that's a silent brother

EXOs Reaction to your ideal type

Hello Ano… nym.. Ano .. Ano ! Hey Ano >: … ok eh i like your idea ! xD This might get funny so lets goo ~ 

Kyungsoo: Did she really said ‘’Chanyeol’’ is her ideal type ? .. *kyungsoo evolves into satansoo*

Tao: She said Kris is her ideal type ? *silent* Thats ok ! Kris is my Brother from another Mother ~ 

They even get along very well lately ! … wait … they get along well lately … wait … thats not good..

Chen: Kai ? … ok …

*in the next practice session chen slaps kai’s butt* How dare you being the ideal type of my girlfriend ? 

Lay: *watchs it with the other EXO Members* *embarassed* and I have bragged about how my girlfriend loves my dimples ..

Kai: But i thought she loved my bronze skin and my abs but she betrayed me with Xiumin hyungs abs..

Suho: *after that he acts real weird and tries to be cool because you said you like cool guys like Kris*

*in a kinda deeper voice* How your dress looks on you ? *slides his sunglasses down* its ok .. 

Kris: *judges your ideal type*

Xiumin: *listens to it with a few members* *suddenly you said Sehun would be the nearest to your ideal type*

*slaps sehun playfully* you traitor ! 

Luhan: Did I just heard her ideal type is Kai because he is really manly ? *starts blinking* (becuz he is manly ok ? OK ?!)

Baekhyun: Aaah Jagiya why did you tell them Jongdae would be your ideal type .. I mean … i appreciate that you try to keep our relationship a secret but you could at least tell them that i am your ideal type ! I mean … what if a scandal will happen and everyone thinks that you are dating Jongdae.. ( woops a little long

Chanyeol: *pouts himself to sleep* (poor little happy virus..)

Sehun: this girl doesn’t appreciates me. See how flawless i am ? 

Thank you for your Request. I hope you liked it ! I dont know but it was weird this time to write this … I had no feeling how I find the result so … i really do hope that you guys like it xD ! 

See ya in the next one ~

me-sharing-with-the-world  asked:

I am rewatching the Malek scene a few times and everytime I can't help but look at the Silent brother who just sits there like "Well, thats new". By the way could he be our one and only favorite brother Zachariah

Yes, he does have quite a reaction! And I don’t think it’s brother Zachariah… I’m not sure if they have mentioned who it is yet, but I have a feeling it may be brother Jeremiah, since it was him that appeared in the first books.