that's a running gag

yeah ok but an eddsworld episode where the boys go to new york and matt somehow winds up being an understudy in an off-broadway show and the whole time he’s trying to kill the main actor so that he can be in the show

the title is “leg breakers”

The Wizard Speedpaint - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Fan Art~

Gale was just so cool. <3 It was always a tie between Wizard and Chase when it came to save files, and Wizard was worth waiting for. Image free for personal use, enjoy!

one of my favorite things that has ever happened in the beatles cartoon was in the episode where the mad scientist kidnaps john and plans on using his brain for her monster

 they transfer his brain and the monster wakes up and begins singing in johns voice

but then girls run in and tear the monster apart because thats their failure of a running gag in this show

and john wakes up and talks to the scientist and the episode ends with them chasing him around

but through the entire episode they never show John getting his brain back and it just ends like that

the whole show from this point forward John does not have a brain 

it always disheartens me when theres a character in shows that will start infodumping abt a particular topic and then everyone tells them to shut up, and thats a running gag.

like idk if its cuz Im autistic or smthn, but I’m always super interested in what they have to say cuz I love infornation and learning abt new things from various topics, and seeing these people get shut up and shot down is frustrating cuz /I/ wanna know,