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i really really REALLY want to wear a suit/tux someday bc i just adore the whole fashion behind it but my parents would probably have a heart attack and im pretty sure my sister would be mad to bc i said, hey one shirt that looks nice and she said thats boy clothing and i said id wear it and she said in a hushed tone that ppl might think "things". one day tho i will wear a suit

wow that sounds kinda rude ))-; anon i will buy you your very own suit it’s gonna be great, you’re gonna look great then everything will be great. great great great

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Marauders Era As a Family Sitcom

OK Sirius and Remus are the parents. They’re both pretty relaxed but then uptight about certain things. 

James is the oldest son who actually gets along with his parents pretty well, but they’re not quite sure about his red head across the street who he’ so into.

Marlene is the source of 90% of the drama. She, of course, is the teenage girl who has a lot of legit drama but also  a lot of screaming at Remus for not letting her get a giant tattoo even when Sirius said it was ok.

 Peter is the little brother who could get away with murder. 

Mary is the baby.

Frank and Alice are the side character aunt and uncle who are just genuinely nice people and you dont find out very much about them until season three when they become deep, three dimensional, probably sad characters.

And last but not least Dorcas is the grandma who everyone thinks doesn’t have a clue but then actually knows everything thats going on and just generally stirs up trouble