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Dude I can't believe you're so young??? Like you should be so proud of everything you've achieved ALREADY in life damn Rooting for you Ethan have a good one

Wow, thats really really nice :’) thank you! I am incredibly lucky and grateful for everthing that’s happened in my life :) I definitely dont deserve all of the praise I get. Very nice of you!

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Real talk here....your drawings of Miami Morty are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND HE LOOKS SO FEMININE AND I H**KING LOVE IT!!!

 HSDJKFDN ////////// 

YOU DARLING,,, thank you so much //// Feminine Miami Morty is my dang Passion bless your heart,,

one thing i love about TG is how well-crafted it is across a variety of levels/depths. The Story on its own is totally consumable in manga format, you can turn each page and swallow easily, but there’s also so much to chew — Tarot numbers, literary references, parallelisms, a totally different game to play if you want to pick up the pieces.

then there’s the stuff outside the manga itself — the light novels, but also ishidasensei’s twitter and tumblr posts with quotes and excerpts and music, the card deck, the calendar, these whole other objects so rich with information to mine and jigsaw together.

i’m always wary of over-idolizing a human being but i really admire this aspect of ishidasensei’s storytelling a lot. it’s rare that a story has made me feel so respected/cherished as a reader. and of course it’s possible none of it is as well-planned as i think, but when there’s so much well-aligned detail, reading TG is like receiving a gift, is like playing a scavenger hunt personally laid out for you.

i feel so thankful to be alive at this very moment, to be able to experience this story as it’s happening, as its parts are released and dredged and illuminated. it’s so once-in-a-lifetime — this exact story, these exact characters, this exact plot, this exact drip and dig of data, the mystery of the final picture. this will never happen again.

WAIT me doing commissions totally counts as work experience doesn’t it

look at me, managing orders and producing content and interacting with customers and being my own boss

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(Brazilian!Percy) Ok, a big one is his looks. Tan skin, dark hair, light eyes. Basically my entire family. From what I know, a large amount of us look like that because of the mixed heritages, mainly coming from the italians. (1/?)

(2/?) From experience, we are super loyal to family and friends. Like, we talk shit about them, sure! But when it comes down to it, there is not a single brazilian I know that would sell out there family. But we’re also super deceitful. Like, the amount of times my dad has tricked people into free beer is slightly surprising. Not to mention the way my mum talks about her “friends”. The only reason she talks to half of them is either because they’re good for business or she doesn’t want enemies.

(3/?) also, the fact that he doesn’t speak portuguese in the books can be pretty easily explained. Like, I think the reason that Sally is in America is because she couldn’t go to the uni she wanted to go to in Brazil. So after her uncle/grandpa died (what was it again?) she finally moved to study in the US, met Poseidon, had Percy. And as the daughter of immigrants, I know first hand how hard it is to learn about your culture or even your language in an English speaking country

(4/?) and generally, we usually aren’t very good at portuguese or sometimes can’t even speak it because a) English is prioritised b) we don’t get much exposure to it since only 2 countries speak it and c) it’s generally a difficult language. Like, I think he can probably understand most of it, even say some of it, but if he does, his accent is terrible and the few times he’s been to visit home, he’s been called a gringo and teased by family.  

(5/?) And lets be honest, everyone loves the beach. Like, half my family lives in the middle of São Paolo (state) and yet we still always used to got to Caraguatatuba for New Years every time me and my parents went home. Even here in Australia, we constantly seek out opportunities to go to beaches. idk if this is just my family, but I’m pretty sure being brazilian does bring, at least as a stereotype, love for the beach.

ok, first of all, it’s very interesting how you made your headcanon fit in the series. good job! and yes, brazilians are a very mixed, you’ll find all kind of people here, but the mayority of our population is black. althought percy does look like a brazilian, especially because the tan skin and connection with the beach. i think people dont know that a LOT of people here doesnt like the beach, i see it a lot in my city, actually - its a very cold city, so idk - but i absolutely LOVE IT and most part of my family and friends do too. even theres this big part that doesnt, i think most of brazilians love it cause we are so used to it ? like you said you go to the beach in new years eve and so do i! so does a lot of people, its kind of a tradition. so yes, this part of your hc its about right. and about his portuguese: i do agree. if sally was a brazilian and even if she taught him since he was little, portuguese is a language that is all about the accent. and i believe it is difficult, from what i hear. BUT theres not only two countries that speak portuguese!! in parts of africa they speak portuguese, too. and some other places that i honestly dont know the names :/ but yeah, just to make it clear. 

ok so, what kind of family would percy have here? cousins ? sally has no siblings, but maybe she does have cousins. i dont know about the rest of the world but here in brazil we are very connected to family like children of distant cousins are friends, and their kids will be friends, too. its not just parents, siblings and granparents. so i think thats the family percy would have here

about where his family is from: i knoooow he would fit well as a boy from rio. rio is beautiful, full of amazing beaches, nice tan people, joy and everything BUT it would be awesome if percy was from bahia! another BEAUTIFUL place in the northeast of brazil. people from there are really happy and joyful and friendly! i mean, im just giving you an idea, its your headcanon haha but you havent said anything about where his family was from, so 

i was just going throught sally’s wiki and realized something: sally’s mom was called laura. that’s a very common name here. maybe she met sally’s father when idk he was visiting the country? they fell in love and got married ? again juuust an idea haha

i would love brazilian!percy. or brazilian!piper OMG she wouldn’t be a cherokee but there’s lots of other tribes here. LOTS. omg that would’ve been amazing

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oh hey its me crazy monthly anon again (i guess i send u a bunch of stupid mesages these days) i came here to deeply apologize, i am so sorry its just things in my life r gettin me so hard i am not even eating i am so hopeless even tho the bolotie x gravat eruri make me happy, i just hate when people say shit like "lev0 will find a ne wliege" this is so bs and not true and yet people keep annoying with this i just ugh cant ~ the ackerbond is unique and especial is for one person only

and Erw0n IS LEVI’S liege, and dare I say true love, eruri has been more canon than ever and yet why do i feel so … dead idk? because eruri is the only good thing in my freaking life they r legit the only reason why i didnt… took my life away. I guess it’s my sadness taking over even my only happy thing, I am really sad over the new chapter I guess i will only rest my mind when i see Lev0 being like kenny and dying with erwin in his heart a good closure. But i am so sad this is on me.            

with everything i never have doubts about eruri being canon THEY ARE CANON, but idk i guess i feel fragile about it because its the only good thing in my freakin life and i tend to be… very scared about everything, i wanna see this closure that i’ve talked about i am pretty sure thats not such a thing as “moving on” because Lev0 have chosen Erw0n personally and i am pretty sure super sure they loved each other, I just want closure and it hurts cant explain and i am sorry for bothering rlly      

hello, nice to hear from you!

I admit the first time I read the editor’s comment I was a little confused by it too, but since then it’s actually made me pretty happy! I’ve spoken to four different people who all speak Japanese (and they have read the original Japanese) and they all say the exact same thing: their interpretation of the comment is more along the lines of “Levi has lost Erwin, what will he do now?” Like, the actual description the editor gives of Levi is someone who lost Erwin. I’m not even kidding when I say i’m screaming about that lmao.

My hope is that we’ll see a darker Levi who will fulfill his vow (or die trying). For me, the editor is saying will Levi fight for his vow or for “humanity”/paradis, because let’s be honest, the decision to let Erwin die was because of his own personal feelings and we’ve all wondered where that would leave the SC/Paradis. Even Hans seemed pissed about that.

I’m actually feeling pretty positive about where the manga is going right now, and along with the news that the original ending is planned (albeit with a different approach) and further hints from the editor of an Erwin flashback, I am feeling really hopeful again about the end of the series.

But yeah, there is no way Levi will bond with anyone else. Kenny is canon proof of that. Levi bonding with someone else would void all of this:

He doesn’t look like a guy ready to move on and find a new liege.

nice qualities I've noticed about the signs (based on people i know)
  • aries: literally some of the sweetest people I've met that always accept you and are amazing with kids
  • taurus: these people have a really strong character like there's always that one thing that stands out about them that's so mind-blowing
  • gemini: somehow geminis have this thing where you always feel comfortable to be yourself around them and it's always a very light and happy mood
  • cancer: they are super caring and have the best sense of humour, they laugh at EVERYTHING
  • leo: i have three words for this sign- "heart of gold"
  • virgo: they seem so approachable and are such good conversationalists that make others smile or laugh really easily
  • libra: this sign always has this childish side to them that's really cute and I've noticed how they always have this ONE thing they're really into and passionate about
  • scorpio: idk how they do it but every scorpio I've met has the best insults and sense of humour ever, they are guaranteed to make you smile
  • sagittarius: sags are always able to turn anything into something happy and positive plus they make (surprisingly) excellent listeners
  • capricorn: they are the kindest people who never bother others about their issues and always seem to be happy and smiling but at the same time they take their work seriously
  • aquarius: some of the most confident and daring people I've ever met who also seem to get along and make friends with absolutely EVERYBODY
  • pisces: this sign is always making jokes out of things and seems to be able to relate or empathise with everyone and they're really good at figuring people out
The Signs under Supernatural Quotes
  • Aries: I'm gonna go stop the Big Bad Wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.
  • Taurus: Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well, that's it. I'm torching everybody.
  • Gemini: A bloody, violent monster... and you wanna be Facebook friends with him? Nice, Sammy.
  • Cancer: Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help yoga crap.
  • Leo: I like to think it's because of my perky nipples.
  • Virgo: Details are everything. You don’t want to go fighting ghosts without any health insurance.
  • Libra: I am calmed down. Somebody stole my c... :(starts to hyperventilate)
  • Scorpio: Dean, this is a very serious investigation. We don't have any time for any of your blah blah blah blah.
  • Sagittarius: I found a liquor store. And I drank it.
  • Capricorn: Today, you're my little bitch.
  • Aquarius: Last time, I wanted to be normal. This time... I know I'm a freak.
  • Pisces: Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?
Top Surgery Experience with Dr. Hope Sherie

From my years of research, I’ve found it to be particularly difficult to find reviews for surgeons that are not very well known. And when I say very well known, I mean like Dr. Garramone, because, let’s face it, he’s at the top of this field right now. Due to this, it is vital that those of us that pursued other surgeons relay our experiences and results so others feel as though there are other options available. Other wise, we would all be waiting forever so that one surgeon can do all of our top surgeries (Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Garramone is a fantastic surgeon with great results! I’m just very aware of the fact that we need to be aware of other possibilities out there!). Some of the reasons for pursuing different surgical options may include time, distance, and results (because not everyone may prefer the same look). I knew that the cost of travel and time spent in southern florida was not a feasible option for myself so I pursued other options. 

This led me to the Cosmetic Concierge and Dr. Hope Sherie. I liked her results and the timing of the surgery fit into my hectic schedule cause grad school. Not to mention, it was a relatively quick drive from Atlanta, Ga to Charlotte, NC. 

Facility/Location: The actual surgery center was gorgeous. It was actually one of the reasons I chose this surgeon. She has her own surgery center so you do not have to be checked into a hospital. It’s all very convenient both for the patient and whoever may be taking care of them. They had a lounge area and wifi available for people waiting on patients. There were also quite a few restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the practice. So, if your person wants a break from the medical environment, they can easily do so. There are also many hotels in downtown Charlotte as well as cheaper options a few miles outside of the city. I stayed in one of those cheaper options and had an easy time getting to and from the office. 

Staff: The staff were really great. Any time I contacted them, they readily provided any information they could and responded very quickly. The first time I called, I was asked my preferred name and pronouns. I was not referred to by my given name a single time but I was misgendered a couple times. Not super uncommon for me at the time so I wasn’t super surprised. I have heard of much more aggressive misgendering happening with other surgeons, though, so I’m pretty pleased with the way I was treated.

Visibility: There were tons of other non-binary/trans masculine people at the practice which made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel alone and I knew they had other patients like me. They also openly advertised their trans-specific procedures which was rare for many of the other surgeons I contacted. I really didn’t want to give my business to someone that was too ashamed to admit they treated trans patients but thats just me. 

Pre-Op: Everything about pre-op was easy. They made everything go as smoothly as possible and I really appreciated this. I was already very stressed about having surgery so it was nice to not have to worry about other things like figuring our prescriptions and loads of paperwork. I always felt informed at each step of this process and was never concerned that information was being kept from me. 

Post-Op: Post-op was probably as easy as it could have been. Dr. Hope doesn’t require that you stay in town after your surgery but I decided to stay a couple days in order to heal a bit. After two days, I went back home and returned six days later for my post-op appointment. I felt relatively comfortable the entire time after my surgery. My pain levels were never overwhelming. I did wish I had a bit more information on what I should be doing for post-op care. I received written directions but I was confused at times and ended up googling stuff myself. This was fine for me but may not be for other people. I hated the post surgical binder. It irritated my incisions and slowed healing time, I believe. I probably would have bought I different one if I had known what style it was going to be. It was wrap-around styles, very similar to an ace bandage. The post-op appointment went smoothly. My drains being removed was pretty uncomfortable but that was expected. Unlike other surgeons, Dr. Hope uses penrose drains, an open type of drain, that is commonly used with trauma procedures. I was unsure about this type of drain at first but, after hearing others experiences, I believe it was much better than the bulb-type. They were not very painful and were simple to remove. I think this lessened pain may have been from the material they were made of. Penrose drains are made from a softer material than the bulb drains. Again, everyone made sure to tell me what was going on every step of the way during the post-op appointment. 

Healing: Everything about healing was a pain. Initially, I was just always uncomfortable because of the drains and padding underneath my binder. I couldn’t sleep comfortably and relied on meds to get any sleep. But, with the meds, my stomach was often upset so I often had trouble eating. A few days after surgery, the Oxycontin made it so that I couldn’t digest food so I began waking up in the middle of the night and throwing up anything I had eaten during the day. So I got off of the Oxy as soon as I could. It did take a week or two for this effect to completely disappear though. Like I said, the binding was one of the worst things. They recommended that I keep it on for something like 12 weeks but said that I could take it off after a month. I tried to begin taking my binder off for a few hours a day four weeks after surgery but had problems with fluid build up. Sooo, I kept it on 24/7 for another week or two. Then I began getting fluid build up associated with too much binding. At that point, I said screw it with the binder and stopped wearing it all together. Slowly, the fluid build up decreased and evened out. There was a period of time where I thought I might have to go have it drawn out by the surgeon. After I stopped binding, every thing began healing much faster. Again, I think the binding was irritating my incisions. Nipple care was intense. I had a specific regime that involved cleaning the area, rubbing bacitracin over the nipple, and covering it with Tegaderm. At my post-op appointment, they were very pleased with my grafts. They said that they generally give patients a vasodilator to make sure blood flow is established but my blood flow was already in place. There were a few points where I was seriously concerned about my nipples during the following months but I think thats pretty normal when your nipple are black and cracked open for a few weeks. 


1 Week Post-Op

2 Weeks Post-Op

3 Weeks Post-Op

1 Month Post-Op

5 Weeks Post-Op

2 Months Post-Op

Almost 7 Months Post-Op

Alice in Wonderland {Sentence Starters}
  • "I was just wondering if you could help me find my way?"
  • "Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way."
  • "Can you stand on your head?"
  • "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense."
  • "But didn't you just say - I mean - Oh, dear!"
  • "Oh, that's quite all right. One moment please."
  • "Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more."
  • "Oh, you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here."
  • "Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs."
  • "You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself."
  • "It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change."
  • "Who's been painting my roses red?"
  • "If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here."
  • "If I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?"
  • "I should've known there'd be a price to pay."
  • "See all the trouble you started?"
  • "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."
  • "You? Who ARE you?"
  • "Will I ever learn to do the things I should?"
  • "Well, I must say, I've never heard it that way before."
  • "Ah, that's just it. If you don't think, then you shouldn't talk."
  • "Curiosity often leads to trouble."
  • "And uh, just what were you saying, my dear?"
  • "I'm afraid I can't explain myself, because I'm not myself, you know?"
  • "Just half a cup, if you don't mind."
  • "Huh! Seems to me they could learn a few things about manners!"
  • "What do you know about this unfortunate affair?"
  • "Why, she simply said that you're a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant!"
  • "I have an excellent idea, LETS CHANGE THE SUBJECT."

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What would US ,SF sans and UT,UF papyrus do if they spent all day making a romantic candel lit dinner complete with Thier "specialty dish" to surprise Thier s/o for thier one year anniversary only for the annoying dog to come in and obsorb it ALL!!

(Haha, oh no :’D Poor skeletons, the dog can really be mean sometimes)

US Sans: He prepared his “special-day tacos” just for you, he spend the entire day getting the ingridients, fresh from the nice store in hotland that even has all the spices he uses. Cooking the dish took hours, he made everything from scrach, the sauce, the spicemix to add to the meat, it was a lot of work and the kitchen looked like a battefiel afterwards, sauce and oil stained the walls and ceiling, grated chees was lying on the floor like fresh snow, vegetables were thrown all around the room and a lone salat leave hung from the ceiling lamp. He even got fancy, nice smelling lavender candles. 

Now he is just putting a few finishing touches to the table he prepared. The table has a ligth blue table cloth, a darker, smaller cloth in the middle, the different bowls and plates with the food are staying ontop of it. The pale purple candles are inside short, silver candle holders, framing the dishes from two sides. The plates are on opposite sides of the table, he wanted to set the table exactly how he saw in on of Napstatons late night dramas on TV.

He is polishing one of the knifes, finally satisfied with it when suddenly the white little dog Papyrus always lets into the house burtst out of his brothers room and lands one the table, flinging food and cutlery everywhere. And ot make things worser he somehow…absorbse everything. Sans stares at the empty table in shocks, when the dog spits out an empty bowl and a fork and runs away barking madly.

He starts crying on the spot, Papyrus rushing downstairs to find out what happend. The taller skeleton feels pretty guilty, since he let the dog in after all. He helps Sans to prepare some subtitue food, teleporting to the store to get some new candels and new dishes, since theirs are inside a dog at the moment. Sans isn’t completly satisfied with everything in the end, but the food is edible, and the table looks at least sligthly like it did before.

If your happy with it, he will be happy to.

SF Sans: The table in the living room is looking very classy, some simple white plates, with silver knifes and forks glinting besides them, a long, elegant candleholder in the middle, holding 3 ligth-blue candles, two plates with burritos on top of them, every plate holding some with a different filling, and three smaller bowls with sauces in them, carefully placed inbetween the plates. Everything placed on a simple, white tablecloth, with filigran ornaments on the edges.

Your chairs where placed on hte same side of a table, he never understood why poeple sit on opposide sides. He wanted to be close to you, and he couldn’t do that so far away. 

Sans stands beside his masterpiece, looking at it proudly, hands on his hips. He spend hours preparing the food alone, marinating the meat the day before, searching for recipes even weeks before, somehow managing to pay attention to all the recipe books he read. You should be home soon, and he can’t wait to show you what he made for you, already excited for the nice evening you two will share.

Then he hears barking behind him, turning around shocked to see the little white dog, Papyrus is so fond of, climb trough an open window. Sans tries to catch him, jumping onto him, but the dog slides out of his grip, umping onto the table and just absorbing one thing after the other, until the entire table is empty. The dog grabs the tishcloth, dragging it in his theet and jump back out of the window. 

Its earily quiet, Sans just stares at the window with dark eyesockets, before screaming loud enough that Papyrus can hear him from his sentry station in Waterfall. You come home to Sans screaming bloody murder, insulting everybody and everything, before he flings himself at you, sobbing into your chest about what happened.

Please order some food and give him lots of love, he really tried his best. You don’t even have to search for a place thats open, cause a card for some foodplace nearby gets thrown trough the window by a skeletall hand.

UT Papyrus: Papyrus took some cooking lessons from the nice bunny running the inn. He knows Undynes methods…aren’t really producing the best results, even though they are a hell lot more fun. But this time it’s not about the cooking, it’s about making the perfect spagetti dish. He made the sauce out of freshly bougth tomatoes, beeing very carefull not ot burn it, adding everything in there the recipe, the bunny gave him, told him to. He even got some of the fancy, three coloured noodles, cooked them precisly on time.

And the food turned out pretty good. He usually didn’t eat his own cooking, but he started taste tasting his dishes after taking the cooking lessons, and this one was tasty. He placed some red candles into two silver candleholder, covered the table with a white tablecloth, placed a vase with one single rose in there on the table between the candles. He placed the bowl with the noodles on the rigth side of the vase, and one with the sauce on hte left side, making the table look nice, and the food easy to reach for both of you. 

He placed the plates on opposide sides of the table, everything like it was written in his date manual. He looked at everyting satisfied, sighing a quiet nyeh, beofre turning around to go up to his room and put on his dateoutfit. He stopped wearing it beneath his battlebody after you two started dating, because he was able to always plan dates now, and didn’t had to be prepared for a sudden date.

Almost upstairs he heard bowls fall to the floor downstairs, rushing back he saw the small white dog absorbe the last few noodles, and the vase with the floores, everything else already gone. Papyrus screamed after the dog, who ran as soon as he saw Papyrus trying to catch him. The dog simply jumped trough the window, Papyrus following rigth away. But the dog was long gone, when he landed on the other side.

You find him softly nyohohoin on the porch outside. When you two enter you will find a couple of hotdogs and some bottles of an unbrandet softdrink, while the door to Sans room quietly clicks closed upstairs.

UF Papyrus: He made lasagna from the best meat he could find, cooking it to perfection. He got red long candles, placing them in black, shining candlesholders. The tablecloth is a black in contrast to the white plates,  even when trying to be classy, he just couldn’t reastrain his edgy side. He placed the plate with the lasagna in the middle, the candleholders to the side of it. The silver cutlery was polished and placed next to the plates. Everything was spotless, actually the entire house was even a bit cleaner then usuall.

Satisfied with the result of hours of work, he went upstairs to shower, and put on a fancy shirt and tie. Of course the black and red colour combination stayed even with this clothes. He put on a bit of eyeliner, making his sligthly angular eyes seem rounder then usual. Finally also happy with his looks, he went downstairs to wait for you there and watch some TV. He really can’t  do nothing for longer time, so he settles for watching a bit of Mettatons show before you would come home.

Before his boney butt can even touch the couch, the door opens and Sans enters, followed by the small, annoying dog that followed him around sometimes. The dog immidiatly jumps onto the table, munching own the lasagna in one bite, absobring the entire table before neither skeleton can do anything about it.

Papyrus runs after the dog, who sprinted outside licking his fangs, throwing bones at him, trying to cage him in somehow. Sans just starts laughing madly in hte background, falling to the floor with tears in his eyes. Papyrus slumps down in the middle of the path outside their house and stays there until you see him sitting there on the way to his house.

He hugs you, telling you quietly what happened.You two go inside to at least spend a nice evening together, and find two plates containing microwaveble lasagna on the couch, the TV already turned on onto Papyrus favorite channel. 

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Do you think that Reylo could ever have a happy ending? especially with everything that's happened and how Kylo Ren has done so much wrong right in front of Rey, I don't really see it happening; Although they might foreshadow it with a nice little hand hold or smile or something in the very end.

If by happy ending you mean marriage and babies, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. But I do expect some kind of sweet, ambiguously happy ending for the two, with Kylo Ren exiling himself because of his past misdeeds and Rey willfully following him to his self-imposed exile.

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tbh i dont get why ur so popular? i mean yes you can be cute sometimes and you take nice photos but thats it- other than that, none... ur just very mediocre and normal and boring and sometimes u sound fake... and then thats the peak of everything. i just dont get it. do you get why?

tbh…. i dont get how some people could have the audacity to be so mean? i mean, being nice… is literally so easy?? and it does not require screaming and increased stress levels and having a heavy heart. it’s just that… cant we all just subscribe to genuine kindness? :(

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THE GIRLS NEED ATTENTION. THE GIRLS NEED ATTENTION. Jaehee, Soi, and Shinbi preferred way to show love to their s/o. Just some fluffy head canons of them in a relationship. Boyfriend, girlfriend, date mate! Any gender <3

Super cute! I’ll leave gender of partner ambiguous for this one.

• Super duper loving
• In the most simplistic ways
• makes sure you take an umbrella
• makes sure you’re dressed warm, etc
• Will always make sure you’re comfortable with anything and everything
• Never does anything without your permission
• Like to cook your favorite meals (or try to – she’s out of practice)
• Not much for physical or verbal affection
• Little things like the above is how she best communicates her adoration
• //also little lovey dovey notes that yoy find every so often

• Verbal affection
• Is very much the kinda girlfriend that is endlessly complimenting you
• “Oh thats a nice shirt. Those shoes pull the outfit together. Wow you’re so toned, have you been working out? That’s a cool fun fact you’re so smart.”
• Will literally never stop
• Of course its not all at once but throughout the day or what have you
• But she…will never stop complimenting you…
• And it’s always in passing. Never the focus of the conversation.
• “So I told Shinbi that she shouldn’t do that – that’s a nice scarf by the way – anyways, Shinbi totally did it and won’t admit it. Can you believe her?”
• Huge fan of PDA
• Loves to love on you in public

• Very quiet about her love
• Will share her strawberry milk with you (thats when you know it’s real)
• Has tried to cook meals for you before
• They ended up okay but there were a few mishaps
• Usually you two end up cooking together
• Which is also a great bonding experience (you think she messes up in purpose, so you’d help her)
• Keeps your relationship on the down low for her career
• For the time being anyways
• When her manager gives the okay, she’ll be more open about it
• For now its just you two though
• And Shinbi likes that quite a lot

  • Loki: I killed my bio-dad, who apparently abandoned me to die when I was a baby, because I was trying to prove that I am Asgardian and not a monster. Although in doing so I became the monster.
  • Kingpin: I killed my father because I got tired of him being physically and verbally abusive to me and my mother. I've been unable to control my anger ever since, not that I'd want to. I find it useful.
  • Kilgrave: I killed my parents because they experimented on me and gave me a superpower that twisted me into something of pure evil. I also no longer have a moral compass, but who really needs one?
  • Ward: I killed my parents because they were abusive and I'm a sociopath who can not accept blame for my own failures. It's really their own fault for being shitty parents.
  • Kylo Ren: I killed my father, who loved me and forgave me for killing billions, because he made me want to be a good person again.
  • Loki: ...
  • Kingpin: ...
  • Kilgrave: ...
  • Ward: ...
  • Kylo Ren: What? I really don't want to be good. I want to be evil, you know, a Sith, like my grandfather before me.
  • Loki: The same grandfather who chose the light side in the end?
  • Kylo Ren: Um, yes...
  • Ward: Dude, you have issues. Have you considered therapy?
  • Kingpin: I recommend art therapy.
  • Kilgrave: Oh yeah, that's nice, very calm and relaxing.
  • Kylo Ren: SHUT UP! I HATE YOU ALL!!! *proceeds to wail on everything with a lightsaber*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Loki: Yeah, let's not invite him again.
the signs as game grumps battle kid stories
  • aries: This battle IS. FOR. REAL. I have a good feeling about this one, I'm bringing it downtown. You know, right? I'm playing music on the street, I'm getting a noise complaint. But you know what? I don't even care! Because this is my art and n-FUCK!
  • taurus: Mark mistakenly ordered me nine pizzas! I wasn't sure if I should keep them or not because I really enjoyed pizza! But when I opened them up it was pineapple and ham! And I don't like ham and I'm alergic to-FUCK!!!
  • gemini: I knew a guy named Jesus, I asked him "Hey, isn't your name pronounced hesus?" and he said "No, my mum is very religious." and I said "Wouldn't that have prevented you from having the name Jesus?" AND HE SAID FUCK!
  • leo: Jerry wrestled bears for a living, but he wasn't happy with it so he changed his proffession to golfing, he wasn't happy with that either, he just realised he was an unhappy dude in general! So he saw a psychiatrist and tHE PSYCHIATRIST FUCKING DAMN IT!
  • virgo: Jennifer dumped me.
  • libra: Recklessly! I touched a car that didn't belong to me! It was a very nice car, a 1978 Bugati. That's not even a real car model! I made it up! and i- DAAAAAAARGHHHD!!! DAMN!!!!
  • scorpio: Register now at your local supermarket for the rewards card. It will save you 10% on FUCKING GOD DAMN BULLSHIT! FUCK!
  • sagittarius: Uhhhhhhh- UUuuuhhhhh... gerRymanderiNg poliTIcians always get theIR wAy unLESS YOu vETO thEIR VOTE in a vOTING BOOTH. YOU HAVE THE POWER! AS A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, REGISTEREEDTO VOTE AT YOUR LOCAL DMV, sO thAt YOU CAN CONTROL THE FATE OF YOUR COUNTRY- AT LEAST SOMEWHAT! I mean there's the electoral COLlege and everything! but I don't know! I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HOW POLITICS WORK! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!
  • capricorn: I was caught murdering some man named Steve. I talked to the police and I REFUTED that I had anything to do with the murder. The police said "Wait- Wait! Then why are you sTANDING ABOVE THE DEAD BODY!??!"
  • aquarius: My dad... really likes... that i'm doing music right now. BUT HE'S KINDA DISSAPOINTED THAT I'M NOT GOOD AT IT. BECAUSE. HE SPENT HIS WHOLE LIFE WRITING MUSIC. AND I'VE ONLY SPENT A COUPLE OF-fuckGODD!!
  • pisces: "The Ross shot"

Okay, so. Don’t be mad at me but like.

I had this idea for this AU and decided to write down cause, why not, right? But it ended up with 7k words and I can’t really turn into an actual narration and stuff? so Like… I’ll post this rlly embarrassing thing instead…

In this AU Mondo and Ishimaru are like…. 19-22 years old and Hope’s peak doesn’t exist. 


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Dr. Chuck Tingle has authored some of the 21st Century’s most important works, including I’m Gay for My Billionaire Jet Plane, Vampire Night Bus Pounds My Butt and the extraordinarily timely Hunter Dentist Pounded in the Butt by Cecil the Handsome Unicorn.

Having requested an interview, Kindle Cover Disasters was given the rare honor of talking to the writer, father and Tae Kwon Do Master. What follows can only be described as the most illuminating and erotic discourse in the history of words.

KCD: Please talk us through your writing process. What does your typical work day look like?

CT: typical day in Billings is waking up early for meditation and thinking up new tinglers. gotta start off with a big spagetti breakfast first though (try not to get stains on your sheets you goofball thats not a cool guy look and it makes you sleep bad when youve got sauce in your hair) Most of the time me and son name of Jon will walk to Starbucks and talk about all sorts of fun stuff, then he goes to work and I keep watch over the house in case Ted Cobbler (DEVILMAN) tries to sneak in a cast a spell. Sometimes ill sing songs to the bird in the alley out back and they sing to me too and tell me secrets from the neighborhood.

I understand you were awarded your PhD by DeVry University. What was your experience of this prestigious educational institution?

Devry is a VERY FAMOUS school with lots of doctors and other handsome types (big timers in suits sayin “whacha gonna do hot shot, KISS ME?”) this is an important place for all men who kiss and for scientific evidence that love is real.  Most of the time going there is just sitting at your computer screen typing questions that your son jon left for you. makes me feel like a buckaroo and THATS THAT next question.

When you sit down to write a Tingler do you outline first or simply go where the mood takes you?

thanks when i write tinglers I like to have the idea planned out in my head like whos kissing who or whats gonna happen when the plane has cute abs. then i start to write and the funny feeling gets going kinda embarrasing you know? but thats how i know its a good tingler. that takes a whole day of real hard work and then I give it to my son for editing. he is so handsome with really great calves and abs hes been working on them so hard and im so happy for him. (one day i want to be just like my son he is my everything and he is the worlds most PERFECT man in a normal way nothing weird). PLEASE UNDERSTAND that it is normal for a man to want to watch his son LEARN his body and want to be inside of him like a growing twin.

You’re known to design your own highly lauded and remarkably attention-grabbing book covers. How important do you think a book’s cover is to its success?

covers are very important thats my favorite part of all tinglers. just find a nice photo of a handsome man and put him into the story, make it looks like everyones having a good time like nobody fights or ever yells. words show that love is the soul of books and covers show that imagination is real. thanks.

Your books tend to be fairly short in length. Do you have any plans to write a more substantial Tingler?

tinglers are suppose to be short like a little kick in the pants to get you going thats just the way the cookie crumbles. sometimes longer is better though so I have novel called Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Billionaire Ass and also working on new novel about the Unicorn Butt Cops: Billings Division teaming up with a regular old office wizard that is very, very long like an epic lord of the rings with butt pounding thank you.

How do you deal with negative reviews? (assuming you’ve experienced them).

all negative reviews are hacks from the scoundrel TED COBBLER evil man who lives down the street and causes most crime in Billings. he is a snake in the grass and a devilman with no soul. Ted Cobbler hacked into the amazon mainframe and said bad things about books for real love but guess what buddy CAUGHT YOU now you look like a goofball just like when you drive down the street in your hotshot new car nobody cares idiot.

What do you do to relax between books?

used to relaxed with Tae Kwon Do but some goofball parents said i was too old for the glass anymore so now ive been working on spells and new ways of looking at ideas like an idea about turning the air into milk and that kind of thing. cant think too much anymore though when my wifes ghost is hanging around moaning all night or sitting in the tub in the dark.

Who are you favorite writers?

Stephens King, Mike Criton and Chibs Pratt espically when that wrote book name of CLOWN MAN. Also book name of CIRLCE about a guy underwater who likes to imagine octopus arms and guess what buddy there coming out in real life. this is proof that imagination in the soul of real books for all men.

What words of wisdom do you have for other authors looking to make inroads into the erotic milieu?

dont know what a meleu is but probably tell them that books make love real so write those.  best thing to do is write from your heart make up stories that make you tingle deep down inside your butts heart or maybe things about kissing that makes you want to cover your eyes but take a peek?

Finally, what question do you wish I’d asked but didn’t?

please ask question about REMOVING MY OWN SKIN to be a more handsome man. thanks.

Dr. Chuck Tingle’s Complete Guide to Romance is available for purchase HERE.

meganrosesims-deactivated201706  asked:

Hey :) I just wanted to say your last collection and interior design shots of the Nordic Inspiration were AMAZING!! I have a couple wcif's if that's ok. Pic 2: The yellow chair at the desk? The alarm clock on the desk shelf? Pic 4: The black standing lamp near the sofa? Pic 6: The hat and the hanging thing on the wall? Pic 7: The wall trim/shelf under the windows? Thanks so much! I seriously love everything you do!!

Hey Girl! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

I wanted to know how to thank you properly … But you can imagine how much this message made me happy! It is very nice to know that my work and effort is paying off and is being recognized positively. This is the best payment and pays all the times when I’m in front of the PC preparing gifts for sweet people like you. Thank you, from the heart by the sweet words and I hope you have a lovely week!

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➊ By the awesome Paisleyavenue, h e r e.

➋ By Wondymoon, h e r e.

➌ It’s a conversion of the Bloom Lamp by NMS made by RD, h e r e.

➍ By Tinkle, h e r e.

➎ By me, h e r e.

➏ By Mutske, h e r e .

anonymous asked:

How do you do pixel art like that? I don't understand how to do it and your little bouncy pixels are so adorable! Could you please possibly make a tutorial or direct me to a simple one? Thanks :3

Oh well, here.  I’m sure there are a million better tutorials out there and I’m sure I’ve found the most dificult way possible to do this, but I’ll explain how I do it.

I start out with a little sketch of what I want to pixelate.

Its real simple, just a little sketch so I know the basic idea of what i want to draw.  This can be in whatever size you normally draw in.  I usually start in 2000x2000 then crop it so that its just the part of the pony I want.

Then I resize it.  The sizes I use vary a lot, but I usually have the smallest parameter be 100 px.  This drawing is 100x143 because its original size was 1400x2000 or something.

Then I turn down the opacity to about 15, I take my brush on its hardest setting at size 1px and i start to draw.  Make sure if you are using an eraser, it is also at its hardest setting.  I use Mangastudio 5 so my settings will look different then if you use Sai or photoshop or gimp or something.  However, the important part is that your brush is solid and doesnt have a fuzzy outline.  This is howyou get the nice pixel effect.

Then you just draw.  Theres not really much i can tell you about that.  I tend to put the hair, body, eyes, and accessories all on different layers.  This makes it easier for me to color the lineart later.  Some people prefer to use use one layer though so it really is just preference.

When you finish up, it looks something like this!

Then you turn off the sketch layer and add your colors!

Now what I do to shade is I have two multiply layers clipped to the original layer, both with a very light blue.  This gives me two shading levels, one lighter and one darker.  When I’m shading yellow, orange, or red I use a very light red on a multiply layer.  Thats when I get this.

Now I make a clipping layer over the lines to color in the lineart, but a lot of people just prefer the strong black lines.  Thats just up to you.  I personally like the inner lines to be colored but have a nice strong outer black line.

I save it as a .png with a transparent background and I have this.

Now for how I do the bouncing :

I open that .png file, cut a single line of pixels from all her legs that touch the ground.  Then I lower everything above that cut layer one pixel so that the drawing is just over all one pixel shorter.  

Then I save that version.  Though you cant see much of a difference, here are the two versions near eachother.  The top is the original, the bottom is one pixel shorter.

I take those into photoshop and put the two over each other.  It is important that they are on separate layers and that the base lines up with eachother.

I’m working in photoshop cs6 and I know it varies with which version you are using.  I open up timeline and choose “create frame animation”.  I make two frames.  The first layer has one of the bubbles, the second layer has the other bubble that is one pixel shorter.  This gives it that double outline on top.  I set them to point 5 seconds each.

And thats it.  I save for web so I can save it as a gif in a small file, and viola.  You have a tiny bouncing pixel!