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When AO3 authors tag every single ship mentioned/appearing/starring/hinted at in their story, so you can’t find any fics about the ship you was actually searching for but you still read every summary just incase it’s about your otp.

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this dream is short but this dream is happy
—  Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig

RPDR Meme: [1/1] Winner - Sasha Velour

And now as America’s Next Drag Superstar, I have some advice. Are you ready? Dress up according to your own rules and then break them! Be yourself no matter what that means if it’s serious, if it’s childish, if it’s ridiculous, if it’s slutty, if it’s fabulous, if it’s revolutionary or even if it’s not. And take my advice: if you want to be a queen, make your own goddamn crowns!

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I gotta know... does everyone on Shiratorizawa have the Shiratorizawa glasses?

you can bet your bottom dollar they do

a sunkissed child

Guys he’s only the Great Maximus Kong, Lord/Warrior-chief of the Wasteland, King of the North, Demigod of the Desert on the outside…

Inside he’s still Leonardo…

So you know his weakness

Not sure about the Jesus Experience, but I appreciate that Clint is making it weird. Unicorns and animatronic decapitation is a nice summation of how religion can get in America. Plus, he’s playing to his strengths. He’s a middle aged man from West Virginia. He can do an excellent Southern accent, make fun of people from Minnesota, and recite Bible passages by memory. I wouldn’t be surprised if he works soda and Walmart pastries in as well. 


“I won’t say goodbye. Even if it takes 500 years, I will prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I loved you.”

Angsty Ass Semi-Bruise Headcanons

* Jay was very scared of letting Cole go outside for long periods of time during the time he was a ghost. (He was afraid he would forget Cole and/or Cole would somehow disappear if he couldn’t at least hear Cole nearby)

* Cole gave up on Jay, romantical wise, after s5. (He basically lost all hope to even cross that line with Jay, so he watched from afar to at least make sure he was happy with Nya.)

* Jay never really caught on to if Cole liked him or not. (He himself had a slight crush in the beginning after training and getting to know Cole. However, he dismissed it as prosperous and decided to pursue Nya instead.)

* As Jay continued to pursue Nya in a romantic relationship, he sometimes would force his interest onto Nya instead of the lingering crush he had on Cole. (Jay thought the more time he spent away from Cole and the more with Nya, his feelings would eventually change)

* And this works for Jay. He finds his feelings much more intrigued by Nya and thinks his crush on Cole had finally disappeared. (But during DoTD, his secret crush on Cole comes crawling back out when he and everyone else thought Cole was gone)

* Once Jay realizes this, Jay wanted to confront Cole about it. However, he decides against it and stays with Nya in hopes he was just delusional.

* Cole is left wondering if he ever had a chance with Jay; to the point he consoles Zane and Pixal for advice.

* As Jay’s best friend though, Cole still keeps close; he knows all of Jay’s secrets, what Jay likes to eat/wear/hobbies etc, and secretly is happy about the fact they probably had one of the stronger relationships on the team.

* Cole had tried to get into a romantic relationship off screen in hopes of moving on from Jay. However, it doesn’t end up well and Cole broke it off with them. (Cole actually found himself more sadden than before dating them. Not only could he not move on, but he had hurt someone else as well)

* Cole would sometimes throw small flirting lines to Jay. None were ever taken seriously though and Jay played it off as playful banter.

* In reality though, Jay was more confused by Cole’s lines of flirting rather than not taking them seriously. (Some of these things was what brought up the possibility of Cole liking him to Jay)

* Cole is very good at hiding his actual feelings. Sometimes, he’ll even restrict himself from being too close to Jay when training or even fighting in battle. (He almost told Jay he liked him post s4 and pre s5 but he told himself that Jay would most likely not accept his feelings; so he decided to wait a little longer)

* This however, was a mistake on Cole’s part since Jay and Nya officially got together during post s6.

* Cole was heartbroken but he continued on like nothing was wrong. He continued as the best friend figure for Jay and forced himself to move on.

* Long story short, Jay and Cole never got together because of their doubts about each others’ feelings; as well as trying to tell themselves they’ll move on from whatever feelings they had for the other.

Please look at my good birb boy who’s replacing my other dnd character, his name is Miki and he’s a bird bard ( aarakocra bard ) who keeps junk in his hat and mainly uses intimidation and deception to get what he wants~ He also dislikes violence, but will use cloud of daggers if anyone threatens him or his friends, and then promptly blame the daggers for the murder