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There are two headcanons I feel nearly every Spn fan had the first time they watched the show:

  1. Ben is Dean’s biological child. 
  2. Someone picked that goddamn Samulet up out of the trash 

tattoos of the first word(s) your soulmate says to you au for bob tho:

• nix has “is that vat-69? alcohol is contraband” curling from the bottom of his sternum to the outside of his ribcage. “sorry i get so drunk i keep damn forgetting” is above dick’s hips in an uncertain line, like the letters are drunk themselves. both their mothers just about cry the first time they see them

• gene gets told “think you can fix me up doc?” all the damn time, but it’s there, on the inside of his elbow and reminding him it’s there every time he rolls his sleeves to treat a dying man. babe doesn’t hear “yes i think i can… private…” half as much. he gets why the letters are small and kind of shaky the first time he hears gene’s voice, when gene’s putting a bandage over a cut on his shoulder. gene gets something, too, when he sees those letters almost directly under the cut.

• luz has so many- just random words and phrases like “hey” and “better polish those boots before sobel sees” and “how are you”- his recruiter almost disqualified him for service because he thought they were actual tattoos. over time, he realizes he doesn’t have a soulmate. it’s everything all his best friends had said to him. he doesn’t mind being a spinster, as they call it back home.

• speirs has “sir” on the side of his thumb, and when he joins the paratroops, he just about dies of anxiety every time someone salutes and says it. lipton, though, under the lights in the church with the choir singing and so many men lost, has “what is it?” printed nice and neat on his wrist. and speirs knows.

• bill loves his tattoo- “as long as he’s a paratrooper” set in the muscle of his bicep. he knows where he’s going as soon as he hears about the experimental units on the news. joe, though, has “once we get into combat the only people you can trust is yourself and the fella next to you” going all the way down his left leg from the knee, and the thinks it’s one hell of an inconvenience until he sees who’s saying it.

• johnny has “oh my bad didn’t see you there” on his right side, above his hip, and he hears it all the time in high school, him being short around tall, gangly boys that have no clue what to do with their limbs. bull has “you makin’ some kind of fuckin’ joke on my height mr. jack and the beanstalk” crammed in under his knee. bull knows it’s fate from the specific wording. johnny knows it’s fate because bull slams into his side, right where the tattoo is, during training- even before the words leave his mouth.

• “hey pull up a chair and i’ll deal you in buddy” is written down the inside of malarkey’s calf. “not if you want to lose all of your money cowboy” cuts diagonal across skip’s neck. they love it at first, how it makes them feel like partners in crime. malarkey loves it less when he’s clutching skip’s rosary in his hand, on his knees in the silent snow of the ardennes.

I just think it’s so beautiful what is happening right now with fan-to-fan interactions in regards to the “Always Keep Fighting” shirt. There are always nay-sayers, I get it, it’s fine, and we’ve come to expect them. And there will always be those people who criticize the company Jared went with: Does the money really go to something helpful? Aren’t they more just a business than a charity? Etc, etc. 

BUT also, from this shirt and this cause thousands of fan-to-fan connections have splintered off from just buying the shirt to actual gestures of kindness and support. Connections have been forged by people who can afford a shirt buying one for people who can’t, people who have never understood depression and suicide are learning through hearing others’ experiences and stories, and people who have always felt alone and misunderstood are seeing that they really are cared for by a great many. 

This is incredible and important! Many fans have taken Jared’s first step with the shirt and kept it going with actions like these, with many more to come, I’m sure. 

So a shirt is a shirt, yes, and there are always detractors, but the good that is being done right now in the fandom can’t be denied. I think we can all be proud of Jared for sparking this and be especially proud of where it’s taken us in just a few short days. <3

Honestly? Hagrid is my favorite. He is a HUGE BURLY BEARDED MAN who is so gentle and loving to any creature no matter what it looks like, be it a beautiful unicorn or hippogriff or a giant hairy spider. He never forgot Harry’s birthday every year, and even brought him a (slightly squashed) birthday cake the very first time he met him. How thoughtful is that??? He bought Harry Hedwig, who was Harry’s most special animal friend, he helped Ron when he was puking up slugs. He has a flowery pink umbrella that contains his wand. Despite the horrible experience that got him expelled from school, despite the ridicule and hatred he faced for being a “half breed”, he retained his unfailing kindess and gentleness towards all living creatures. He is constantly concerned about Harry, always on his side, always willing to listen to Harry and protect him. He is so underrated and it makes me want to cry because he is just so precious and such an important character. I wish Harry had named one of his sons Rubeus because Hagrid was such a positive adult figure in his life, far more than Snape or Dumbledore. Hagrid loved Harry, just as he was, not to use Harry as a means to an end, not because he had his mother’s eyes, but because it was Hagrid that found the little boy from the wreckage of his parents house, it was Hagrid who Harry could always turn to when things went wrong, it was Hagrid who never wavered in his support of Harry, it was Hagrid who carried his lifeless body out of the Forbidden Forest at the Battle of Hogwarts, and it was Hagrid who never abused or manipulated Harry to achieve some end. Hagrid is my favorite character in Harry Potter. 

So Entertainment Weekly said this about a female Watson in Elementary:

“What’s the fun in having a female Watson if she doesn’t hit the sheets with the irritable detective at least once?" 

Because what are women good for if not for sex?

Certainly not for anything where their mind could be of use. 

Alright, I wasn’t going to make another post about this since enough people have touched on it, but also… I have a lot of feelings, and since this is a public tag where I can post these feelings, I’m going to do that. But I will put them under a cut (so hey, if you’re tired of this discussion, just ignore. Oh my god look how easy that was to ignore something that might not jive with your viewing experience… craziness…)

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