry kick where thats like all i want to read and im just starting now to get back into looking up tomione fanfic so my rec list isn’t v long right now buT THATS OK

as always u can check out my faves list and theres some finished tomiones on there that i def recommend! i dont add incomplete stories to my faves so i’ll list some incomplete ones that i have on alert that i rec!!!!!

unsphere the stars by @cocoartistwrites i always rec because its literal fucking aRT so like

addendum: he is also a liar by ergott is !!!!! YOOOOOOOOOO

Stepbrother by @cherriii is fuCKING!!!!! GR8!!!!!!!!

The Diary by @littlemulattokitten i need to catch up on reading the chapters but its reALLY GOOD SO FAR AND IM EXCITED TO BINGE READ THE REST

Also sybaritic by light and lemons seems promising, it’s only one chapter but honestly im pumped about it so im reccin it lmaooooo 

and also idk if ur into tombraxmione but Have Mercy by @ashenrenee is gonna fucking slAY me like oh my GOD wow so im reccin that too only 1 chapter but i already kno im gonna die because of this so like die with me?????

those are just a few recs!!!! like i said i havent read much tomione lately so maybe in a couple weeks ill have some more recs but yeAH so

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Why is Lapis getting so much hate? She's gone through so much trauma and is genuinely afraid to go through more. She's willing to take her and Peri's whole home to keep Peri happy. She wasn't being mean or controlling, she was scared and wanted to protect what she loved.

i think part of it is her actions being pretty far off from her intentions. maybe her intentions were good and she did want peridot to be happy, but thats not really what her actions indicated. shes scared sure and thats rooted in her trauma, but in the process, shes harmed the people she claims to care about. like i said shes pretty selfish when you get down to brass tacs. peridot revealed shes been carrying a lot of the emotional burden of lapis and trying her hardest to keep lapis happy. bending over backwards. lapis didnt really seem to be concerned with the fact that peridot had her own problems with depression and homesickness. lapis stole the whole barn, another huge part of peridots life, when she went off into space. lapis is only thinking about herself right now ultimately. shes been given plenty of opportunity to change her toxic behaviors but hasnt reached the point where she actually wants to change them for the better of other people. now you can say thats understandable. i personally find being selfish a negative trait in a person tho.

i think another reason is sooooo many lapis fans in the past have vilified jasper fans for even daring to say lapis was ever in the wrong for…. anything. they made her into this innocent victim waif who could do no wrong and i think a lot of jasper fans rn are like 

So, I’ve been thinking and I have some thoughts about Keith potentially finding/reuniting with his mom. 

I don’t want it to be happy. I don’t want him to find her and for her to pull some stupid ass Disney excuse like ‘I just wanted to keep you safe’ or ‘I’m sorry I had to leave, I didn’t want to but I had duties’ and for everything to end up being all hunky dory with tears and sweet embraces like nah fam. 

Regardless of her reasons, no matter what she says to him, I want Keith to be angry. I want him to be bitter and I want him to meet her and just see red. I want to see them fight, like actual full on physical brawl, and I want Keith to win. I want him to be so angry that the others have to physically pull him off of her and take him out of the room to cool down a little. 

And then, once hes calm enough, I want them to talk. His mom can say her piece, give her excuses, but I don’t want Keith to forgive her. Her absence from his life, regardless of reason, hurt him. It left him with wounds so deep they can’t even scar over, and then he was left alone to try and stitch them up all by himself and by the time he finally started to find people to surround himself with, good people, a real family willing to help him heal and sooth the ache it was almost too late. He was already so damaged that hes struggling to accept those people into his life, to let them help him in the way that he needs, and thats not something you just forgive because the person who opened these wounds ‘has a good excuse’.

And I want him to express that. I don’t want him to accept her apologies and excuses, it doesn’t matter, he’s been hurt and his feelings are valid. 

tl;dr-I want some good angst with Keith involving his mom, I want the issues he has developed due to her abandonment to be addressed and not seen as something to be swept away or ignored because a parent abandoning you, physically or emotionally? That fucks you up fam, reason be DAMNED. 

(I would also love to see how he learns to heal throughout the course of the show too with the help of the others but thats a whole other post I feel like.)

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i ship sheith but i kind of want k///lance to be canon- i know half the k//lance fandom is gonna be super smug about it and complain about sheith content still existing, but i want more development of lance's character and it's been implied that queerness will be part of that. keith is really the most viable option, with shiro having been established as having a primary relationship with keith (the brothers line is why i dont think sheith will happen) and hunk having a love interest.

well thats how you see it, i feel like keith’s love interest is probably allura or shiro. as for lance, i do wanna see keith and lance build a better relationship and get over the whole “rivalry” thing–i want them to be friends bc there’s a whole lot of opportunity for them to ACTUALLY develop together and it’s great! and i understand if klance does become canon…i dont want it the way the fans want it. you know? i want it to slowly develop but right now i just want them to be friends is all. 

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I get veganism as a "I don't want to have animal products on my plate because that's my preference" thing or if it just works better for someone's digestion than eating animal products, but as soon as people try to drag the whole animal rights thing with it? Nope! I'm out! I grew up in the middle of farms and fields and I've seen how farm animals are cared for, there's definitely space for improvement but it's not the kind of torture chamber extreme vegans like to imagine it being either.

Yeah there’s lots of valid reasons to be vegan: 

  • dietary 
  • preference
  • health
  • family / grown up on a vegan diet
  • religious reasons

My issue is also when people claim to be vegan for animal rights reasons. Obviously as someone that cares alot about animals and is going into conservation research regarding them, it ticks me off seeing them spread incorrect information. 

If we actually want to improve welfare for animals, sticking our head in the sand or doing useless activism isn’t going to help.

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I was initially really pissed at the ending, but upon reflection, it's incredibly sweet and tragic. Dale Cooper fucked up everything for a teenage girl that died 25 years ago. All for her. My heart is aching and it can't stop. That said, I at least want a season 4 for Audrey. But, you know what, I don't think her story matters anymore. No one's does. Because Coop screwed everyone over. For Laura. God dammit, Lynch/Frost.

I know right its heartbreaking…i like that whole cooper/laura stuff though because its always felt like thats the heart of the show, it’s always been about Laura palmer and cooper too believed that. I would have saved her too if I could. Its so sad which makes a lot of sense the ending now, its always been about the tragic life of Laura palmer and I’m glad it came full circle in a way. Yes!!! I need Audrey Horne to be okay, I need her to be happy. I feel cheated out of her story IT WAS A CLIFFHANGER IM MAD. I know I think he fucked it all up by saving her and it left me feeling uneasy and I feel like nothing matters…


💫 May 2015 vs April 2017 💫
I remember when I first started digital art I kept telling myself that I’ve found a “style” that is unique and Im comfortable with. I felt like I was making good progress in art too, but it took me a while to realise that my skills were lacking so much. I could only draw headshots and faces at certain angles and my “style” was just a bad version of anime style. The faces didnt make sense, the eyes were out of place and the nose was barely even existing in some drawings LOL (laughs in Voldermort). I noticed I wasnt enjoying drawing as much and after every piece I completed, I always had the same unsatisfying feeling and just hated what I did. I drew what I thought people would like to see thats why I stuck to anime-ish art but it shouldnt have mattered what anyone else wanted since I was only drawing for myself at the time. Fast forward a year and a bit (to 2016), after a whole lot of drawing and experimenting I sort of feel like Im heading in the right direction with art, I didnt tell myself this is my art style since I knew there was so much left to improve on. I focused on drawing things I like (My OCs) and it helped boost my drawing skills since I was working more from my own imagination rather than reference images. I learned that if I wanted to draw good I had to go back and learn things like anatomy and facial structure (even if its just basic). After drawing and finding more inspiration and experimenting I feel like I found a style I can say Im happy with! I need to remind myself that views/likes do not decide whether I am a good artist or not. Sharing with people online is a good way to reach out and meet new artists but it shouldnt make you feel bad about your own arts if it doesnt reach a lot of people. It just takes some time!

This is cheesy i know but i just want to say dont give up, its not easy but its so worth it when you get to that stage where you feel confident and satisfied with your own drawings, just do what you enjoy doing, and take your time its not a race!! I most likely missed stuff out, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me or something i dont mimd! I hope you have a nice Sunday! Sorry for the long post!!! Nighty night