that's a thing apparently

So I just put a shirt on that I haven’t worn in a while and it still smells like tour (so like a combination of sunscreen, sweat, and like 8 other things that smell really terrible). But it was weirdly comforting… Is that weird?

what rlly upsets me abt ppl not liking lotto is not them disliking it but them being SO abrasive like “this is absolute shit worst thing sm has ever produced anyone who likes this is ABSOLUTELY a delusional exo l bc its objectively trash” (which by ur standards isnt tru u obviously havent lived thru pre 2010 kpop l o l ) but like what about the person who genuinely likes the song and is fine w the autotune in this ONE song?? its pretty much 2008 American music with 2016 aesthetic ™ not everything has to be the next monster okay :// its hard enough dealing with the stigma of liking kpop can we not shit on our own fandom and further criticize someones personal taste?? A simple “i dont like it” wuld b fine, u dont need 2 act like lotto ruined ur life

honestly if i ever meet any of y’all i’m going to shower y’all in a shit tonne of gifts for being gr8 and also dealing with me / my bullshit all the time because that cannot be easy