that's a snow angel okay

[NCIS: LA] Snowbound

Title: Snowbound
By: Jess/asthedayisfading
Pairing: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks
Rating: M
Timeline: Post 6x11, Humbug.
Summary: “We can…pretend we’re snowbound, just you and me…”


Deeks groans softly. “You’re ruining my fantasy,” he chides playfully. Slowly he shifts next to her, lifting his head to meet Kensi’s dark eyes.

Kensi bites her lip as she gazes up at him, the devious spark in her eyes defying the innocence she feigns. “Your fantasy is to be stranded in a blizzard at Christmas?”

Lightly he touches his nose to hers, a grin tugging at his lips. “My fantasy,” he breathes, splaying a hand at her hip, “is to have you alone…for as long as I possibly can.”