that's a waste of emotion

✧* KNUCKLE *✧ (hunter x hunter)

I drew this for Niki (baysalt) and wasn’t really gonna post it publicly, but here you go.  Hope you like Knuckle, because I sure do.  Have a good weekend, my friends ♥

Someone needs to look after Dirk, okay?

Like, he wakes up in the morning, probably on Todd’s sofa, all rumpled and uncomfortable from sleeping there. And he finds that someone put a blanket on him last night, which was nice of them, and he smiles a little. Pulls it around his shoulders. And then Todd emerges from the kitchen, because this is the one time he’s ever been up before Dirk (because it had been a tough case they just solved, so he figured Dirk could use the rest) and Todd makes him a cup of tea. And they sit and talk and Dirk’s all wrapped up in his blanket with his tea and he has this smile on his face, and says,
“Thanks Todd.” In that little way he does.

The giraffe man just needs a BREAK, okay?

Cleansing Techniques

Since I’m in the process of trying to… how you say, get my shit together, I’ve decided a good way to wipe the slate clean would be some cleansing!

We are all smart people, so I’m sure you know what cleansing is for: To clean shit up. Mostly, negative energies and whatnot. Even bad spirits. For my purpose, I’m doing it to get rid of all the nasty emotional waste thats hanging out in my room, and later the whole house, so as to give me and my girlfriend a chance to recoup and restart this healing process.

With that in mind, I find it useful to do this when the area is actually clean. Whether you do it WHILE cleaning, or afterwards, it’s a lot easier to feel peaceful and relaxed when you’re not surrounded by dirty laundry and dishes that need done.

My Favorite Cleansing Methods

  • Recently I saw a post floating around with an idea that I loved. It was to take a candle, preferably white, but in my case I’m using Lavender, and purify/bless/charge it. Then, sprinkle some sea salt around it, (I’m going to use my blend of Peace Salts), and tie it off with a piece of quartz(or in my case, rose quartz and amethyst). Then, place it in the area and let it burn for a while! I want to emphasize how much better spells work if you make them your own. In my experience, any spell or charm I make works a million times better when I a, make it myself entirely, or b, use an already made spell and change a thing or two that resonates with me personally.
  • Leaving behind the fanciness of the last point, it can be as simple as lighting any candle and saying, “Clean this mess up.”
  • Mixing together water, sea salt, and Lavender Essential oil, and spraying it around a room. I even bought a blue bottle (for $1 at the Dollar Tree) to promote calm and relaxation. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you could alternatively just flick water from your hands around the room. Make sure you get in the nooks and crannies and every corner. I even got under the bed and any furniture that I could spray under.
  • Visualizing a ball of fire starting from you, that slowly expands to contain within it the entire room/house/area you want to cleanse. As the fire pushes through the area, it burns away or scares off anything icky that might be hanging around. You can leave this up with weekly maintenance(if that’s how you program it) as a continued purifier and a protective barrier!
  • Making small crystal satchets containing things like Quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, or any other stone you program for this purpose. You could then hide these in the corners of the room, or keep them all together in a central area so the energy they create can flow throughout the space in a more concentrated way.
  • Ring some bells! The high pleasant sounding chime makes bad guys run for cover ;)

More Mundane Methods of Cleansing

  • Literally clean. Nothing puts me in a worse mood than having to put away laundry, wash dishes, scrub the floors, throw out trash and make the bed. Cleaning is proven to put you in a better mood, and you will be glad you did it.
  • Bring in some flowers. They brighten up a space, and they smell nice!
  • Do something fun! Have a little dance party, watch your favorite comedy, play a board game with your family or SO.
  • Do something small, like making the bed, cleaning off the floor, organize your desk. This is a small victory but one that doesn’t require much energy and makes it seem less daunting when you decide to tackle the rest of the day.
  • Just smile. Even if you don’t mean it, smiling is proven  to put you in a better mood, and makes the people around you happier too! And nothing says “F You” to bad vibes more than a big cheery smirk.
  • Open a window! The smell of the outdoors, the fresh air, the sound of the birds and crickets all will lift your spirits, and clear away the funk fogging you up!