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Matsuda Hiro (Ikejiri) popped into Haikyuu rehearsals today!

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Harry dealing with a jealous Pansy. Pretty please. 😍

Pansy had to bite her tongue, hard. The lucious crimson locks of Harry’s ex-girlfriend hit her in the face as the girl literally jumped on him, embracing him in a ferocious hug like she hadn’t seen him in years.

It had only been one. One year.

“I didn’t know you were back!” she exclaimed through joyous laughter as Pansy released her boyfriend’s hand in order to get away from the ginger overload that was Ginny Weasley. She was tiny and slim, but her hair almost reached the back of her thighs and Pansy was sure it weighed more than her.

Harry smiled and extricated himself from the hug before answering. “Yeah, we came back a week early so we could attend Theodore Nott’s wedding. Pansy and I are invited.”

At the mention of Pansy’s name, Ginny turned to look at her with bright hazel eyes and Pansy thought about how much she hated hazelnuts. “That’s great!” the readhead smiled. “How was Europe?”

Pansy took this opportunity to interlace her fingers with Harry’s again, trying not to appear too posessive.

“Beautiful. It was exactly what Harry needed after working so hard for so long,” Pansy answered, glancing up at Harry who gave her a curious but amused look.

“Of course!” Ginny agreed before checking the time on her watch. “I’m late for practice, but I really want to hear all about it!” She placed her hand on Harry’s arm and Pansy could not stop looking at her creamy freckled skin against Harry’s darker one. “Let’s get together later, yes?”

Ginny looked at Pansy after the question and could only nod weakly because, of course they would meet Harry’s friends on a regular basis, and of course that included his ex-girlfriend, and of course it had to be the girl Pansy had always been jealous of; so effortlessly gorgeous and easy going that it made Pansy want to set herself on fire.

The other girl disappeared in a flash and Harry turned to face Pansy with a slight smile, pushing a strand of short, (too short, she thought) black (too black) hair behind her ear. Pansy casually ran her hands (too cold) down his arms, feeling the warmth left by Ginny’s touch.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said softly.

Pansy doubted that. “Do you?”

Harry nodded. “But just because she’s my ex doesn’t mean it’s going to be awkward.”

“Right,” Pansy looked down. The problem wasn’t that she didn’t trust Harry. She did. 

She just didn’t know what it would take for her to feel enough when standing next to someone like her. Someone like Ginny Weasley.

Harry lifted her head with his finger under her chin. He looked into her eyes (too dark) and kissed her so deeply and completely that she thought he might be tasting her insecurities in the process.

Perhaps standing with him was a start.

Don’t you love it when...

Your fabulous diva is more than willing to cut a bitch

For a friend said bitch messed with TuT


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How does Natsu act towards Lucy when he's drunk?

I’d like to think that Natsu’s a clingy drunk .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I was gonna redraw this sketch but I kept that ask long enough, so I went with the old one after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what’s most likely to happen next:

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How did the first meeting between Alistair and Tabris go?

Not particularly well, actually. Tiny elf crammed with rage and ready to kill any and all humans, not a solid foundation for interpersonal relationships.

I have a feeling that Sebastian and Ciel’s way to annoy each other gets more personal as years pass like at the start Sebastian’d probably put Ciel’s things at really tall places so the boy would have to climb all the way up to get something (or ask another servant to do it while feeling embarrassed) and Ciel would just give the demon more tasks to do throughout the day so the butler’d need to ‘finish his duties’ for a longer time (which would annoy the demon most likely). But then once they start learning more things about each other it kind of escalates into things like “Young Master I have made you a salad cake today please enjoy” or “Sebastian I ruined your cat plushie have fun just looking at its fluffy tail tonight”.